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    plant-fungal interactions


    plant-fungal interactions

    Ich würde eher 'plant-fungus interactions' sagen, aber Google ist nicht auf meiner Seite:
    'plant-fungus interactions' vs. 'plant-fungal interactions' - 53,900:77,800 hits

    Ist es normal, ein Adjektiv aus einem Substantiv und einem Adjektiv zu kombinieren, und ist eine der beiden Versionen der anderen stilistisch vorzuziehen?
    AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Mar 10, 00:37
    My instinct would be the same as yours, for 'plant-fungus,' purely on linguistic grounds, because you don't have a familiar adjective form for 'plant' available. A more balanced pair might be something like, er, 'vegeto-fungal,' both equally latinate and inflected. But 'vegetable' is highly ambiguous (broccoli, spinach), I don't think there's any such prefix as 'planto-' or whatever, and I'm not aware of any other Greek or Latin root or prefix with quite that meaning.

    So 'plant-fungus,' with two nouns used as adjectives, is at least understandable at a glance, and sounds a lot better than an unparallel construction. If you need formal support for your decision, the English style rule is that similar concepts should be expressed in parallel form.

    Of course, if you were writing for a general audience rather than scientists only, 'interactions between plants and fungi/funguses' would be better still. (-:
    #1Authorhm -- us (236141) 12 Mar 10, 01:10
    This was an in-depth treatment of the issue. Thanks a million.
    (... and, yes, it was a passage from a scientific text).
    #2AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Mar 10, 01:48
    You're very welcome. One more belated thought: Also, 'plant-fungal' sounds to me like it could mean of or relating to a plant fungus (= a fungus that affects plants). In fact, that might even prove to explain a few of the internet hits.

    And one advanced tip, if you would like it, on a minor point that confused me for a moment in your #2:

    This was ... = The article I read/wrote was ...
    ('here,' in the mind of the speaker, near at hand)
    That was ... = The comment/explanation you gave was ...
    ('out there' on the table, between two people or close to the other)

    #3Authorhm -- us (236141) 12 Mar 10, 02:22
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