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    Advice for working in Germany as ESL teacher (Gymnasium)


    Advice for working in Germany as ESL teacher (Gymnasium)

    Hi! Can anyone here recommend online programs in English to qualify oneself to teach ESL? Does anyone have experience with enrolling at a German university to study Lehramt after a previous degree at an American university? I have a Ph.D. in European History from a prestigous American program and a bachelor's degree in German and History from a small liberal arts college. Of course I had a few English courses for my B.A., but only a few. I could potentially (potentially!) start working at a private Gymnasium which can be somewhat more flexible about hiring than other schools. On the other hand, I think if I want to be involved in anyway with Abitur there, then I have to have the German degree. But I'm a bit loathe to "start over" after having earned a "terminal" degree... My German would not be an obstacle, but of course it would be more relaxed for me to do an online course in English. (A financial question, too. I found one program that would have cost upwards of $40,000.)

    I'd be interested to hear from anyone that might have relevant experiences of their own. Thanks in advance!
    Verfasser German Tarheel (EY) (147393) 07 Mär. 12, 11:30
    Nicht vom Fach, aber hast du schon mit Quereinsteiger+Lehramt gegoogelt? In case you didn't know this, Quereinsteiger is the term for people who enter a profession not having undergone the usually required training, but coming from a different discipline.
    Here's a start: http://www.bildungsserver.de/Quereinsteiger-S...
    #1VerfasserSpinatwachtel (341764) 07 Mär. 12, 11:45
    In my experience, it should not be too difficult to teach at German Gymnasien. My kids are being taught / were taught by native Spanish/French teachers, whose grasp on German was tenuous, to say the least. They were usually employed in the upper grades, 10,11 and 12. In all cases the children benefited tremendously - how would you like coming to Lower Saxony?

    If I understand correctly, you can either take the route as Quereinsteiger (as suggested above) or start part-time, and be 'vacuumed up' by the system (takes about 2 years). I have no idea about becoming a Beamter, but then most German teachers aren't either, any more.
    #2Verfasser krazy_mom (D) (238333) 07 Mär. 12, 12:43
    "Quereinsteigen" (i.e. an option to do Referendariat and take the 2. Staatsexamen and be fully qualified without studying) is mostly an option for those with subjects for which there is a shortage of qualified teachers. English does not qualify. I do have some Latin, but that would be a stretch. I might be able to remember it faster than the students could learn it from scratch. ;) A friend of ours with a Dr. in ancient history was able to begin directly with Referendariat and did not have an pedagogy training at uni.
    #3Verfasser German Tarheel (EY) (147393) 07 Mär. 12, 12:51
    I just checked and Lower Saxony for instance would accept English as a subject (for Hauptschule and Gesamtschule). The way it seems to be done at our school is working part-time for 2 years and then some requirements can be relinquished and you could become a fully fledged teacher.

    While working part-time at a school you could work part-time at a Volkshochschule, Bildungsverein or some such institution.

    Teaching your native language as second language is quite a challenge, btw, I used to work as an assistant teacher at college level (very much part time) and it was way more complicated than I'd ever have imagined (I've never had to do that much ad-libbing befor or afterwards, except as a mother ;-)).
    #4Verfasser krazy_mom (D) (238333) 07 Mär. 12, 13:41
    I'm Hessen-bound. (As in, bound in Hesse.)

    Another option might be a Waldorf certification, which would have the advantage of preparing me for positions restricted to Oberstufe.

    @krazy-mom: yes, I know it is not easy to explain a language that for a native speaker are second-nature. Ideally, I'd like to teach older students where questions of style and ideas are more in the center. At the moment, though, I'm working with a few fifth-graders in an enrichment setting. That's fun, too... And should I become a teacher in a German school, I would expect that my history degree would also be accepted so that I could teach history, too.
    #5Verfasser German Tarheel (EY) (147393) 07 Mär. 12, 14:32
    Ich würde mal hier anrufen
    Auch wenn Du kein Lehramtsstudium hast, können die Dich vermutlich noch am besten beraten, wie Du Lehrer werden könntest.
    #6Verfasser Qual der Wal (877524) 02 Mär. 16, 15:16
    'Quereinsteigen' means into the Beamtentum. If EY is an American, that will not apply to him anyway.

    One hears strange stories, for example that of someone I knew who wrote English textbooks for the Oberstufe which were widely used, not least in the school where he taught, although he was for years told he couldn't teach in the Oberstufe himself.

    Be prepared for a lot of hassle -- and I mean, a lot.
    #7Verfasser escoville (237761) 02 Mär. 16, 15:31
    Auch wenn der Faden alt ist: Quereinsteiger gibt es überall und der Begriff hat nichts mit Beamten zu tun.

    Es heißt einfach nur, daß man in einem Bereich arbeitet, für den man ursprünglich nicht auf dem klassischen Weg ausgebildet wurde.

    Das kann genauso gut ein Friseur sein, der ein Restaurant aufmacht, wie ein Diplom-Biologe, der verbeamteter Biolehrer wird.
    #8Verfasser Russisch Brot (340782) 02 Mär. 16, 15:49
    Nach meiner Erfahrung wird es schwer werden, mit einem "bachelor's-degree" als Quereinsteiger in die Ausbildung für das Lehramt an Gymnasien einzusteigen. Dazu wird wohl der Master
    notwendig sein. (Der Ph.D. hilft da leider nicht.)
    #9Verfasser Reinhard W. (237443) 02 Mär. 16, 17:34
    Wieso hab ich nicht gesehen, dass das von 2012 war? Und wie kam der überhaupt wieder hoch? Leo-Mysterien...
    #10Verfasser Qual der Wal (877524) 02 Mär. 16, 19:11
    Ist ja immer wieder aktuell. Vielleicht schaut EY sogar vorbei und erzählt, was sich seit 2012 getan hat?

    Und ich habe ja keine Ahnung, dachte aber, ein Doktor/PhD könne sehr wohl ein Umweg in den Lehrerberuf sein?
    Für EY allerdings zum Geschichtelehrer, nehme ich an - und das ist wohl kein Mangelberuf.
    #11Verfasser tigger (236106) 07 Mär. 16, 08:03
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