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  • Betrifft

    What's in a name?

    How would it sound good ... sprachlabortechnischmäßig, der eventuelle Merger von der Deutschen Börse und NYSE?

    "ö" ist ew (out) in AE.

    NYGE = New York German Exchange

    DBAE = DB American Exchange

    Funny but true, I'm at a loss for finding a name for this new entity. It has to pop,
    and it needs to be internationally recognizable, without people thinking, WTF?
    Verfasseropine (680211) 15 Feb. 11, 11:22
    How about DBASE- Deutsche Börse American Stock Exchange, or DBAC- Deutsche Börse American and the C standing for Collaboration/Connection or Commerce? Just ideas but I will keep on thinking about it.....
    #1VerfasserACoombes (774529) 15 Feb. 11, 11:46
    sprachlabortechnisch. The "mäßig" is superfluous and not idiomatic.
    #2Verfasser Werner (236488) 15 Feb. 11, 11:56
    I thought it had already been decided? DBNYSE, pronounced di-bi-nice
    #3VerfasserEverytime15 Feb. 11, 12:11
    Thanks Acoombes,

    DBAC* is very good. It pops. It's also easy to pronounce as an acronym.

    But the "ö" still exists, which I don't think can be solved with "bourse",
    but then again that's a minor thing. "Deutsche" is certainly acceptable in banking circles.
    Gosh, you are right ... it fits. The "C" is in question.


    I give up for now. Thanks.

    Thanks Werner (I think), the "mäßig" could be considered overkill. Stimmt.

    EDIT: Everytime, I didn't see that til now. What's your source?
    #4Verfasseropine (680211) 15 Feb. 11, 12:26
    Actually it's DB NYSE Group:


    I heard it on the news :-)
    #5VerfasserEverytime15 Feb. 11, 12:33
    Okay, Everytime, With a space: DB_NYSE. *nationsposture*

    (I now get your di-bi-nice, from #3. Funny!)

    I still however don't think that will be the moniker,
    but thanks for link and the update.
    #6Verfasseropine (680211) 15 Feb. 11, 12:41
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