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    owing to Satzanfang

    Darf owing to am Satzanfang stehen?
    Owing to ... I ...
    Authoreuripides (358446) 17 Jun 12, 11:01
    This is possible, in principle, just be aware that it always needs to be followed by a noun:

    Owing to the demand, we are unable to supply all items within ...

    If you want to follow it with with a clause (a subject, verb and object), you must add "the fact that" or something similar:

    Owing to the fact that the workers have gone on strike, the company has been unable to ...
    #1Author Carullus (670120) 17 Jun 12, 12:01
    Thank you!
    #2Authoreuripides (358446) 17 Jun 12, 14:03
    FWIW, I would consider it bad style. "Owing to" is, IMO, an overly flowery construction that you would do better to replace with something more "solid," like "because (of)" or "through" (depending on your sentence and context, of course).

    It should also be said that a lot of people seem to use "owing to" in connection with a verbal construction, such as:
    Owing to his uncle having gone mad, John replaced him as the head of the clan.
    #3Author dude (253248) 17 Jun 12, 15:03
    Yes you can use 'owing to' at the beginning of a sentence, unlike 'due to' (which is often done, but is dreadful style and often unclear).

    'Owing to the fact that' is a good example of using five words where one will do. Say 'because', 'since' or 'as'.
    #4Author escoville (237761) 17 Jun 12, 16:48
    I agree with dude. "Owing to" is quite familiar, but sounds unattractive to my ears.
    #5Author eric (new york) (63613) 17 Jun 12, 17:04
    "Owing to" is quite familiar, but sounds unattractive to my ears.

    Chicago (16th) has no such qualms:

    ... due to is often considered inferior to because of or owing to. So in the sentence due to the parents' negligence, the entire family suffered, the better phrasing would be because of [or owing to] the parents' negligence, the entire family suffered.
    #6Author Carullus (670120) 17 Jun 12, 20:49
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