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    in einer Fabrik

    I would say "to work in a factory". Is "to work at a factory" okay, too ( for "in einer Fabrik")?
    Author luciesuzanne (836303) 03 Nov 13, 17:27
    Is "to work at a factory" okay?

    "He works at a factory" isn't normal.

    But you can say "He works at the factory", e.g.:
    He works at the bottle factory.
    He works at the Ford plant.
    He works at the factory.
    #1Author captain flint (782544) 03 Nov 13, 19:46
    thank you
    #2Author luciesuzanne (836303) 03 Nov 13, 19:51
    I would usually say "in," but I might say "at" if I were thinking of a specific location:

    1. He works in a factory.
    2. How works at a factory near my house.

    Captain Flint's examples might also be based on this same idea, insofar as "the" suggests a specific factory in a specific location.
    #3Author ion1122 (443218) 03 Nov 13, 20:00
    #3 Indeed they are. :-)
    #4Author captain flint (782544) 03 Nov 13, 20:02
    @3: The second example should read:
    2. He works at a factory near my house.
    #5Author ion1122 (443218) 03 Nov 13, 20:35
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