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    So, a friend posted a picture on Face of a present she'd received -- a pair of earrings which she called "divinos" -- and a friend of hers left this comment:

    "yyyy que consentida... feliz dia"

    The translations for this in Leo don't seem to fit - or else I've completely misunderstood the comment:






    Is there a more positive sense of this word? (Note: I'm talking about Colombian Spanish.)

    Autor Janette B. (1227601) 10 May 20, 10:44

    To me it seems to be more like :

    Siehe Wörterbuch: consentir

     ... to spoil so. | spoiled/spoilt, spoiled/spoilt |  - a child      consentir a alguien  - a un hijo ...

    #1Autor no me bré (700807) 10 May 20, 11:07

    Ah, that makes sense to me! But I don't think this noun could be very directly translated into an idiomatic expression in English.

    - a thing that "spoils" you.

    - a thing with which someone spoils you

    - a thing that shows you have been/are being spoiled by someone

    Is there a word for any of that in English? (My blood caffeine level is still a little low at the moment for tackling such questions...)

    #2Autor Janette B. (1227601) 10 May 20, 11:19
    No, assuming yyyy is her name, the friend is saying in a teasing way that she's spoiled, in the nice sense of being given a nice present. Someone evidently loves their mom (?) enough to spoil her, in a good way. (-:

    qué consentida = how spoiled (you are)!

    That is, the participial adjective 'consentida' refers to her, not to the earrings, because of the feminine ending.

    Good to see a couple of questions in En-Es, btw. I just checked back in here after weeks of not even thinking about it.
    #3Autor hm -- us (236141)  11 May 20, 23:56

    Ah, that makes a lot more sense. Thank you!

    That was a typo on my part: there should have been an 'a' in front of all those 'y's But I think your explanation still holds.

    Also, I double-checked and there was no accent in "que" - but it was a social media post, and those are often less than precise.

    #4Autor Janette B. (1227601) 12 May 20, 16:25
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