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    research + preposition


    What would you say?

    I heard about your research promoting xyz


    I heard about your research on promoting xyz

    Laut OALD online steht research als Nomen mit der Präposition on: research on sth. Oder man verwendet es mit dem full infinitive: I’ve done some research to find out ….

    Ist der Gebrauch mit Gerund gänzlich ausgeschlossen?

    Author lotty_3 (1392653) 26 May 23, 12:15

    Without more context (the nature of XYZ, what 'promotion' means in this sentence, whether the research is capable of 'promoting' XYZ or not), I would understand the difference between your sentences to be:

    I heard about your research promoting XYZ = your research promotes XYZ (you've done some research deliberately to promote XYZ)

    I heard about your research on/into the promotion of XYZ = your research researches the promotion of XYZ (an academic study researching promotion techniques of XYZ?)

    #1Author papousek (343122) 26 May 23, 12:32

    #1 That's how I'd understand it, too.

    NB: a gerund can be used as a noun, so "research on something" would include "research on eating", "research on swimming" etc.

    #2Author CM2DD (236324) 26 May 23, 14:01

    research in the field of

    research in the area of

    research on the topic of

    als Alternativen

    #3Author Seltene Erde (1378604) 26 May 23, 14:19
    Thank you very much for your answers.
    I will give a little more context.
    The sentence appeared in a student‘s essay:
    I heard about your research promoting multicultural relationships.
    Therefore, using „promoting“ as a participle, not gerund. Sorry, for the mistake in my query above.

    Is that correct? Or does it have to be „I heard about your research on promoting multicultural relationships“.
    Somehow, both sounds correct to me 🙃

    Thank you
    #4Author lotty_3 (1392653) 26 May 23, 17:39

    Both sentences are correct, grammatically, but as I said in #1 (confirmed by CM2DD in #2), they mean different things. (Although I'm not totally clear what it means to 'research the promotion of multicultural relationships'!)

    I heard about your research promoting multicultural relationships = you have done some research in order to promote multicultural relationships / the purpose or goal of the research is to promote multicultural relationships

    I heard about your research on/into promoting multicultural relationships* = you have done some research about the promotion of multicultural relationships. The purpose of the research is analysis, not promotion.

    *I actually prefer research into the promotion but that might be personal preference.

    #5Author papousek (343122) 26 May 23, 18:05

    In my opinion, papousek can explain very well! 🙂

    #6Author Wollstonecraft (1328853) 26 May 23, 18:40
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