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    Camilla scraps ladies-in-waiting


    Camilla scraps ladies-in-waiting


    Das übertrifft die Abschaffung des House of Lords (als Gericht) im Jahr 2009.

    Author Kurt A. (1313470) 27 Nov 22, 17:52

    ... und schafft neue Arbeitsplätze ... für unbezahlte "Freiwilligenarbeit" (wenn man es böse formulieren wollen würde) ...

     Camilla scraps ladies-in-waiting in modernising move

     ... The Queen Consort's newly-styled "companions" will help her for the first time at a reception next week

    Camilla, the Queen Consort, is ending the tradition of having ladies-in-waiting, but instead will be helped by "Queen's companions".

    As well as modernising the title, the six women assistants will be less regularly in attendance than the previous role required.

    The honorary positions involve helping the Queen Consort at public events.

    Unlike the ladies-in-waiting, this slimmed-down role will not involve correspondence or administration.

    Replacing the role of lady-in-waiting will end a feature of court life going back to the middle ages, with such close personal helpers of a Queen often coming from aristocratic families and, over the centuries, sometimes caught up in court intrigue.

    The new "companions" will be a more occasional and informal position, supporting the Queen Consort at official engagements and not involved in replying to letters or day-to-day planning.

    They don't receive a salary but their expenses will be covered.

    This symbolic change of direction will be put into practice next week, when the Queen Consort hosts a reception for campaigners against domestic violence and violence against women. ...

    #1Author no me bré (700807) 27 Nov 22, 18:03
    Wurden denn die Hofdamen bezahlt oder bekamen die auch nur Kost und Logis?
    #2Author tigger (236106) 27 Nov 22, 18:30

    Nein. (Es wird halbwegs angedeutet im Artikel und wenn man in der Suchmaschine seiner Wahl die Frage stellt, dann kommt eine klare Antwort)

    #3Author Dixie (426973) 27 Nov 22, 19:07

    "Nein" - Antwort auf eine oder-Frage :

    Im übrigen heißt es im e-Lexikon (nicht : Suchmaschine) meiner Wahl dazu :

    "Although she may either have received a retainer or may not have received compensation for the service she rendered, a lady-in-waiting was considered more of a secretary, courtier, or companion to her mistress than a servant."

    Eine klare Antwort.

    #4Author Kurt A. (1313470)  27 Nov 22, 19:17

    Ich denke, das ist im QZ besser aufgehoben.

    Es wäre schön, wenn Anfragen in dieser Rubrik auch tatsächlich AnFRAGEN wären und nicht einfach nur aus Aussagesätzen bestünden.

    #5Author Doris (LEO-Team) (33) 28 Nov 22, 10:09
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