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    Act / act (small or capitals?)


    Act / act (small or capitals?)



    So I know when I'm referencing a specific act I'll write "The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed in 2002.....etc". I also know in the above sentence that the first "act" needs to be small.

    But then, if I continue talking about it, do I use capitals or not?

    "The purpose of the Act/act is to restore investor confidence.."

    Capital A in this case, yes or no? Tia!

    Author Nixda (455581) 10 Dec 21, 11:06

    Lower case, as you yourself have written in #0.

    The act you are referring to is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

    A trickier question is whether the "the" should be capitalised.

    #1Author isabelll (918354) 10 Dec 21, 15:23

    In einem englischsprachigen Vertragstexten würde ich allerdings the Act großschreiben, um damit kenntlich zu machen, daß es nicht irgendein Gesetz ist, sondern dieses ganz bestimmte. Bei der ersten Verwendung oder in einem eigenen Kapitel Definitionen sollte man das auch so festschreiben.

    #2Author mbshu (874725) 10 Dec 21, 16:08

    usually capitalised, in British practice

    #3Authorchristopher H (265481) 11 Dec 21, 14:20

    Sorry! Again what learned, I think one says on Leo.

    #4Author isabelll (918354) 11 Dec 21, 14:52

    A trickier question is whether the "the" should be capitalised. (#1)

    The is not usually capitalised in cases like this, except when it is part of the title, e.g. The Times. The same applies to The Netherlands.

    #5Author Stravinsky (637051) 11 Dec 21, 17:19
    "The same applies to The Netherlands."

    If you mean that the "the" in "the Netherlands" should always be capitalized, I don't think this is correct.

    For example, I'd write "I'm flying to the Netherlands next week," not "I'm flying to The Netherlands next week."

    If that's not what you meant, then please forgive my misunderstanding.
    #6Author bishop_j (877745)  12 Dec 21, 08:55

    #6: I did mean that, but I now see that I was mistaken – it's the Netherlands. Perhaps I was getting it confused with The Hague.

    #7Author Stravinsky (637051) 12 Dec 21, 11:01

    Thank you all for replying, unfortunately i am none the wiser though :/

    #1 I don't think "the" needs to be capitalized

    #2 es ist kein Vertragstext sondern ein Info/Blogtext.

    #3 good to know, thank you! I do have a British background so my gut instinct was indeed to go for upper case, but I'm writing for an American-oriented journal, so not quite sure...

    From what I gather both options are not wrong, so I'll just go with upper case for now.

    #8Author Nixda (455581) 13 Dec 21, 13:16

    re #8:

    This native AE speaker says: don't capitalize "act" when referring simply to "the act."

    But I am not entirely sure, myself.

    #9Author bishop_j (877745) 13 Dec 21, 16:18

    re #9: aaarrrgghhhhh!!! lol

    It seems there is no globally valid answer to the question.

    Perhaps it would be safer after all to go with a lower case "act".

    #10Author Nixda (455581) 14 Dec 21, 11:48

    #10: I'm sorry for further confusing the matter. I really am not sure and I think it could reasonably go either way.

    #11Author bishop_j (877745) 14 Dec 21, 14:11
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