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    Hotelsteuer in den USA

    Ich bin zurzeit hier in einem Hotel in den USA, und bisher wurde mir für jeden Tag ein kleiner Betrag an 'city and state room tax' berechnet. Doch noch einem Monat wurde mir der gesamte bisher berechnete Betrag wieder gutgeschrieben(Expired Tax Refund) und seitdem wird keine Steuer mehr berechnet.

    Muss ich jetzt gar keine Steuer zahlen? Und was ist der Hintergrund?
    Schonmal danke für eure Hilfe.
    VerfasserMr.Pibb (306319) 15 Mär. 07, 17:08
    Es handelt sich hierbei anscheinend um eine von der Stadt und vom Staat urspraeunglich erhobene Steuer, die inzwischen nicht mehr erhoben wird.

    Steuern werden in USA auf verschiedenen Ebenen erhoben und entsprechend ausgewiesen:
    federal - wird in Gesamt-USA erhoben und wird von der Regierung in Washington, DC verwaltet (Bundesebene)
    state - wird von den einzelnen Staaten erhoben und verwaltet (Laenderebene)
    city - wird von der oertlichen Stadtverwaltung/Gemeinde erhoben und verwaltet (kommunale Ebene)
    #1VerfasserAGB (236120) 15 Mär. 07, 17:22
    I doubt that the tax has been abolished, but who knows. AGB is right that every city and state has different tax laws. Maybe the tax in your city is specifically only for tourists, that is, visitors who stay less than a certain number of days?

    If I were you I would just ask the hotel desk clerk, or the manager on duty, why the tax first appeared on your bill and then was taken off. If you need to explain the change in your expense reports to your company, or if you just want to be sure you aren't breaking the law, say so in a polite way. Someone there probably knows the answer.

    Or try an internet search with your city's name and 'hotel tax,' or 'hotel and * tax,' something like that.
    #2Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 15 Mär. 07, 18:40
    In Texas, *if* you declare upon arrival that you are staying more than a month, then *after* the first month is over, you receive the tax back and are not taxed further. If you don't tell them until later that you are staying more than a month, only the tax from the date of notification is returned. No interruptions are allowed.

    The reason for this is that if you stay more than a month, the room is considered to be more of a "furnished apartment", the place that you are living, not a place you are just visiting for a few nights.

    Like many other things in the US, the rules probably vary from city to city and state to state.
    #3VerfasserTom (AE) (237076) 15 Mär. 07, 19:58
    Thank you very much.
    I asked a friend here and he told me exactely what Tom said. You get the tax back when you stay longer than a month (I am in Illinois here), but I didn't know the apartment thing. Thanks again.
    #4VerfasserMr.Pibb15 Mär. 07, 21:45
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