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    English name for a clothing store in Germany


    English name for a clothing store in Germany

    Inspired by the name for a grocery store thread and all the cute answers, I thought I would ask the same for a clothing store. An acquaintance of mine asked for some ideas for her prospective store. Her company designs and makes custom-made clothes for large events like weddings, themed parties/balls, etc. They also do the decorating and work with caterers and florists so that the whole event can be planned in one place. But their main thing is clothing and design.

    Any ideas?
    Author miamibremen (279037) 01 Jun 08, 13:00
    Die Garderobe
    Das Kleine Schwarze & das Große Weiße
    Der Ausstatter
    Kostüme, Kleider, Kittel
    Kimono, Kaftan, Kilt
    Frack und Frou-Frou

    #1Author Selima (107) 01 Jun 08, 13:19
    Halt - alles streichen. Du wolltest es ja in Englisch. Entschuldigung!
    #2Author Selima (107) 01 Jun 08, 13:19
    Perfectly Planned!
    #3Authorminnie01 Jun 08, 13:29
    The Ball & Gown
    Attire as you Desire
    Dreamrobe's Wardrobe
    The Wedding, the Ball, and the Wardrobe
    The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of...
    Where Dreams Are Made of Stuff

    A few suggestions, poetic licence included.
    #4AuthorMary nz/a (431018) 01 Jun 08, 13:42
    Wow, in just a short list there are already cute and witty names! I am going to recommend the German names from Selima, too, since the store will be in Germany. You never know.
    Thanks so far!
    #5Author miamibremen (279037) 01 Jun 08, 13:48
    Pomp, Frack & Circumstances, natürlich :-)
    #6AuthorMuzu01 Jun 08, 22:18
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