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Good, good, goody, goose

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merchandise, wares, ware, booties

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goods issue - WarenausgangLetzter Beitrag: ­ 12 Feb. 07, 10:59
I did not find in any Fachwörterbuch the term "goods issue"; can you let me know your source…6 Antworten
goods - goodLetzter Beitrag: ­ 17 Apr. 07, 11:40
Das Wort im Sinn von "Gut - Ware" wird in Leo nur mit "goods" MZ. übersetzt. Übersetzungen v…8 Antworten
goods entranceLetzter Beitrag: ­ 02 Nov. 07, 09:07
The other entrance to the left of the main entrance is used mainly as a goods entrance. It i…1 Antworten
nonmarket goodsLetzter Beitrag: ­ 26 Mai 08, 20:09
...a rise in consumption of nonmarket goods like clean air and leisure time... (Quelle: "New 2 Antworten
Peace & GoodsLetzter Beitrag: ­ 17 Mai 09, 10:35
Eine Bekannte von mir hat in ihrem Youtube-Kanal "Peace & Goods" stehen. Aber, Frieden und W…1 Antworten
lumpy goodsLetzter Beitrag: ­ 20 Apr. 09, 13:43
The assumption seems reasonable for lumpy goods (such as recreational sites, etc.) to which …10 Antworten
goods lorryLetzter Beitrag: ­ 15 Nov. 08, 19:14
At least 59 people are killed in a collision between a passenger bus and a goods lorry in th…2 Antworten
sheet goodsLetzter Beitrag: ­ 08 Feb. 07, 14:32
Applications used to bond laminates and other sheet goods. Vielen Dank für Hilfe.1 Antworten
market goodsLetzter Beitrag: ­ 23 Sep. 08, 21:19
Households will be assumed to combine time and market goods to produce more basic commodities9 Antworten
dry goodsLetzter Beitrag: ­ 24 Sep. 08, 15:40
a performance target of 90% for dry goods always is directly linked to a finetuned every upd…3 Antworten

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