Adverbien ohne „-ly“
It’s a far cry from what they’re used to. (idiomatische Redewendung)

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straightLetzter Beitrag: ­ 16 Sep. 06, 20:14
Is there another way of saying "straight" in German besides heterosexuell?1 Antworten
straightLetzter Beitrag: ­ 04 Jul. 14, 17:21
He was wearing a tight V-necked T-shirt and new-looking jeans, and although he was a carpent…2 Antworten
straight on - straight aheadLetzter Beitrag: ­ 03 Nov. 04, 10:10
Hallo, heut hab ich auch mal ne Frage: "straight on" und "straight ahead" - beide heißen "g…1 Antworten
straight peckerwoodLetzter Beitrag: ­ 26 Nov. 07, 23:52
http://www.google.com/search?&q="straight+peckerwood" "They call me crazy crack straight pec…5 Antworten
straight-talkerLetzter Beitrag: ­ 07 Mai 07, 16:04
Unlike many French politicians, Mr Sarkozy has long been a straight-talker, even if it did g…1 Antworten
straight shotLetzter Beitrag: ­ 05 Jun. 07, 16:36
She took the straight shot to the center of town Mit dem Bus: die direkte Verbindung?1 Antworten
straight forward...Letzter Beitrag: ­ 23 Aug. 07, 14:24
However, as I am quickly finding out on the ledger things are never straight forward !!! Ic…6 Antworten
straight-throughLetzter Beitrag: ­ 13 Mär. 08, 14:56
This facilitates straight-through processing in an area that, to a large extent, is still ma…2 Antworten
straight-actingLetzter Beitrag: ­ 30 Jan. 09, 11:51
A homosexual man who acts, dresses and behaves like a heterosexual man.4 Antworten
straight-actingLetzter Beitrag: ­ 26 Sep. 12, 13:58
Expression (often negative) used to describe gay men who behave and dress like heterosexual …3 Antworten

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