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    the OG messiah

    It’s encouraging to see Liz Truss hoving back into view, after a period in the wilderness only slightly longer than that endured by the OG messiah.

    Vermute ich richtig, dass OG für "Our God" steht? Aber müsste es dann nicht "OG the messiah" heißen?
    AuthorMr Chekov (DE) (522758) 29 Jan 23, 08:13

    OG = Original Gangster, kommt aus dem Hiphop (war mal ein Albumtitel) und heißt inzwischen einfach "das Original, der ursprüngliche, echte, erste.

    Edith hat nachgeguckt, es gab den Begriff wohl schon vor dem Album, das Album hat nur geholfen, ihn zu verbreiten.

    NOTE: According to an essay by Steve Champion and Anthony Ross, former members of the Crips street gang in Los Angeles, the initialism O.G. was first used by the Crips in the early 1970's; see Champion and Ross, "The Making of an O.G.: Transcending Gang Mentality," written in 2006 and available on the website as of 7/12/21. The release of the album O.G. Original Gangster by the rapper Ice-T (Tracy Lauren Morrow) in 1991 likely contributed to the migration of the word from gang culture to more general use.


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    variants or less commonly O.G.

    pluralOGs also OG's or O.G.s or O.G.'s


    someone or something that is an original or originator and especially one that is highly respected or regarded

    #1Author Jalapeño (236154)  29 Jan 23, 09:02

    Ah, ok. Danke!

    #2AuthorMr Chekov (DE) (522758) 29 Jan 23, 11:26

    Der Artikel ist auch ansonsten lesenswert; er lässt m.E. zu recht kein gutes Haar an den englischen Politikern der letzten Jahre.

    Zu den Anhängern von Lis Truss:

    So now the Trussites take their place among the furiously betrayed, despite the fact their leader left office having broken virtually every egg at her disposal, landing the UK with a vast bill and absolutely no prospect of an omelette.

    #3Author wienergriessler (925617)  29 Jan 23, 15:59
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