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    Falsos amigos - False Friends


    Falsos amigos - False Friends


    Zwischen Englisch und Spanisch gibt es ebenfalls zahlreiche "Falsche Freunde".

    Ich mache hier mal einen Anfang:

    E: compulsory - obligatorisch

    S: compulsar - beglaubigen

    E: fastidious - penibel, anspruchsvoll, verwöhnt, wählerisch

    S: fastidioso - nervig, leidig, verdrießlich

    E: to condone - billigen, hinnehmen, in Kauf nehmen u.a.

    S: condonar - (eine Schuld/Strafe) erlassen

    S: condenar - verurteilen

    E: to realize - feststellen, bemerken

    S: realizar - ausführen, in die Tat umsetzen

    E: actual - eigentlich, tatsächlich, wirklich, überhaupt, u.v.m. + actually -

    S: actual - derzeitig, jetzig, aktuell + actualmente - zurzeit, derzeit

    E: embarrassed - peinlich berührt, beschämt

    S: embarazada - schwanger (aber: embarazoso - peinlich (adj.)

    Author lisalaloca (488291)  17 Sep 19, 14:01

    Thanks, lisa, a good start. (-:

    (Though do we assume all users here will also read German, or not necessarily?)

    I would need to dig into a box to find one of my books with tips for beginners to intermediate learners. Maybe later ...

    Here are a few links I found from academic sources. Unfortunately it's harder on DuckDuckGo to exclude the many cheap .com sites and restrict the search to .edu,, etc.

    This first site, from the University of Denver, has a nice long list. I've fleshed out some sample pairs just from A through C.

    alumno / alumna = student AE, pupil chiefly BE
    (not *alumnus / alumna = graduado / graduada)
    apreciar = assess
    (not *appreciate = agradecer)
    asistir a = be present, attend
    (not *assist = ayudar a)
    casualmente = by chance
    (not *casually = despreocupadamente, informalmente, de pasada)
    colegio = high school AE
    (not *college AE = universidad)
    compromiso = commitment
    (not *compromise = arreglo, solución intermedia)
    constipado = stuffed up with a cold
    (not *constipated = estreñido)
    contestar = answer
    (not *contest = impugnar, rebatir, disputar, defender, etc.)
    conveniente = suitable
    (not *convenient = oportuno, cómodo, que le viene bien a uno)
    crudo = raw, uncooked
    (not *crude = (1) rudimentario, tosco, basco, burdo; (2) grosero, ordinario)

    From a paper on computer terminology in education:

    apply for a scholarship = solicitar una beca
    (not *aplicar para una beca)
    student chapter of the ACM = rama estudiantil de la ACM
    (not *capítulo estudiantil)
    to test sth. = probear
    (not *testear)

    From a paper on legal terminology:

    execution of a contract = celebración del contrato
    (not *ejecución = performance, fulfillment)
    adjudicate = arbitrar (en una disputa), juzgar (en una competencia), decidir sobre (un reclamo)
    (not *adjudicar = award, give, grant sth. to so.)

    Hopefully I haven't made too many mistakes, but of course I defer to the professional translators, if you spot anything not quite right.

    #1Author hm -- us (236141) 18 Sep 19, 01:10
    Rodrygo and the 'ilusión' of La Liga's 21st-century boys ...
    There is a word used endlessly here that doesn’t translate well: ilusión. A false friend – and rarely has that description fitted better – it’s not illusion; it’s more like hope, excitement, enthusiasm, joy, a dream even. And yet it can become an illusion too, sometimes precisely because of the ilusión.

    This is such a large category that we could spend a lot of time working on it. As unpaid volunteers.

    However, if so few people are going to participate in the En-Es forum, it's probably not worth it.

    I would like to see a little more response first to our initial efforts.

    #2Author hm -- us (236141) 27 Sep 19, 20:48

    Does this belong here too ?

    En Dictionary: [en-de] petulant

    bockig, gereizt, launenhaft, launisch

    Es Dictionary: [es-de] petulante

    süffisant, dünkelhaft, mutwillig, vorlaut

    smug adj.      petulante m./f.

    presumptuous adj.   petulante m./f.

    pretentious adj.   petulante m./f.

    There's still no entry for the English "petulant" in this En⇔Es-dictionary ...

    #3Author no me bré (700807) 31 Oct 19, 12:03

    ¿Qué os parece...?

    ES suburbio


    EN suburb

    #4Author PepitoPiscinas (1264926) 27 Nov 19, 11:31

    I personally would welcome it if this English/Spanish dictionary got going.

    And it is a good idea to start with false friends, so thanks to Lisa for providing impetus.

    However, it is not a good idea to have threads (#0, #3) which assume knowledge of German, especially as this is the second thread in the whole list.

    It's just going to put the target group (i.e. Spanish and English speakers who don't speak German) off. Most people are not multi-lingual, and the multilingual ones can look after themselves. (For example: I came onto this thread because I couldn't think of the English word for the Spanish "gentilicio", which isn't in this dictionary but I was able to find via ES-DE and DE-EN. It's "demonym", a word I have never heard before.)

    So I suggest, with due respect for the commitment (another common false friend) of participants so far, that we delete this thread and reload it without any German terms.

    #5Author isabelll (918354)  12 Jan 20, 14:04

    I'm so sure of that, Isabell. Although your argument sounds logic, especially in the early stages of this forum we have to be practical. And that means that our active users must feel free and comfortable to express themselves in this site. It is normal and a fact that most (if not every) every user so far is a German speaker too, and that shouldn't be overlooked in order to build up a community in here. Of course, we don't have to make abuse oft that, but I think that new people without German-knowledge won't feel bothered by occasional references to this language here and there.

    Acutally this sort of anarquism, balanced by the high-level education and self control of the users on Leo is in my opionion the very charcter which make this forums unique in the whole internet. And that should stay so. The existence of a Spanish-English forum here is therefore a bless for me. I suffered namely over all these years under the severe rules of Wordreference.

    #6Author Doktor Faustus (397365)  25 Jan 20, 17:12
    —> blessing

    Hola otra vez.

    I posted this in the English-German forum, but I thought it might be funny enough to note for the record here as well.


    The Refugio County example used a translation tool that changed the the English phrase “Party Chair” into Spanish as “presidente de fiesta,” instead of “presidente de partido.” Other counties used language describing a runoff election with Spanish phrases for “leak” and “drainage,” the ACLU reported.

    related discussion: [en-de] Übelsetzungen ab 4/2020 - #106
    #7Author hm -- us (236141) 08 Sep 20, 02:14

    Gasp! I just thought of checking this website -- maybe for the first time in a month -- to find a brand new entry. (Hi, hm--us),

    If we are going to divert this thread to talk of unhappy translations, on a bilingual nature sign at a county park outside of Gilroy, I saw "mourning dove" rendered as "paloma de la madrugada".

    #8Author Martin--cal (272273) 08 Sep 20, 08:07

    Más falsos amigos inglés-español (estoy recopilando una lista para mis alumnos)

    to be constipated - estar estreñido

    estar constipado - to have a cold

    it's terrific - es genial

    es terrorífico - it's terrifying

    he's a conductor -- es director de orquesta

    él es conductor - he's a driver

    he's a bigot - es un intolerante

    bigote - moustache

    college - universidad

    colegio - school

    #9Author PepitoPiscinas (1264926)  08 Dec 20, 08:01
    Y un par más de mi lista:

    Choke - Atragantarse
    Crash - Choque

    Pie - Tarta
    Foot - Pie

    Bizarre - Extraño
    Brave - Brave

    Cartoon - Dibujo Animado
    Cardboard - Cartón

    Fabric - Tela
    Factory - Fábrica

    Contest - Concurso
    Answer - Contestar

    Arena - Estadio
    Sand - Arena

    Lentils - Lentejas
    Contact lenses - Lentillas

    Parade - Desfile
    Stop - Parada
    #10Author PepitoPiscinas (1264926)  11 Dec 20, 02:21
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt