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    fiddle about (or around) heißt laut Langenscheidt "herumfummeln an/mit"

    Nun bin ich auf die Ausdrücke "fiddle around with" und "fiddle with" gestoßen, von denen mir der letzte besonders zusagt:
    an einem Schloß herumfummeln = fiddle with a lock?
    AuthorNismo09 Mar 08, 21:47

    möglicherweise: fiddle at a lock?
    #1AuthorNismo09 Mar 08, 21:52
    The idiom is "to fiddle AROUND [with]" and it means 'to toy with', 'to mess (around) with', 'to tinker with', 'to play with'. It implies that you are handling something, often excessively.

    He fiddled (around) with the button for about 5 minutes before he got the station tuned in.

    (A mother to a child) Stop fiddling around with that or you'll hurt yourself!

    He fiddled around with until he broke it.
    #2Authorhht109 Mar 08, 23:26
    woops: correction

    He fiddled around with until he broke it. SHOULD READ:

    He fiddled around with IT until he broke it.

    #3Authorhht109 Mar 08, 23:27
    Thank you!
    #4AuthorNismo10 Mar 08, 13:25
    There's a somewhat darker definition as well. So. who fiddles about with children as in Uncle Ernie from the rock musical Tommy.
    #5Authormyklausunna (236435) 10 Mar 08, 13:39
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