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    Job ads in Germany

    American company looking for employees:

    The company my uncle works for (US company) is seeking to expand to Germany. They are looking for employees in order to open their office in Frankfurt. The problem is that they have already spent a lot of money placing employment ads in the FAZ and another website (forgot the name), with no results. The job is quite specialized, making the search that much more difficult.

    Do any Leo users know of other websites that professionals look at for jobs? Perhaps there are some sites that are a bit cheaper than the FAZ? At this point, they are getting desperate because they have spent so much money and haven't gotten anywhere.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!
    Author miamibremen (279037) 10 Feb 08, 13:35
    Schon mal daran gedacht, einen Headhunter einzusetzen?
    #1AuthorUweN (238426) 10 Feb 08, 14:08
    Have they tried ""? Though, I have no idea what it costs - then there's - Again, I have no idea what it would cost on the employer's side, but DO know that quite a few highly qualified people are registered.
    #2Author Carly-AE (237428) 10 Feb 08, 14:10
    No, they haven't thought of that.
    I am helping them out, since no one in that office speaks German, or is aware of the German job culture. For example, they have changed the title of the job since in Germany you learn a job and not a field, so the wrong people would have clicked on the ad and the right people wouldn't have even seen it.

    They have posted on monster, and the other one (I remember now) was jobware.
    It's just getting ridiculous how much money these sites require, especially when they spend the money in vain.

    Thanks for the xing site, that is available in English so it may be easier for them to use.

    So, what exactly is a headhunter, and how does it work?

    #3Author miamibremen (279037) 10 Feb 08, 14:20
    A headhunter is a "recruiter" - We worked with one, and he was excellent. As far as I know, they receive a salary-based fee (that is, salary of future employee) - but this is word-of-mouth, since I never got to see the actual contracts between the company/recruiter.
    Recruiters are often specialized in finding people for specific fields, i.e., one searches for CEOs, another for IT, ect.
    #4Author Carly-AE (237428) 10 Feb 08, 14:27

    Here's another website where jobs are posted, but again - no idea on costs.
    #5Author Carly-AE (237428) 10 Feb 08, 14:31
    I just remembered! When I registered at XING, I got a free month's "Gold Member" trial, where you could use all the functions (send/receive messages, ect.) - After that, I think it costs about 5 euros per month.
    #6Author Carly-AE (237428) 10 Feb 08, 15:47
    In welchem Bereich wird gesucht? Es gibt je nach Fachrichtung (Technik, BWL, ...) noch weitere zusätzliche Jobbörsen im Internet.
    Dann z.B. kleinere regionale Tageszeitungen (wobei die FAZ schon mit _die_ Wahl ist, wenn man überregional nach einem Job sucht).
    Wenn es nicht gerade jemand mit mehreren Jahren Erfahrung sein muß, kann man sich auch an diverse Universitäten oder Berufsschulen wenden.
    #7Author h h (38469) 10 Feb 08, 18:05
    just a few:

    googeln nach "Jobbörse" liefer x Treffer
    #8Authord2f (375128) 11 Feb 08, 09:58
    miami .. vielleicht solltest Du einfach die Jobbeschreibung mal hier reinlegen ..
    entweder findet ihr hier jemanden fuer euren job .. oder jemand aus der Branche stolpert zufällig drüber und könnte dir sagen .. wo man am besten jemanden findet ..

    nen guter headhunter waere natuerlich auch nicht schlecht ..
    wenn jemand wuesste wo man einen guten bekommt ..
    #9Author la.ktho (236390) 11 Feb 08, 10:20
    There are specialized websites, associations or specialized headhunters/recruiting agencies for many fields. You'll probably be able to find something along those lines if you google around with relevant search strings.
    #10Author Jalapeño (236154) 11 Feb 08, 10:29
    I suppose if you roughly tell us what field the job is in, somebody here working in the same field might be able to give you quite specific advice. I think that people with different backgrounds look at quite different places when seeking good jobs. As far as I'm aware there is no one-size-fits-all job market in Germany.
    #11AuthorSimon A. (367790) 11 Feb 08, 10:32
    The job is for:
    Senior Director, Brand Development

    The Senior Director is responsible for gaining clients in the pharmaceutical industry. The company is called Brand Institute, and they create names and slogans for new products. So the Senior Director should have good sales skills and also have a background in the pharma industry, as well as a university degree, of course.
    #12Author miamibremen (279037) 11 Feb 08, 10:45
    They might want to try the career pages of organizations specialized in pharma (e.g. or marketing. The career pages of international organizations are read by Germans, too.
    #13Author Corduli [de] (7520) 11 Feb 08, 10:59
    Another way to find a recruiting company for that job is to buy some larger papers (not only FAZ but think also about SZ or some regionally orientated papers) and look for huge ads in pharmaceutic areas and the companies ("Unternehmensberatungen") that took out the ad.

    There might be another field of advantages while working with an international recruiter: if the US company has no idea of German working culture, they could get some consulting in this area while discussing the ad details - to find the right person as well as to offer a field of "intercultural workspacee" in the German subsidiary.
    #14Author Friedhelm D. (366844) 11 Feb 08, 23:01
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