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    The Green Machine

    This probably doesn't fit into "Customs and culture", so I'll post it here. I leave for Fort Benning on 25 June for a six-year contract as an Airborne Ranger in the U.S. Army. I wanted to wish all of you here all the best. I don't know how often I will be called on to translate German-English while I'm there, but I hope to have reason to pop in every now and then. LEO has always been a valuable tool in my work in Cologne and the posters here have helped me now and again, even when I may have been a bit strident in my responses in some threads *hust*.

    Thanks to all for a very good ride and I'll see you when I see you.
    Author Solitudinarian (236315) 08 Jun 07, 00:21
    Ich wünsche Dir alles Gute mit Deiner neuen Aufgabe, Solitudinarian, und hoffe trotzdem, Dich ab und zu wieder 'lesen' zu dürfen!! :o)

    Darf ich fragen was ein 'Airborne Ranger in the U.S. Army' macht?
    #1Author albin (Ö) (236092) 08 Jun 07, 00:27
    @ albin

    Laut Wikipedia, "the [75th Ranger] Regiment is a flexible, highly-trained and rapidly deployable light infantry force with specialized skills that enable them to be employed against a variety of conventional and special operations targets."

    Ich bin vor ca. 2 Stunden aus Hanau zurückgekehrt, wo ich meine letzten Untersuchungen und Tests hatte. Jeder Sanitäter, der nach meinem "Slot" gefragt hat, meinte: "You must be fucking crazy."
    #2Author Solitudinarian (236315) 08 Jun 07, 00:39
    Uiuiui, ich dachte erst - weil Du auch "The Green Machine" geschrieben hast - an eine Art '(National) Park Ranger', halt mit Flugzeug oder Heli.

    Na dann wünsche ich Dir doppelt Alles Gute!
    #3Author albin (Ö) (236092) 08 Jun 07, 00:45
    @Solitudinarian: Ich schließe mich den guten Wünschen an: toi toi toi! (auch wenn ich mit dem 'operationellen' Auftrag vermutlich nicht sehr einverstanden bin) Komm gesund wieder!
    #4Authorlilhelpa (287124) 08 Jun 07, 01:28
    @ Solitudinarian,
    Ich wuensche dir auch alles Gute.
    I concur with the medic, are you crazy? :-) Good luck!
    #5Authorme1 (236101) 08 Jun 07, 05:02
    @ Solitudinarian:
    I wish you the very best of good luck - take care of yourself!

    @ all:
    "Green machine": That's what the army is called in USA.
    #6AuthorCatDaddy (270948) 08 Jun 07, 06:38
    good luck and all that, but didn't the "girls" get a say in the matter? Does the army allow cats?
    #7Authortanja1 (236272) 10 Jun 07, 21:33
    @ tanja1

    The girls will be getting a government-subsidized (I hope) flight to the States, where they will reside in a lush Atlanta suburb until I get out various training schools. Then they will reside with me until I fly to some horrible place.

    @ all who have responded

    Many thanks!
    #8Author Solitudinarian (236315) 11 Jun 07, 09:16
    is this in any way Germany's fault, have we driven you to sign up? I can't believe it, all those years in namby-pamby pacifist Germany don't seem to have rubbed off at all...
    Don't forget to dole out copious good-bye presents, remember?
    #9Authortanja1 (236272) 11 Jun 07, 09:39
    Sol. we will miss you at the next Cologne meet-up - who will help me organise the gourmet delights now ????? ;o)
    All the best - let us know if you're in Cologne on leave or whatever and we'll quickly organise a get-together
    #10Author Confused GB (268858) 11 Jun 07, 09:58
    @ tanja1

    Not even the 175th Pacifist Indoctrination Unit (the famed 'Yellow Bellies') in Cologne could pull off converting me. I guess I'm terminally militarist. But I shall return - for good German bread and good German beer. And the occasional LEO-Treff.

    If you're up for it, we could meet for a beer or two sometime in the next, er, 11 days.

    @ Confused GB

    Lead my previously dissolute lifestyle for a while and you'll have no trouble coming up with diverse Gaststätten for possibilities.
    #11Author Solitudinarian (236315) 11 Jun 07, 10:10
    solitudinarian, done! Not Wednesdays, not weekends, otherwise just name your day. Wiener Steffi?
    #12Authortanja1 (236272) 11 Jun 07, 10:13
    @ tanja1

    Not even the 175th PIU could get me in there again. How about something less Neanderthal?

    I'll check my now-ungodly schedule soon and let you know most ricky-tick.
    #13Author Solitudinarian (236315) 11 Jun 07, 10:32
    Best wishes and come back safe and sane.
    We need your sensibility - especially since many of us are not of your opinion in political questions :-)
    #14Author AGB (236120) 14 Jun 07, 17:36
    Hi all!

    I just wanted to pop in and say that I'm still alive. Army Basic Training sucks and blows at the same time - not really a surprise and yet it was. I'm halfway through and waiting impatiently for Airborne Training. That is, if my 41-year-old bones don't give out first. I am in better shape than 2/3 of my platoon, though.

    In any case, best wishes to all. And let me know when the next Cologne Meet is - I might just show up (if possible).
    #15Author Solitudinarian (236315) 18 Aug 07, 20:17
    Glad to hear you made it half-way through basic training. I am a couple years older than you are but cannot imagine going through that at this age. Just the thought of getting up at 5am again makes me shudder :-) Best of luck in this endeavor!
    #16Author Norbert Juffa (236158) 18 Aug 07, 20:43
    @ Solitudinarian:

    Nice to hear from you again - keep a stiff upper lip and good luck!
    My own basic training (German Bundeswehr) took place 29 years ago - back then I volunteered for 2 years.
    Basic training isn't fun - but it doesn't go on forever - even though it feels as if it's going to be forever.

    Hang in there and take care!

    He who fights and sneaks away lives to fight another day.
    #17AuthorCatDaddy (270948) 20 Aug 07, 07:43
    well well, nice to hear from you again. Missing us already?
    Good to hear you're doing fine. What is airborne training? (It sounds like they make you parachute between flying barbed wire or something.)
    Have they let you in on any Important Secrets yet?
    #18Author Spinatwachtel (341764) 20 Aug 07, 13:21
    Just to keep you posted: related discussion: [b]LEO-Treffen Köln V[/b]

    I guess that'll be too early to take some leave - but who knows.
    #19Author reverend (314585) 28 Oct 07, 00:36
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt