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  • Betrifft

    A Berlin Wall moment

    I've heard people in the US comparing the events
    in Egypt to when the Berlin Wall went down.

    I'm like: no, these two things aren't comparable.

    I see it like apples and oranges, but maybe I'm
    not fruity enough.
    Verfasseropine (680211) 05 Feb. 11, 15:07
    Die Parallele besteht darin, dass die Menschen in Ägypten (wie die Deutschen in der DDR) gegen ein ungeliebtes autoritäres Regime aufbegehren.
    #1Verfasser Funkturm (706177) 05 Feb. 11, 17:39
    I can understand that, but there are no Walls in Egypt. It's dog-eat-dog.
    I do see the parallel, but I think it's a very, very different situation.
    #2Verfasseropine (680211) 05 Feb. 11, 17:42
    The one big thing that makes them not comparable is that there were two Germanys and a big factor was the wish for reunification, there are parallels of course - even in a milder way in the UK where students were unusually violent in their protests against the U-turn the Liberals had made in the university fees issue. ...IMO
    #3Verfassermikefm (760309) 05 Feb. 11, 19:53
    I can see: When you've had it up to here ... protest.
    But most Egytians we hear in the press say, oh, this
    was just the way it was forever, and we couldn't change
    the powers-that-be ... it is different than divided
    Germany, with a wall. It's almost a virtual wall within the
    culture of certain countries where with the Police and/or
    Military, they create a dynamic 2-class society.

    It's an interesting parallel with the UK Student's revolt,
    mike. Now, I do have to say the events in Egypt are a little
    higher on the radar screen, due to the Mideast and the
    security issues.

    It's funny for me, because the USA is doing "double-takes",
    and kind of questioning their whole policy there. Oh well.
    It's politics. I'm a bit embarrassed as an American.

    And, social media is playing a large part in this. The corporations
    that are profiting from the vast untapped potential in certain
    countries in regards to telecommunications are enabling the people
    to organize and find a common goal/aim ... until the federal
    governments shut down their service.

    Yikes, I ranted. Sorry.
    #4Verfasseropine (680211) 07 Feb. 11, 10:24
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