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  • Betrifft

    Crossover Chat No 354


    This is another chatroom for us snails.

    We come from here: Siehe auch: Crossover Chat No. 353 - #299

    This is not just another chat room. We are here to improve our language skills, German or English, and to encourage a spirit of community. All who share those aims are welcome.


    In the immortal words of our founder, odondon irl: «ein Faden, in dem Deutschsprechende auf Englisch und Englischsprechende auf Deutsch schreiben können, um zu üben, um Korrekturen zu ergattern, um des Spaßes Willen».

    I might add a few Hochlichters later, but this is an emergency....

    Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  29 Apr. 21, 15:54

    “Chaotic action is preferable to orderly disaction”, one says (in businesslike Denglish). 

    Thank you for spontaneously providing a new shell for the fellow snails. It’s a little bit bare without any Hochlichter, but I’m sure you’ll find some. Maybe under the piles on your desk. 😛 ;D

    *bunking off*

    *admiring Goldammer a bit for finding any thing*

    #1Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  29 Apr. 21, 18:03

    Hochlichter's as collected by Edith:

    Participants, in order of their appearance; no guarantee for completeness:

    virus, plidsi, penguin, Goldammer, hm—us, RenaRd, Wik, mbshu, Pottkieker, Jabonah, Amy-MiMi, Jesse_Pinkman, Wachtelkönig

    News and stories of Christmas, New Years and Easter preparations, celebrations, as well as greetings offered around (wow, quite a long stretch of time was covered by this last snailhouse, wasn’t it?)

    Jabonah outed herself as a silent lurker for the past year, but sarted contributing regularly again, yippee!

    Various weather reports which represent, overall, a winter of some extremes and, lately, after much waiting, spring: heavy snow in various snail resorts, even in TX, floodings, black ice, extreme frost, Sahara dust, and eventually spring coming again)

    Various Corona topics, among others: vaccines and their reputation, who is vaccinated already and with what side effects, first hairdressers’ appointments after lockdown, the „Third Wave“, Reisegeyers frustration about ongoing travel restrictions…..

    Goldammer’s cat Mathilda returning after 4.5 months of mysterious „AWOL“ period.

    Sharing and discussing Amanda Gorman’s inauguration poem „The Hill We Climb“

    A few book reports and reviews.

    Gardening reports from Ireland and other snail resorts.

    Bonnie news and stories, shared by Amy-MiMi

    Lovely and touching biographical anecdotes, shared by RenaRd

    ….and of course much much more…...sometimes it can really be quite interesting and fascinating to re-read an old snailhouse....

    #2Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  29 Apr. 21, 21:47

    Hey, Goldammer, thanks a million! Very nice new shell and Hochlichter, indeed. As I realised how much work the Hochlichter thing was last time I admire it this time even more. Great job!

    I have the feeling that my grammar went out of everything at all. Please correct.

    #3Verfasser virus (343741)  29 Apr. 21, 22:56

    @virus: Gar nicht so schlecht. As I realised how much work the Hochlichter thing was last time, I admire it even more this time. (Komma und Wortstellung)

    Ja, danke fürs Basteln, Goldammer. 🇱🇹🇰🇬 *Flaggen entdeckt hab* 🇩🇰🇩🇪

    Darf man von Impfungen reden? Ich schäme mich ein bisschen, dass man hier in den USA so "leicht" an Impfungen kommen kann, wenn in anderen Ländern das unmöglich ist. Aber wenn das nicht unsittlich ist, dann erzähle ich, wie froh ich bin, dass unsere Haushalt seit gestern vollgeimpft ist. Ich hatte keine Probleme mit Janssen, und Herr MiMi freute sich über Pfizer-BioNTech. Gestern bekam unsere Tochter die zweite Pfizer Spritze und war heute früh natürlich *6-Gang* zu unter dem Wetter *6-Gang aus* um in die Schule zu gehen. Na ja. Womöglich geht es ihr tatsächlich nicht gut.

    Ich bin froh, dass wir den Impftermin anderthalb Stunden nördlich von unserem Dorf geschafft haben, denn aus heiterem Himmel streikten 2 von 3 MiMischen Autos gestern. Gott sei Dank hat Herr MiMi endlich ein Handy, denn sonst stünde er vielleicht noch irgendwo in der Pampa rum.

    #4Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 30 Apr. 21, 00:22

    *Speaking up for Mimidaughter*

    Biontech is known for causing more indisposition after the second shot.

    (I noticed that leftpondians tend to speak of Pfizer, emphasizing the company who produce the vaccine, and in rightpondian, maybe especially in German language use, most people say Biontech, referring to the German lab where it was developed)

    I find it ok to feel relieved about one's own vaccination or that of one's family and friends, even if there's a lot of worldwide injustice about the distribution of the vaccines.

    But about "unsittlich" in this context - I wouldn't have chosen this expression, I might have said "unanständig" or "unmoralisch" here.

    This is funny, because in another context I recently discussed with someone about when to chose "unanständig" or something else. In many contexts, I said then, "unanständig" has a nuance of "dirty". But here, with what you said before, it is perfectly clear for me that you'd just mean "nicht anständig".

    "Unsittlich" isn't exactly wrong or something, only unusual, I feel. I think it is getting less customary as a word.

    Re cell phone: Incidents like that convince even the least cell phone affine people of the occasional usefulness of such a device! Mr Goldammer had a similar experience a few years ago and since then has one. Good that Mr MiMi had his already!

    #5Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  30 Apr. 21, 08:56

    Thanks, Goldammer, good job!

    #6Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 30 Apr. 21, 09:25

    Did you really read #252 once again, Goldammer? In total? That impresses me more than searching for notes at your desk. I had imagined that you (and all the other Hochlichter poets before) would collect data on Post-its® or kind of a list to lighten the final compilation (see my remark above).  

    Lots of thanks for the glittering highlights!

    #7Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 30 Apr. 21, 10:31

    Well, you never know beforehand if you will be The Person To Do The Highlights, do you?

    I don't know how the others do it, but I re-read the whole thread (not each and every word, to be honest, I just read over it and try to detect highlight-worthy content), make hand-written short notes, also note the contributors, then I type the highlights on a document and copypaste them in.

    (And by the way, finding something on my desk isn't as horrible as it may seem to an outsider like you when you see it. I have an idea where to search when I need something specific. There are sections and piles in which it is more likely to find what I'm looking for than in others, if you know what I mean.)

    #8Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  30 Apr. 21, 12:30

    I did it just like you, Goldammer, the one time I did the highlights.

    #9Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 30 Apr. 21, 12:39

    Thank you for the new shell, and the Hochlichter. I honestly cannot remember to ever have created a new home for snails, which is down to pure laziness on my part. This needs to change. I hereby volunteer myself to compiling Hochlichter and a new home once this one is not fit for service anymore. Please feel free to remind me in case I should conveniently forget this solemn promise. ;)

    Mrs Wik told me yesterday that Wikling very seriously asked her if I was their servant... Maybe it's a case of "Kindermund tut Wahrheit kund"? I guess I'm doing pretty much all of the household chores at the moment, and we had been reading a few fairy tales which mentioned servants. Something to think about during a bank holiday weekend. ;)

    #10Verfasser Wik (237414) 30 Apr. 21, 13:41

    Thank you so much for the new shell and the wonderful Hochlichter, Goldammer!

    Now let us see what news and topics will be shared here. 🙂

    In December I sent a story I wrote to the actor who 'created' the character I wrote about ... and last Thursday I got an e-mail from that actor with a first reaction. :-O He will get back to me with a more thorough reply once he read it in full...

    I've been writing that kind of stories for more than 15 years now and I've never sent any of my stories to their character's "creator" before. I don't even know why I really did it this time. But now I'm really anxious to learn what he thinks about it, and a bit scared of his review (or can I say judgement here?).

    In the old CC hm-us asked for more book- film- or other recommendations:

    Here's one from me:

    Film and book: The White Tiger

    I enjoyed the film very much and will read the book when I have finished the one I'm reading right now. So my recommendation is mainly for the film.

    It's a story set in India, a 'Bollywood' film, but without song and dance. It is difficult for me to say more without giving away any spoilers, so I don't say more.

    @Amy-MiMi: I envy you guys that you can get your vaccination so easily. I'll try to register with my family doctor tomorrow and hope for the best.

    @Wik What was Mrs Wik's answer?

    Stay safe, happy and healthy, everyone!

    #11Verfasser plidsi (967308) 03 Mai 21, 10:31

    re The White Tiger: I didn't watch the movie, but I read the book and I liked it, apart from the fact that when the main character talked about the Chinese president Xi Jinping, he referred to him as "Mr. Jinping", which of course is wrong, as it should be "Mr. Xi".

    However, despite his achievements, that character is not the best educated one (and he is Indian, not Chinese), so maybe that mistake was put in on purpose.

    #12Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 03 Mai 21, 11:01

    @Jesse_Pinkman - the person who recommended the film and book said that she didn't like the main character in the book at all, but somehow developed a liking for him in the movie - and she asked about other viewers/readers' opinion on that.

    I'm looking forward to the read and to find out if I share her feelings.

    #13Verfasser plidsi (967308) 03 Mai 21, 11:21

    Well, the character in the book is certainly not a very likeable person, but so what? I think he's very well portrayed, and it's not a feel-good romance.

    #14Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 03 Mai 21, 11:31

    If you’d like to taste a little story, easy to read and leaving you with a smile on your face, here’s my recommendation: Der Pfau.

    It’s about a group of bankers at a teaming seminar in the Scottish highlands, a peacock that hates the colour blue, and how to learn to like each other. It was a best seller in 2017, but – to my knowledge – is not yet translated into English.


    Good luck, plidsi, with your story.  I seem to remember that your told us about "writing just for fun”, when you were here several years ago. Will you keep us informed, please?

    #15Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 03 Mai 21, 17:06

    I did not like The White Tiger at all (the book, that is) because the author has the fundamental setting wrong. There was a time when an Indian entrepreneur could safely assume he could teach the Chinese how to do business because they had no clue. But at the time the book is set, this notion is ridicolous.

    #16Verfasser mbshu (874725)  03 Mai 21, 17:42

    Well, if I remember the book correctly, it's not the author, but his main character who (wrongly, I agree there) assumes he could teach the Chinese about business.

    Which, by the way, was never the case. The Chinese have been excellent and shrewd business people for a long, long time already.

    #17Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 03 Mai 21, 18:54

    Well, it was, in the 1970s, 80s and early 90s, if you consider that he writes to the head of state of the People's Republic of China.

    And, since it is the fundamental setting of the book, I hold the author responsible, not only his character.

    #18Verfasser mbshu (874725) 03 Mai 21, 19:27

    @ Wik: Autsch! Da sollte man die Definition von Diener ein bisschen präzisieren. Eine weitere Möglichkeit ist, dass Wikling öfter zu Hause helfen könnte. Das sage ich nur, da ich weiß wie selten H. zu Hause hilft. Wie alt ist Wikling? H. ist fast 19, benimmt sich aber wegen Trauma in der Kindheit als ein viel jüngeres Kind.


    I honestly cannot remember to ever have created a new home for snails, which is down to pure laziness on my part. This needs to change. I hereby volunteer (myself) to compile Hochlichter and a new home once this one is not fit for service anymore. 

    Es kann sein, dass der erste Satz als BE in Ordnung ist. In AE würden wir eher: I honestly cannot remember ever having created... Ich weiß aber, dass Unterschiede in Zeiten und sonst im Verbsystem bestehen.

    @Goldammer: Das habe ich eher falsch ausgedruckt. Ich wollte nicht sagen, dass H. nicht auf der Impfung reagieren sollte, da Herr MiMi und ich problemlos geimpft wurden. Ich wollte nur kurz berichten, dass wir geimpft sind und freuen uns sehr, dass das geschehen ist. Wegen andere Bemerkungen, die H. gemacht hatte, war ich skeptisch, dass es ihr so schlecht ginge, aber natürlich weiß man das nicht und das kann ich schlecht beurteilen. Eine Kollegin von Herrn MiMi war sehr krank nach einer Pfizer-BioNTech Spritze (mit hohem Fieber usw.), also weiß ich wohl, dass das so gehen kann. Ich wollte aber nicht so viel schreiben, nur kurz und knapp berichten, und leider ergeben die Sätze einen anderen Eindruck.

    @plidsi: Na, so einfach war das nicht, aber für europäische Verhältnisse ging das recht schnell.

    *Goldammers filing system understand* Ich oute mich vielleicht, aber einen ähnlichen Schreibtisch habe ich zu Hause.

    Es tut mir leid, dass ich hier selten schreibe. Momentan habe ich viel zu tun, und wegen der ausgiebigen Silberpolierung schaffe das Meiste nicht, geschweige denn finde Zeit fürs CC.

    *in die Runde wink*

    #19Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 03 Mai 21, 20:21

    "The White Tiger"... I might be wrong, but today I've heard on the radio that young people ("digital natives") "re"-explore real books these days. They share short stories / criticism / recommendations on TikTok. They had a short playback from a young woman who - as I remember - recommended "The White Tiger". (Was it really this book? *askingmyself*)

    #20Verfasser virus (343741) 04 Mai 21, 11:50

    Ooh, thank you for the new shell and the sparkly Hochlichter, Goldammer!

    Indeed, I am trying to contribute more regularly - but very often there isn't anything much to contribute. The wildlife around here is not really exciting, with goldfinches and parakeets (possibly introduced to the south of England by Jimi Hendrix) being the most exotic birds. Perhaps my little white spiders are unusual? I've just spotted one on one of the many wallflowers that pop up everywhere. It is about half an inch in size (the spider, that is), and snow white and smooth. I am not usually a fan of spiders, especially fat and/or hairy ones, but the little white ones I find quite attractive.

    Wik, I had to laugh, because Wikling's question reminded me of my brother who was utterly outraged at being asked to do something (such as close a door, or carry his cup to the kitchen) when he was maybe five years old, and responded with a severe "Ich bin doch nicht euer Bedienter!"

    My children have helped in the house since forever, at first playfully, and then in exchange for pocket money. Depending on how much I'm working (I mean translating, not housework), the support team can make a fair bit of cash. And Son 2, who is now the entire support team, was pretty much rolling in it at the end of last year. The pocket money chart is a grand invention; maybe you could try that with Wikling and share the workload a bit more fairly? (And, harking back to your plans of a healthy living and eating web presence - how about you have a look at our Quassel dich schlank Threads? Of course we don't just quassel about calories and spinach smoothies, but it might give you an additional idea of what people are interested in?)

    I do read, when I get a chance, but don't think I can offer any recommendations at the moment. I might go to the library one of these days and see if I can find something more compelling.

    And I like both your desks, RenaRd and Goldammer. Mine would in theory be more of the crowded type, but in reality I have a laptop, some papers, and lots of crafting bits and bobs. And then I take the laptop and go and work somewhere else, where I can sit more comfortably :-)

    #21Verfasser Jabonah (874310) 05 Mai 21, 17:19

    As long as there’s no other topic available, I may as well talk about my tidy desk.

    When I was a schoolboy (i.e. in the fifties) I was the pride owner of my own children’s room, situated in the attic, big enough for a bed and a built-in-cupboard under the pitch of the roof. At the left, near to the window, I could pull a built-in desk out of the cupboard to do my schoolwork. Afterwards I had to clear away everything (onto the shelves beneath) to be able to push the desk back into it’s inside position. Closing the cubicle doors gave way to the window.


    The companies I worked in had different reasons for ordering everybody to clear the desks before leaving the office, chiefly to protect secret sheets from been read or to protect the cleaning staff from false accusation (in case something’s missing).

    You see, I’m marked by circumstances. That’s all. :o()


    #22Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  11 Mai 21, 15:22

    While it's not about knitting, the knitters in this thread may be interested in this documentary by Deutsches Archäologisches Institut about historical textile technology which I found absolutely fascinating:


    Die Erfindung der Hose - Wie der Mensch zur Hose kam

    This is not a case of "Don't try this at home", it's more a case of "This is exceedingly difficult to attempt to replicate at home".

    #23Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158)  14 Mai 21, 01:27

    Many thanks for this tip, Norbert!

    I haven't had the time to watch the documentary yet (my sister and niece are visiting and we have been mapping plants up on the Schwäbische Alb for the citizens' science project we're part of, I think I told you about it before.)

    But I'm very much looking forward to watching it and maybe getting myself the book.

    #24Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 15 Mai 21, 21:58

    We've just finished watching two-and-a-half hours of documentary and songs of Udo Lindenberg on NDR, still available in the Mediathek.

    He's one of my heroes, and some of his songs still bring the tears to my eyes, especially when played and performed with dozens of other great musicians, like during the 2016 tour. My wife was lucky enough to watch him live at the stadium in Stuttgart.

    I, unfortunately, was on a business trip that week.

    He'll turn 75 on May 17th. His friends are thinking about starting the advance sale for his 100th-birthday-tour. I'll be there, inshallah.

    #25Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  15 Mai 21, 23:08

    Speaking of music. Does anybody here know this hilarious Bavarian Volksmusik crossover band I just came across on YouTube? Two of their songs (mondegreen titles):

    Heidi from Hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_gtGfAail4

    Polka Face: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3HzTjPonOU

    #26Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158) 16 Mai 21, 08:14

    No. 25: When I was five, my parents went abroad with us for half a year, and sub-letted our Hamburg flat to some young people. One of them indeed was a yet unknown Udo Lindenberg. I don't know whether he still remembers the address Hochallee 125 - maybe not. My parents for a few years talked about the cigarette hole that he had left in a carpet ... unfortunately without signing it.

    My younger sister listened to his Andrea Doria LP so incessantly that I disliked it for that reason alone ... Today I defend him in front of my wife who dislikes his music because she thinks him excessively ugly.

    #27Verfasser mbshu (874725)  16 Mai 21, 08:26

    I remember: New Year's Eve 2018, standing with our friends in Cologne in front of their house, watching the other people böllering and listening to "Horizont" and "Ich trag dich durch die schweren Zeiten" blasting from the car audio over and over again...

    Sounds much more melancholic than it actually was.

    #28Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  16 Mai 21, 10:31

    I just watched the documentary about the invention of trousers - well, that's indeed one of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time! Excellently made, and very exciting - strong recommendation, and once again thank you very much, Norbert, for giving the tip!

    #29Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  19 Mai 21, 15:57

    Many hanks for "The Heimatdamisch", Norbert. You saved my day.

    #30Verfasser Reeva (908916) 19 Mai 21, 18:17

    Darf man auch Deutsch schreiben: Vor ca. 40 Jahren war ich bei einem Konzert von Udo Lindenberg im deutschen Museum in München. Zu meinem runden Geburtstag vor 2 Jahren habe ich mir eine Karte für ein Zusatzkonzert am Königsplatz selbst geschenkt, es ist leider ausgefallen. Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich in einer Schublade gesucht und tatsächlich eine selbst aufgenommene Kassette von 1979 gefunden.

    #31Verfasser renateheinz (1125123) 19 Mai 21, 20:50

    You may write in German if English is your mother tongue ...

    Udo L memories welcome!

    No. 29: I was expecting your sentence to continue: that's indeed one of the best inventions ever!

    #32Verfasser mbshu (874725)  19 Mai 21, 21:00

    Edit.: thanks, of course.

    #33Verfasser Reeva (908916) 19 Mai 21, 21:02

    @mbshu, it is indeed! That's also true.

    I still remember the time when I was a little girl and the very strict rules about girls not wearing trousers started to get "softened", and how great I found it to be allowed to wear trousers which allowed me to go romping about outdoors, climbing trees etc. much much easier than in skirts or dresses!

    #34Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  19 Mai 21, 22:08

    And I would not want to wear a toga ...

    #35Verfasser mbshu (874725) 19 Mai 21, 22:35

    I agree, for I recall the routine shown in films about the Romans: Whether Cesar, any Senator, or the man in the street, all of them had to throw a corner of the toga over their shoulder twice a minute or hold it on the fore arm to prevent the toga from falling down. Totally inept when playing tennis (e.g.).


    #36Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  20 Mai 21, 11:08

    @renateheinz: Just for the record: altlhough our basic rule is that you write in English if German is your mother tongue, there's no Crossover Chat police, and nobody will mind an occasional comment in German if you feel like it!

    #37Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 20 Mai 21, 18:07

    @Goldammer: Thank you very much, I'm just starting to learn English!

    #38Verfasser renateheinz (1125123) 20 Mai 21, 20:11

    Well, Renate, you can then also use the crossover chat to practise your English if you like! Just write, and if you're lucky, one of the English native speakers will offer correcturitos where appropriate!

    #39Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 20 Mai 21, 21:19
    Hi, renateheinz (renate?), keine Bange, unsere Erwartungen sind ziemlich gering, besonders so lange wir alle meist nur noch zu Hause bleiben (hocken?) und daher jedes Stückchen Kommentar begrüßen.

    Also, falls du mal irgendetwas Spannendes zu erzählen hast, oder auch nur Koch- bzw. Lesetipps z.B., bitte, nur zu. Wie man wohl sieht, herrscht hier im CC während der Pandemie oft ein gewisser Quasselstoffmangel. /-;
    #40Verfasser hm -- us (236141)  20 Mai 21, 21:31

    renateheinz, then this is the perfect thread for you to practise the English you’re learning! Welcome among the crossover snails.

    As far as I know, the Romans weren’t very fond of wearing togas, either. They were extremely formal wear, exceedingly cumbersome, but an impressive tool for grand speeches. (When exercising, on the other hand, they wore VERY little. In the case of ladies, bikini-style outfits, in fact.)

    When I was little, I inherited lots of clothes from older cousins, dresses as well as trousers. I used to love a pink gingham “dirndl” dress from my cousins in Munich, very pretty indeed but not very practical. (Later I had a phase where out of contrariness I would wear only skirts to prove that it could be done, even cycling or walking in the mountains…)

    I am surprised at Mrs mbshu’s music taste. Does she really only listen to music by people she finds beautiful/handsome/attractive? Isn’t that rather limited? What if she doesn’t know what the musician looks like? What, indeed, if the composer was dashing and sexy by all accounts, but the performer does not meet her standards (or vice versa)? This really has me wondering, as with most of the music I listen to – random stuff on Classic FM or another “Dudelsender” – I haven’t a clue what anyone looks like!

    (This has really got me wondering.)

    #41Verfasser Jabonah (874310) 20 Mai 21, 22:27

    Without knowing either Ms. Mbshu personally or anything more about the matter than that one sentence at the end of #27, I assume it's not that she finds Lindenberg "ugly" as in "bad looking". Maybe his personality evokes a kind of antipathy in her which doesn't make it possible for her to like his music.

    mbshu, see how easy it is to get the "kitchen psychologists" speculating...

    @renate: Welcome and go for it, people are friendly in this thread, and you'll find errors in each post if you look for them, and more often than not helpful native speakers correcting them in a nice and easy way.

    #42Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  21 Mai 21, 00:22

    Wer hat das Wetter auf den Kopf gestellt? Letzte Woche gab es noch Frost und Eisregen, heute haben wir um 21:00 noch 27 C. Uns ist der Frühling abhanden gekommen.

    Herzlich Willkommen, renateheinz. Goldammer hat Recht. Hier gibt es keine Sprachpolizei. Ab und zu schreibt man in der Muttersprache, besonders wenn man sehr müde ist oder keine Zeit hat, bestimmte Wörter nachzuschlagen, aber deswegen schreit dich keiner an.

    Unsere kleine Bonnie hat sich mit dem Staubsauger abgefunden. Zwar geht sie in ein anderes Zimmer, wenn ich ihn anmache, aber sie bellt nicht mehr. Ihrer Meinung nach ist aber Deckenventilator noch eine böse Erfindung. Wenn er sehr langsam dreht, versteckt sie sich am liebsten hinter den Sessel.

    Hat jemand Spargelsaison erwähnt? Ach ja, verrückte Welt! Dieses Jahr habe ich das zuerst auf English gelesen: https://www.theguardian.com/food/2021/may/13/...

    Spears of destiny: 17 ways to make the most of asparagus season

    *in die Runde wink*

    #43Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 21 Mai 21, 03:30

    Welcome @renateheinz

    Wasn't there a rule that every new snail had to provide us with details like shoe size and bank-account/or credit card number?

    I think I remember that I had to do this... 😉

    @Ami-MiMi asparagus season! I love asparagus, especially the green one. And last weekend I tried something new (well, it was new for me) and it was so tasty that I'll cook it again this weekend for my mum.

    #44Verfasser plidsi (967308) 21 Mai 21, 11:17

    Isn't this funny? Yesterday, Mr Goldammer and I had asparagus for the first time this season (quite late! But we will certainly have more, it was sooo delicious!), and I said to Mr Goldammer: nobody mentioned the asparagus season in the Crossover Chat so far! I'll have to write something!

    (To the newer snails: the discussion betwen leftpondian and rightpondian snails whether asparagus IS a wonderful and very special kind of vegetable or NOT used to be led every spring here in the CC, it used to be a kind of running gag, along with wachtelkönig's yearning for decent yeast and others....)

    And yes, of course, renateheinz, you can't participate if you won't tell us your shoe size and credit card number! How could we forget, thanks for reminding us, plidsi! 😀

    #45Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  21 Mai 21, 11:26

    If you’re tired of reading highly intellectual novels or dust-dry bios and like to relax U’ve got an alternative: „Oma lässt grüßen und sagt, es tut ihr leid” (My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry, UK title: My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologies) by Swedish author Fredrik Backman


    I’ve never read any Astrid Lindgren novel (“Pippi Langstrumpf” etc) because I didn’t like children’s stories like that, hence I was a bit disappointed in the beginning and it took several pages till I got used to it. And after I liked the humorous kind of writing and the cheeky main character the miracle captured me.


    Elsa is seven (almost 8!) years old and very smart (“I read a lot, most often Wikipedia®” shares a secret with her Grandma, a fairyland wit kingdoms and mithical creatures and superheroes. (“Meine Oma hat zwei SUperkräfte: Sie hat vielen Kindern das Leben gerettet, und sie kann jeden zur Verweiflung bringen”). When her grandmother died Elsa detects the entanglments beween the figures in the fairyland and the residents in the house she lives in.

    As to the end: You must not /*6g built too near to the water *\ 



    #46Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  21 Mai 21, 17:28

    Tomorrow I will opening the asparagus season, with the green sort.

    And my shoe size is 3 1/2, my credit card number is 2 (two)!!

    #47Verfasser renateheinz (1125123) 21 Mai 21, 20:54
    Great! This means you were among the very first people who got one!
    #48Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 21 Mai 21, 22:03

    Not really. I've forgotten the xyxyxyxyx!!

    #49Verfasser renateheinz (1125123) 22 Mai 21, 08:03
    Guten Morgen, renate. Wie schön, dass du dich wieder mal ins CC getraut und auch die bösen Kreditkartendiebe ausgetrickt hast. (-;

    Möchtest du denn etwas anderes erzählen, wie z.B. ob du eher generell im Süden oder im Norden oder wo wohnst, und was du so während der Pandemie gerne machst? Lesen, kochen, stricken / häkeln, gärtnern, Enkel über Zoom bespaßen, Fotos, Haustiere, Kunsthandwerk, Videos, Wikipedia editieren ...

    Meine Mutter und ich könnten ja Ideen gebrauchen, außer Kreuzworträtseln und NYT-Rätseln ...
    #50Verfasser hm -- us (236141)  22 Mai 21, 08:26

    Just in case one of the ENS feels like commenting:

    I was thinking about renateheinz' #47: "I will opening...."

    It needs something, and what came into my mind were two versions which could both be used, my "feeling" says:

    I will open....


    I will be opening....

    Which one is better? What's the difference between the two?

    #51Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 22 Mai 21, 08:28
    Guten Morgen, Goldammer.

    Ich würde sagen: I'll be opening the asparagus season tomorrow.

    Aber erklären kann ich es zu dieser Stunde wohl kaum, und vor allem wollte ich renate nicht gleich durch zu viel Kritik abschrecken.

    Also, falls jemand z.B. noch ein paar Lieblingsspargelrezepte oder andere beruhigende Gesprächsideen hätte ... (-:

    Schönen Samstag noch.

    #52Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 22 Mai 21, 08:44

    #52 ...und vor allem wollte ich renate nicht gleich durch zu viel Kritik abschrecken...

    My thoughts exactly. I didn't want to start correcting right away. Furthermore, from what renate wrote so far, it seems that her English isn't really bad, and this one may well have been an oversight.

    #53Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  22 Mai 21, 10:11

    Let's ask renate herself: do you feel criticized and/or discouraged by corrections?

    That wasn't my intention at all.

    Having fun and chatting about this and that is clearly in the foreground in here!

    Restaurants and cafés are open here in town for the first time in months. With the consequence that the rapid test stations have looong queues....I just had to go around such a queue quite a way in order to get through to the fruit and veggie stall where I wanted to buy strawberries.

    #54Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 22 Mai 21, 11:35

    I don't feel criticized by corrections!

    I was in the test center in our small town near Augsburg, I'm negative. Then I took green asparagus for tomorrow, I'll do cooking a sauce with butter and croutons.

    Have a nice day!

    #55Verfasser renateheinz (1125123) 22 Mai 21, 12:14

    @ hm – us: #52 . Also, falls jemand … beruhigende Gesprächsideen hätte

    I posted an idea the day before yesterday by opposing a book I liked reading to intellectual novels and dust-dry barographs. Unfortunately nobody swallowed the bait: I had hoped someone would like the idea of the book like I did, or grumble about my approach regarding “serious” literature.

    In fact, the comment hasn’t been recognized at all. But, you see, I tried my best. :o)

    #56Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  22 Mai 21, 14:21

    It has, it has, RenaRd. Only not written out yet. I made a mental note and that I would like to read it.

    #57Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 22 Mai 21, 14:27
    Nicht verzweifeln, RenaRd, jemand wird deine Buchbesprechung bestimmt nützlich finden. Hier auf der anderen Teichseite ist es nicht so leicht, deutsche Bücher zu ergattern (an deutschen B. zu kommen, kann man sagen, oder habe ich das falsch in Erinnerung?), aber es hört sich schon interessant an.

    Wenn man auf Rückmeldungen auf (?) jeden Beitrag im Forum hoffen würde, hätte ich z.B. schon seit langem aufgegeben, im Coronafaden zu posten. /-: Aber es stimmt tatsächlich, dass man ein Posting oder einen Kommentar schon interessant finden kann, ohne besonders darauf antworten zu wollen oder etwas Neues dazu beitragen zu haben.

    Wie ich im Augenblick. Daher überlasse ich den Faden wieder den Spargelliebhabern und hoffe unter anderem auf andere interessante Zubereitungsideen. Ich habe wohl schon die Braunbuttersauce meiner Mutter mitgeteilt, oder? Sie ist ziemlich einfach, nur Butter, Mehl und ein bisschen Limonensaft. Hatten wir übrigens zum Abendessen. (-:

    #58Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 23 Mai 21, 07:58

    Hier auf der anderen Teichseite ist es nicht so leicht, deutsche Bücher zu ergattern

    In general I have not had any problems ordering German books via Amazon, even from smaller publishers. In a few cases I had to order through Abebooks instead, which I believe is a subsidiary of Amazon.

    #59Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158) 23 Mai 21, 08:04

    #58: an deutschen B. zu kommen

    "an deutsche Bücher zu kommen" is perfecly correct and idiomatic, if you omit the "n" in "deutsche". It's Akkusativ.

    #60Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 23 Mai 21, 09:58

    Hier auf der anderen Teichseite ist es nicht so leicht, deutsche Bücher zu ergattern


    For this reason I had mentioned the English titles. Heere‘s a link:


    Both versions are available and are offering an excerpt when clicking on the book cover.

    #61Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  23 Mai 21, 10:08

    +wishing everybody a happy and inspired Pentecost+

    #62Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 23 Mai 21, 15:29

    No. 41 f.: Sorry, I have neglected you. - Yes, ugly as in bad looking. - I am just repeating her statement ... not being a *6g womenunderstander /*6g, I am unable to help you any further.

    No. 62: Thank you, likewise to everybody around!

    (Imagine the Pentecost miracle on an ongoing basis. No jobs for translators. No Leo!)

    #63Verfasser mbshu (874725)  23 Mai 21, 21:00

    Don’t we act the same from time to time? We liked a song but after we had seen the (dislikable) singer the song has a blemish? I remember that I loved “Tornero” by I Santo California”, a smash hit in 1975, and by chance watched the video only weeks ago. I wish I hadn’t; The look of the group was disappointing, far away from my imagination.


    On the other hand: Who judges the voice of an opera diva by thr size of her body? :D

    #64Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  24 Mai 21, 16:25

    Wer hat die Mondfinsternis mitgekriegt? Irgendwie habe ich einen Artikel darüber nicht richtig verstanden, oder wenigstens die Karte verlesen, und dachte, die Finsternis in Michigan nicht sichtbar sei. Pech gehabt. Im Internet waren einige sehr schöne Fotos.

    @RenaRd: Auch ich fand das Buch interessant, habe aber nichts zum Thema geschrieben. Das kommt zum Teil davon, dass die Anzahl der Computer in unserem Haushalt geschrumpft ist, und mein iPad zu alt, um drauf Beiträge eingeben zu können. Mitlesen geht noch. Auf Deutsch auf dem Handy von Herrn MiMi tippen ist frustrierend, und manchmal komme ich an den alten Rechner im Keller nicht (z.B. wenn Herr MiMi gerade arbeitet oder im Internet surft).

    Die Covid-Lage in Michigan hat sich aber verbessert, und vielleicht schaffe ich, den neuen iPad reparieren zu lassen. Bei uns hatten die Apple Stores eine Weile zu.

    Sonstige Neuigkeiten? Hier hat es geregnet. Die Blumen und das Gemüse freuen sich.

    Gestern wurde Bonnie kastriert. (Habt ihr echt kein Wort für weibliche Tiere? Wir haben neuter und spay. LEO bietet nur kastrieren an.) Dictionary: kastrieren

    Verb kastrieren | kastrierte, kastriert |   -  weiblicher Tiere   [Tiermedizin] 

    to spay | spayed, spayed | [MED.]

    Based on: to spay - kastrieren

    Ihr geht es gut.

    Meistens macht mir das Aussehen eines Sängers/einer Sängerin nichts aus. Normalerweise weiß ich gar nicht, wie er oder sie aussieht. Selbst wenn ich ihn/sie unattraktiv finde, gelingt es mir, die Musik noch zu genießen. Ich gebe aber zu, dass es ein paar Sänger gibt, deren Aufführungsstil (Kostüme, Mimik usw.) ich nicht toll finde. Ihren Musikvideos schaue ich lieber nicht zu, aber die Musik kann ich noch leiden.

    *in die Runde wink*

    #65Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989)  26 Mai 21, 21:31

    Hi there! I’ve already posted it in the „Zählzimmer“, I am just back from Berlin from visiting my mother for two weeks. I haven’t seen her since September 2019; her longing for me must have been enormous although we call each other once or twice a week. There was a lot to do for her. (Colleagues always ask me „how was vacation“ and I answer „it was no vacation“).


    I think I already told about all the procedures I had to go through. First, I needed a negative test before leaving. Then I had to fill in a form „Einreiseerklärung“ (originally online, but due to the hint of my boss I printed it out and did it by hand – it happened twice to her that the system crashed after she had done everything and tried to submit it. Then, with the online thing they would immediatly know that you are there (if somone pays attention), the written thing I had to send to Mannheim – with Ascension Day with even more delay, so I could take the „quarantine“ a little bit easier).


    As I declared that I am going to visit my mother I had to „prove“ that she is my mother, e.g. by a birth certificate. Which I don’t have because she is not my biological mother and, furthermore, I had no legal document (which we found when rumming through old folders afterwords) that she raised me. So I wrote a brief declaration on it. All of this ridiculous in the end because NO ONE cared.


    Coming from Switzerland (by train, flighing is much more regulated), I had to keep a 10-days quarantine which I could leave after 5 days if I had a negative test. So I went to a pharmacy, telling them that I have to pay because I have no German health insurance. The guy was surprised but realised that – because I wanted to get some medicine for my mother – I had her insurance card. He said it would be 18 € but he could book it on her card (I think he didn’t know how to procede with cash from me). Smart guy – I was happy, my mom was happy... Also, he kept asking me if I need the test for shopping. I said no, I need it to get out of quarantine... nobody knows anything about this regulation except the regulation authorities themselves. ;-)


    In the end, we were happy to welcome some family at home and visit some others. And I managed to convince the stone age laptop of my mother’s to show me the Wlan password which was forgotten for ages. That took me 4 hours and an lot of nerves (?); patience is not my main skill. But in the end it worked and made organising a lot of issues much easier.


    Now she is alone again but I hope she will be fine until July when I return.


    I hope you are not bored by this novel (if so, don’t read it!). Take care!

    #66Verfasser virus (343741) 27 Mai 21, 08:33

    I wasn't bored but really felt with you and your mum for all stupid bureaucracy and hassle you had to go through.

    What came to my mind was the wonderful English term preposterous which used to be quite popular in the crossover chat in the Olden Days when Wachtelkönig was still posting about yeast, geese and noisy A/C units.....

    I think you have good chances for processes to get less complicated until July!

    #67Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 27 Mai 21, 10:26

    @ Amy-MiMi; LEO bietet nur kastrieren


    „Kastrieren” (to spay) is the correct word for an oophorectomy in order to avoid pregnancy or  false pregnancy. In Germany we often say “Sterilization” (probably to avoid the hash expression “Kastration”), but sterilization just intermits fertility, while the hormones are still active. Bonnie may gain weight now, so you’ve got to walk her a lot (3 times 1 hour per day). ;o)


    @ virus;


    Thanks for your interesting story. I wouldn’t blame an excessive bureaucracy, but “in times like these” people often tend to act a little hectic and overcautious, especially when the applicant comes from Switzerland, well known for its laissez-fair policy.


    I still wonder why you had to prove that your mother is your “mother” and even more, why you had to mention it at all. Couldn’t you name any destination (Freiburg e.g.) and just go on heading north-east??  *Thinking* …

    Ah: You had to cross an EU border! I forgot …🙁

    #68Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 27 Mai 21, 18:03

    I was also wondering about this, coming to think of it. Did you have to prove to have a really important reason to cross the EU border - like visiting your mother would be, but you couldn't have gone if you just wanted to visit a distant relative or an elderly friend?

    #69Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 27 Mai 21, 18:09

    I had wondered what had become of you, virus. (I must confess, I forgot about your travel plans.)

    I'm glad you got to see your mother, and I bet she was even happier to see you!

    How did it work while you were quarantining (I presume you were staying at her place) - was she allowed to go out to shop, or does she have help? And I do hope she has a garden, so you weren't cooped up inside all the time.

    I've booked a flight to see my mother (also in Berlin) in September, in the hope that I will be allowed to go...last time I looked the only valid reasons (on the UK side) were death and pressing business. I wouldn't be staying long enough to make quarantining even possible, even if I could face staying in my mother's flat for ten days... I don't suppose there's anything I can do except keep my fingers crossed!

    Jesse, I'll have you know that I was nowhere near the kitchen when I was psychologising about what makes an attractive musician! I was, in fact, in my study, although I was fuelled by watching some Eurovision...where most performers are quite decorative in one way or another, but the music mostly forgettable.

    hm -- us, is it not even possible to get German books on Kindle? For some years now I've been able to get German and Italian books, which is a blessing, for my impatient mind as well as my bookshelves...

    #70Verfasser Jabonah (874310) 27 Mai 21, 18:32

    Dear snails, after writing to the "Gesundheitsamt Berlin-Reinickendorf" I received a message (a general text as they stated) that - between other regulations - I have to declare if I come as a tourist (and in this case they wanted to know my hotel or whatsoever) or for business resaons (with a statement by my employer) or to visit a first-grade relative (with a proof of our relation, e.g. a copy of the birth certificate).

    That is why I mentioned it. After all, nothing of this was asked for and I could have ignored all reguölations but at the small risk to get caught and - as the Einreiseerklärung stated - to risk a fine of up to 25 000 €. No, I thought, let's practice "vorauseilenden Gehorsam" - what would that be? 😉

    How did it work while you were quarantining (I presume you were staying at her place) - was she allowed to go out to shop, or does she have help? And I do hope she has a garden, so you weren't cooped up inside all the time.

    To be honest? I went shopping with her, and yes, we were sitting in the garden. Shopping means 15 minutes with FFP2, and nobody knew.

    I think you have good chances for processes to get less complicated until July!

    I got my second vaccination yesterday, so I don't see any problems any more - if things don't dramatically get worse. Let's stay optimistic!

    #71Verfasser virus (343741) 28 Mai 21, 06:32

    Ouch, Jabonah, I've just seen this header in the Süddeutsche:

    Das RKI erklärt Großbritannien zum Virusvariantengebiet. Eigentlich kein Problem, aber was, wenn die Briten trotzdem reisen?

    But until September you could be safe... *fingerscrossed*

    #72Verfasser virus (343741) 28 Mai 21, 06:38

    Thank you for that article, virus! It does sound rather worrying. I mean, not that any Europeans will want to come to the UK anyway, given how people from the EU who have tried have been treated in recent months (that is another worry for me travelling on my own now...) - anyway, as I say, all I can do is keep my fingers crossed (and see if I can find my birth certificate, and possibly my marriage certificate).

    #73Verfasser Jabonah (874310) 29 Mai 21, 08:49

    On the other hand, things are kind of getting better in Berlin. You probably should have a look at the regulations on the respective "Bezirksamt für Gesundheit" although I doubt that they update information immedialtly according to the new situation. As in my case nobody was interested in any documents. And for the flight it probably will depend on the company... Good luck anyway!

    #74Verfasser virus (343741) 29 Mai 21, 13:24

    Oops, what happened to all ye snails?

    We are having a wonderful snail weather today (the many snails in our garden are cleearly enjoying themselves): warm-humid weather with many showers, some quite heavy with thunder, lots of rain and small hail (since we were in this huge hailstorm in 2013 which demolished a lot of cars, roofs and windows - we got away comparably well but still it was really scary - I feel much more nervous in such weather....). Goldammerson and girlfriend are on their way back from a short holiday in Munich and heading across the Schwäbische Alb at the moment, straight into a quite heavy thunderstorm which is raging there at the moment, as I saw on the weather radar...I just hope they won't come back with our car (which they had borrowed) in a brand new dented design.....

    #75Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  04 Jun. 21, 17:12

    Oops, what happened to all ye snails?

    The beer gardens are opening again, so what do you expect 😉

    Otherwise, there's just not too much going on right now. We're thinking about moving to Cologne to live close to our friends there (not sharing a flat or house, but just to live close by each other). However, it's quite complicated, not least because my mother is getting quite old and needs us here in Stuttgart. So that project is still in a very early phase.

    My Spanish lessons are moving foward nicely. I'm currently trying to translate some of my favourite jokes into Spanish (see Quasselzimmer in the Spanish-Forum) and get comments from ths SNS about how to tell them better.

    Not being a catholic, (not considering myself a christian at all, actually), I'm quite moved by cardinal Marx's recent offer to step down from his bishop tenure (??) and thus set an example, underlining that the Catholic Church just can't go on as they do, blocking all serious attempts at shedding light onto the abuse of children, declining all discussions about celicabcy and women in important offices. Marx has always impressed me as an honest and warmhearted specimen of his creed.

    #76Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  04 Jun. 21, 17:43

    Having mixed weather (no rain, no sun - or, wait... warm, a little humid...) Anyway, we don't care today. My son has had his last written Matura exam today, being more or less satisfyed with his performance. In two weeks there will be the oral exams which he isn't much concerned about. Then, an era will be over... (He is turning 20 in July. Wasn't it yesterday when I read books like "Petterson und Findus" to him? *sigh*)

    We have a new garden project. Instead of my wild meadow (which was partly very nice but in other places nothing but some moss) we will have a mixed "Staudenbeet" - perennial herbs? We have a "private" gardener (from our neighbour's) who obviously has no family and is happy to spend his free time with some extra work. He has good ideas and agrees with me on endemic plants blooming in all coulours distributed over the year (is this sentence weird?) - and, moreover, insects will like. We will see how it works out.

    Have to go and tell him about another bush to be cut in form... *waving*

    #77Verfasser virus (343741)  04 Jun. 21, 17:44

    I take it all the snails are still in the beer garden? Funny that, I had thought beer and snails were not a good pairing…

    Our garden is an ongoing project (not one that involves beer, I hasten to add). Occasionally we manage to NOT go to the garden centre on the weekend, but this time we failed spectacularly. Soon we won’t be able to move for pots, but I say that quite regularly and still manage to move, so I suppose we’ll keep growing and buying more irresistible things. (I find it particularly difficult to resist plants I think might die otherwise. I have a collection of orchids many of which were reduced to a pound or two as they looked rather sad, and I’m slowly coaxing them back into bloom.)

    More excitingly I managed to go to London on Thursday to buy some white asparagus, meet up with a friend, and go to a small exhibition in the Wiener Holocaust Library. An exhausting, but very satisfying day.

    I was particularly struck by the new and improved cycle lanes in the City. They are not only separated by bollards, poles and similar features, in some places they even have their own traffic lights (meaning that cyclists can safely turn off as well as continue straight, while the buses - and cars - have to wait at a separate red light). I hadn't seen those before, and I can only assume that they are a Corona-influenced development.

    Other than that, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for continued relaxation of Covid restrictions as planned…ho hum. While we’re thinking in terms of travelling, our neighbours have their fingers even more firmly crossed as they’re planning a big party, which is of course dependent on big parties being allowed when the government said they would be!

    #78Verfasser Jabonah (874310)  06 Jun. 21, 18:50

    RE struck by the new and improved cycle lanes in the City


    How surprising! I’ve been in London three times (last in 2009) and I never felt the need to use a bike. I liked to explore it by foot or bus or Underground. You may say “That’s what all tourists do” but my impression was that the Londoners didn’t like biking; at least I didn’t spot any bikers at all. Roads and pavement were so overcrowded that there literally was no space for a bike in between. So, if they added a special lane for bikers, who had to make room?


    I’ve got to google® for some sites with views of Modern London to accelerate my imagination. 🙂

    #79Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  11 Jun. 21, 17:37

    I guess the new cycling lanes are only created to make the infamous Boris bikes a success... many years later ;).

    My experiences with the cycling infrastructure in the Netherlands make me wonder, why not more cities/urbanized regions follow this concept. Granted, a Dutchman's or Dutchwoman's affection for their bikes is special. However, from a commuting perspective, the combination of cycling lanes, supervised bicycle parking lots and an affordable and reliable train/bus system are immense.

    Well, things have been busy around here. Most of my April/early May planting and seeding in the garden was destroyed or much delayed by very untimely nighttime frost and untypically cold weather in May. Now, finally, we have proper growing conditions, and by the looks of it, we'll have plenty of strawberries and raspberries in 3 or 4 weeks' time. And I'm now enjoying fresh salad leaves, picked about 10 min before they end up on a plate. Not comparable to even the good supermarket stuff...

    The big news is that our Californian adventure is now officially cancelled. I'm rather disappointed, but it made sense to call it off at this stage. So, Leftpondians, rejoice, for you won't be subjected to yet another immigrant family taking away your jobs. ;)

    I'm currently busy to find an after school place for the Wikling from September onwards, and then, embracing a new professional opportunity for myself. Ah well, every failed plan is an opportunity to experience something new :)

    #80Verfasser Wik (237414)  11 Jun. 21, 18:36

    Too bad that we will not sing Blow, boys, blow / for Californio for you!

    At least the uncertainty is over. It must have been frustrating to live on call for such a long time.

    #81Verfasser mbshu (874725) 12 Jun. 21, 07:07

    @Wik: Sorry to hear about the canceled California adventure. Of course you‘re disappointed. I would be, too.

    As for why not many more countries follow the Dutch in prioritizing bicycle traffic: don‘t forget the Dutch have no car industry lobbying fervently against such sinister designs.

    #82Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 12 Jun. 21, 13:45

    Sorry WIK (Didn’t we have a discussion about that earlier, not to start a sentence with “Sorry”? Well, I can’t help it today), I’m not sure whether to congratulate or to pity you and Mrs WIK.  I had the feeling that you liked Ireland, the food and all that, and your kitchen garden.  As far as I understood, on the other hand, the new job in CAL would have been a jump in your wife’s career.  Will both of you your former jobs (as to you I guess not), and will you say in your home? The last months of living in uncertainty must have been terrible.


    What about Wikling? Is at least he happy not to lose his friends?


    Hi, hm – us, I hope you’re having a great time watching the football EM all day.  Is everything OK? You’re so quiet ..

    #83Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 17 Jun. 21, 18:01

    RenaRd, did you see our "Tippspiel"? hm -- us is sometimes there...

    Siehe auch: Tippspiel Fußball-Europameisterschaft 2021 Nr. 2

    #84Verfasser virus (343741)  17 Jun. 21, 18:42
    Hi, RenaRd, hi, alle.

    Nein, mir geht's sogar ziemlich gut und den Fußball schaue ich durchaus gerne (an?). (Na, bisher ... *aufholzklopf*) Ich habe nur immer noch keine Nachrichten, nichts Weltbewegendes zu berichten. Es ist halt ... Sommer.

    Ja, mir tut es auch leid, dass die Wikingerfamilie nicht mehr dieses Jahr nach den USA übersiedelt, aber ... Ich selbst würde nicht unbedingt in Südkalifornien wohnen wollen, bei der Hitze und dem Verkehr und den Buschbränden und allem. Vielleicht kommt irgendwann bald noch eine Chance, und inzwischen hat Wik immer noch seinen Garten und Wikling ihre Schule und sie bleiben alle drei auch noch ein Jahr weiter näher an Wiks Familie in Deutschland.

    Und vielleicht können sie dann trotzdem wohin Interessantes reisen ... wie z.B. nach Nordkalifornien, um Norbert und Martin zu besuchen.

    Oder sogar nach Texas, und dann sieht Südkalifornien wohl vergleichsweise ruhig, leer und wasserreich aus. Und politisch definitiv geistig normaler auch ... (-;

    #85Verfasser hm -- us (236141)  17 Jun. 21, 21:22

    @ hm -- us

    - wohin Interessantes reisen -> an einen anderen interessanten Ot reisen


    Did you really mean what I understood from your last sentence? Compared to Southern California Texas is (seems to be) agitated, loud, dry and a little mentally insane? Where did I go wrong? :o)

    #86Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  19 Jun. 21, 11:03

    If any of you can spare a little bit of summer, I'd be happy to take some. So far this year, I've counted 3 days breaching the 20 Celsius mark. The forecast for tomorrow and onwards indicates rain, and highs of 15 to 17 Celsius for the coming 5 days (which usually is fairly reliable) with night times as low as 7 Celsius.

    One of the main points of going to CA was to force a little reset in our way of living, towards less work stress, spending more time with each others, and doing more things outdoors. Most of this was achieved by Covid, although Irish outdoors is a bit more limited than what would be the case in the other place.

    It's nice to have dreams, but sometimes it's no harm for dreams to not become true.


    I've not followed the soccer much, but just watched the end of France-Hungary. Interesting situation in this group, Germany desperately need to win against Portugal tonight, even a draw might not be enough to advance :(

    Didi Hamann is one of the soccer pundits on RTE, who show the matches in Ireland. He's really good, great analysis, well able to crack jokes with the Irish guys, and his English is very acceptable.

    Wikling got her school report, it was quite good. We got a pile of working sheets for the holidays, and some reading "suggestions". It's evident that the school is trying to fill the gaps created by the Covid "distance learning". Even if I'm unable to assist much with the Irish language, it's going to be a productive "summer holidays".

    As reported in the Covid thread, I received my first shot yesterday, so I'm on reduced duties today.

    Tomorrow is Father's Day in Ireland, Mrs Wik has strategically scheduled a hair appointment ;). I'll be making a rather American dinner, pulled pork on homemade baguette, corn on the cob, coleslaw and collard greens. Quite selfish, as it is much less work than it sounds, and last time it was quite a success :)

    #87Verfasser Wik (237414)  19 Jun. 21, 17:28

    I am sorry to read you went from Hotel California ("Welcome to the Hotel California / Such a lovely place / Such a lovely face") to California Blue ("I feel the rain / Fall the whole night through / Far away from you / California blue").

    Considering that we are running out of housing, water, and electricity, you may have dodged a bullet.

    #88Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158) 19 Jun. 21, 21:11
    Glückwunsch also an Wikling zu ihrem Schulzeugnis, an Chef Papa zum pulled pork und selbstgemachten Baguette (wow! aber collard greens, not so much), und besonders zur Erstimpfung; und natürlich an Frau Wik zur schönen Sommerfrisur, auch wenn das irische Wetter noch nicht ganz mitspielt. (-:

    Didi Hamann, hmm ... Der Name kommt mir vage bekannt vor, aber das war wahrscheinlich aus der Zeit, bevor ich der deutschen Mannschaft hier im Fernsehen folgen konnte.

    Hier bekommen wir Spanien – Polen übrigens zur Abwechslung sogar über den Äther und auf Englisch gezeigt, zumal es jetzt der spanische Sender ist, der versucht, seine Zuschauer ins Streaming-Abo zu zwingen, wo sie früher wenigstens alle Spiele der spanischsprechenden Länder im echten Fernsehen übertragen haben.

    Bei den deutschen Spielen bekommen wir dieses Mal Cameo-Kommentare von Sami Khedira, was mehr sehr merkwürdig vorkommt, zumal er (soweit ich weiß) immer noch als Spieler tätig ist, wenn auch nicht mehr bei der Nationalmannschaft. Sein Englisch taugt bisher problemlos, aber er hatte noch nicht viel zu sagen, das man nicht eh schon weiß. Leider darf er nicht mit den anderen im Studio mitklatschen und einander aufziehen, weil er noch auf der anderen Teichseite ist, im Zoom-Rande eingesperrt sozusagen.

    Schönen Samstag noch in die Runde und Glückwunsch auch zum 2:4. (-:

    *f5* *Richtung überfüllte kalifornische Wüste wink*

    #89Verfasser hm -- us (236141)  19 Jun. 21, 21:11

    Sami Khedira ist schon lange nicht mehr in Spanien. Er hat soeben seine Karriere beendet, spielte davor eine halbe Saison bei Hertha BSC und davor ein paar Jahre bei Juventus.

    #90Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 19 Jun. 21, 22:03
    Oh, tatsächlich? Ich wusste natürlich, dass er nicht mehr in Spanien oder für Juventus spielt, aber das mit Hertha hatte ich nicht mitbekommen oder schon vergessen, und von einem eigentlichen Rücktritt hatte ich durchaus nichts gehört, also danke für die Information. Ich habe schon ein paarmal erwähnt, dass wir kaum mehr Bundesliga im normalen Fernsehen bekommen, was für mich immer noch traurig ist. Vielleicht kommt ESPN nächstes Jahr den amerikanischen Fußballfans mehr entgegen, aber *6g*? den Atem halte ich (mir?) nicht an.

    Soso, Lewandowski hat also Polen gerade noch am Leben gehalten und Spanien sieht immer noch etwas eintönig und langsam aus.

    Glückwunsch dir übrigens auch, Jesse, zum perfekten Tipp fürs Deutschlandspiel. (-:

    #91Verfasser hm -- us (236141)  19 Jun. 21, 23:02

    Thanks a lot. Well, as they say in Swabian: "Au e blende Sau dappt amol uff e Eichele."

    (Let's see which of the ENS gets that one.)

    #92Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 19 Jun. 21, 23:05
    Amy liest wohl öfter als ich im Schwabenfaden mit, aber ich glaube, die Redewendung hatten wir schon ein paarmal im Forum. Und wie harambee schon gesagt hat, hattest du schon ein paar Nüsse vom ersten Deutschlandspiel gesammelt, also keine falsche Bescheidenheit. (-:

    Keine Ahnung eigentlich, ob Amy in letzter Zeit noch gelegentlich mitliest oder ob sie schon genug zu tun hat, mit der Hündin und der Familie und dem Garten und allem. Sie hätte wohl Portugal – Deutschland geschaut, wenn sie davon gewusst hätte, aber vielleicht sind sie schon auf dem Weg nach Iowa oder sogar an (?) irgendeinen spannenden Urlaubsort.
    #93Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 19 Jun. 21, 23:33

    #88: Mr Juffa, you make a very valid point. Between heat wave, drought and exploding rental costs, we are certainly better off staying here for the moment. And, to follow the musical theme, I add a melancholic rendition of "Ich war noch niemals in New York, ich war noch niemals auf Hawaii, ging nie durch San Franzisko in zerrissnen Jeans...".

    But then, things will turn better again at some stage, and who knows if we then get another opportunity to see your part of the world.

    #89 Didi Hamann played for Germany from 1997 to 2005. However, he spent much of his club career in the Premier league.


    One funny episode not mentioned in wikipedia: when the new Wembley stadium was under construction, the public was asked in an online poll for name suggestions for a pedestrian bridge in the area. The most numerous submissions were for: Dietmar-Hamann-Bridge, to honour the last player to ever have scored in the old stadium. The English FA were not amused and decided for another name.

    Somehow, I forgot to watch the Germany-Portugal match. Hopefully, the match against Hungary will be equally encouraging for the k.o. stages.

    Keep well everybody, wherever you might slime..

    PS: we recently watched "Mrs Wilson". A three part series (1h each) telling the story of Mrs Wilson, who's life is rather torn apart after her husband dies. It's set in England in the 1960s. Rather interesting from a human point of view, and very well acted.

    #94Verfasser Wik (237414)  22 Jun. 21, 18:00

    @ WIK, RE .. opportunity to see your part of the world.


    Twelve years ago, in July 2009, I got to know what summer means in Ireland. The temperature was about 16°C, with chiefly drizzle, sometimes heavy rains, and some rare dry or even sunny hours; thus the tourists (like us) wore pullover plus cagoule. While the Irish wore shorts (or skirts resp.) and T-Shirts only. “It’s summer!” they laughed.


    But we had quite sunny hours as well, like the ones that allowed shooting the attached photograph, an aspen (?) in front of several lakes. It’s one of my favourite photos. Do you know your Isle good enough to reckon where I have been? ;o)


    #95Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  24 Jun. 21, 18:39

    This photo is so incredibly beautiful, RenaRd!

    And it makes me want to go to the place where you took it immediately!

    I have a collection of favourite nature photos (most of them my own, a few others with consent of the photographers who took them), and the background of my laptop choses a new random photo from this collection every 4 h.

    I'd really love to have the picture in this collection - you could send me the original per mail if it was ok for you.

    Aspen is a Espe / Zitterpappel, btw, which looks quite different. Maybe you meant ash (Esche) which comes closer. However, my guess goes towards sorbus aucuparia, Vogelbeere, Eberesche - which, as I just saw on Leo, would be a rowan, but is also called mountain ash.

    I thought I saw clusters of little red berries but wasn't sure, that and the leaves made me think of the rowan tree.

    Maybe Wik can tell if the rowan tree is common in Ireland?

    #96Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  25 Jun. 21, 16:14

    A beautiful photo indeed.

    Your challenge, my dear RenaRD, might be more diffiult than you think. Lakes and hills are very common occurrences in Ireland...

    I'll take an educated guess, though.

    Assuming that this place is close to locations frequented by tourists, Glendalough in Wicklow is probably the only one in the Eastern half of the country that combines hills and lakes of sufficient size. It's a place I like very much, but the hills are steeper and the lakes don't have islands.

    I don't know counties Mayo, Roscommon and Galway very well, there is a lot of lakes there, and some hills as well... It might be around the Lough Corrib/Lough Mask area, from what I remember, there are plenty of islands and some hills. County Donegal is famous for its hills, and there are a few lakes of note. However, this is the only county of the 32 (including Northern Ireland) I have not yet visited, and the tourism there is mostly alles big the Atlantic coast.

    The Burren in County Clare is touristic, and has a few lakes, but is much more barren (SCNR) than the picture shows.

    The place most similar to the photo coming to my mind is the lakes close to Killarney in County Kerry?

    Goldammer: I would agree, it's most likely a rowan tree. They are very common here as part of hedges (I have some in my miniature hedge in the garden). I wouldn't be surprised to see some larger ones in the mountains here and there. Ash is another candidate, common in hedgerows and also plantations, as ash is the only wood used in the production of hurling sticks. But it looks a bit different than in the picture.

    BTW, both rowan and ash are trees of celtic mythological importance.

    #97Verfasser Wik (237414)  25 Jun. 21, 19:08

    Beautiful picture indeed.

    Funny one for Wik: my thought process was exactly the same. First Glendalough but it is clearly not Glendalough or (for what it is worth) any of the other nice places in the Wicklow Mountains. So, I moved logically to Kerry, as somehow anything in direction of Galway looks different (I mostly know Connemara, and even that not too well), and Kerry is a visiting spot ...

    One day, when we can travel without too much hassle, I will go and visit Dublin again. sigh.

    #98Verfasser Dixie (426973) 25 Jun. 21, 22:10
    Das Foto ist durchaus schön, danke.

    Ist der Felsen etwa von Bedeutung? Hat er einen Namen? Oder der Baum, ist er irgendwie bekannt?

    Das ist jetzt fast wie im Rätselfaden, aber das Bild sollte eigentlich ein Hinweis sein ... Hmm.
    #99Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 25 Jun. 21, 23:33

    Yes indeed, it’s the Ladies’ View at Killarney National Park.



    When everybody gathered at the view point to take a picture like the one in the attached article I walked around looking for another subject. And when I found the rowan I tried to “paint” a romantic scenery like the 18th Century painters did. I’m happy that you like the result, too.

    @ WIK: Has anybody ever tried to climb the “Needle” in Dublin? "Greenpeace" or so?

    @ Goldammer: Check your E-Mail account, pls.


    @ hm – us: There’s a Rätselfaden? Thanks for the hint. 

    #100Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  26 Jun. 21, 15:39

    Done, thank you very much. Pic has been integrated (with a title that marks the origin and the artist who took it) into my screen background collection.

    #101Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 27 Jun. 21, 11:32
    RenaRd, bitte sehr ...

    Siehe auch: Rätsel - geografische und andere, Teil LXXXI - #281

    Schönen Sonntag noch. (-:
    #102Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 27 Jun. 21, 12:15

    @Dixie: great minds think alike ;). Connemara is a great place to holiday, unfortunately I have only been along the coastline there for a few days, which were mostly spent on various beaches.

    I don't like Dublin very much, mainly because I'm not a city person. It only takes about 40 min to get to the city center from my house. But even before Covid, I probably went there 3 or 4 times a year for work appointments, carrying shopping bags for Mrs Wik or visiting the zoo with Wikling.

    @RenaRD: Has anybody ever tried to climb the “Needle” in Dublin?

    Well, the monument is officially called "The Spire". I quote the all-knowing Internet for a bit of entertainment:

    "The Spire has had more names than Mayo have lost All-Irelands [this is referring to the All-Ireland Gaelic Football finals]. The Spike; The Spire in the Mire; The Stiletto in the Ghetto; The Nail in the Pale; The Stiffy by the Liffey; The Pin in the Bin and our favourite, The Erection at the Intersection."

    I don't know if anybody has succeeded in climbing it, but my guess would be no. I'd say it would be rather possible, but the safety measures anybody in a sane mind would use would be way too obvious for the police to not step in at an early stage.

    On the other hand, I would bet that there were numerous unsuccessful attempts at climbing the spire. After all, there used to be hordes of stupidly drunk tourists and hammered students numerous valued visitors and local scholars in various states of intoxication passing this location after a pub crawl a cultural evening excursion, and there is always some silly fool exceptional individual with a stupid idea and entertaining inspiration...

    Even though international travel is becoming an option again, a few months back we decided to holiday in Ireland. In August, we will be spending a week in Kenmare, which is only 20 km or so distance to Killarney. I'll make sure to post some pictures. :)

    #103Verfasser Wik (237414) 28 Jun. 21, 13:04

    Do any NES have anything to say about this post?

    Siehe auch: Er erfand den Rollfilm. - #6

    #104Verfasser penguin (236245) 29 Jun. 21, 08:37

    Happy Fourth of July, Leftpondians!

    #105Verfasser penguin (236245) 04 Jul. 21, 11:31

    Thank you very much. I just got back from untangling our flag at the front of the house. The moment I stepped outside I was hit by a massive cloud of the most delicious BBQ smell wafting over from a nextdoor neighbor, triggering an instant hankering for a big steak.

    #106Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158) 05 Jul. 21, 02:51

    With my neighbours here I wouldn't hesitate to invite myself...

    #107Verfasser virus (343741) 05 Jul. 21, 06:03

    Today at 11:30 the two-weeks' grace period after my second vaccination was up. I like to imagine that at that point in time the T-Cells and antibodies opened their eyes, stretched and yawned, helped themselves to a healthy sip of caffeine from my bloodstream (which I had had the good sense to provide in ample quantities beforehand) and went about their business to set up an impenetrable guard against the evil Corona viruses.

    The certificate on my smartphone will turn green as of tomorrow, and I'll be free as a bird again. Like, as one of those black vultures we're planning to visit again in Mallorca in autumn.

    #108Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  08 Jul. 21, 15:11

    Great Jesse! Just today I thought how sad it is that we are missing all the holiday reports, yours and others's. They always sparked a bit of conversation on sometimes very random topics :)

    On the other hand, it can be quite nice to not have tourists from abroad. I had planned to take Wikling to Howth today for a bit of a walk in the sea wind. A rather large gorse fire made this less enjoyable, so instead we packed our hiking boots and a picnic, and made our way across the Wicklow mountains to Glendalough. We arrived at 9.32 to realize that the car park had only just opened.

    It was just great. No tourists in small or large groups crowding the walks. Whoever is responsible up there has used the prolonged lock-down wisely to improve some of the infrastructure (including a part of the access road that had caused major trouble for less experienced drivers). We had lots of fun and left at 12.30, when it started to get a bit busier and a drizzle set in.

    The road we take through the mountains is very..., let's say rural Irish: narrow, no margins on the sides, bendy with lack of visibility and in various stages of bad repair. I'm not a natural driver and am usually happy to take it handy myself. But after all the years here I hate to be trapped on these roads behind an (understandably) scared tourist not used to driving on the left and sheep appearing on the road after a bend. I think I set a personal record for that trip, not because I was trying to but because there was hardly any slowdown necessary.

    I'm awaiting an invitation for my second injection for end of next week, so hopefully I can join the ranks of people-who-have-to-fear-C19-a-bit-less in about 3 weeks :)

    #109Verfasser Wik (237414) 08 Jul. 21, 17:24

    Ok ok, here's...well, not really a travel report, but an outing report:

    Earlier this week, Mr Goldammer and I went on our first "activity outing" since we, too, achieved the status of being "fully vaccinated" a short time ago.

    We went to a zipline area in central Black Forest (Schiltach), where the Black Forest is characterized by really dark, wild forests and deep and steep valleys and side valleys with creeks in them.

    A clever company installed a parcours with 7 ziplines, zigzagging across a valley and two side valleys. The forest there is privately owned, so there are no public hiking paths. The company pays the owners of the forests (the course touches the forests of several local owners) an so offers them an additional income, and they allow the company to install their ziplines and the connecting paths. In a small group and with two guides who at first instruct you about all the technicalities of using the gear, the carabiners and the cable pulleys (?) you go from one line to the next. The rides along the steel cables go across the valleys in a height of up to 80 something meters, and they are (except two shorter ones for practice in the beginning) between 250 and more than 500 meters long.

    We thoroughly enjoyed the rides along the lines, but the climbing bits up the steep slopes to some of the lines really exhausted us....we were by far the seniors of the group. But everybody, guides and other members of the group, were very friendly and patient and let us take all the time we needed to arrive at the starting points...

    A highly recommendable little adventure, and Goldammerson and girlfriend, Goldammerniece and friend and another two friends of mine are planning to go, too.

    The marketeing concept of the company, offering a great experience and excellent service and thus enhancing the acquisition of new customers through word of mouth, works really well!

    #110Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  08 Jul. 21, 18:08

    Mrs RenaRd and I went for our second vaccination last week, on June 29th. Because of my immune status I asked for Biontec® again, like I did three months before but, to my disappointment, got AstraZeneca again plus the advise to get my status (antibodies, T-cells etc) checked. There will be a third vaccination anyway.

    Call it bad luck: Two days later the “Constant Vaccination Panel” (Stiko) recommended the application of Biontec® for being far much safer than AZ alone.  Today’s newspaper says that now everybody has the choice between three different vaccines. I’m going nuts!


    On the other hand: I can’t travel abroad anyway and needed it only for being safe in my little town. So it’s your turn, Jesse, to start a further trip to some exotic destination. :o)

    #111Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 08 Jul. 21, 18:26

    Yeah, well, exotic... if you want to call Mallorca that, I'll comply in a few weeks. As for more exotic, I guess we'll have to wait until next year at least.

    Goldammer, thanks for the tip and the report. We may take a look at that as well!

    #112Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 08 Jul. 21, 19:17

    Have you been at the Hirschgrund Ziping Area, Goldammer? I took a look and have got to admit that I feel lucky to be too heavy for that kind of adventure.


    #113Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 09 Jul. 21, 18:04

    Yesterday was finally the day, after we had to wait more than half a year for it...

    Our very dear friend and neighbour unfortunately passed away last December shortly after his 54th birthday after being terribly ill for a long time. He had wished for a farewell party, which we could finally celebrate yesterday. It was very moving, touching and beautiful - certainly in his spirit. The weather was excellent, each of us (we were almost 50 people) released a balloon with our thoughts of him into the sky, and even the wind cooperated and we could see them for a long, long time. We laughed, shed tears, and shared many fond memories of our friend and neighbour. It was a worthy celebration.

    #114Verfasser virus (343741) 12 Jul. 21, 10:08

    Oh - that must have been moving, indeed! What a great idea to wish for a farewell like that! Such a good complement for the usual funeral ceremony (which, I'm sure, he also got just after he passed).

    #115Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 12 Jul. 21, 10:21

    We had a table with a big picture of him (his?) from one of our October fests - he used to be the organiser. On the picture he was toasting into the camera lens with his "Mass", smiling over the whole face and dressed in a red-and-white checkered shirt with the pair of bracers of his leatherhosen. Next to this picture there was a big heart of white roses and just in front his urn made from a material like black stone in the form of a heart. After his wife held a speech we all raised the glasses to him, feeling that he was exactly there. Now I have to dry my tears again. But good tears with a lot of good memories.

    #116Verfasser virus (343741) 12 Jul. 21, 18:00

    a picture of him = er ist abgebildet

    a picture of his = das Bild gehört ihm

    #117Verfasser penguin (236245) 12 Jul. 21, 18:44

    (Manchmal fehlt mir doch der "Like"-Button hier. Darum verbal: "Ganz tolle Sache!")

    #118Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  12 Jul. 21, 22:34

    Jesse, I just recommended whirlwind to introduce her computer to you and Reisegeyer. This machine is obviously polyglot (actually I mean much-travelled but does polyglot do it, too?); Tuesday it stayed in Luzern and now in Kairo without whirlwind knowing how it went there... (obviously, whirlwind is based in Germany...).

    #119Verfasser virus (343741) 15 Jul. 21, 11:20

    Polyglot cannot be used here, "-glot" refers to tongue/language.

    My Greek is a little bit rusty, but polytaxid would be the best expression I can come up with. I'm pretty certain this word is not used anywhere in the world ;)

    virus, I find it nice that you had a sending off for your friend like this. I always struggle with traditional funerals. A get-together to share happy memories about a person who passed away is what I would wish for myself, whenever my time comes.

    As the pandemic situation in Ireland is rather unsettled at the moment, we took to the road and visited a few more places around the Isle before another travel ban is issued. A few days in beautiful Kilkenny, where Mrs Wik hails from, and then a dash down to Cork, my city.

    Ah, there is nothing like taking a swim at one of the beaches in the wider Cork area, followed by a dirty old fish n chips, and a pint of Beamish to finish the day. I'm now more homesick for Cork than I am for Germany ;)

    Now, I better get back to my chores :)

    #120Verfasser Wik (237414) 15 Jul. 21, 12:49

    @virus: Reisegeyer (aka Travel Vulture, aka El Buitre Viajero) read that with great interest. Being able to go places without me knowing where, how and with whom seems to be really interesting to him.

    Ungrateful creature.

    #121Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 15 Jul. 21, 13:00

    I actually don’t like to talk about the weather, but after yesterday’s heavy rains with flooding in the Eifel- and southern Ruhrgebiet area I called respective friends already to find out whether they are fine.


    But what about Gibson? Is Düsseldorf safe? If you’re still a silent reader, please give us a note. And may I revive you again, Pottkieker, to send us a message of survival?


    If only we could beam some of our rains to California .. L

    #122Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 15 Jul. 21, 13:22

    Jesse, I didn't know the word "polytaxid". (Thank you for claryfying the "polyglot" - I've suspected that.) So I was looking for it and actually found this: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-...

    Neither Merriam-Webster nor Oxford dictionary have it. Obviously it is really Greek... 😉

    Jesse, I should have sent a PM to you before posting no. 119 - then you would have had a chance to hold Reisegeyer from reading it. Sorry. 😉

    #123Verfasser virus (343741) 15 Jul. 21, 13:59

    Why, yes, I created this word specifically for you. "Poly-" is self-explanatory, and "taxidi" is travel in modern Greek. Taking away the ending, it leaves us with polytaxid...

    Initially I was tempted to give you "polytrop", referring to the immortal and revered beginning of the Odyssey: ἄνδρα μοι ἔννεπε, μοῦσα, πολύτροπον,... which is often (freely) translated as : Tell of the well-travelled man, Muse, ... but then, "polytropon" her means what the the English "polytrop" is used for, in my own humble words: "man of many ways".

    It's sunburn weather here, only 25 degress, but we are not used to it, especially after a long cold pre-summer

    I just dished out home-made ice-cream on waffle cones to provide the ladies with a bit of a much required cooling.

    Hope you are all keeping well!

    #124Verfasser Wik (237414) 16 Jul. 21, 16:12

    Well, yeah, as for ourselves, we're ok. But my mother-in-law and brother-in-law are caught smack in the middle of the diluvian catastrophe in Hagen. They have been lucky so far, the streets left and right have turned into rivers, but no water inside their own premises, apart from a hole in the roof. Some of the houses around have been completely destroyed. Electricity has been shut off, they live by candlelight at night and have even fired up the stove. The mobile phones are being kept charged in the car, all roads around them are blocked. At night, Bundeswehr tanks moved in to clear the roads and evacuate people, which must have been an eerie experience.

    What having no electricity does to the stuff in the fridge & freezer is up to you to imagine.

    But compared to their neighbours, they are still fine.

    #125Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  16 Jul. 21, 16:58

    Oh my, Jesse.

    A few days ago, a concerned friend of mine asked me - after watching pictures from the greater Zurich area - if we are fine (last Tuesday). She even told me that she was praying for us. I hope that the worst is over in those German (and other) regions. Here in Switzerland we had/have a lot of trouble, too; but to my knowledge no one was killed. Here, water levels are still rising and beside floodings landslides and mudflows are suspected (if not expected...) but hopefully most of the regions will get off lightly.

    #126Verfasser virus (343741)  16 Jul. 21, 18:18

    Ach, I'm saddened to see the devastation in Rheinland-Pfalz and Nordrhein-Westfalen.

    A dark reminder of what nature can do to us...

    Hopefully all friends and relatives are safe! If I read things correctly, the number of confirmed fatalities in Germany and Belgium is nearly 180. Hopefully there are no further ones, and a lot of the material damage can hopefully repaired soon.

    Ireland is "suffering" from a heat wave (honestly, I think most of the population have hoped we would get a "hot summer"), which triggered a weather warning from MetEireann... Find details in the linked article, but it involves daytime highs of below 30 degrees C and night temperatures in the middle and high teens.

    I don't even want to imagine what our Leftpondians would make of this...


    Btw, I haven't seen Amy-MiMi posting in the last while, I hope she is ok.

    #127Verfasser Wik (237414) 18 Jul. 21, 17:49

    My relatives are ok again, electricity is back and their house has been spared by the flood and the landslides, unlike many of their neighbours'. Just that hole in the roof which they temporarily fixed by themselves.

    What they report, and many other sources as well, is the incredible helpfulness among people, even from those who don't live nearby but had to travel a long way, just to help. My mom-in-law told us about some guys coming by with a "Bollerwagen" (what's that in English?) bringing food and water to the houses, and when asked, said they were coming from Düsseldorf, a hundred kilometers away. Many people help each other cleaning out their houses and salvaging whatever is possible. Heart-rending as it may be to see those destroyed houses and even lives, the spirit among the people is uplifting.

    So, society is not so lost and divided as you might think when following the social media.

    #128Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  18 Jul. 21, 22:56

    Bollerwagen: Leo has it: Siehe Wörterbuch: Bollerwagen

    Although the special "taste" doesn't translate like this.

    #129Verfasser virus (343741) 19 Jul. 21, 06:17

    It's been rather quiet here. I assume that whoeversnail isn't very busy at work or helping with disaster relief in Germany in one way or the other does their best to enjoy the weather.

    Today I took Wikling for a morning trip to Howth, a fishing harbour in Northern County Dublin. The area features, amongst some others, a fantastic cliff walk, some swimming locations (which we didn't visit today), a playground (she couldn't walk past it), and a famous fish&chips shop. Going there for a walk/hike, enjoying the sea and following it up with a feast had been a family tradition for years, which we were looking forward to resume.

    I finally seem to have succeeded in getting the neighbours (or rather their landlord) to chop down a big tree growing on their side, but close to the border wall. The tree was becoming a H&S hazard by encroaching on my oil tank and big branches being very close to my roof. It had been a nesting site for pigeons, crows and magpies (probably some starlings, too, although they prefer the gutters *sigh*), but it just got too dangerous. As an additional advantage, it creates a new sun trap in a corner that had been in the shade for years, maybe I will finally succeed in getting some tomatoes ripe before they rot on the vines due to lack of sunshine... A project for next year :)

    #130Verfasser Wik (237414) 20 Jul. 21, 17:09

    I am wondering: What is the cost of having a big tree like that chopped down? Do you need a permit from the city?

    #131Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158)  23 Jul. 21, 03:04

    It depends...

    The offensive tree in this case is in a very awkward position and has a lot of substantial branches. It will have to be removed bit by bit to avoid damage to any of the existing structures on either property. Probably about a full day work for 2 persons. Two years back I received an informal quote of 1200 Euro for this. A tree in an open area would be much cheaper.

    Generally in Ireland, a permit by the department of agriculture is required to cut down trees, but there are a huge number of exceptions. The relevant one in this case is that the tree is within 30 meters of a building and was planted after the building was erected.

    #132Verfasser Wik (237414) 23 Jul. 21, 07:23

    That amount seems comparable to Bay Area pricing from a few years back. I paid $450 to have a medium-sized Japanese cherry tree removed and asked for an informal quote on our largest liquidambar. This was without stump grinding. Is that automatically included in tree removals in Ireland or do you have to pay extra?

    #133Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158)  23 Jul. 21, 07:32

    No, that's just cutting down the tree and removing it from the garden (minus any bits I might keep and dry out for firewood). I doubt the neighbours will push for stump grinding, as it is an area they cannot use for anything.

    And the landlord is the county council*, and therefore obliged not to waste taxpayers money. I wouldn't be surprised if I'd get a bill for half the costs, because the tree might be considered as sitting on the border, and therefore being shared responsibility.

    *social housing here is... different to anything I have heard of anywhere else.

    #134Verfasser Wik (237414) 23 Jul. 21, 10:32

    I had to research what a liquidambar is. Again what learned.

    Still no movement on the tree here, I suppose the expense needs to be approved, it's government after all.

    This gives me time to "save" a few things from my salad patch before they are covered in saw dust. And "saving" of course means "eating" in this case.

    It seems I now have a bullfinch living close by. I had seen them in wintertime on occasion, but never close to my garden during the summer. Well, the more the merrier.

    Our trip to Kerry is coming up soon, and with weather being back to its changable Irish self, packing won't be easy. I'm feeling a bit out of practice...

    #135Verfasser Wik (237414) 28 Jul. 21, 14:15

    Again what learned - exactly.

    Here is my report from my stay in Berlin at my mother's place:

    On the second day I did what I told her not to do. I fell down the basement stairs (very steep and they go around the corner...). Why? There had been a guy who fixed the light switch for her and who obviously thought it wouldn't be of any importance to remove the dust from drilling - which then was everywhere. I thought that this should be cleaned. Which I did in my slippers (absolutely no "safety" gear) and with the vacuum cleaner. Result: I twisted my ankle and fell down, hurting my xxx badly on at least three steps. The ankle was the worst, but at least, an X-ray next day showed that nothing was broken. So the two of us (she has a very bad back and doesn't walk very easy and secure) were like "the one-eyed and the blind"...

    (At least, it was my left foot and I was able to drive her automatic gear car. Yesterday, I kept away from working because my husband has our automatic with him at his father's place... Going by bus - 5 min walk, then by train - switching once, 5 min walk - and the go to work - 10 min walk in normal pace! 15 to 20 at my present condition... "homeoffice" is the witch word.)

    On the other hand, my son has friends visiting him today and I am looking forward to the burgers he is going to make, keeping myself on the upper floor in the background 😉). And listening to the piano played by others is also very enchanting.

    #136Verfasser virus (343741) 30 Jul. 21, 18:54

    *6g Good bettering! /*6g

    Tripped over sawdust, what a story!

    #137Verfasser mbshu (874725) 31 Jul. 21, 15:02

    Hi, dear snails


    On our way to an Asian Restaurant last Friday we crossed a nearby village and had to stop because of an accident. Only fifty meters ahead ambulances and police cars were standing crisscross, and more sirens were to be heard behind us. While we were looking for a possibility to turn we spotted an interesting door right beside us. Like at many thoroughfares most of the residential buildings looked a hundred years old and quite rotten, some empty. But then details of the front door and the late Jugendstil awning beside us caught our eyes.  


    Best of all: The ornaments at the bottom of the columns showed two chatting snails. Please take a look;



    #138Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 02 Aug. 21, 13:27

    Thank you for sharing story & photos! I wonder if those snails are in the habit of exchanging correcturitos ...

    #139Verfasser mbshu (874725)  02 Aug. 21, 13:30

    Nice one, Goldammer! This kind of things you tend to spot only through a coincidence such as you described!

    #140Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 02 Aug. 21, 13:37

    @ mbshu

    Only the sculptor knows, either Michelangelo (the artist) or Bob (the Builder). 🙂

    @ Jesse

    You had Goldammer on your mind? Whatever that means .. 😉

    #141Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  02 Aug. 21, 13:47

    Oops, sorry RenaRd, that's indeed mysterious!

    #142Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 02 Aug. 21, 14:05

    Amazing, those snails!

    Great find, RenaRd!

    #143Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 02 Aug. 21, 20:50

    How sweet, the snails!

    Bob the Builder reminds me to one of our favourite children's books I used to read to our son: "Willy Werkel". We had a book with three stories of him about cars, ships and planes. It was always his dog (in the German edition "Buffa") who found the missing part (in the car, Willy forgot the engine...). The enchanting ending was always something like "with that plane they found out what was behind the horizon" or something I can't name anymore. It was so cute. It is about 18-20 years ago.

    #144Verfasser virus (343741)  02 Aug. 21, 23:51

    RenaRD: the snails are just adorable, thank you for sharing them.

    virus: speedy recovery! I hope your ankle already feels much better.

    mbushu: I kind of miss the correcturitos. Quite often when I re-read my posts I discover things I would have liked to express differently (and sometimes I refrain from correcting them in order to provoke a reaction from possibly lurking ENS). And I am sure there is more things that I don't notice.

    #145Verfasser Wik (237414) 03 Aug. 21, 16:41

    ...there are more things.

    (You asked for it, you got it.)

    #146Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 03 Aug. 21, 16:55

    One more: mbshu.

    #147Verfasser mbshu (874725) 03 Aug. 21, 17:07

    mbshu [sic!]: my apologies

    Jesse: nice one. I guess this is a lazy Irish colloquialism... but incorrect nevertheless :(

    #148Verfasser Wik (237414) 03 Aug. 21, 17:35

    It's bloody freezing in Stuttgart. I want to go to Mallorca!!

    Reisegeyer has gone into hibernating mode.
    #149Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  03 Aug. 21, 20:59

    No better in Reutlingen, Jesse....

    We have gone back to eating indoors. But still sleeping outdoors (under the roof of the pergola, as snails might recall), with the appropriate amount of warm blankets.

    #150Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 03 Aug. 21, 21:37

    I decided for long sleeves this morning and my "Übergangsjacke" - what would that be in English? DeepL offers "transitional" oder "transition jacket" - to me as a chemist this sounds rather weird, like in phase transition / transformation...

    #151Verfasser virus (343741) 04 Aug. 21, 08:10

    Not better in Upper Swabia. It’s the ridge of the icy bubble above us, I’ve learned. If it moved south it would distinguish the wildfires in Greece and Turkey. One more of the many “if only” wishes ..

    #152Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 04 Aug. 21, 10:24

    ... it took me a while to grasp that my distinguished predecessor means extinguish ...

    #153Verfasser mbshu (874725) 04 Aug. 21, 11:22

    Oh you poor things in Germany and Switzerland, is it below 20 Celsius and rainy?

    Now you know what the majority of my summer looks like ;)

    I admit, you have not chosen to live on an island in the Atlantic, but a week of colder weather might help you appreciating how nice a climate you are living in.

    virus #151 transition jacket is what Mrs Wik would call it, if it was a thing here.

    RenaRD #152 I had to read this twice... "extinguish" not "distinguish"

    Edit: beaten by the distinguished mbshu

    #154Verfasser Wik (237414)  04 Aug. 21, 11:27
    Good catch. (-:

    Aber 'predecessor'? Hoffentlich seid ihr zwei (beide?) immer noch lebendig. (-;


    Schönen Mittwoch noch ...
    #155Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 04 Aug. 21, 11:30

    Thanks for the “ex”. How can I make you believe, it was just a slip of my finger? :o)

    What about you, hm – us, are you still suffering from the heat wave?

    #156Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  04 Aug. 21, 11:40

    No. 155: Why would predecessor imply that at least one of us is dead? Say, Biden, Trump, Obama and George W. Bush are all alive, and even (though this is rare) the current Pope and his predecessor are both alive.

    Plus, predecessor (in my understanding) is not necessarily restricted to a previous holder of the same office, or is it?

    #157Verfasser mbshu (874725) 04 Aug. 21, 12:13

    #Wik, 154: ...might help you appreciate...

    (I'll make you regret you ever asked for correcturitos!)

    #158Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 04 Aug. 21, 12:15

    @mbshu (#137): Tripped over sawdust...besser wäre slipped on/in sawdust. Wenn man "trip over" nehmen will, muss etwas im Wege liegen, das man darüber stolpern kann, z.B. ein Stein, ein Stock, ein Hund. Wenn man rutscht, wie im Sägemehl, dann slip on/in, z.B. im Schlamm (ist mir Montag passiert, aber zum Glück bin ich nicht hingefallen), im Staub (ist mir einmal auf einer Treppe passiert), auf einem Blatt oder einer Bananenschale.

    In letzter Zeit schleiche ich hier selten rum, aber vielleicht ändert sich das. Ich habe eine neue Stelle als Deutschlehrerin, also werde ich bestimmt mal Fragen haben.

    Etwas für die VogelbeobachterInnen: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/cams/cornell-la...

    Und falls man limber Kolibris beim Fressen zusieht: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/cams/west-texas...

    Bei uns hier in Michigan sehen wir nur den Rubinkehlkolibri, also finde ich diese Vielfalt an Kolibris die in Texas vorhanden sind höchst spannend. Außerdem sind die Kolibris bei uns sehr territorial (ist vielleicht falsch, aber *6-Gang* der Löwe machte mir tun es *6-Gang aus*), und man sieht nie mehr als ein Kolibri gleichzeitig an der Futtersäule.

    Transition jacket? Na ja. Übergangsjacke sagt man hier nicht.

    *RenaRds Fotos auch mög*

    *in die Runde wink*

    #159Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 04 Aug. 21, 16:12

    Thanks but I insist! Otherwise it would not be a story. (Es gibt Leute, von denen sage ich, daß sie sogar über eine auf dem Boden liegende Briefmarke stolpern.)

    Man sieht (nie mehr als) einen Kolibri.

    Congratulations to the new position!

    #160Verfasser mbshu (874725)  04 Aug. 21, 16:22
    Congratulations, Amy.
    #161Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 04 Aug. 21, 17:09

    Oh, telepathy worked!

    I was thinking about you a lot, Amy-MiMi, in the past few days, was missing a sign of life from you and pondering, should I contact you on some other channel and ask after you. Obviously I somehow triggered you to appear in here, and with such news! Congratulations from me, too!

    I'm looking forward to your teaching-related questions, topics and projects! I really enjoyed them in the past, I still remember we once wrote postcards from our area to students of yours, didn't we?

    Is your new position in your area so that you can commute easily?

    (mbshu, I think you congratulated Amy-MiMi's position and not Amy-MiMi herself....)

    #162Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 05 Aug. 21, 10:16

    Thanks but I insist! Otherwise it would not be a story.

    I agree. It was exactly this phrasing which gave it an ironic kick. And the story was ironic in more than one aspect. 😉

    Aah, humming birds - I love them. When we were in San Jose, my son and I even found a tiny nest in a small tree at Happy Hollow Park. The bird was brooding there (?) which was the reason why we spotted it at all. Perfectly round like a hemisphere. I was always surprised in how many areas humming birds are living - even in Brian Head in Utah which has an elevation of nearly 3000 m we found them!

    Congratulations on the new job, Amy! (better, Goldammer? 😉)

    #163Verfasser virus (343741) 05 Aug. 21, 11:00

    Just to make sure what the public opinion is on this point: Is it acceptable here in the CC to have non-native speakers provide corrections in cases where they are confident about that correction, such as (at least) Goldammer and myself did recently, or is that considered a breach of etiquette?

    My own point of view: In particular here in the CC, where things are rather relaxed and nobody is perfect (actually the very point of the CC), I have no qualms in this regard. However, if a major portion of snails see things differently, I will, of course, abide by their opinion.

    #164Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  05 Aug. 21, 11:03

    I see it so, too, Jesse.

    Especially regarding the fact that we have very few ENS in here at the moment.

    *reminiscing The Olden Times with arizonadeux, Martin--cal, eclectus, a, Robert-US, LaraChu and others still participating, at least from time to time....*

    I think the rule that, apart from our manifest recited in the first post of each new thread, we don't have any rules, has worked very well over all those years.

    #165Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 05 Aug. 21, 11:55

    Solange die Korrekturen (a) richtig und (b) taktvoll / höflich sind, hätte ich nichts dagegen. Aber ich finde auch, das sollten die Deutschsprechenden eher unter sich ausmachen.

    Ich wollte nur kurz auch sagen, wie schön es ist, Amy wieder mal zu lesen. Die Deutschlehrerinstelle klingt vielversprechend und ich auch würde gerne mal mehr darüber hören/lesen. (-:

    Siehe auch: Der Goße Scwarze Vogel X - #247
    #166Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 05 Aug. 21, 12:09

    Belated congrats on your new job, Amy-MiMi. How old are the pupils/scholars/students? Is the position a new challenge or will you do it off the cuff? I’d be pleased about more details. :o)


    As to corrections among Germans: I personally prefer to be corrected by one who really knows, an ENS. NOM. I for my part gave corrections and hints, if ever, by PM. A personal opinion quasi.

    #167Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 06 Aug. 21, 10:14

    Great to read your post, AmyMiMi. Good luck with the new job!

    also finde ich diese Vielfalt an Kolibris, die in Texas vorhanden sind ist, höchst spannend

    Maybe other GNS disagree. You could avoid this by using the more common construction: ..., die es in Texas gibt, ...

    Jesse and others, please keep correcting me whenever you find typos, incorrect grammar or other mistakes. My written English is rather unsatisfactory at the moment.

    #168Verfasser Wik (237414) 06 Aug. 21, 11:40
    Wik, I disagree with your correcturito.
    Imo, the "die" is referring to the "Kolibris", not to the "Vielfalt", and then the sentence is correct.
    #169Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 07 Aug. 21, 00:22

    Maybe in this case both is possible - but not always:

    Ich habe eine Anzahl Freunde, die verheiratet sind.

    Ich habe eine Anzahl Freunde, die größer ist als die Anzahl meiner Feinde.

    #170Verfasser mbshu (874725) 07 Aug. 21, 06:49
    —> either is possible / both are possible

    Entschuldigung, ich habe sonst nichts zu berichten, außer dass Brasilien gerade gegen Argentinien im Volleyball verloren hat. )-: *schnief*

    Das *nachschlag* Kunstspringen ist schön und hat keine störende Popmusik. (-:
    #171Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 07 Aug. 21, 09:04

    Danke für die Korrekturitos.

    Ich bin Besitzerin eines neuen *nachschlag* tragbaren Rechners.

    Vielleicht schaue ich nächste Woche öfter mal vorbei. Seit Anfang der Pandemie sind meine Deutschkenntnisse etwas verrostet und sie haben dringend Auffrischung nötig. Hoffentlich habe ich nicht völlig vergessen, wie man Anfängern Deutsch beibringt. Falls man sich für Details der neuen Schule interessiert, erzähle ich ein bisschen. Die Schule ist viel größer als die alte Schule. Ich habe zwei Kolleginnen, eine habe ich schon kennengelernt, die zweite kenne ich noch nicht. Im kommenden Schuljahr unterrichte ich Deutsch 1 und Deutsch 2, also muss ich nicht allzu viel vorbereiten. Im Frühling, falls man bis dann verreisen darf, reisen einige Schüler nach Deutschland. Zwar ist das kein Austausch, aber immerhin interessant. Wenn sich ein paar noch eintragen, darf ich auch vielleicht mit.

    So, wir machen jetzt einen Ausflug und kaufen Eis. Bonnie kommt vielleicht mit. Momentan wedelt sie mit der Schwanz und knurrt freundlich. Sie will gestreichelt werden.

    #172Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 09 Aug. 21, 00:43
    Please do tell about that school! And don‘t worry about your ability to teach German!
    #173Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 09 Aug. 21, 10:05

    You seem to enjoy a very normal family life, Amy-MiMi – compared to the times you’ve been going through. I’m so glad for you. And I’m sure the new job will cause no trouble. Otherwise we are here to assist like you helped us over the years.

    Let me start by by reminding you that the German articles have to be inflected. A dog is happy when it‘s waggling ist tail -> Ein Hund ist fröhlich, wenn er mit dem Schwanz wedelt.


    That reminds me of an old song sung by Patti Page: How much is the doggy in the window, the one with the waggling tale?”♪♫ (or so). 🙂

    #174Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  09 Aug. 21, 15:59

    No 172: Meine Deutschkenntnisse sind etwas eingerostet.

    But: no worries!

    No. 174: A dog with a waggling tale, what a story!

    #175Verfasser mbshu (874725)  09 Aug. 21, 17:51

    I’m quite sure that I wrote „tail“. Obviously my sub consciousness has a life of its own.  😛

    #176Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 10 Aug. 21, 09:00

    #169/170 I said it might be controversial. Of course, the relative clause might be relating to "Kolibris" instead of "Anzahl", but, for me, it creates a logical void in the sentences. Let's forget about it, it's a nuance not worth talking about.

    #171: I turn down the sound while watching volleyball these days. I love the sport, but the constant blasting of music turns me off. In my opinion (as a former player, albeit not on a very high level), 20 seconds of music during a break won't entertain the audience, but can massively distract the players. I watched the Italian ladies destroying the Argentinian team, so I guess the game you were watching was the men's one?

    #172 Ah, your German is very good, and you won't need any "de-rusting" for your teaching role. The only thing I notice is that your word order, while not incorrect, sometimes is unusual.

    As an example "Im Frühling, falls man bis dann verreisen darf, reisen einige Schüler nach Deutschland."

    I would do a revers turn on this and phrase it as: "Falls man bis dann dahin verreisen darf, reisen einige Schüler im Frühling nach Deutschland." or "Im Frühling reisen einige Schüler nach Deutschland, falls..."

    But this really is just me being very critical again :)

    #174 and you tought me a new word. I had never heard "waggling a tail", only "wagging a tail". Might that be a case of an AE/BE difference?

    #177Verfasser Wik (237414) 10 Aug. 21, 13:41

    @ WIK;:There’s a famous novel called “A Tale of Two Cities” and I wonder whether it had been that successful if the title had been “A Tail of Two Cities”


    #178Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 10 Aug. 21, 15:37

    No. 178: What the dickens do you mean?!

    No. 172/177: Im Frühling, falls man bis dann verreisen darf, reisen einige Schüler nach Deutschland. - The word order, though unusual, is perfectly correct. I'd rather object to the bis dann. That means until then. The intended meaning, however, is dann (schon) wieder.

    #179Verfasser mbshu (874725) 10 Aug. 21, 15:43

    #178 I have never warmed to Dickens, I'm afraid. Neither in English nor in any translation I looked at. But I'd say, someone would have picked up a stick and beaten Mr Dickens for writing "tail". No, my point is about the "l" in waggling. It appears in multiple dictionaries, so it must be correct, but I have never heard it. Wagging a tail (without "l") is the term I'm very familiar with, so I'm wondering if it is a regional difference.

    #179 I totally agree, the word order is unusual, but not wrong. However, Amy-MiMi's German is so good that I feel free to comment on this, purely to make her German even more idiomatic.

    I actually verschlimmbessert the sentence to address the issue you are raising: Falls man bis dann dahin verreisen darf....

    Bis dann= until (then)

    Bis dahin= (then) again

    #180Verfasser Wik (237414)  10 Aug. 21, 16:26

    “Why is everybody always picking on me?”” (from “Charlie Brown”, The Coasters, 1959)

    OK, “tale” was a mysterious mistake. ADS to “waggling”: I recalled the old Patti Page-song (1953) and the line “the one with the waggly tail”. LEO translated it as “wacklig”, so I consulted M. Webster and found “waggling”, which I decided to use in my above sentence, adding (or so) to make sure it should be taken with a grain of salt.


    #181Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  10 Aug. 21, 17:49

    I’m not at all picking on you. I genuinely never had heard the term “waggling”, but, as I wrote, it seems common enough. 😃 just because somebody happy to speak a German-influenced Hibernian-English doesn’t know a phrase doesn’t mean it is incorrect or unusual…

    listen to these guys and then decide if you want to follow my language advice https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h1Jh_5nUzcQ

    And it’s not even the worst of what has been said ☺️

    #182Verfasser Wik (237414)  10 Aug. 21, 18:05

    I hope I didn’t annoy you, WIK. I should’ve used one more smiley to prove I’m very relaxed and am discussing for the sake of discussion only after having said what I wanted to say,. 😛

    As to the video: I could hardly understand half of what the Irishmen answered, but that applies for half of the Germans as well who can’t /*6g get their teeth apart *\ (die ihre Zähne nicht auseinander bdekoemmen). :o)

    #183Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  11 Aug. 21, 14:34

    Die Aussprache von Paul O'Donovan finde ich ein bisschen gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber wenn Finten und Paul als Iren repräsentativ sind, dann ist Englisch mit einem irischen Ausschlag für mich als Amerikanerin leichter zu verstehen als die Aussprache von vielen Engländern. Vielleicht kommt das davon, dass so viele Iren in die USA eingewandert sind.

    Der Vorname Fintan ist mir nicht geläufig, aber ich finde ihn schön. Der Sportler ist auch hübsch. SCNR.

    Ich würde wahrscheinlich nicht waggling heraussuchen, um einen tail zu beschreiben, aber es ist völlig in Ordnung.

    your word order, while not incorrect, sometimes is unusual. Damit kann ich mich abfinden. Bestimmt würde ich davon profitieren, öfter geschriebene Text auf meinem Niveau zu lesen, bzw. gesprochene Texte zuzuhören, aber dazu reicht meine Freizeit oft nicht.

    #184Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 11 Aug. 21, 17:00


    mit einem irischen Ausschlag -> mit einem irisch Akzent, Zungenschlag (Ausschglag = spike or eczema/rash)

    gesprochene Texte zuzuhören -> gesprochenen Texten zuzuhören / gesprochene Texte anzuhören


    Time is always a problem. I’ve got plenty of time and know dozens of US shoes or hosts to listen to: If you ever find some spare time: At the Mediatheken of ARD, ZDF or arter you’ll find a lot of docu-series, films and shows. Good luck! :o)

    #185Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  14 Aug. 21, 09:20

    @Amy: I don't know whether you have the opportunity to listen to podcasts, e.g. when commuting. If you do, I can recommend those made by the ZEIT. I'm an avid listener of the category "Das Politikteil", and my wife and I are working our way backwards through the excellent "Verbrechen" category, presented by the fabulous Sabine Rückert (former long-standing court reporter) and Andreas Sentker, where real crime cases are described and discussed in depth and with great empathy and knowledge.

    Perfect German, of course, yet umgangssprachlich genug to be of real value. And time flies when we listen to them on the Autobahn. Just google ZEIT podcast Verbrechen, and you're there.

    If at first you're overwhelmed by the 80+ instalments, I can gladly give recommendations.

    #186Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  14 Aug. 21, 10:11

    No. 185: shoes to listen to - there is an amazing creativity in your typos! You're a natural surrealist!

    No. 186: Apropos Ausschlag, just now I developed some rash under my arm. Es ist nie zu spät / Für die Pubertät! 

    #187Verfasser mbshu (874725) 14 Aug. 21, 12:30

    @Jesse: Danke für den Vorschlag, aber ich pendele nicht weit. Die Fahrt zur Schule dauert nur eine Viertelstunde. Vielleicht höre ich den Podcast am Wochenende, wenn ich etwas Freizeit habe.

    @RenaRd: Danke für die Korrekturen. Ausschlag! Ha! Das ist fast so gut wie Wetterhervorsage (womöglich mein schönster Patzer).

    #188Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 15 Aug. 21, 23:16

    Just now it came to me....I had the immediate feeling that you had something similar to "Ausschlag" in your mind....maybe you wanted to say "mit einem irischen Einschlag..." (lt. Duden mehr eine äußerlich sichtbare Beimischung, aber vielleicht wird es auch im Bereich von Sprachen verwendet? I have meanwhile thought too much about it to be sure any more....)

    Wetterhervorsage is hilarious!

    #189Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  16 Aug. 21, 10:28



    We are able to calculate the concourse of a rocket and the ISS in space, but we’ve not been able to calculate the speed of the Taliban rushing towards Kabul. Where have the spy satellites and drones been? I’m frustrated and appalled.

    #190Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  16 Aug. 21, 17:16

    Good day, snails! Everyone sleeping here? 😉

    I was looking for funny news to have something to tell here - but I think it is not so appealing to read about adults (even a 64-year-old woman!) getting into a fist fight in a traffic jam here in good old Switzerland.... (it is a traffic jam which we have every single day during the week, btw.).

    But here is something my son told me yesterday after listening to the news from Germany about the strike of (at?) the Deutsche Bahn. In Tokyo, he told me, when there is a strike e.g. by (from?) bus drivers the busses will follow their normal schedule but the passengers won't pay any fee. So it is exclusively on the companies' back. Isn't that a very good idea? I would appreciate to have such strike measures here (although strike is rather rare here in CH).

    *Edith seconds RenaRd.

    #191Verfasser virus (343741)  24 Aug. 21, 14:32

    here's something positive, at least I thought it was:

    Early yesterday morning I read an article about a mother and her autistic daughter who had a place at a ballet school, but could not afford it. The article was in the Guardian including a mention that the mother had started a crowdfunding page.

    So, I had a look at the page after I read the article (around 6 am) and it was at ~£2,500. When I logged in from my desk (with my credit card) the amount was already at £20k - by noon they had the fee for three years. And most of the donations were low, between £5 and £20. It was just the mere amount of people who donated.

    I simply found it amazing how fast people were willing to help. A random person, for a random child to have a better chance in life. Or as the mother said on the Crowdfunding page:

    The power of the media



    #192Verfasser Dixie (426973) 24 Aug. 21, 18:04

    No. 191: No, I think it's the trade union GdL who should foot thze bill! I mean, German Railways had lots of losses due to Corona. How dare the engine drivers fight for an increase in such a situation!

    #193Verfasser mbshu (874725) 25 Aug. 21, 00:19

    You are right. This guy Weselsky is such an arrogant ... I've heard his comment on the offer Deutsche Bahn made. For me he doesn't look like he would even consider a compromise (in the end, there will be one but who will be the "winner"?). End of rant.

    #194Verfasser virus (343741) 25 Aug. 21, 08:10

    My granddaughter (16) stays a week of her holiday with us, being helpful with all kind of electronic devices etc. Far from pubescent attitudes she plays all “childish” (not PC-based) games with us and even helps in the household.  The last two days have been my highlight:  We spent hours and hours sharing our favourite songs, K-Pop chiefly in her case downloaded from Spottify, Rock/Pop of the 50s to 70s in my case, as assembled on several sound carriers.


    We didn’t like every song, of course, but a lot of them, to my surprise. We had agreed on certain rules: Limited length of the different sessions, fair comments/criticism on melody, rhythm, lyrics, and the voices only. We could stop a song, if we didn’t like it, and ask for more, if we liked it. It was a smooth give and take and learning more about each other.

    @ virus; The Japanese can’t copy our products only, they seem to Have innovative ideas themselves. Let’s copy them! :o)

    #195Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 27 Aug. 21, 17:35
    Für RenaRd:
    My granddaughter (16) stays —> is / has been spending a week of her holiday with us ...
    she plays all “childish” —> childhood? family? classic board and card games?

    Boah, RenaRd, was für eine liebenswürdige, rücksichtsvolle Enkelin, und wie schön, dass ihr zusammen Spaß mit der Musik haben konntet. Ich hätte gedacht, der K-Pop ist nicht gerade meines, aber ich habe ihn auch noch nicht wirklich (zu?)gehört. Auf jeden Fall scheint sie deine lebenslange Interesse für den Pop geerbt zu haben, also sie kann vielleicht auch irgendwann deiner Sammlung ein gutes Zuhause geben, wer weiß. Wenigstens ist sie gut aufgezogen und wird zu eine gute Person, was euch bestimmt stolz macht, und mit Recht. (-:

    Schönen Montag übrigens an die Rechtsteichler und hoffentlich einen guten Start in die Woche.

    Viel Glück auch immer noch an Amy, wie sie das neue Schuljahr beginnt und ihre neuen Schüler kennenlernt, und an Wik, wie Wikling auch zurück in die Schüle geht. Auch wenn die Süddeutschen wohl noch kaum in den Urlaub gekommen sind, vom neuen Schuljahr ganz zu schweigen.

    Wie Wik im Coronafaden gesagt hat, ist übrigens zu Hause zurücklehnen, Tee trinken und die Pandemie weiterhin (z.T. zähneknirschend) beobachten auch das, was wir immer noch hier tun. /-:

    Wollen wir übrigens das Schneckenhaus ein bisschen aufräumen und sauber machen, nur für den Fall, dass Andrei aus Rumänien mal vorbeischaut, damit wir nicht zu sehr nach einem *hüstel* Bumslokal aussehen? Virtuelle Mini-Brownies, anyone?

    Siehe auch: Deutsch verbessern
    Siehe auch: dive bar

    Oder sogar kisan, die schon mal in ein paar Fäden gesichtet wurde?

    Wer liest denn sonst gelegentlich mit? Wen haben wir wohl eine Zeit lang aus den Augen verloren, aber nicht aus dem Sinn?

    Neues Blut ist natürlich immer willkommen, aber neue Anekdoten, Kommentare oder auch nur Lebenszeichen zählen ja auch. (-:
    #196Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 30 Aug. 21, 08:39

    @RenaRD: I don't have grandchildren, but my son (26) and I always have kept in touch in terms of music. He has a huge range of music he knows and loves; there's nothing of Pink Floyd I could surprise him with, just as he knows lots of recent music.

    Half of what he suggests to me is "not my cup of tea". As for the rest, it's partly "ok" and partly "fantastic", such as Godspeed You, Black Emperor!, a modern post-rock band I loved so much that he and I went to Cologne to watch them live a few years ago. Recently he pointed me towards the standup comedian and musician Bo Burnham, who, as my son says, reflects his and his generation's view on life to 100%. I watched two of his shows on Netflix and loved them.

    As for ourselves: Off to Mallorca again tomorrow, for two months. Once again by car and ferry - the rental cars have become prohibitively expensive this year - they would have charged us €4.000 for those two months, and that's for a compact car.

    We had a small last-minute drama, as our old car gave up his ghost due to a transmission problem ten days before departure, and we had to exchange it for a newer one on short notice, which, however, went down without problems.

    Reisegeyer is totally hibbelig (how would you call that in English?), and, if all goes well, I'll have Frito Mallorquin for lunch on Friday.

    #197Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  30 Aug. 21, 11:25

    fidgety? (I mean, Reisegeyer)

    Yes, RenaRd, I also loved your arrangement with your granddaughter a lot! What a lovely area to be in "generation dialogue" about!

    Not a lot of news here...we are still sleeping outdoors in the Pergoalbettle....got out our fat winter duvets, and with those it's fine. Lovely to lie in bed and listen to the rain. Lovely to return to the warm nest after going indoors to the loo....a friend pointed out that it's really funny: in the olden days, people had to go out of the house to use the toilet...we are going indoors.... 🙂

    Although I can see the benefit for nature, I am starting to feel a bit unnerved by the lots and lots of rain we had recently. However, I'm prepared to bear with it if it's good for the forest.....

    #198Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 30 Aug. 21, 14:35

    (My son will soon come back from groceries by bicycle. He started with sun and now there is heavy rain...)*

    When it comes to music, I definitly like my son's (20) playlist. He has a mixture of 80s and 90s songs, of course much more recent songs (I couldn't name any of them!) which I like a lot and even some classics. When we went to the backcountry jungle of Belize CA some years ago by rental car, we voluntarily listened to his playlist.

    *I've just got a message from him: "es SCHÜTTET! Meine Heimkehr verzögert sich noch..." 😛

    Another topic: As I just wrote in the Mr. Darcy thread, I've made a discovery after only 44 years of delay: "Old Possums Katzenbuch" by T.S.Eliot. With Erich Kästner, Carl Zuckmayer, Peter Suhrkamp any many others who did the German adaptations. Wow, I am so delighted! I found it at my mother's place in Berlin in May and asked her if I can take it with me. It is marvellous!

    #199Verfasser virus (343741) 30 Aug. 21, 14:58

    Wenn der Reisergeyer bald verreisen will, dann schlage ich "antsy" vor.

    Der Anfang des Schuljahrs stellt eine große Herausforderung für mich dar, denn nach einem Jahr Pandemie (mein Laptop schlägt Panda, Panik oder Panzer vor), bin ich außer Übung. Auch fällt es mir schwer, Schüler mit Masken kennenzulernen, denn man sieht nur die Stirn, Augen und Haare. Heute haben wir wegen Stromausfall Schulfrei, also freue ich mich riesig einen geschenkten Tag zu haben. Ich sitze auf der Veranda, der Deckenventilator dreht sich über meinem Kopf und Bonnie schläft auf ihrem Kissen. Hoffentlich schaffe ich etwas, bevor ich einnicke.

    in the olden days, people had to go out of the house to use the toilet...we go indoors *Like-Taste drück"

    In Iowa wurde der kleine Farm meiner Eltern verkauft. Meine Schwester, die Testamentsvollstreckerin ist, freut sich. Mein Bruder, der bis diesem Sommer den Farm noch bewohnte, freut sich, dass er sich entschieden hat, den Farm nicht zu kaufen. Ich bin froh, dass alles relativ schnell geht, wenn man bedenkt, dass wir mitten in einer Pandemie stecken. Gleichzeitig bin ich auch traurig, dass ich keine Verwandten mehr in der Heimatstadt habe, denn mein Bruder ist umgezogen und hat jetzt eine Wohnung in einer Kleinstadt nördlich von Des Moines. Meine Schwester und Neffen wohnen im Osten von Iowa.

    Re Wetter: Die starken Hurrikane im Süden machen mir Sorgen. Ich höre nicht gern, dass Ida so stark ist, der schlimmste Hurrikan seit dem Bürgerkrieg im 19. Jahrhundert. Und Katrina, die auch furchtbar war, liegt nur 16 Jahren zurück. Ein Cousin meines Vaters wohnt in Sulphur, Louisiana, und in den letzten 20 Jahren hat er etliche heftige Hurrikane durchmachen müssen.

    @virus: definitely

    *arbeiten müss*

    #200Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 30 Aug. 21, 15:41


    I like "antsy". Quite appropriate!

    "Die Farm" is female, otherwise your post is immaculate. Very idiomatic German! I'm not quite sure whether one would assign a female pronoun to "Katrina" (I always think of "der Sturm"), I guess I would avoid gendering it altogether.

    #201Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 30 Aug. 21, 16:06

    @virus: definitely

    I never get that right!!! The same applies for unfortunately and some others which I can't think about at the moment.

    #202Verfasser virus (343741) 30 Aug. 21, 16:15

    @Jesse: Die Farm. Danke. Wenn ein ENS die deutsche Sprache nicht oft benutzt, vergisst er schnell die Genera, bzw. sie geraten durcheinander.

    #203Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989)  30 Aug. 21, 16:19

    Thanks for your correcturito - still not "firm" with the use of continuous form....hopeless, I'm afraid....

    I can imagine that you (and maybe your siblings, too, somewhere in a corner of their hearts....) have a feeling of "zwei Seelen wohnen, ach, in meiner Brust" when you think about the sold farm - it's die Farm, btw. , or der Hof / Bauernhof.

    Did some farming family buy it to continue farming there? Or will it be changed into something else?

    I can imagine that it's a challenge to go back to teaching. Younger Goldammerson who started his first job as a finished teacher today (schoolyear starts in 2 weeks, but he's teaching in the so-called "Lernbrücken", classes for students who want to catch up with what they didn't learn properly during lockdown times.)

    Since he and his girlfriend are staying with us for two days (they are in the process of moving into their first shared apartment and cleared out from their respective former places already), I asked him about the mask problem - and he agrees that this is very awkward indeed. In his last school where he did his final year of training, he said, there were some kids whom he didn't know for sure by their name until the end of the schoolyear.

    Another problem connected with the kids wearing masks during class: you can't tell who's "schwätzing" behind the masks!

    And when shy kids who speak very quietly say something, you often don't understand them.....he's with you, Amy-MiMi, and knows what you are going through!

    Oops...Edith tells me that I'm way too late with my correcturito. Well (six gear) double mouble holds better (six gear\end)

    #204Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  30 Aug. 21, 16:24

    @ hm – us:


    Thanks for the corrections. I used the term „childish“ games deliberately, though, for games like “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” (Ludo?) because at the age of 16 they play much more sophisticated and complex video games. She agreed to join because there are only few games left I’m able to play because of my debility of sight (besides Schach or Mühle of course, but those games are for two players only). Is “childish” the wrong term in any case?


    As to pop music: On piano my granddaughter plays classic music only, and when she saw that I own a lot of classic vinyl records (Bach, Brahms Haydn, Rimski-Korsakov, Schubert, etc.) she asked me to take them home.

    We had a crosstalk once when her ardor began. I’s watched a documentation about the way the children got drilled, even punished, in special music schools, all for the sake of the government that wanted to show the world how modern Korea is. Did you ever argue against a fan? Eventually she convinced me that – if ever that had happened – the times had changed. Well, the singers look cute (and girls like cute looking boys), the videos are chiefly funny and they offer a variety of song genres. I’ve got to admit that I liked several songs – after I got used to it. Did you know, that BTS, the most famous Korean group, topped the US Billboard Charts several times already?


    Clean up the shell? What do you mean?


    @ Jesse_Pinkman: I watched Bobaunan ten Minutes and hope not to disappoint you by saying “That’s not my pigeon”. It was easier to convince me of K-Pop. :O)

    I’ve got a picture just a few minutes ago from a friend living in Palma showing dark green trees and meadows instead of a summerly dry country. It rained a lot. Hopefully you’ll be lucky in September.


    Congrats, Goldammer, for still sleeping outside. Besides many other reasons to stay inside: My snore would wake up the neighbours, who partly sleep (or slept) outside, too.

    #205Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  30 Aug. 21, 17:39

    Greetings from a nice little boutique hotel in Toulon. Our ferry to Mallorca will leave at 7:00 am tomorrow.

    #206Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 01 Sep. 21, 22:42

    Bongwojahsch, Jesse! Have a good trip, and please report and also tell us how Reisegeyer is doing!

    #207Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 01 Sep. 21, 23:09

    We‘ve arrived safely in Porto Cristo, Mallorca, after an uneventful journey, except for an enchanting evening in Toulon yesterday.

    Reisegeyer and his travel companion, El León Pequeño, watched the ocean swish by our cabin window on the 11-hours ferry leg today, while my wife and I just relaxed. They (RG and ELP) were quite exhausted from listening to several ZEIT Verbrechen podcasts on the French Autoroutes.

    Our local friends have planned a few stressful days and nights for us, with lots of food and probably drink. Of course, I brought my guitar. Let’s see how things work out.

    #208Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  02 Sep. 21, 22:33

    Seems you are having a good time, Jesse, enjoy your holidays.

    And if you find anything you want to correct in my contributions, please take the time to do so.

    It's been quite busy over here, we had lovely holidays in County Kerry ( I mentioned Kenmare a few weeks back), and afterwards a week of day trips with lots of fun and activities. Professionally, I felt slightly offended, as I've spent more than 6 years of my professional life to understand and improve batters and crumbs for fish and poultry. During this holiday, I was served the most perfect fish n chips from a food truck in the middle of nowhere, after observing the owner making it... It was a greasy, delicious delight, just the right thing after a long day swimming in the sea, building sand castles and investigating rock pools. Now, I know why it was so good, and why this couldn't be translated into an industrial setting, but still...

    Conveniently or not, in spite of the law saying that mature trees cannot be cut down before September 1st, the one in the neighbour's garden was felled while we were on holidays. The guys wrecked my vegetable/salad patch (and a few other bits), but already the benefits are clear. So much more light and air in the garden :)

    I've been made busy by Mrs Wik to clean up and make the garden nice again, so I've been spending a good bit of time on cutting down some additional bushes, digging out their roots, creating a new raised border, and planting things that now suddenly (more light) might find a good place to grow and thrive.

    One of the downsides (it might be a temporary thing, maybe also seasonal) is that we have fewer birds now, but once feeding season commences I'll be able to better explore this. Overall, it's great for me :)

    School is back since Monday, and Wikling is now taking the school bus. She was very keen on getting back, and on being a big girl who can go on the bus. So far, so good. I'm expecting a increase in COVID cases in school children towards the end of next week, and possibly some local school closures, but things seem to be kind of in control here, in spite of high incidences.

    Keep well, more bits are to follow soon.

    #209Verfasser Wik (237414)  03 Sep. 21, 14:45

    Anybody else here who has already checked out the two songs that have been released from ABBA's new album Voyage?

    ABBA - I Still Have Faith In You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAzEY1MfXrQ

    ABBA - Don't Shut Me Down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWGWFa3jznI

    It's amazing how closely they matched the old ABBA sound from the 70s, while adopting slightly more sophisticated lyrics.

    #210Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158)  04 Sep. 21, 11:11

    Conveniently or not, in spite of the law saying that mature trees cannot be cut down before September 1st, the one in the neighbour's garden was felled while we were on holidays.

    Wow, was für ein interessantes Gesetz!

    @Norbert: Ich habe I Still Have Faith in You gehört, aber ich bin nicht so begeistert. Meiner Meinung nach hatten die alten Lieder so viel Enthusiasmus und Schwung, das aktuelle Lied kommt mir dagegen ein bisschen fade vor. Die Sache mit den Abbatars finde ich aber interessant.

    Wikling is now taking the school bus. She was very keen on getting back, and on being a big girl who can go on the bus. Toi, toi, toi, Wikling. Schade, dass du nicht bei uns in Amerika lernst, aber toll, dass du mit dem Irischen weiter machen kannst. 

    I'm expecting an increase in COVID cases in school children towards the end of next week,

    In der neuen Schule tragen alle MNS, also sind die Covid-Fälle nicht allzu sehr gestiegen. Im Schulbezirk meiner Tochter sieht es aber anders aus. Dort wurde mit einer Empfehlung angefangen, aber nach weniger als 2 Wochen sind die Zahlen rasch gestiegen, also wurde inzwischen Maskenpflicht eingeführt. Wahrscheinlich wurden die Scheunentore zu spät zugemacht, aber na ja.

    #211Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 05 Sep. 21, 03:22

    "I Still Have Faith in You" reminds me of late-phase ABBA songs like "Under Attack", "Cassandra", and "Andante, Andante" with their more subdued vibes compared to earlier work. And we are not even talking about "The Day Before You Came", which I like a lot but would claim is the polar opposite of upbeat. The style of "Don't Shut Me Down" is somewhat similar to "Soldiers" from 1981. So I think is fair to say that with these new songs they picked up from where they left off in 1981/1982.

    #212Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158)  05 Sep. 21, 04:51

    Thanks for linking the ABBA videos, Norbert. “I Still Have Faith In You” strongly reminds me of “Thank You For The Music”, a b-side in 1982, which I liked a lot because of the harmonies.


    Wahrscheinlich wurden die Scheunentore zu spät zugemacht

    I love that picture, Amy. Though the virus is very small there to many barn doors invitingly open.

    #213Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 05 Sep. 21, 18:30

    Re ABBA: I am just elated that this bunch of septuagenarians managed to create followup work to their earlier oeuvre that is not just a credible effort, but actually really good (IMHO).

    #214Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158)  05 Sep. 21, 20:19

    Well, I do try to keep up and read along, but don’t always succeed, somehow…

    I’m glad you’ve made it to Mallorca, Jesse; I hope you’ll all have a great time. We made it to Italy a few weeks ago, and despite testing and more testing and even a few days of quarantine (nobody cared), we had a good time meeting friends, sightseeing a bit, and eating and drinking more than a bit.

    While in Italy we missed the rainy period in England, and now it has been pretty much dry for weeks. Not warm and summery so far (apparently that is set to change for a few days), but the garden still requires frequent watering.

    I’m very impressed by your vegetable patch, Wik! We had a few tomatoes, which were not overly happy but still being consumed by slugs and snails with great enthusiasm. Even my herb collection is looking decidedly scraggy. On the other hand it has been a good year for blackberries. I’ve prevailed on Mr J not to cut the hedge back until we’ve eaten them all – and we’re still working on that (I even got the ladder out earlier, as the best ones are always just out of reach, of course).

    And to my great delight friends of ours found they have a mirabelle tree. This was the first year it fruited, apparently, and just by picking them up off the ground I gathered several pounds in only a few minutes.

    Apart from which there’s mostly work (and housework, despite the teenager doing a lot of it), and now a visit planned to see my mother in Berlin in a few weeks’ time. I’ll let you know how that works out.

    #215Verfasser Jabonah (874310) 05 Sep. 21, 21:36

    When I was a student, I made blackberry jelly from fruit I harvested along some bikepaths on the outskirts of Karlsruhe (Waldstadt, if anybody here is familiar with the city). How do you use the fruit you pick, Jabonah?

    Right now we are expecting a bumper crop of pomegranates from our bush in the front yard, after two years in which it bore only a minimal amount of fruit (only around ten or so). And I urgently need to get around to harvest the apples from our tree in the back yard. Their skin is already turning a yellowish color, which is an indication that they are overripe.

    [Later:] I have harvested all the apples I could reach with the fruit picker without using a ladder.

    #216Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158)  05 Sep. 21, 21:54

    Norbert: Waldstadt must have been a good place to live as a student, with rather frequent public transport or easy cycling to the university.

    I grew up in Hohenwettersbach, and loved eating fruit (to this day I can only eat cherries I have picked myself, bought ones are kind of a sin) and berries from the Streuobstwiesen and the hedges. We didn't have a big enough garden, but there was always a neighbour offering up a tree they couldn't harvest completely, so once I was able to safely climb a ladder, I was let loose on cherries, plums (Zwetschgen), apples and sometimes pears.

    I just planted two little apple trees here , mainly to block some of the views into the neighboring garden. They are older varieties (Cox Orange Pippins and Beauty of Bath), so hopefully next year I'll be in for an apple or two fresh from the trees. It's truly a bumper year for blackberries here, most of them are just starting to turn reddish.

    Jabonah, I'd say you'd be pretty disappointed if you saw my garden (especially at the moment). The (in)famous salad patch is something like 3.5 by 2.5 meters, mainly for salad leaves, and a bit of kale or similar. I throw in some spring onions and garlic, mainly to deter certain types of insects and snails, but these wouldn't yield too much. Then I have some big pots and sacks for growing things like carrots and peas, mainly to show the Wikling how the things she likes or dislikes are grown. In addition, I have a little herb site, some strawberry plants, 2 raspberry bushes, and the hedge providing blackberries.

    On a normal day in the growing season, I maybe spend 15 min on all of it together (weeding, watering, harvesting and replanting), so it's clearly not a big thing.

    Which reminds me, it's time to prepare autumn/winter: spinach, lambs lettuce, some winter hardy salad leaves (amazing what some of them can endure), chard and some new kales. I should aim to get some of it into the ground (or in small pots for germination inside) by the weekend. But then, there is always the temptation to try to get another crop of rocket, butter leaves or try again the radishes I just cannot get right.

    Amy-Mimi Wow, was für ein interessantes Gesetz!

    Interessant in the sense of peculiar? I can just picture you scratching your head why one wouldn't be allowed to cut down trees before September 1st.

    The law aims to protect wildlife, in particular birds, who might nest in the trees. Meaning, from March 1st (which is considered the beginning of the nesting season) through to September 1st, felling of trees and cutting of hedges etc is not allowed. Obviously, there are exceptions, e.g., for trees or hedges that might impede traffic or be dangerous etc., and as I could just witness, it's not always strictly adhered to.

    But since we don't have proper winters, there is enough time from September to February for forestry work and the usual hedge maintenance.

    #217Verfasser Wik (237414) 06 Sep. 21, 13:46

    Wik, if anything I'm now more impressed! ;-)

    That is a fairly sizeable salad patch, I'd say - we have one raised tub, and even that yields more slugs than leaves :-(

    It also seems to be a good year for acorns; there is a lot of squirreling going on, observed with some interest by the cats. (I think the squirrels are rather too nonchalant, and wouldn't be surprised to see one or more of them being caught in the act at some point. But will they listen?!)

    Norbert, pomegranates? How delicious! Do you do anything with them, or just eat them as they happen?

    I must say I'm not really doing anything with the blackberries this year - our hedge yields a handful or two every day or two, just enough to add to yoghurt, ice cream, or Eton mess. I have made jams and jellies in the past (in fact I had some 2012 rosehip conserve for breakfast this morning), but we have accumulated serious amounts so I try not to add too much to the store. The mirabelles are turned into French fruit tart (plain short crust pastry, fruit on top, and then preferably some whipped cream). And as we can't eat so much tart, I've stoned and halved most of the bounty and frozen them for further reference.

    Our friends also gave us some apples, most of which I turned into plain apple sauce (to go with latkes in due course), and the rest into muffins, thinking the darling boy would like them as a snack for school. He did take a couple, but only after much insistence on my part.

    #218Verfasser Jabonah (874310) 06 Sep. 21, 15:11

    Unfortunately, jam (Gsälz in Schwäbisch) isn't occurring much in my nutrition these days...Mr Goldammer eats strawberry and apricot jam occasionally, nothing else. So I'm not making any jam nowadays like I used to in the past.

    I love blackberries, all kinds of currants, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries....as components of my daily breakfast muesli which varies throughout the year this way with the changing fruit seasons, but I like them only fresh, not from the freezer. This is sometimes a pity, for example when the season of currants or gooseberries is over - but of course it makes them more precious in a way when you are having them only when they are in season.

    ah, and Norbert, many thanks for the Abba links! I listened to them without much of a critical approach and just liked them for their nice melodies....

    #219Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  06 Sep. 21, 15:35

    Re #217: Waldstadt must have been a good place to live as a student, with rather frequent public transport or easy cycling to the university.

    Only occasionally did I use public transport (tram) because it was too expensive to use on a permanent basis and it did not necessarily run when I needed to be someplace at an early or late hour. Biking was enjoyable when the weather was good and not too hot and humid (!), but it sucked in poor weather. I still remember cycling to the university when there was a foot of freshly fallen snow on the ground so I would reach the university's computing center in time for my 7am time slot.

    I only lived in Waldstadt for a couple of years before I upgraded to Südstadt. I would cycle to the excellent public pool (Fächerbad) from there once or twice a week, and on the way to the pool there were some blackberry bushes next to the bike path.

    Re #218: Norbert, pomegranates? How delicious! Do you do anything with them, or just eat them as they happen?

    We just get all the kernels out by hand, which is a lot of work (and stains the skin on one's hands), chill them in the fridge and then just eat them with a spoon. In a good year, the kernels are juicy and sweet, but the quality of our fruit isn't on par with store-bought pomegranates from the Central Valley of California. I guess those might be a different breed, but I know next to nothing about pomegranate.

    When we first moved into this house we had a gardener plant some new fruit trees/bushes to augment the ones already there; he added pomegranate, persimmon, and kumquat. Since then our cherry tree has died, and our plum tree is half dead. It seems that drought and fungal infections are the biggest killers of fruit trees around here. Our loquat tree died, but grew back from the roots. Now it has a sickly appearance again.

    #220Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158)  06 Sep. 21, 23:00

    What a delicious, mouth-watering discussion! Unfortunately most fruits are on my black list today because I developed diabetes after the Koma seven years ago. The drugs were assumably responsible for an abrupt loss of sight, a “cipn” (critical illness polyneuropathy) and a slight trembling of my hands as well. But what can I say? The drugs saved my life at least.

    I’m trying to stop the development of Diabetes II and the necessity of daily insulin injections by reducing my sugar consumption and replacing meat by salads and fruits more often. But I’ve heard “the bigger the fruit, the higher the content of fruit sugar (which is extremely dangerous, others say)”. I always loved all kind of berries, so we had some plants in our back yard: Strawberries, gooseberries, red and black currant  for many years – all of them tasting sweet when being eaten bush-to-mouth..


    Our apple trees have been felt (with only little regret) and the berry bushes have been ripped out (to my regret). Now we’re relying on our weekly market which supplies us with everything wee need. And in case of urgent need there’s an AlDi only 300 metres away.


    On the other hand: During the banking crises in 2008 a famous investor has been asked for the best investment ever. He said about this “Buy a house with a garden to plant fruits and vegetables and some chicken to provide you with eggs”. Only second came “Buy shares of big companies you trust”. A wise man.

    #221Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 07 Sep. 21, 15:37

    #221 Sorry, It's not exactly my area of expertise, but something doesn't add up here.

    The main advice for reducing diabetes type II is to lose weight (and this is by a mile the most effective measure), and to reduce the intake of glucose and its derivates.

    Reducing sugar consumption is spot on, but replacing meat (no sugar, but protein and fat) by salads and fruit seems strange. Salad, ok, it's mainly dietary fibre (which is very positive), the rmore the better; but fruit (containing larger amounts of fructose) is very convincingly linked to weight gain. There is a balance between eating fruit (for the sake of vitamins) and avoiding it (due to the fructose content).

    I know, I' m just an anonymous person on the internet, not even claiming to be an expert on the matter, so please check with your physician (and if possible sense-check the advice you are given with an independent source).


    #222Verfasser Wik (237414)  07 Sep. 21, 17:02
    My information (not an expert either, but with a light version of diabetes II) tallies 100% with Wik’s.
    #223Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 07 Sep. 21, 19:58

    Fructose is bad in more ways than one, and I have to limit my daily fruit intake or else. My lay person's knowledge matches Wik's and Jesse's: (1) Weight loss (2) Sugar reduction (3) Discuss with physician. My primary care doctor recommended a daily multi-vitamin pill to make sure I get all the necessary vitamins, but I was already in the habit of taking those pills before he brought it up.

    #224Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158)  07 Sep. 21, 21:04

    I'm speculating wildly: maybe RenaRd's reducing his meat (and, I guess, sausage) intake in favor of more veggies, salad and fruit is part of the losing weight strategy?

    I have been losing weight through a change in my diet over the past 5 months, very successfully, and part of that concept is to eat much more veggies, salads, legumes, fruit of all kinds, and to reduce fat meat and sausage products (and fat cheese, to my great regret. Low fat cheese is just not my thing at all....)

    He says: replacing more often, not altogether!

    #225Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 07 Sep. 21, 21:23

    I’m sorry, WIK, I was simplifying. In fact I am a kind of expert who worked in the sales force of a company producing antidiabetic drugs, talking to hundreds of specialists. I was so qualified some experts asked for my advice and let me train their patients.

    Ofcourse one should start the therapy with losing weight. The proof: There were only a small number of diabetics in Germany after the hunger years in WW II, but the number increased rapidly in the “Wirtschaftswunder” years. Unfortunately I’m not able to lose weight by jogging or cycling or any other kinds of sport because of my lung disease demanding additional oxygen.


    Goldammer is right: The only other way to lower my blood test scores (Hba1c glucose, but also cholesterol and others) is to change my food habits to a kind of “Mittelmeer-Diät”, eating more salad, olive oil, vegs and pasta,


    BTW; The advice “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is as wrong as the assertion “The vitamins are right under the peel”, and there are vitamins in leaf salad. As to leaf salad: A white paper napkin, eaten with oil and vinegar, offers the same “healthy fibres” as leaf salad. I guess, WIK is the one to know more ..



    #226Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  08 Sep. 21, 10:45

    I think "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is not quite as wrong as the other myths you quoted, if you see it as a simplification as well; translated: eat more fruit, and eat it regularly, that's good for your health.

    I like your image of paper napkin with vinegar-oil-dressing...visualizing it.....hilarious! 😀

    (And just for the record: I like leaf salads, not for their alleged vitamins, but because of their taste and texture)

    #227Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  08 Sep. 21, 12:31

    Goldammer, do you know what food chemist /analysts say about lettuce? Due to massive over- manuring big and slow growing plants like lettuce absorb great amounts of nitrate and the big leafs convert it, influenced by the sun beams, to nitrite., which is said to be carcinogenic for human beings.

    Let’s think about a scrumptious napkin salad with oil, vinegar and seasonal herbage instead. 🙂

    #228Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  08 Sep. 21, 17:24

    Is there an English equivalent to Fleisch ist das beste Gemüse?

    #229Verfasser mbshu (874725) 08 Sep. 21, 17:29

    Due to massive over- manuring big and slow growing plants like lettuce absorb great amounts of nitrate and the big leafs convert it, influenced by the sun beams, to nitrite., which is said to be carcinogenic for human beings.

    May this chemist here object, RenaRd? 😉

    Nitrite ions are formed by the chemical reaction of nitrous gases with oxygen and humidity in the air and in the soil in water bodies and in sewage treatment plants by nitrite bacteria (Nitrosomonas) through oxidation from ammonium ions with the consumption of oxygen. They are the intermediate product in the complete oxidation of ammonium nitrogen to nitrate (nitrification) during protein degradation. They are also formed under anaerobic conditions through bacterial reduction from nitrate ions (nitrate reductase).

    At higher temperatures, nitrite ions can form nitrosamines together with protein components of the food, which are considered carcinogenic. (That is why you shouldn't grill cured meats.) But you don't grill the lettuce, I suppose.

    (Translated somehow from the German Wikipedia, I didn't find the description in the English Wiki as "handy".)

    #230Verfasser virus (343741) 08 Sep. 21, 18:28

    @mbshu: "One man's meat is another man's poisson", perhaps? (Only joking, but couldn't resist ;-))

    A friend of my mother-in-law's once showed me how she gets the kernels out of a pomegranate: She cuts it in half and then turns the halves inside out, basically showering the kernels into a bowl. Which seems a good way if you have a lot of fruit and want to use it. (I haven't tried it as my intake of pomegranate is usually limited to a spoonful or two of kernels and a whole bowlful would just go off.)

    Goldammer, maybe you should join us over at the Schlankquassler! Clearly you are qualified on both counts ;-)

    virus, so you're saying lettuce isn't carcinogenic? Whew. A lot of lettuce is consumed in this house, as that's Mr J's way of losing weight. Also cutting out a lot of sweet stuff, although he doesn't always succeed, because the teenager and I are both allowed to eat sweet foods, and are not going to stop just because Mr J gives in to temptation from time to time...

    I just got in a small handful of blackberries, in time before the rain (actual water from above!) started. Hopefully all the green and red berries out there will make good use of said water.

    #231Verfasser Jabonah (874310) 08 Sep. 21, 21:43

    Re #231: A friend of my mother-in-law's once showed me how she gets the kernels out of a pomegranate: She cuts it in half and then turns the halves inside out, basically showering the kernels into a bowl.

    I basically cut the skin all around, then twist to separate the fruit into halves. That way I don't have deeply staining juice all over the place from he start. That inside-out technique only gets some of the kernels in the outer layer when I attempt it. There is a lot of pith and "skin" separating the fruit into internal compartments in our pomegranates. Or maybe I am just not doing it right.

    Hurray for modern technology. Since the last election vote-by-mail ballots are being tracked electronically via BallotTrax. That tells voters where their ballot is at the moment (mailed out, received back, counted). Presumaby it can also alert to issues that need to be cured, such as an unrecognized signature on the envelope. I just received this email:

    This is a message from County of Santa Clara Registrar of Voters. Your ballot for the September 14, 2021, Gubernatorial Recall Election was received and counted. Thank you for voting!

    #232Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158)  09 Sep. 21, 04:14

    The advice “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is as wrong as the assertion “The vitamins are right under the peel”, and there are vitamins in leaf salad. As to leaf salad: A white paper napkin, eaten with oil and vinegar, offers the same “healthy fibres” as leaf salad. I guess, WIK is the one to know more .

    It depends... The German "Kopfsalat" (including Eisbergsalat etc) correctly translated is "lettuce" in this part of the world (might be different in the US, though). From a nutritional perspective, you can basically replace it with a glass of water. Some types of lettuce might have some vitamins and minerals, this is very much dependent on variety and growing conditions, and lettuce wouldn't be my first choice as vitamin source. Dietary fibre (cellulose, and yes, it's the same compound that makes up the most part of paper) is very low, and not of the kind that gives much benefit.

    However, in my experience having a nice bowl of fresh green salad as a starter, or a side dish, reduces the amount of other food I eat.

    Using the term "leaf salad" or more commonly "green salad" here (again, might be different on the other side of the pond) can include lettuce, but also other plants, such as kale, lambs lettuce (Feldsalat), spinach, pak choi, rocket (Rucola), swiss chard (Mangold), mustard leaves, and others. Some of these are very good sources of vitamins and minerals, and also some higher contents of dietary fiber. This is not even counting other phytochemicals that are currently regarded as health promoting, although there exact function is not understood very well. As a rule of thumb, the darker the colour of the leaves, the more nutritional value you can expect. And I have to admit, I love all those leaves tossed together in a bowl with a little oil and a pinch of salt.

    The apple a day... needs to be seen in the context of time. Apples can be stored rather well in comparison to other fruit, and hence in the olden days were one of the few "fresh fruit" available in winter for the not so well-to-does. And here, an apple a day could provide a lot of benefits for people.

    I'd love to go more into the nitrate topic, but will have to leave shortly to collect Wikling from the bus stop. Maybe later, or tomorrow :)

    #233Verfasser Wik (237414) 09 Sep. 21, 15:00

    @ Virus; When I’m talking about chemistry it’s always to be taken with a grain of salt, because I’m just repeating from memory. Because of my limited lireracy (Is that the correct term?) I rarely read long articles. I should have mentioned it again.


    Nevertheless, in order not to spread nonsense (in spite of the fact that I was kidding, as indicated by smileys) I started a quick Goggle request, showing that nitrate is not poisoning, but accumulates (..) in the leafs. Lettuce is known for big leafs, i.e. it has a high capacity of nitrate. Warmth plays a role as well. Special amino acids in the body convert nitrate to nitrite, which is said to be carcinogen. But: Like for Glypphosat, there’s little proof. Most probably we’re save altogether. :o)



    Paracelsus said “The amount makes the poison”. (or so) 🙂


    #234Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  09 Sep. 21, 15:03

    limited literacy? Eigentlich nicht, RenarRd. Du verstehst schon, wie man liest. Das Problem ist halt, dass du nicht mehr so gut sehen kannst. Also eher "limited vision" oder "limited eyesight". Schlage ich vor.

    Wollte nur schnell erwähnen, dass eine Schülerin Red Velvet Cake erwähnen wollte, und als sie mich um Hilfe bat, hatte sie LEO schon auf. Ich schlug vor, weiter nach unten zu scrollen, wo sie diesen Faden fand: Siehe auch: red velvet

    Wie toll, dass ich so viele aus dem Faden kenne. Leider habe ich Carly nicht rechtzeitig besucht, aber als ich manni's Namen sah, lächelte ich und sagte, "Den kenne ich live, habe ihn in München getroffen." Vielleicht erinnert er noch an dem heißen Tag im Englischen Garten. Da kam der schattige Biergarten genau richtig. Kurz danach stieg ich in einen verfluchten Zug ein und machte eine Irrfahrt gen Westen, um Goldammer zu besuchen. Na, hoffentlich fliege ich mal wieder nach Deutschland, und lerne ein paar weitere Schnecken kennen.

    #235Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 09 Sep. 21, 18:18
    What a nice and "sweet" thread!
    Thanks for linking it! Fun to read!
    I remember very vividly how knackered you were once you had made it to Plochingen!
    #236Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 09 Sep. 21, 22:40

    Selbstkorrektur: Wollte nur schnell erwähnen, dass eine Schülerin von Red Velvet Cake schreiben wollte...

    Heute ist der 11. September, und die Terroranschläge von vor 20 Jahren waren den ganzen Tag in den Medien. Bis dieses Jahr habe ich immer die Augen zugemacht oder weggeschaut, als die Videos im Fernsehen oder Filmen kamen. Dieses Jahr habe ich mich entschieden, das nicht mehr machen zu müssen. Im Internet habe ich ein paar Berichte und Dokus angeschaut. Dank irgendeinem Algorithmus wurde dann dieses Video von Brian Clark, der knapp dem Einsturz des South Towers entkommen ist, vorgeschlagen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrqelRFpyXc Zwar ist das Video 47 Minuten lang, aber ich finde, es lohnt sich die ganze Rede zuzuhören. Die Kurzfassung der Geschichte kannte ich schon, aber wie er die Ereignisse im Einzelnen erzählt, das finde ich sehenswert.

    Eben jetzt bin ich beim Tippen eingenickt, also schreibe ich vielleicht morgen mehr. *in die Runde wink*

    #237Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 12 Sep. 21, 04:30

    Thanks for sharing the link, Amy-MiMi.

    May I offer a few nitpicky correcturitos?

    Wollte nur schnell erwähnen, dass eine Schülerin von Red Velvet Cake schreiben wollte...

    Maybe a wee bit more colloquial:

    Wollte nur schnell erwähnen, dass eine Schülerin von  etwas über Red Velvet Cake schreiben wollte...

    Bis dieses Jahr habe ich immer die Augen zugemacht oder weggeschaut, als die Videos im Fernsehen oder Filmen kamen.

    I have a vague feeling that "wenn" would be needed here instead of "als"

    Thinking about the reason...I guess it's because of the "immer..."; it needs to be "immer...wenn", not "immer...als". I'm sure it could be explained better, but that's all I can offer...

    ...es lohnt sich, (comma needed, afaik) die ganze Rede zuzuhören anzuhören.


    ...es lohnt sich, die  der ganzen Rede zuzuhören.

    #238Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 12 Sep. 21, 16:53

    Here’s an info for all Sci-Fi fans:. If you liked Frank Herbert’s “Dune” hexalogy you probably watched the film of the same name (a.k.a. “Der Wüstenplanet”) in 1984. Today a new version is to be released in Germany.


    #239Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  16 Sep. 21, 14:31

    RenaRd: Many years ago I read "Dune" following a friend's recommendation, but it didn't resonate with me. I vaguely remember watching the movie (or at least some parts) at some stage, but it didn't leave a lasting picture, either. ;)

    It's interesting that there is a lot of remakes of old classics in recent years. They seem to be produced for the streaming services, but usually turn out as rather lackluster.

    I hope the movie you mention is an exception...

    With school having been running for 3 weeks now, a normality is settling in. Nationally, there are increased COVID cases in primary schools, but it doesn't seem to affect overall case numbers in the country much, which are decreasing. We didn't have much interruption so far (2 cases within the school), but an informed source tells me that some of the other primary schools in the area had cases in several classes and a lot of children were requested to self-isolate and hence are missing lessons.

    The rain is back, and I'm still not finished with my garden upgrades. But bit by bit, we are getting there. I got around to seeding kale, spinach and chard indoors, while the remaining kale outside was destroyed by caterpillars within a day. I'm happy to say it was, overall, still a good harvest of kale over the last months.

    Jabonah, since you mentioned your snail and slug issue, I have noticed that the little beasts seem to love spinach, pok choi, kale etc, but they never seem to go for lettuce, and rarely for rocket. The most efficient method is to keep a little area around your pot free from hiding spots, the longer they have to slime to get to the leaves, the less likely they are to get there.

    Norbert, you must be happy enough with the election outcome in California?

    Waving my antennae to everysnail else :)

    #240Verfasser Wik (237414) 17 Sep. 21, 10:38

    I, too, was thinking about Norbert when I read about the vote in California (would you call this an election?)

    @RenaRd: similar as Wik - I think I read the first of the books ages and ages ago - probably in the early seventies or so - but it didn't impress me enough to follow the sequels.

    Goldammerson asked me, knowing that it came out in the days of my late teens, whether I had read it back then. He saw the movie on its first day out and thought it was brilliantly made and a great story.

    #241Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 17 Sep. 21, 18:13

    Reisegeyer, El León Pequeño and the full moon.



    #242Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550)  19 Sep. 21, 21:49

    Ouch! Now my lion Markus Hieronymus is developing wanderlust. As he is wearing Bavarian dress (he's a gift from fellow choristers in Munich, 1991-1995) I am trying to tell him that it's not worth going there to those fellows whom he regards as Spanish Sow-Prussians.

    He retorted that he'd prefer them over their Franconian counterparts here in Brandenburg-Bayreuth!

    #243Verfasser mbshu (874725) 19 Sep. 21, 22:28

    would you call this an election?

    Ja, genau heißt das recall election.

    Auch ich habe Dune nie gelesen. Ich interessiere mich nicht besonders für Science Fiction.

    Es misfällt mir, dass die deutsche Sprache kein geeignetes Wort für winter squash hat. Tante Wiki sagt dazu: Besonders in der englischen Sprache gibt es eine verwirrende Vielzahl von Trivialnamen für den Kürbis, die nur bedingt mit den botanischen Taxa übereinstimmen. Na bitte.

    *Kürbisse und Tomaten in die Ecke stapel* Bedient euch!

    #244Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 19 Sep. 21, 22:49

    @Amy-MiMi: tiny correcturito: es missfällt mir... (in former times: ..mißfällt mir...)

    I think it has to do with the fact that pumpkin as a vegetable hasn't been popular for very long. When I was a child, you wouldn't find pumkins in a veggie shop, we never had it at home. This also means that there isn't nearly as much variety as in the States. I still remember times - and that was not many years ago - when the only kind you could buy in your local shop was Hokkaido - they were also the first kind I learned to cook with, and they are still my favorites. By and by, more varieties turned up. A few years ago, we had a kind of hype with so-called "microwave pumpkins" - small ones which you could cook through quickly in a microwave and then fill with sour cream or whatever else and spoon them out of their skin as a snack. But they seem to have disappeared again - I haven't seen any recently.

    Thanks for winter squash and tomatoes!

    A good thing about buying tomatoes here: in recent years, tomato variety has also increased. Years ago, you could only buy 2 kinds - medium size round, mostly tasteless ones and beef tomatoes. Nowadays, they come in lots of sizes - tiny up to giant (the so-called "ox hearts"), and in lots of taste nuances to chose from.

    #245Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  20 Sep. 21, 09:08

    Ich verstehe schon, warum die deutsche Sprache nur Kürbisse kennt, aber mir kommt das leider unpräzise vor.

    Heute musste ich mich krank melden, da ich Halsweh habe. Önnchen ging das nicht, also musste ich kurz mit der Sekretärin sprechen. Sie zu mir: 19 Lehrer fehlen schon (vorwurfsvoller Blick). Ich kann nichts dafür, dass heute ein großes Treffen in der ersten zwei Stunden geplant wurde. Außerdem sollte man in Zeit der Pandemie zu Hause bleiben, wenn man krank ist, egal ob man Covid hat oder nicht. Halsschmerzen sind Symptom beides Covid und einer normalen Erkältung. Ich kann nichts dafür.

    Danke, übrigens für das Korrektürchen. Und keine Angst, ich bin mir sicher, dass die Krankheit, an der ich leide, gar nicht dangerös ist. *schnell wegduck*

    #246Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989)  20 Sep. 21, 13:27

    Funny thing, the genre Science Fiction. I’ve bought SF for about five decades (I still own 1.200 books, as mentioned earlier) and assume that it is a boy’s genre: In all those years I met just one young woman in the “SF and Fantasy” corner of a book shop in Essen.


    Furthermore my experience seems to prove that SF readers are highly interested in new techniques, in “what if” speculations, in “maybes” and chances, in thinking out of the box. Some of my friends are university graduates who learned to think straight, some are company clerks thinking in figures, some are down-to-earth craftsmen, having no time for intellectual games”. They are the salt of the earth, but rarely develop visions. Chancellor H. Schmidt once said” If I had visions I’d go to a psychiatrist” (or so).


    As to the books: Frank Herbert was the first to build a totally new universe and totally new kingdoms to rule it, instead of the Terra-based human beings in former SF. He described the senery in such a dense and pointed way one could imagine “Yes, life on Arakis could work this way.” The first book (three times as thick than a normal hardcover, btw) is filled with action; it leads the reader into the war between two “duchies” and additional stake traders like the female guild of the Bene Gesserit, and young Paul Atreides becoming a “saviour”. The hoööowimg b.ooks are filled with power struggle and political intrigues. This is what I found most exciting.


    Am I late? Well I wrote it and I longed to send it. :o)


    I hope you're well soon, Amy

    #247Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  20 Sep. 21, 15:41

    RenaRd, you mention the "SF and fantasy corner" of a bookshop - well, whereas I agree that books which focus very much on technology (often war technology), i.e. SF books in a narrower sense, may be more of a "boys' thing", the much broader approach of fantasy is certainly not focused on mainly male readers. In this broader sense, it is also not true that Frank Herbert was the first person to invent a new universe. I say only: Tolkien

    I have always enjoyed good fantasy and read a lot of it (but, I admit, not nearly as many as your 1200 books....), but never took very much to "pure SF" with its focus on invented technology, machines, weapons, robots etc.

    What I enjoy about fantasy is when the invented world is constructed well, with depth and e.g. a consistent history and culture, with interesting characters, and with well-thought-out "impossible elements" like magic, and what those elements do to the protagonists and how they influence what's going on. And that's then probably not very far from what you enjoyed in the latter sequels of Dune, is it?

    I met people who are interested in fantasy across all kinds of professions, by the way. I don't think that university graduates, business clerks or craftspeople in general tend to be less into fantasy or SF than others - but that's probably also not what you meant to say, you only spoke about some people in your circle of friends, I realized after reading again what you wrote.

    (*wondering now if RenaRd wrote his somewhat provoking post in order to trigger a discussion, maybe even thinking of me as a person who might get caught.... 😀*)

    I also wish you a speedy recovery, Amy-MiMi, and I strongly support your attitude to stay at home when you are ill, especially with those symptoms!

    If I were you, I'd probbly also apply a covid rapid self test, as it is possible to have a light infection and in this case also to spread the virus, even if one is fully vaccinated.

    (I noticed, btw, that here it is not easy any more to buy cheap rapid self tests. A few months ago, you could buy them in every supermarket, with different systems, in bulk packages of 5 or 10 or single ones, but they totally disappeared there and are only available in pharmacies now, and much more expensive - something I don't really understand, I must say....because there are still situations where it makes sense to use them...see above)

    I have again two little things about your post:

    without being able to give you a reason why, I'd rather say:

    ...dass heute ein großes Treffen in der ersten zwei Stunden geplant wurde war.

    and I'm struggling with this admittedly very smart genitive construction:

    ....Halsschmerzen sind Symptom beides Covid und einer normalen Erkältung.

    Maybe someone else can also comment on it? It feels quite uncommon, but I think, purely grammatically speaking, it is correct.

    I'd never say it like that, I might say:

    Halsschmerzen sind Symptome für beides, Covid und eine normale Erkältung.

    #248Verfasser Goldammer (428405)  20 Sep. 21, 16:24

    Danke, Goldammer und RenaRd. Ich lasse mich höchstwahrscheinlich testen. Heute Abend habe ich den Direktor gemailt und morgen telefoniere ich schnell mit meiner Hausärztin. Nur auf Nummer sicher zu gehen.

    #249Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 21 Sep. 21, 02:47
    Amy, es tut mir leid, dass du krank bist. (Und Wikling und Frau Wik übrigens auch, auch prompt nach Schuljahrbeginn; habt ihr CCler in letzter Zeit im Coronafaden gelesen?)

    Fühlst du dich denn, dass der Schulbezirk den Umständen entsprechend euch Lehrkräften gut genug geschützt hat, oder eher nicht? Falls letzteres, tut mir das auch leid. Jetzt nach anderthalb Jahren Pandemie kommt mir das Leben einfach immer irrsinniger vor -- unwirklich, lächerlich, wie WK einst gesagt hätte.

    Hoffentlich kannst du dich auf jeden Fall schnell testen lassen und es handelt sich durchaus nur um eine Erkältung. Aber wenn nicht, hoffentlich funktioniert deine Impfung so, wie sie soll, und du fühlst dich nicht zu schlecht und kannst dich gut isolieren und deine Familie schützen. (Und sie kochen oder bringen dir Suppe statt umgekehrt.) Aber wenn nicht, hoffentlich empfiehlt dein Hausarzt schnell die Behandlung mit den monoklonalen Antikörpern oder dem Steroid oder was auch immer und du erholst dich dann schließlich gut.

    Komischerweise (oder auch nicht) haben wir eigentlich erst (? nur?) letzte Woche von ein paar Freunden gehört, einem hier und einem woanders, die beide in letzter Zeit mit Corona krank waren. Der Ü90 hier hat ein, zwei Nächte im Krankenhaus verbracht, dem Ü50 geht es so weit ich weiß schon besser. Er wohnt ja wie wir auch in einem Bundesstaat, wo die Erwachsenen nicht mal zu 50 % vollgeimpft sind, also es ist wohl keine Überraschung, wenn Durchbruchinfektioknen passieren, besonders unter denjenigen, die unter die Leute gehen (müssen bzw. wollen). )-:

    Vor ein paar Wochen habe ich übrigens an dich gedacht, als ich eine Gruppe von Artikeln in der 'Bildungsausgabe' der New York Times Magazine gelesen habe. Die Beschreibungen der Lage in den USA, besonders in den armen ländlichen Schulen, haben mich ziemlich ... berührt, betroffen, so in der Richtung.

    In den letzten Wochen haben wir auch mehrere Dokumentarfilme im (auf dem? beim?) PBS World Channel über arme Jugendlichen in kleinen Kaffs gesehen. Es ist meist einfach zum heulen -- wenn das nicht heuchlerisch wäre, zumal es mich persönlich ja gar nicht betrifft, außer sehr indirekt. (Vicariously, würde ich auf Englisch sagen.)

    Aber du konzentrierst dich wohl eher daran, die Sache selber zu machen, als darüber zu reden, Entschuldigung. Viel Glück nochmals auf jeden Fall.

    #250Verfasser hm -- us (236141)  21 Sep. 21, 05:27

    Die Konstruktion mit "beides" (both Covid and the common cold) würde man im Deutschen wohl mit "sowohl ... als auch" formulieren.

    Grüße vom Meer!

    #251Verfasser penguin (236245) 21 Sep. 21, 08:47

    Salopp: bei diesen Symptomen kann das beides sein, Covid oder eine normale Erkältung.

    #252Verfasser mbshu (874725) 21 Sep. 21, 09:08

    Amy-MiMi Gute Besserung! Hopefully it turns out to be "just a common cold", it's just impossible to tell from the symptoms.

    As for the situation in my house: Wikling, who was quite sick on Saturday, and still rather under the weather on Sunday, went back to school yesterday. As she had recovered well from the symptoms and tested negative for Covid, I didn't see a good reason for not sending her in. Mrs Wik went downhill Sunday afternoon and had to call in sick yesterday and today. I'm still ok :) I used the yesterday morning to go shopping for the week, and cook most of the meals for the week, just in case.

    Amongst others, I have tested a new recipe for lamb rogan josh (which is my favourite Indian dish), the previous one I used resulted in a rather mediocre meal. This version seems to be much more aromatic, with lots of different spices, it will be tonight's meal.

    Since it's dry outside, and I have no cooking or urgent cleaning to do, I will proceed with my garden chores, today's target is to install a few trellisses. There are also some bulbs to be planted, time permitting.

    #253Verfasser Wik (237414) 21 Sep. 21, 10:16

    it's just impossible to tell from the symptoms

    Ja, genau. Ich bin wohl nur erkältet, aber da es ja asymptomatische Covid-Erkrankte gibt, sollte man sich testen lassen. Gut das Wikling Covid nicht hat. Hoffentlich bleibst du gesund, und Mrs. Wik erholt sich schnell.

    Korrektürchen: I used yesterday morning (kein the, weißt du wohl schon). Lamb rogan josh hört sich interessant an, obwohl ich Lammfleisch nicht gerne rieche. Meine Eltern hatten auf ihrer kleinen Farm Schafe, und meine Mutter bereitete ziemlich oft Lammgerichte. Zwar kann ich Lamm essen (vermutlich habe ich das ab und zu in einem Döner Kebab oder beim Griechen oder Inder gehabt), aber den Geruch von Lammfleisch mag ich überhaupt nicht.

    Im Garten habe ich Rote Beeten, Spinat und Grünkohl gesät. Und wahrscheinlich zu spät Zucchinis. Mal sehen, ob ich noch was ernte. Wir brauchen hier dringend etwas Regen.

    #254Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 21 Sep. 21, 15:07

    My first lamb was in former Yugoslavia as a child (now Croatia, I suppose). The women called it lamb but it smelled and tasted like old mutton, brr. That made me refuse to eat lamb until my mid-twenties. After trying real lamb I like it since then. Recently (in our family, the German translation "neulich" is a span between two weeks and two years) I cooked Turkish Manti. I still had "Lamm-Voressen" (a semi-fat cut in goulash-size pieces - Voressen = goulash) in the freezer and wanted to use it. So I minced it and used it as stuffing for the Manti. I formed more than 50 of these little "dumplings" without help of my family! They were helping eating instead at least adoring the taste and my effort.

    #255Verfasser virus (343741) 21 Sep. 21, 16:31

    No. 255: I think I would not mind eating mantis (and I am not surpised it takes 50 of them to make a family meal) - but stuffing them must be a very challenging task!

    No. 254: Rote Bete. Occasionally Rote Beete. But no accusative -n.

    #256Verfasser mbshu (874725) 21 Sep. 21, 17:20


    They have to look like this . And the challenge is to make them as small as 30 of them fit into a soup ladle. Mine weren't that tiny but the squares I used were not bigger than 2 x 2 cm.

    #257Verfasser virus (343741) 21 Sep. 21, 17:26

    Ich meine, meiner kirgisische Austauschschülerin hat ein ähnliches Gericht gekocht, allerdings waren die Teigwaren nicht so klein, wie die von virus.

    Bei mir keine Covid, also darf ich morgen wieder in die Schule. Die Woche ist aber total futsch, da ich Donnerstag wegen H. einen halben Tag frei nehmen muss. Und Freitag ist Homecoming. Bah!

    #258Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989) 21 Sep. 21, 21:46

    @ Goldammer, #248: The boundary between SF and Fantasy is fluid, and the more the number of new SF stories declined, the more the number of fabtasy books grew; probably because of the growing fraction of female readers and female authors. Looking back I’d guess the “The Mist of Aavalon” (Telling the King Arthur-Saga from the women’s point of view) in the eighties was kind of a milestone. What I like in SF and Fantasy in total is that every other genre (Western, Thriller, Horror, Fairytale, etc.) can be transferred to another time or a strange planet to be even more thrilling, fantastic, stunning or surprising. One just has to be able to step into that world.


    No, I didn’t want to start a new discussion on that topic, nor did I intend to provoke you. You know me good enough to know that I often try to convince people by repeating something with other words. :o)


    @ hm – us, #250; may I spend some correcturitos?

    - eine Gruppe von Artikeln - > einige Arukel .. is more idiomatic

    - haben mich ziemlich ... berührt, betroffen -> betroffen gemacht – you’ve been on the righz path

    - arme Jugendliche(n) – same case

    - du konzentrierst dich wohl eher (daran) -> darauf


    @ WIK, #253: I learned „water under the bridge“ recently, and now you taught me „under the weather. I love this kind of pictorial idiomatic phrases. Thanks you.


    #259Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  22 Sep. 21, 15:43

    I still don't agree with your somewhat strict division between SF - male thing (authors as well as readers) and fantasy - female. Again: I only say Tolkien...the milestone he set is imo much more important than Zimmer-Bradley and the Mists of Avalon (which I read and enjoyed). Other examples which doesn't fit your categorization: Steven Donaldson and his "Lord Foul" series - have you ever read that? I enjoyed it very much in the late seventies, and David Eddings with the Belgariad and Mallorean saga (excellent stuff imo!)

    May I, although not an ENS, point out a little false-friend-mistake to you: spend is not spenden, you want donate here. 😉

    #260Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 22 Sep. 21, 16:19

    Arrgh! It just happens too often. Thank you for pouring salt in my wound. :o)


    As to Tolkien et al.: I don’t like series of any kind, that includes TV-series or books (like Perry Rhodan). I watched an early film version of “The Lord of The Rings” in the 60s and found it boring. And I even fell asleep watching the new versions twenty years ago - just too much fighting with monsters for my taste.

    #261Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 22 Sep. 21, 18:14

    Ehm...do I understand you right? You don't like the Lord of the Rings because it is a "series"?? And Dune isn't??

    Judging a book by its film versions is imo not a very valid way of forming an opinion.....I suggest you try the real book. Have it read to you - I read it to Mr Goldammer years ago, it provided us both with weeks and weeks of pleasant reading hours.

    But then - forget it if you feel I'm talking rubbish....I'm not a LotR missionary - I was only wondering about the ways you achieved your opinion of it.

    #262Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 22 Sep. 21, 21:44

    @ Goldammer, #262

    Let me try to dissolve the controversy.

    First: I don’t like series with a continuing story (especially on TV) because I don’t want to be forced to sit in front of the TV at a certain time to not miss an episode, or to miss a book respectively.

    Second: When I bought “Dune” first I didn’t know that it would turn out to be a series. In fact the follow-upss have been released in intervals of five years each, as far as I remember. I guess the story just developed.

    Third: After a testing-period reading pulp-magazines like “Terra” in the late fifties I discovered the paperbacks of “Heyne”. They published, among others, German versions of the US “Magazine of fantasy and Science Fiction”, collections of short stories (which I liked a lot). In addition the books looked good on the shelf with their black backs and the small initials SF. They’d been easy to spot in the swivel paperback stands and I often bought five or six books after reading some excerpts. Later on “Goldmann” discovered this genre and finally “rororo”.

    I can’t remember “Klett”-Verlag and “Lord pf The Rings”, maybe I just wasn’t focused on it or it was in a “fantasy” corner.


    #263Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  23 Sep. 21, 15:00

    Just my 2 cents: I enjoyed Fantasy as well as SF a lot when I was young. Both Stanislaw Lem and Tolkien, Zimmer-Bradley and so on (not to tell about Star Trek and Star Wars when it comes to TV/movies. Love it.). My husband brought the "The wheel of time" series (Robert Jordan) into the house, reading it himself as well as I did. But a little bit like with "The game of thrones" - after book no. 24 of the German translation we were getting tired and bored...

    #264Verfasser virus (343741) 23 Sep. 21, 15:32

    RenaRd, I seem to have lost you. In your #261 you wrote: As to Tolkien et al.: I don’t like series of any kind...

    I found that strange and reacted to it, because I don't see the Lord of the Rings as a series at all. It's a huge story which can (but needn't) be divided into three parts, which makes it a trilogy, but not a series going on and on.

    Your #263 seems to me to be on a different topic altogether. But I realize now that you obviously missed out on Tolkien altogether somehow (which is fine with me, btw!!), and so my mentioning him as one of the old classics of fantasy (coming out way before there were "fantasy corners" in bookshops), and taking place in a very well thought out invented world, didn't ring bells with you.

    #265Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 23 Sep. 21, 16:26

    How nice to meet another fan, virus.

    After all the “Fifty shades of SF and Fantasy” I shall not forget to mention a section I call Near Future Scenario”, opposite to “Space Opera” and “Dystopian” stories.  I adored William Gibson who showed up in the eighties to describe the Cyberspace agers in 2020 or so. One was not able to understand his books without basic PC knowledge. He went one step further by inventing a direct port PC-to-brain but even his mind could not invent what is normal today: A small computer in everybody’s hand. The year 2000 (and Steve Jobs) craated the New World.


    It’s a mess, Goldammer, the the more I try to answer the more question arise. Please come on over the Alp and we’ll talk about it in length. ;)

    And yes, Tolkien was probably under my radar because he e was kind of “old skool”, like Stanislav Lem or Hans Dominik.

    #266Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 23 Sep. 21, 16:58


    "Both" is wrong in that sentence; I had another phrasing in mind. "The game of thrones" should read "Games of Thrones". Capitalised letters also in "The Wheel of Time"...

    #267Verfasser virus (343741) 23 Sep. 21, 17:42

    Hopefully all German snails have been doing their citizen duty and went to the election?

    It will be an interesting after-election-night coming up in an hour's time....

    #268Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 26 Sep. 21, 16:58

    Yes, we were among the first ones who voted by mail, seeing that we moved off to Mallorca a few days later, from where we‘ll of course follow the TV coverage later on. First time we were at the beach on election day. Reisegeyer sends his greetings to all the snails.

    #269Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 26 Sep. 21, 17:07

    This year I voted by mail for the first time. Because it was also Marathon weekend in Berlin, and I was a volunteer on the track, so I knew I wouldn't be fit enough afterwards to vote.

    Unfortunately this time (other than four years ago) the organisation of the election in Berlin 'around the Marathon' was very poor and so there was a lot of chaos, I heard and read. (shake head).

    #270Verfasser plidsi (967308) 27 Sep. 21, 08:39

    In front of the election office in Buxtehude I saw a dog on a leash tied to a lantern pole. I thought It should carry a sign: "No taxation without representation!"

    #271Verfasser mbshu (874725) 27 Sep. 21, 11:32

    We also had a ballot this weekend (as three times a year - direct democracy!). And, to my pleasure, we will have the "marriage for all"!

    In Switzerland, you get the voting papers (inclusive information both on the topics and on the opinion of the parliament) in advance. They come in an envelope you can carefully open and then re-use it for voting by mail. Very convenient. So, in most of the cases I've given my vote weeks before the respective Sunday. This makes the fact a little bit absurd that there are a lot "encouraging" flyers for or against an initiative ending up in our mailbox until the last day.

    #272Verfasser virus (343741) 28 Sep. 21, 12:58

    Well, Mr J and I made it to Berlin and back. Exorbitant numbers of forms were filled in, downloaded, printed out (how are you supposed to have the Einreiseanmeldung ready in digital format if they don't email it to you, and apparently never do? The printout was fine, but it makes you wonder) and waved at officials, tests were taken and pronounced negative, and all that jazz.

    And the weather was lovely, and my mother is muddling through somehow, and we also managed to meet my stepbrother, my brother and family, a cousin, and some friends - and Son1 came to join us too! Hadn't seen him since August 2020, so that was more than a little wonderful.

    I've followed your discussion on SF or Fantasy with interest. I can't say I'm a great fan of either, although I've read LOTR in German and English and don't dislike it (what strikes me most, however, is the complete absence of humour in those books - from the author of the Letters from Father Christmas, a book that had Son1 in stitches for several years every time he read it. An amazing achievement). And I have read all of Harry Potter numerous times, and Rick Riordan's offerings as well. Yes, children's books, but great stuff! And, imho, very well done.

    I've never got into SF. I tried, and it didn't grip me. But the Wheel of Time didn't grip me, either; I don't think I finished the first tome (which I got for a friend, who is a great devourer of Fantasy, and writer of fanfiction). (I did read the Mists of Avalon as a teenager, when I had already read lots of other versions of the King Arthur stories. I enjoyed it then, because it was much more approachable and human, with emotions and sex and undercurrents of the kind not found in any of the other books I'd read, but I wouldn't read it again now.)

    Apart from which I can report that the garden is slowly being readied for autumn and winter, in between torrential rain and strong gusts of wind. No more blackberries, or lettuce, and not many flowers left, although they are trying hard.

    And after trying to get some diesel last night and failing at about a dozen petrol stations, Mr J (who has to drive to a meeting tomorrow, so was not panic buying) got up at five this morning and got into a queue at a petrol station that had had a delivery over night. They opened at six, and half an hour later he was finally able to fill up the car. What a world we live in...

    Keep healthy, all you snails!

    #273Verfasser Jabonah (874310) 28 Sep. 21, 21:13

    @Jabonah #273 When were you in Berlin? We could have met (if your schedule had allowed it)

    #274Verfasser plidsi (967308) 29 Sep. 21, 11:20

    I hope my vote for the Bundestagswahl did arrive in time to be counted. I posted it a bit later than I would have liked, as I got the documents rather late. The postal service is not what it used to be, a normal letter from Ireland to Germany (and vice versa) quite often takes about a week to arrive.

    Well, Jabonah, I really hope the supply situation in your neck of the woods will improve shortly, and you still can get all the items you want without problem. We have been warned that the coming winters might strain electricity availability, so I'm seriously considering getting a little back-up generator. After all, without electricity, we couldn't even use the heating, and our fireplace is great for heating the sitting room, but not much more.

    I just booked flights to Germany for a family occasion at the end of October, and I'm not looking forward to all that paperwork (and testing?) required. Availability of flights was very low, and costs rather high, but I guess after nearly 18 months I should go and see my parents and siblings.

    The weather definitely has turned here. We had rather balmy conditions until Sunday afternoon, but since then it's been cold, windy and with frequent rain. This morning, I got out early to have my car's cracked windscreen replaced. I had an hour or so to kill while waiting, so I went for a brisk walk, and there was some frost on a meadow.

    The last bit of salads ready for harvesting have turned very bitter, not even the slugs will take them, so it's time to wait for the next crop of leaves to grow a bit more, but it will be a slow progress. I mentioned that my kale was eaten by caterpillars, and the little beasts went on to feast on some (admittedly a bit overgrown) rocket and a bit of stray pok choi, but not looking at the lettuce. I had left some pok choi go into flower earlier in the year to harvest the seeds (and it was rather successful), but some seeds must have escaped, so now I have that stuff coming up at random places in the growing area. It's a good thing, so, the stuff is tasty and rather easy to suppress where required.

    I think I'll start compiling Hochlichter soon, as I still remember my promise to build our next shell.

    Keep well, everybody!

    #275Verfasser Wik (237414) 29 Sep. 21, 11:28

    Looking forward to Wik's Hochlichter...

    Have a good journey to Germany. My son and I are flying to Berlin in at the end of October. We have to fill in the Einreiseform on our way to Berlin and then also back on our way to Switzerland. *sigh*

    #276Verfasser virus (343741)  30 Sep. 21, 14:19

    Still a lot of time until the new shell will be built, hence I take the opportunity to return to Jabonah’s #273: the complete absence of humour in those books (i.e. SF & Fantasy)


    I’d agree that science – even if it is fictional – isn’t very funny. I came to SF (only SF in the beginning) through a series of books, issued once a year, called “Das Neue Universum” (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Das_Neue_Universum). I started reading in my preteen years. Especially the final illustrations caught me. There were silvery needle-like rockets riding on fire, a universe with nebulae of all kind, bridges spanning cities etc. Hence I didn’t anticipate humour. Then Douglas Adams came up with the“Hitchhiker’s guide” trilogy, which was and still is extremely funny.


    Fantasy is the genre to comprise adventure, horror, action and – often enough – humour. As most prominent I’d consider the “Disc World” novels (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discworld) populated by witches, dragons, assassins, dwarfs etc and each human foible you can imagine.  Killingly funny! Plus: The stories are timeless, because there’s no science in it. :o)



    *musing* Family reunions everywhere. Have a good time wherever you go.


    #277Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 01 Okt. 21, 18:15

    I also enjoy the humor in the David Eddings fantasy novels very much. (Belgariad saga, Malloreon saga)

    #278Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 01 Okt. 21, 18:43

    Ah, plidsi, I must add you to my list of Berliners to try and meet when I go next (it somehow hadn't got through to me that that's where you hang out :-)) I did manage a KALT (I suppose the English version is something like SPLM, which is less easy to pronounce) with the lord of the flies from the forum here, but most of the time I did spend with my mother, which does seem to have cheered her up a bit!

    Thank you Wik - we're lucky in that we don't usually have to travel far by car. This was just a typical coincidence of the one time where Mr J had to be somewhere else just at the time when there is a supply (or delivery) problem. Apart from that we haven't had any problems at all. There may be a few more gaps on supermarket shelves than usual, but nothing worrying (at least out here in the sticks. A friend who lives in Hackney said that their local supermarket had significant gaps on shelves and did sound a bit concerned. And of course with the petrol difficulties I can't even suggest that he should come here for Sunday roast...).

    When you (Wik and virus and everyone) travel to Germany, do print out your Einreiseanmeldung (and vaccination certificate, and all other documents). As I say, they don't email the actual form, just a confirmation - which may allow you to log into somewhere useful, but having it all on paper is so much easier. At least I think so ;-)

    I haven't read any Douglas Adams (or Terry Pratchett, or Neil Gaiman, I have to admit). I am aware that they are funny (and clever). And they are on the list of books to read when nothing else crosses my path, as it were. But Tolkien - the abovementioned Letters from Father Christmas are worth reading, as they are delightful and absolutely hilarious! How an author could have suppressed this amusing sense of delirious madness so completely in other books is beyond me. (But of course the Harry Potter series is quite good, amusing, and multi-faceted, and the only other book I've read by JKR I thought was absolutely dire.)

    Here, too, the weather is increasingly autumnal. Today was reasonably bright, but tomorrow is set to be very wet, and then we'll see. The dahlias are being dried out in the conservatory, everything is being cut back for hibernation. The raised lettuce box still produces a few leaves, and the herbs are actually loving the wetter weather (as do the slugs and snails, of course). I must remember to save some eggshells, as I find those also discourage slug journeys across soil... And sometime next week, the first pumpkins will appear in the shops (if they can get here), and I shall torment my family with pumpkin bread, soup, and possibly cake...

    PS: Did I say that Richard Osman's second book has come out? I remember hm -- us's mother wasn't impressed with the first one (which I loved), so I must have told you about that one some time ago. And I also loved the second one, but it is neither sci-fi nor fantasy, just a very English mystery.

    #279Verfasser Jabonah (874310) 01 Okt. 21, 21:06

    Re #240: Norbert, you must be happy enough with the election outcome in California?

    It's less a question of a happy outcome than one of an expected outcome. The Trumpists were simply wasting our collective time and money with this exercise. The next special election (local school district) is right around the corner, on November 2. Ballots will be mailed out next week.

    #280Verfasser Norbert Juffa (236158)  01 Okt. 21, 23:25

    #276 Don't expect too much...

    #277 Unless I'm very much mistaken, Jabonah was writing about the lack of humour in The Lord of the Rings, not in fantasy in general. Tolkien is fascinating in a way, as he was able to write in very different styles. The Letters from Father Christmas are very funny, The Hobbit clearly is written for children, with plenty of easily accessible, but also some hidden gems of, humour. LOTR, in my opinion, has been misinterpreted by the popular movies, but it clearly is written more in the style of a saga. Even within the books (it shouldn't be 3, BTW, but 6, which are very distinct from each other, without making it a series per se), you can find a very different style in certain parts.

    And if you look at some other books (edited and published by C Tolkien), there are many more layers to be found.

    On the other hand, the late Sir Terry Pratchett was very true to his writing style throughout his entire work. But as hilarious and insightful the early work was, the later novels seem to compromise an enganging story line and unexpectd twists with the desire to drive a certain political (albeit not a wrong one) agenda...

    I enjoyed the Mallorean Saga by David Eddings, which has been mentioned above, but I have no desire to read other books by this author, mainly aided by the writer himself.

    If anybody wants to read a true fantasy classic, "The Worm Ouroboros" by E. R. Eddison is rather accessible and predates Tolkien's stories.

    #280 Why, a living democracy needs to deal with some "unnecessary" elections/votes. I'm of the conviction that the world would be a better place if it was ruled by me as a benevolent, but absolute, tyrant. But since humankind doesn't seem to be ready for this, I stand back and watch democracy playing out, for better or worse ;)

    #279 Lots of good advice for the upcoming travels, thank you.

    And good night to all the tired snails and onlookers!

    #281Verfasser Wik (237414) 02 Okt. 21, 21:01

    Wik, I didn't understand what you meant here:

    I enjoyed the Mallorean Saga by David Eddings, which has been mentioned above, but I have no desire to read other books by this author, mainly aided by the writer himself.

    Thanks for the tip with the Worm Ouroboros, I might give that a try.

    Strange enough, I never got into reading Pratchett...I was introduced to him by my sons who read a lot of his books, and read one or two, but somehow his kind of humor didn't get to me.

    #282Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 03 Okt. 21, 11:39
    Correcturiitos fire Goldammer: Entweder “His sense of humor didn’t appeal to me “ oder “I didn’t get his sense of humor.” Auch “strangely enough”.

    Gestern hatten Herr MiMi und ich unseren Hochzeitstag. Wir beide haben vergessen. Zum Glueck hat meine Schwaegerin angerufen, um uns zu gratulieren.

    *in die Runde wink*
    #283Verfasser Amy-MiMi (236989)  03 Okt. 21, 11:57

    Well, Amy-MiMi please accept belated congratulations from this side of the ocean!

    Quick correctorito:

    Wir beide haben es/ihn vergessen.

    Goldammer: Oh, sorry that sounded a bit cryptic. Unless I totally misunderstood the Malloreon Saga, it was a lot about events repeating themselves, and there were many references to the Belgariad Saga in this respect. In the end of the books, Mr Eddings wrote something in the sense of: "do you still not have enough of this story? Put down the book and get back to real life!"

    I followed this advice, as I didn't want to read the whole storyline again in a different wrapping. Also, my main interest at this point had shifted away from fantasy towards history anyway.

    Jabonah: Mrs Wik has picked up the second mystery by Richard Osman, cause we very much enjoyed the first one. It's now sitting in the book shelf waiting to be read in wintertime in front of the fire.

    It's certainly autumnal now, sunny at the moment, but with cold and gusty winds. So today's Sunday dinner will be roast pork with a blackberry-apple-rosemary stuffing, roast potatoes and vegetables.

    #284Verfasser Wik (237414) 03 Okt. 21, 14:12

    @ Goldammer: Somehow his kind of humor

    Maybe not, Maybe you just haven’t been in the mood to dive into the dirt of the metropolis Ankh-Morpork, the life of the witches far away in the hills, or the desires of DEATH, who picks up every dead body (men or mice) “on the other side” to brief them. The latter is one of the characters I love most. Whatever he says is written in capital letters, to let you know who’s speaking. Let me give a tiny example. In one of the stories the main character is a dog that is tired of doing everything his human boss wants him to do, retrieving sticks e.g.. Thud he assemblers s gang of likeminded dogs. Well, one day the inevitable happened: Chasing a cat from roof to roof he fell and died. When he opened his eyes he saw a dark clothed man besides him and wanted to leave. But the man said “SIT DOWN”, and the dog did what he hated most: he obeyed. (from memory)

    This fractal from a caleidoscope indicates my kind of humour. I hope I didn’t bore you. ;o)


    @ Amy-MiMi: Good to have a sister-in-law to remind you of your anniversary. When I forgot my wedding anniversary last August (you might remember that I mentioned it) none of our family reminded one of us. I had a bad conscience when it crossed my mind the next day but luckily Mrs RenaRdd had forgotten it as well. It wasn’t a round one anyway, so we were able to laugh about ourselves.

    How’s the weather at your neck of the woods? The winter is near, and you know that whenever I think of you I imagine you shoveling snow. L

    #285Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  03 Okt. 21, 16:26

    Did I bore you so much that you started hibernating already? OK. Here’s something completely different. A poem. Initially I intended to give it a moral touch but as I went on it turned out to be a (surprising?) fable.


    Once a Grizzly came to town

    asking for the old Kings crown.

    The King said, “There’s no crown to give

    ‘cause as long as you may live

    you won’t be able to sign the laws:

    You’ve got no fingers, you’ve got paws.”


    “Don’t need no laws, the law am I”

    The bear bawled, “Come near and die.

    ”“I understand that you are brave”

    replied the King, “but you’re a slave.

    It’s not sufficient to be strong,

    You need a brain to get along.”


    The bear said “Look, my golden ring”.

    “Yes, I’m impressed” replied the King,

    “but the nose is not where it should be.

    You can only be mighty when you’re free.”

    He knocked at a bar and turned around

    to follow his kids to the kermis ground.

    #286Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  10 Okt. 21, 17:51

    Thanks for the poem, RenaRd!

    And for digging out the CC!

    It's become really cold outdoors, near freezing point - we moved indoors a few days ago.

    Good news for the cats: after 3 weeks of quarantine in the attic (because of a rat control situation in our garden which might also lead to poisoned mice) they were allowed out again this morning. They left without breakfast!

    #287Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 11 Okt. 21, 10:35

    Reads like „Changing of the Guard“, Goldammer: You moved in and the cats moved out. J

    Thanks for liking my poem. Although, you didn’t literally say, that you liked it. But hopefully it will intrigue some snails. The end of the thread is near, and soon my poem will be wiped away like words on a blackboard when the lesson is over. *snuffling*

    #288Verfasser RenaRd (907225) 11 Okt. 21, 13:23

    Long time no see - and right away I'm stumbling upon that beautiful poem.

    Thank you @RenaRd.

    Perhaps the snail who will open a new CC and put in the Hochlichter might be tempted to include the poem in them ... 😉

    Happy Week everyone!

    #289Verfasser plidsi (967308) 11 Okt. 21, 14:04

    Good to see plidsi again! Thank you so much for your poem, RenaRd, I really love it. (I think it was Wik who announced to do the next Hochlichter.)

    As I told in the ZZ I am about to organise a family come-together (I can't think of the right word here) for next year. As we only met at burials the last years we thought about having a family meeting without a sad background. Moreover, my generation is somehow now in the first row (pole position? 😉). I was looking for a meeting area and did a "triangulation" (what is the word for finding the centre between 4 points?) between the world's famous cities Hamburg, Berlin, Zurich and Engelstadt. 😉 We will be about 15-17 persons if everyone is coming. It is already like "tending a bag of fleas" when it comes to "send me your e-mail addresses", "fill in the Doodle I've sent to you"... I will let you know about the progress from time to time.


    #290Verfasser virus (343741) 11 Okt. 21, 17:25

    The same to you, plidsi. Don’t work to hard (I’m permitted to say so, your boss might disagree) and use your spare time to visit the CC as often as possible. Please do me the favour. I’ve told somebody (The story behind this is too long to be told here) that you and virus are regulars in the shell.



    Ahh. Virus, quelle surprise. You wrote at the very same time.

    Reading your problem regarding a meeting point an idea crossed my mind. It’s not the exact middle of Germany and, in fact, too near for your Engelstadt family members, but (depending on your financial cushion) it’s a fantastic place to be. May I suggest?


    I’ve been there once (many years ago) and it was expensive then already. If it goes far beyond your financial scope, please just don’t tell the others. On the other hand it might turn out to be an unforgettable event.

    #291Verfasser RenaRd (907225)  11 Okt. 21, 17:25

    virus, we had a family get-together (I think that's the term, isn't it?) a few years ago, with the same motivation. All offspring of my maternal grandparents and their families were invited, about 30 came, aged from newborn to over 80. My oldest sister printed out two family trees in A1 size, with photos (where possible, also from old family documents and old photo albums) - one with the said offspring where everybody could find themselves, and a second one about 6 generations back from my grandparents.

    It was a great event with lots of good talk, laughter, sharing of anecdotes, sharing news etc. Unforgettable. Making the group photo was one of the greatest challenges of the meeting, as you can imagine.....

    #292Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 11 Okt. 21, 18:32

    Goldammer, how sweet. We will rather be between the age of 20 and 70, and as I said only 15 to 17 persons. Anyway, it will be fun. RenaRd, thank you for your suggestion, but as you can imagine that hotel is a little bit over the top. We rather head to i) either a youth-hostel like place (although most of the "elderlys" don't want to sleep in bunk beds) or ii) a hotel nearby (the youngsters who can't afford this will be sponsored). The area will be Rhön, although Siebengebirge is not so far and very nice as well.

    Btw, baschteling anybody? Wik?

    #293Verfasser virus (343741)  12 Okt. 21, 07:18

    Thanks virus. And RenaRd (no pressure here, huh?), I'll try.

    virus you might try for youth-hostels. Nowadays they have quite nice offers for families and for gatherings of all kinds and they're not too expensive.

    I'm sure you'll find something in the center-point of your cities.

    #294Verfasser plidsi (967308) 12 Okt. 21, 08:14

    Btw, baschteling anybody? Wik?

    Aye, as promised it's me. Just going through the last bits, so hold back from posting #300.

    Edith: all ready to be posted, you may now write the remaining posts for this shell

    #295Verfasser Wik (237414)  12 Okt. 21, 09:35
    Don't forget to post the link to the new snailhouse in one of the last boxes!
    #296Verfasser Goldammer (428405) 12 Okt. 21, 15:06

    Ok then, before the unthinkable might happen I give in to the nagging and dedicate posts #298 - #300 to the limbo of "Ze Internetz", or to whatever posters want to fill them with.


    We are transferring to our new home: Siehe auch: Crossover Chat No 355

    #297Verfasser Wik (237414) 12 Okt. 21, 17:21

    *sweeps the floor*

    #298Verfasser Jabonah (874310) 12 Okt. 21, 17:50

    As we do in the counting room: We clean up the place and leave it neatly.

    #299Verfasser virus (343741) 12 Okt. 21, 17:50

    Jabonah was faster, but I am the last... 😉

    #300Verfasser virus (343741)  12 Okt. 21, 17:50

    *synchronicity point for virus*

    *switches off lights and closes door*

    #301Verfasser Jabonah (874310) 12 Okt. 21, 17:51
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