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    stable isotopic analysis ...


    stable isotopic analysis ...

    oder "stable isotope analysis"?

    Bei Google liegt die Version mit "isotope" mit 170k zu 100k Treffern vorn.
    Sollte man eine Version bevorzugen, und wie sollten generell solche Konstruktionen
    am besten gebildet werden?
    AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 27 Nov 10, 22:34
    I (native speaker of American English) would choose "stable isotope analysis" because it is "stable isotopes" that are being analyzed, not "stable isotopic(s)."

    To my ear, "stable isotopic analysis" suggests that it is the analysis that is stable as well as isotopic ...
    #1Authorion1122 (443218) 27 Nov 10, 23:43
    Thank you, ion11122, "stable isotope analysis" is what I would prefer, too, and I agree with your explanation.
    But why, then, is the "isotopic" version so common?

    There is even a Wikipedia page, which has both versions on offer:
    (see paragraph three)
    #2AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 28 Nov 10, 00:16
    Well, two other thoughts:

    1. If the word "stable" were not involved, I would tend to write "isotopic analysis" rather than "isotope analysis." Some on the Internet may be falsely extrapolating.

    2. Depending on context, you can write "analysis of stable isotopes," and everyone will be happy ...
    #3Authorion1122 (443218) 28 Nov 10, 00:25
    Ja, um das klarzustellen: die Isotope sind stabil, nicht die Analyse.
    #4AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 28 Nov 10, 00:42
    stable-isotope analysis
    #5Author-28 Nov 10, 07:48
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