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    Pork, pigmeat, pig meat?


    Was ist der Unterschied zwischen "pork" und "pork meat" (und was ist die richhtigere Schreibweise für letzteres - "pork meat" oder "porkmeat")? Denn z.B. das Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board in Großbritannien ("a statutory levy board") benutzt beide Begriffe und alle Schreibweisen:

    Authorjochenin (815798) 02 Dec 22, 12:12

    pigmeat in British English

    (ˈpɪɡˌmiːt )


    a less common name for porkham1bacon (sense 1)

    pigmeat, n.

    The flesh, offal, etc., of a pig as food; pork.

    1754   G. Colman & B. Thornton Connoisseur 25 Apr. (1756) I. 76  I was at one of their dinners, where I found a great variety of pig-meat was provided.

    1784   P. Thicknesse Year's Journey through Paix Bâs 230  In short, (pig-meat excepted) he is a dealer in all things, and in all ways.

    1817   Parl. Deb. 1st Ser. 743  It prevented the preservation of meat, and especially of pig meat.

    1897   T. C. Allbutt et al. Syst. Med. II. 790  In most cases the infected food has been pig meat.

    1918   Times 14 Jan. 4/3  Beef takes a long time to grow, while pig meat takes a comparatively short time.

    1995   Daily Tel. 21 Nov. 6/1  A metal detector has been installed on the production line of one of Britain's main pigmeat processing plants.

    pig meat

    noun British


    Collins and OED give the spelling pigmeat; Merriam Webster says it's BE and calls it pig meat. It's not in the other dictionaries (Cambridge, Oxford Learners, Macmillan).

    I don't think you should look too deeply for a distinction; the man on the street calls it all pork. The three dictionaries essentially say pigmeat is a synonym for pork, Collins describing pigmeat as 'less common'. I've never heard anyone call it pigmeat.

    The AHDB link that you posted seems to be making fine distinctions (that would only be of interest to people in the pork trade) between different types of pork products. See the key to the chart: pork, bacon, ham, sausages and offal (pigmeat). That suggests pigmeat is being used to mean offal (but the opening paragraph talks about pigmeat and offal - ???).

    #1Author papousek (343122) 02 Dec 22, 12:32

    Ich denke es gibt hier kein richtig oder falsch wenn beide Schreibweisen verwendet werden.

    The meat or flesh of a pig, used especially for food; pork.

    Schweinefleisch allgemein nach der Schlachtung

    pig heist das Schwein das noch lebendig herum rennt.

    pork oder pork meat ist das Schweinefleisch das im Handel verkauft wird.

    affol sind die Schweinereste, alles ausser Muskelfleisch, insbesondere Innereien und was weiterverarbeitet wird.

    Offal (/ˈɒfəl/), also called variety meats, pluck or organ meats, is the organs of a butchered animal. The word does not refer to a particular list of edible organs, which varies by culture and region, but usually excludes muscle.


    The word shares its etymology with several Germanic words: West Frisianôffal, German Abfall (Offall in some Western German dialects and in Luxembourgish), afval in Dutch and Afrikaans, avfall in Norwegian and Swedish, and affald in Danish. These Germanic words all mean "garbage/rubbish" or "waste", or—literally—"off-fall", referring to that which has fallen off during butchering.

    #2Author buttermaker (826321) 02 Dec 22, 13:17

    FWIW, im Link im OP wird in den Balkendiagrammen aufgeschlüsselt nach :

     ...  Pork (total fresh)

      Bacon (total)

      Processed hams, etc.

      Pork (total frozen)

      Sausages (total)

      Offal (pigmeat) ...

    #3Author no me bré (700807) 02 Dec 22, 13:27

    no me bre, I already said EXACTLY that in my #1!

    I think there's a mistake in the body of the text in #0: I think the question is the distinction between pork & pig()meat (as in the subject line), which are the terms used in the link, and not pork and pork meat, which jochenin erroneously talks about in the Kommentar field.

    #4Author papousek (343122) 02 Dec 22, 13:39

    @papousek, in der Tat, ich meinte "pigmeat" vs "pork". Und die Seite von AHDB war nur ein Beispiel; sonst wird "pigmeat" nicht nur für "offal" verwendet. Aber gut, wenn Collins, OED und M-W die Begriffe als Synonyme angeben, dann gibt es da wohl keine großen Unterschiede.

    #5Authorjochenin (815798) 02 Dec 22, 16:33

    I suspect that what's going on here is a classification for trade statistics purposes.

    "Pig meat" appears to be an expression used for the totality of all meat products from pigs. It appears to have subsets such as "pork (fresh/frozen)", "bacon/ham", "sausages", "processed hams, shoulders and pieces".

    #6Author FernSchreiber (1341928) 03 Dec 22, 18:47
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