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    Adages-proverbs for you = Adages-proverbes


    Adages-proverbs for you = Adages-proverbes


    On récolte ce qu'on sème.

    As you sow, so (shall/will) you reap.

    Auteur ymarc (264504)  23 Juin 21, 19:49

    There is more happiness in giving than in receiving (Acts, 20,35)

    Il y a plus de bonheur à donner qu'à recevoir.(Actes des Apôtres, chapitre 20:35)

    The Bible // la Bible 4U

    #1Auteur ymarc (264504)  17 Juill. 21, 20:00

    I have written a small script which produces random phrases from the beginnings and endings of proverbs. Some are hilarious, some are just dull. But I have included a way to optionally “qualify” the output.

    This thread makes me look up the list of those examples that I once found worth keeping, so “here are the results of the jury”:

    • The best way to a man's heart is another man's treasure.
    • Children tell no tales.
    • People who live in glass houses have ears.
    • The pen is power.
    • A bad settlement is least heeded.
    • Children are doomed to repeat it.
    • All cats have ears.
    • Children die young.
    • God is my friend.
    • Good fences were meant to be broken.
    • Barking dogs are doomed to repeat it.
    • Beggars shouldn't throw stones.

    #2Auteuroops. (237995) 04 Sept. 21, 17:15

    Thank you!

    Walls have ears.

    Les murs ont des oreilles.



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    #3Auteur ymarc (264504)  04 Sept. 21, 18:24

    Ein Tag ohne Wein ist wie ein Tag ohne Sonne.

    Un jour sans vin est comme un jour sans soleil.

    A day without wine is like a day without sunshine.

    cf. Siehe auch: [fr-de] Redensarten und Sprichwörter Nr. 38

    #4Auteur ymarc (264504)  10 jan 22, 15:00
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