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    Immigrant Correspondence--Sources and Secondary Literature?


    Immigrant Correspondence--Sources and Secondary Literature?

    Dear Leos,

    I am in the process of applying on short notice for an academic position for which I need to present a potential research project. Because the position is not in the same area in which I did my dissertation and the application is due this week, I have to quickly outline a new project. I would like to suggest working with sources relating to immigrant experience, especially of German immigrants, but also of other nationalities. Do any of you happen to know collections of sources--online or otherwise--or secondary literature that is particularly good on this topic. Of course I can use Google and find some things, but that does not necessarily indicate quality! I'm only looking for feedback here on the off chance that someone out there might spontaneously say, Oh, I read this once...We used this once in an undergraduate course on this topic...etc.

    Not asking anyone to do the internet leg work for me! Thanks as always!
    Verfasser German Tarheel (EY) (147393) 25 Mär. 13, 22:09
    Just to get a clear picture of this project : immgrants to the USA ?

    You might wanna get in contact with the "Auswanderermuseum Bremerhaven"

    PS : Zum Thema Korrespondenz und Auswanderung hatte wir hier auch mal einen längeren Faden :
    Siehe auch: Archaic German from Mor Hungary
    #1Verfasser no me bré (700807) 25 Mär. 13, 22:23
    Ich fürchte, dass Du Dein Projekt zeitlich etwas eingrenzen musst, da der europäische Kontinent nahezu dauerhaft gewaltige Migrationsbewegungen erlebt hat.

    Recht gut dokumentiert ist das Schicksal der Gottscheerer, deren Gemeinschaft in den 40er Jahren zerschlagen wurde. Die Gottscherer haben inzwischen eine vitale Online-Community gebildet, die auch viele Originaldokumente veröffentlicht.
    #2Verfasser urihoch3 (656420) 26 Mär. 13, 09:16
    Thanks for your comments. Yes, the project would be about immigrant experience of those going to North America, and of course I would set some geographical and chronological boundaries, but first I need to get an overview of source material. I was thinking of eighteenth and possibly nineteenth century...
    #3Verfasser German Tarheel (EY) (147393) 26 Mär. 13, 21:28
    EY, These links might provide some useful information (and links to further sources):


    And here's a link to a pdf:

    German Immigrant Arrivals: Resources in the Library of Congress
    Includes place of birth and year of immigration. Hacker, Werner, fl. 1970. Eighteenth century register of emigrants from southwest Germany (to America and other ...

    Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Historical Background and Bibliographical Guides. . .2 General Resources: No Specific Locality..........3 Regions of Germany. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Regions of Settlement Within the United States.. . 31

    #4Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 26 Mär. 13, 23:13
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