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    Name the LEO mascot!

    Those furry icons holding the flags at the top of the page--what are they, anyway, wild boar? I think they need a name--maybe LEO Admin should hold a contest or something to name them, and then pick the best submitted name as the winner. Oh yes, speaking of winners, I almost forgot: in the grandest spirit of the recent Olympics just ended, I would like to protest the results: Germany appears to have won Gold (furry mascot upper left) and the UK Silver (upper right), and the US is nowhere to be seen! Foul!! I want a US flag up there, too, and if you don't put one, then I'm going to force you all to say "cat" a hundred times and if I hear one /kätt/ then you will be disqualified from competition. Don't forget to let us know what animal the fuzzy-wuzzy is, so we can start thinking up names.
    AuthorPeter25 Feb 02, 20:22
    Dude, it's obviously Leo, the lion.
    #1AuthorRoy25 Feb 02, 21:33
    ROFL :))
    #2AuthorDoris25 Feb 02, 22:05
    Ugliest damn Leo I ever saw. Looks more like a hippo to me than a Lion. In that case, they need a draw-the-mascot contest! And, what about my flag?!?
    #3AuthorPeter25 Feb 02, 22:37
    I must say I agree. Maybe it was inspired by a Wolpertinger?
    #4AuthorDoris25 Feb 02, 23:17
    What is a Wolpertinger? Is that more like a chimera or a Jack-o-lope?
    #5AuthorRoy26 Feb 02, 01:12
    Roy, I think you nailed it. Try here:
    #6AuthorPeter26 Feb 02, 04:18
    Sigh - you discovered our most intimate secret! As true Bavarians we were of course
    inspired by the Wolpertinger, which may only be found together with all the
    Wilderer and der Zenzi von der Alm in the hidden corners of our high tech
    Freistaat. Philistines! To associate those nice cuddly toys with a
    hippo - shame on you! But the idea of a contest ... Peter: what about a green
    one, adorned with a crown (LEO of Liberty) and - sure - raising the
    US flag?
    #7AuthorKili (LEO - but not Wolpertinger)26 Feb 02, 09:05
    Brilliant, Roy. I never knew the Americans also had a Wolpi :)
    #8AuthorDoris26 Feb 02, 09:23
    From the "LEO History" Page:(

    "1994 war es an der Zeit, dem Projekt eine eigenständige Identität zu geben [...]. Ein neuer Name - der wiederum einen Bezug zu München haben sollte - wurde gesucht, und im Mai 1994 mit Link Everything Online (LEO) gefunden. Die Domain wurde reserviert und am 5. Juni 1994 aktiviert, das LEO-Angebot, geprägt von die Löwen-Icons, ins WWW integriert."

    So the lion icon is eight years old by now. So, Peter, don't be too rude, everybody knows that stone age drawings (even if it's internet stone age) are somewhat naive...
    #9AuthorBF26 Feb 02, 09:59
    Hommm, even for a Bavarian I didn't recognise that the LEO-Pic had something to do with Munich - perhaps some more resamblance to the Löwenbräu-lion or the Königreich Bayern-lion would help. At least give him a mane and longer amrs...
    Thinking about the integration of the star spangled I had another idea, but I'll start a new topic on that one.
    #10AuthorK.S.26 Feb 02, 11:46
    Peter, I agree it would be nice to have the Stars and Stripes flying out there, but what about the flags of the other English-speaking nations, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada? If Leo had furry lions carrying them all, Germany's black, red and gold would surely pale and be lost is a flood of red, white and blue!! Then the Austrians, Swiss etc. might stake a claim to more representation on the German-speaking side!!
    #11AuthorDale26 Feb 02, 13:33
    Well its obvious. IT'S A GIRL. They don't need manes because they don't need to impress.
    #12Author26 Feb 02, 15:12
    I think we should have the flag of the country that has the most English speakers (and thus is the "standard" English): India.
    #13AuthorRoy26 Feb 02, 18:35
    Roy, you beat me to it, I was gonna say the same! And they have such a nice flag, with a spinning wheel on it and everything. Could use it to knit a nice Lion-yarn sweater....
    #14AuthorPeter27 Feb 02, 05:39
    @nameless: A girl called LEO? *scratch scratch* May I ask what a female lion (LEO) should be a symbol for?
    #15AuthorK.S.27 Feb 02, 08:21
    @K.S.: Have you ever seen / heard of a male lion without a mane? What symbol could be implied, I'm at a loss to know, however they definitely seem to be female. Maybe because females are supposed to talk more and have more feeling for language(s).
    #16AuthorEva27 Feb 02, 08:59
    No, sorry. I have to butt in here. A lion is male and so is a leo. If it was female, it would not be called leo but leonesse or lionne.

    Never trust your eyes. It's all in the language ;)
    #17AuthorDoris27 Feb 02, 10:38
    Young male lions also do not have manes. Neither do castrated male lions. And, if I remember correctly, the development of the mane also depends on environmental and social circumstances. So LEO either

    -is young

    -is castrated

    -or is not kept appropriately.

    Choose one....

    #18AuthorBF27 Feb 02, 10:53
    You live and learn...
    #19AuthorK.S.27 Feb 02, 11:35
    Leo wird offenbar auch nicht artgerecht gehalten und sieht auch ziemlich einsam aus. (Give him a leoness!)
    Wenn das kein Grund ist, den Tierschutzbund zu informieren?
    #20AuthorDoris27 Feb 02, 13:41
    BF: stop it! ... you don't wanna have LEO shut down by Greenpeace, do you ? ;o)
    #21AuthorMarkus27 Feb 02, 13:42
    also wenn da eine US-Flagge dazu kommt, wie von Peter vorgeschlagen, dann gehört auf der anderen Seite unbedingt eine österreichische dazu! (und natürlich auch eine von der Schweiz, Südtirol, Luxemburg, etc.pp.)
    #22Authorstefan27 Feb 02, 14:52
    To BF's: "Young male lions also do not have manes. Neither do castrated male lions" -- I think there's maybe another possibility here: if you look carefully at the twinkle in the eyes and the rather fey expression on his face, I think it's pretty obvious that he's gay, or maybe just transvestite.
    #23AuthorPeter27 Feb 02, 20:00
    Yeah, and who knows what the two of them do in the lonely hours when nobody in here pays attention...
    I also heard rumors that the left one was a table dancer and the right one worked in a bar before they both took up work at LEO.
    By the way I think their smiles rather sad, maybe because they are so far apart.
    ***Oh yes, and liberate Südtirol (is there an English name for "Alto Adige"?)!
    #24AuthorK.S.28 Feb 02, 08:36
    @K.S.: Just have a look at the LEO homepage and you can see him(?) working in a bar...
    #25AuthorBF28 Feb 02, 10:17
    let's get back just for a second to where you/we all started from: the topic is "naming the LEO mascot" - and another key-word was "contest", as far as I remember..... o.k. how many then shall we name: two (l/r)? it doesn't seem to be clear enough yet whether "it" is male or female or something inbetween. for me, "it" is definitely a male (crew-cut or not) which would make choices easy for me. LEO-staff: have you thought about a contest?
    #26Authorsmeck28 Feb 02, 10:30
    I quite like the idea about Leo (why rename LEO's Leo?) and Leonesse. And let Leo grow his mane, it would be an improvement.
    #27AuthorK.S.28 Feb 02, 11:59
    Why not Leon and Leonie? With a mane for Leon for a clearer distinction.
    #28AuthorEva28 Feb 02, 12:50
    Don't u have other fish to fry? Habt ihr nichts besseres zu tun, als euch um die haesslichen, kleinen Comic-Tierchen zu steiten oder gehen die Fragen langsam aus. Seid doch einfach dankbar, dass nicht wirklich 'typisch Deutsche' und 'typisch Englische' Personen in die Ecken gedrueckt wurden, das haette wahrscheinlich schon viel frueher zum Kampf der Nationen und Geschlechter gefuert. Der Zeichner hat bestimmt mit Absicht die Motive gewaehlt, die sich - mit Ausnahme der Flaggen - nicht unterscheiden. Ich habe noch nie ein Tier gesehen, dass lacht und gleichzeitig eine Fahne hiesst. Ich denke, diese Wesen wollen unerkannt und namenlos bleiben. Wie waere es denn, wenn man darueber diskutiert, ob die Fahnen nicht etwas wedeln koennten (wenigstens waehrend der heftigen Stuerme!)
    #29AuthorKarin28 Feb 02, 16:05
    Das ist ja der reinste Kindergarten.
    Tststst...und es scheint wir haben echt nix besseres zu tun. Also Leute, let's get back to the REAL problems. We could think of another pipe and tube thread, for example.
    #30AuthorDoris28 Feb 02, 16:54
    Poor old Leo being called a "haessliches, kleines Comic-Tierchen" and being stuck on such a boringly layouted and coloured page all his life, the object of ridicule and mockery!
    Let's start a Protect the Leo People's Movement and take to the streets, or meet up (as suggested) in the Hofbräuhaus in München and discuss it.
    #31AuthorJB28 Feb 02, 17:29
    Doris, terrific idea! In fact, I think the flags are actually attached to little tubes. Or, are they actually pipes? Hmmm....
    #32AuthorPeter28 Feb 02, 23:22
    Just one last point: Most interestingly, someone has already designed a LEO with an US flag. And a LEO who holds both a US AND a UK flag. Probably those american lions will be up soon...
    Go to, there you can see the whole zoo. You can also download them and save them on your computer to cuddle them (or to apply nasty graphic tools on them).
    #33AuthorBF01 Mar 02, 10:58
    That beats me! You Guys are great... I can't belive it xD
    Nie hab ich lachend so viele Sprüche gelernt *hui*
    #34AuthorKidCat23 Oct 06, 17:23
    give him a bottle of beer and you may get loewenbrau to sponsor him... schnupftabak waere vielleicht auch besser als pfeife fuer einen urbayrischen loewen... und wo ist der Gamsbart --- was soll diese kappe - wenn schon denn schon... Alois
    #35Authornoli23 Oct 06, 17:45
    p.s. if he is supposed to be Sherlock he is still wearing the wrong hat
    #36Authornoli23 Oct 06, 18:19
    Folks, give it a break. This thread is more than four and half years old ... Look at the start date, puh-leeze ;-)
    #37AuthorPoppidirk [de] (236088) 23 Oct 06, 18:24
    I didn't recognized that it's already that old o.O But anyway, I just found this homepage a couple months ago ;)
    #38AuthorKidCAT23 Oct 06, 20:34
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