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    to eat s.o. out #20

    The number of twenty can also be called a score (as Abraham Lincoln did in his Gettysburg Address).
    In a game of chess both players have 20 first moves from which to choose
    Twenty questions is a popular party game
    Twenty is the age of majority in Japanese tradition. Someone who is exactly twenty years old is described as hatachi
    The Twenty Year Curse refers to the pattern of presidents of the United States who assumed office in 1840, 1860, 1880, 1900, 1920, 1940, and 1960 to die in office. This pattern ended with the 1980 presidency of Reagan, who survived his time in office and, notably, an attempted assassination.
    Bands with the number twenty in their name include Matchbox Twenty
    A 20-minute-long entertainment program shown before some films playing in United Artists movie theaters is called "The Twenty" (spelled "The 20wenty")
    Yan Tan Tethera is a 20-word jingle for counting sheep
    The ordinal adjective is vicenary
    20/20 is a late-night newsmagazine program on the ABC network, that has been hosted by Barbara Walters, Hugh Downs, Elizabeth Vargas, and others
    In the roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons (as well as other RPGs that use twenty-sided dice), twenty-sided dice play a pivotal role in gameplay, and to "roll a twenty" is significant to the point that it is sometimes used in other, usually related, contexts, similar to the use of "doubles" in reference to Monopoly.
    20 is:

    Twenty, a village in Lincolnshire
    In the United States Constitution, $20 is the threshold value of civil disputes above which the right to trial by jury is preserved
    A denomination of U.S. dollar featuring Andrew Jackson's portrait
    A denomination of Pound sterling featuring Adam Smith's portrait
    The code for international direct dial phone calls to Egypt
    The designation of Interstate 20, a freeway that runs from Texas to South Carolina
    20 (album), a 1988 album by Harry Connick, Jr.
    Twenty (album), a 1997 album by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    20 (Terminaator album), a 2007 album by Terminaator

    Yes folks, we're still here giving our version of live as it is in LEOville. The tears the joys and all that comes between.

    We were here;
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    Authormyklausunna (236435) 28 Mar 08, 15:23
    Ein neuer Faden, wie schön!
    Danke, Mykl!

    #1Author Waringham (384862) 28 Mar 08, 15:32
    Hmm, I should have thought of that, shouldn't I.
    #2Authormyklausunna (236435) 28 Mar 08, 15:33


    Fang endlich mal an, an der BA zu schreiben!!!
    #3Author yytsunamiyy (341657) 28 Mar 08, 16:09

    Danke schön :))), auch an Mafi, Wari und 4y

    Ich muß jetzt heim, mich aufbretzeln für heut abend :)


    Wari, ich muß übrigens nochmal im Tierschutzgesetz nachschlagen, ich mein, da stünde auch, dass man Wildtiere nicht stören darf, habs nur gestern nicht auf die schnelle gefunden.

    Ein superwunderschönes Wochenende euch allen

    #4Author easy (238884) 28 Mar 08, 16:12
    WOW, all the eater outers (well, nearly all) have appeared on the same day.*chuckle* Ladies and gentlemen, at the moment we span 3 continents, not bad for threadnappers.
    Isi, I suspect they're all here for you taday, have a super weekend.
    #5Authormyklausunna (236435) 28 Mar 08, 16:16
    WEll, that's me finished for this week.Have fun.
    #6Authormyklausunna (236435) 28 Mar 08, 19:55
    Good morning people, a very happy monday morning to one and all.
    #7Authormyklausunna (236435) 31 Mar 08, 06:01
    Moin, mykl...early shift again this week? Me, I'm done with holiday, witch means, I'll go to the medic in about an hour and get a sick certificate.. Hubby managed to infect me with whatever he has (though I resistet for 5 days!) and for him being a freelancer and me being employed, I can stay at home and get well. Nothing bad, just fever, soar throat *caugh* and a Schniefnase (no match there in LEO)..
    Anyway, I'll be around later..CU
    #8Author Waringham (384862) 31 Mar 08, 06:51
    Moin Wari, at least that sort of virus isn't transmitable on the net. Hope your cough gets better soon.
    #9Authormyklausunna (236435) 31 Mar 08, 07:36
    Don't be too sure of that ;)
    *harrumph* <--What a nice onomatopoeia (this being quite a nice word, too)!<br/>
    #10Author Waringham (384862) 31 Mar 08, 07:51
    *chuckle* Yep, but it's similar to "igitt", you read it but hardly ever hear anybody say it.We've just got things moving here after 2 hours, heads will roll if our software team keeps up this sort of thing.*sigh* Maybe one day it will all work like it used to, but after 18 months my optimism is getting a bit low.
    #11Authormyklausunna (236435) 31 Mar 08, 08:00
    Back from the doc.. paranasal sinusitis in the beginning.. shall save I'll go and take a hot shower and off to bed with a book..
    CU later..
    #12Author Waringham (384862) 31 Mar 08, 09:55
    All the best Wari, see ya sometime later.
    #13Authormyklausunna (236435) 31 Mar 08, 10:02
    ISI is a VET *kadoink*
    !!!!!!!!! Congratulations !!!!!!

    @mykl: you forgot one no. 20 ... 20 cm is the min. requirement for becoming a male brazilian porn star ... *ggg*
    #14Author OWL (343780) 31 Mar 08, 12:43
    @ Dr. vet Isi: do you deal with owls, too? or, if not, make exceptions?
    #15Author OWL (343780) 31 Mar 08, 12:58
    Hi OWL, she probably knows how to castrate one as well *fg*
    #16Authormyklausunna (236435) 31 Mar 08, 12:59
    #17Author OWL (343780) 31 Mar 08, 13:04
    Are you an OWL or just chicken ? I haven't seen Isi today yet.Possibly still with a hangover from the weekends celebrations.
    #18Authormyklausunna (236435) 31 Mar 08, 13:14
    I won't change such a lovely students' habit so soon...

    oh dear: "Allergic Reactions to Owls and Birds
    Allergic reaction and hypersensitivity pneumonitis are potential occupational risk when working with owls."

    But how could I resist such a sweet face?!

    I think, what OWLs possibly need is lots of body contact and loving care...

    BTW I did not drink one bit of C2H5OH all weekend long. I'm always the driver... But I had loads of fun, anyway :)))

    Wari, get better soon, although lying in bed with a good book is possibly the second best thing in the world...
    #19Author easy (238884) 31 Mar 08, 13:51
    Delete "book" insert "man" and without the man is the first.*fg*
    And Isi - he needs his nails clipped. C2H5OH I think is industrial alchohol (Ethanol), you start drinking that stuff and it's bye bye body.
    #20Authormyklausunna (236435) 31 Mar 08, 13:59
    So, they're throwing me out for another day. I wish everybody fun in whatever they're doing.
    Till the morn.
    #21Authormyklausunna (236435) 31 Mar 08, 14:03
    bye-bye, mykl. Ethanol is the stuff thats in the alcoholic drinks, though... :)
    Believe me, I'm a vet ;oP
    #22Author easy (238884) 31 Mar 08, 14:09
    Hallo, Easy..Sage mal, wie heißt denn bei Rabenvögeln der "Rüde"? Ist ja wohl kein Hahn... Der Rabe/die Rabin..

    The good man usually lying in my bed had to go to work with hubby ;) Though now being out of his best ages, he (too) started snoring at night..and whenever else he sleeps... being around 80% of the day.

    Easy is a Vet!
    #23Author Waringham (384862) 31 Mar 08, 15:17
    Ein schnelles Hallo an die Eater-Outers!
    Wari, hast du wohl einen "runny nose"? Oder vielleicht einen "stuffy nose"? Es kommt darauf an, ob das Zeug eher drinnen hängenbliebt oder ständigt rausläuft. *kicher* *Wari Familienpackung Tempos reich* *gute Besserung wünsch*
    #24Author hermarphromoose (169674) 31 Mar 08, 15:24
    Zum Glück ist meine Nase kleiner als Deine, Elchlein. Danke für die Taschentücher!
    #25Author Waringham (384862) 31 Mar 08, 15:29
    tja, wari, guuuuuuuuuute Frage. Wir reden schon von Hahn, aber das kann Institutsspezifisch sein ;)
    ansonsten... männlicher Rabe/Männchen?
    #26Author easy (238884) 31 Mar 08, 16:15
    Gute Besserung Waringham! Would you want to try a home-remedy? don't know if you get Gooseberries (i think they are called Stachelbeeren) in your part of the world. Just grate them and take it with honey first thing in the morning. Works wonders against sinusitis. ginger plus honey also helps. boil ginger in water, add honey, take as many times as you can during the day.

    #27AuthorMOTHER (383672) 31 Mar 08, 19:30
    Will try the Ginger thing..sounds delicious! Love ginger!
    It's not yet gooseberry-time :)
    Thanks a lot -all of you- and have a pleasant evening..
    #28Author Waringham (384862) 31 Mar 08, 19:40
    Good morning people, a very happy wednesday to one and all.
    #29Authormyklausunna (236435) 01 Apr 08, 05:51
    Good morning myklausunna! How come so early?
    #30AuthorMOTHER (383672) 01 Apr 08, 06:40
    Morning mother, I'm on "earlies" this week, that means getting up at 20 to 5 in the morning.
    On the plus side, the roads are quiet and I get to listen to the birds singing their morning chorus.
    #31Authormyklausunna (236435) 01 Apr 08, 07:05
    Well there's another plus. you get to go home early!
    #32AuthorMOTHER (383672) 01 Apr 08, 07:13
    LOL! mykl, I was just about to wish everybody a happy Wednesday and saw you had already done so.

    Na gut, dann *allen einen guten Donnerstagmorgen wünsch*
    #33Author hermarphromoose (169674) 01 Apr 08, 07:35
    Yes, there's that too, but the afternoons are not really my thing. My social life happens mostly in the evening when my friends have finished work as well. Unfortunatly I've never really got used to going to bed earlier when I'm on earlies, so yesterday was around midnight when I got home and the early mornings don't really start until after my cuppa tea.

    And today has started as sh*tty as yesterday did, problems, problems, problems *shakes head sadly*. How am I supposed to find time fir LEO when I have to keep running from one computer to the next - like now.
    #34Authormyklausunna (236435) 01 Apr 08, 07:46
    Wednesday ! Aaaargh it's only tuesday. I said it's an 'orrible morning.
    #35Authormyklausunna (236435) 01 Apr 08, 08:07
    Hmm, looks like you played an April Fool's joke on yourself, mykl. ;-}
    #36Author hermarphromoose (169674) 01 Apr 08, 09:03
    I farted around 7 o-clock and I haven't had time to smell it yet. Bugger Aril Fool's day.
    #37Authormyklausunna (236435) 01 Apr 08, 09:07
    *drags thread out of page 2*
    #38Authormyklausunna (236435) 01 Apr 08, 12:53
    Dinge! Dinge Dinge Dinge DINGE!!!!!
    (war der Begriff Latkhos Kreation?)

    Man gebe mir ein Molotov-Cocktail... oder einen scharfen Löffel, das dauert länger und tut mehr weh!!!
    #39Author easy (238884) 01 Apr 08, 12:54
    Oder ein langsam wirkendes Gift, schmerzhaft und nciht nachweisbar...
    #40Author easy (238884) 01 Apr 08, 13:27
    Hi Isi, am I supposed to know what you're talking about ??
    Wasn't there some firm or other that was sponsoring you (or sth. like that) to be a vet and won't you have to go to work sometime in the near future ?
    #41Authormyklausunna (236435) 01 Apr 08, 13:31
    My MUM is sponsoring me... And now and then I work as a promoter for Royal Canin and as Scheißeputzer im Tierheim :)

    Facharzt für Reptilien schwebt mir noch vor. Aber nachdem der Vertrag meines besten Freundes hier nicht verlängert wurde und gewisse DINGE sich jetzt meinen als Boss aufspielen zu müssen (und Respekt muß man sich erstmal verdienen, und zwar nicht durch Keifen), muß ich damit wohl noch etwas warten...

    #42Author easy (238884) 01 Apr 08, 13:38
    Good ol' mum, then who was giving you the hard time as you took time off to be with your dad. I remember you being somewhat upset at the time.*just had to look up who/what Royal canin is/was*
    #43Authormyklausunna (236435) 01 Apr 08, 13:43
    Yes, that was Royal Canin. Because I took on a promotion that I had to say then I wouldn't be able to do after all.

    Good ol' mum indeed =)
    #44Author easy (238884) 01 Apr 08, 13:51
    Ahh, thenkyou for answering my noseyness. And now you have to decide whether to specialise or start looking for work (at some time, lets not rush into these things). You may even be able to go back to Jersey zoo to finish/redo your praktikum. I could imagine that being fun now that some of the pressure has been lifted.
    #45Authormyklausunna (236435) 01 Apr 08, 13:59
    Yes, exactly.

    Heute habe ich meine Note ausgerechnet... So wie es aussieht, habe ich meinen Schnitt zumindest doch so geschafft, dass ich meine Doktorarbeit in Bayern machen darf. Die ist natürlich unbezahlt. Nebenher wollte ich hier in der Klinik mit Reptilien (auch unbezahlt) auf meinen Facharzt hinarbeiten. Aber gewissen Dingen werde ich nicht die Arbeit erleichtern...


    Und jetzt gint es noch eine Option, damit mir der Facharzt vielleicht doch noch ermöglicht wird, aber das dauert noch bis mindestens Ende des Monats bis ich da mehr erfahre...

    Genug zu tun habe ich auf alle Fälle (schlafen, feiern, essen und schlafen ;) Nein, ich krieg auch demnächst wieder was zum Übersetzen und die Doktorarbeit schreibt sich auch nicht von alleine...)
    #46Author easy (238884) 01 Apr 08, 14:07
    Have you thought of a topic for your Doctor yet ?
    #47Authormyklausunna (236435) 01 Apr 08, 14:11
    So, I've got to go home again. I wish everybody a super sunny tuesday.Isi, have fun.
    Till the morn.
    #48Authormyklausunna (236435) 01 Apr 08, 14:20
    Oh, sorry, was outside :)

    Yes, Stress und Vergesellschaftung von Reptilien.

    Bye-bye, mykl, till tomorrow.

    Geh heut abend wieder aus *froi*
    #49Author easy (238884) 01 Apr 08, 14:29
    G'day people, a very happy *checks calender* wednesday to one and all.*shamefaced* Isi, I had to look up Vergesellschaftung, I didn't realise that there was this kind of problem with reptiles, but then again why should I or anyone else outside vetenary and wildlife film circles know.
    #50Authormyklausunna (236435) 02 Apr 08, 06:02
    Good morning myklausunna!Any news of Waringham?
    #51AuthorMOTHER (383672) 02 Apr 08, 08:01
    Mornin' mum, not since she wrote last. I sincerely hope that she's wrapped up warm and getting better. How's Delhi this morning/lunchtime and I'm a little curious as to why you wrote (somewhere) that you live in Delhi - unfortunatly. Do you wish to live somewhere else in India or move to another land, what do you not like about Delhi ? You have to remember I live in a town of 60 thousand and that's the largest town I've ever lived in. I can't even begin to understand how different that is from a metropole of about 12 million. As ever, if I'm being too nosey - tell me.
    #52Authormyklausunna (236435) 02 Apr 08, 08:12
    That 'unfortunately' referred to there not being as many birds or trees as one would want.'sigh'
    Und ich bin kein Stadtmensch, strange though it may sound coming from someone who has lived all his/her life in Delhi.
    Are your monitors behaving today?
    #53AuthorMOTHER (383672) 02 Apr 08, 10:35
    My monitors nearly always behave themselves, it's just what they show/tell me that annoys. However, today is as quiet as it gets at the moment, we're all here (there's 5 of us), nothing has stopped working completely yet and it's nearly lunch time.
    You must have parks/green areas and the such like even in a mega metropol like Delhi - or am I being naive.
    #54Authormyklausunna (236435) 02 Apr 08, 10:51
    oh yes there are (thank God for small mercies!).But its a mad city. One has to see it to believe it :-)
    #55AuthorMOTHER (383672) 02 Apr 08, 10:54
    thank God for small mercies!
    *chuckle* Which and whose ? Religion is a difficult topic at the best of times and at the best I would describe myself as agnostic.
    #56Authormyklausunna (236435) 02 Apr 08, 11:07
    What has God got to do with religion??? (perplexed)
    #57AuthorMOTHER (383672) 02 Apr 08, 11:11

    horrible nasty wet and cold and rainy weather... Und ich bin auf Progesteron-Entzug, was mich gefährlich unausgeglichen macht (wie man an meinen gestrigen postings schon tendenziös erahnen konnte...)

    Redet ihr von der indischen Stadt? Why oh why hab ich die gedanklich immer Dheli geschrieben?
    #58Author easy (238884) 02 Apr 08, 11:42
    Hallo easy wahrscheilich weil das so ausgesprochen wird :-)Wie war die Demonstration am Samstag?
    #59AuthorMOTHER (383672) 02 Apr 08, 11:44
    Hi Isi, never mind I've got enough testosterone for us both *gg* hi hi I spelt it as Dehli three times before I realised that mother had written it somewhat differently. #57, mother, THAT depends - on your religion
    #60Authormyklausunna (236435) 02 Apr 08, 11:52
    Hi Mother,

    die Demo war toll, es waren an die 1000 Leute da, echt klasse. Nur Muskelkater hatte ich danach ;)Wie sind echt weit gelaufen...

    Was will ich mit Testosteron? Ich will ganz schnell ganz viel Progesteron... und so ein netter Östrogen-Peak wäre jetzt auch was schönes ;)
    #61Author easy (238884) 02 Apr 08, 12:07
    Moin, Moin!
    wrapped up warm and getting better Yep, I am recovering.. slowly..
    Kopf und Gliederschmerzen sind weg, Nase wird besser, dafür huste ich wie doof.. Morgen nochmal zum Arzt zur Nachkontrolle (da kann er dann sehen, ob aus der beinahe Nasennebenhöhlenvereiterung eine beinahe Lungenentzündung geworden ist..)
    *jammer* <- Mädels jammern nicht! Das sieht nur so aus *lach*<br/>
    Werde mir gleich meine Hundis holen und an die frische Luft gehen.. bisserl Jagd auf Leute mit unangeleinten Hunde machen ;)
    #62Author Waringham (384862) 02 Apr 08, 12:10
    Isi, do as I do with my testosterone - absolutely nothing *gg*
    Wari, glad to hear your getting better - keep warm in this miserable weather. *bussi*
    Ps. Be happy it's not manfl:)
    #63Authormyklausunna (236435) 02 Apr 08, 12:15
    *sneaks in to change manfl to manflu*
    #64Authormyklausunna (236435) 02 Apr 08, 12:18
    Wari, bei Husten kann ich wärmstens eine Mischung aus Spitzwegerich- und Hufflattichtee mit Fenchelhonig gesüßt empfehlen, hilft super. Aber nur aus der Apotheke gekauft, da da der Alkaloidgehlat genauestens überprüft wird. Huflattisch sollte man nicht mehr als sechs Wochen im Jahr trinken und bei Leberproblemen gar nicht. Aber ansonsten *g* hilft der super. Und mir zumindest schmeckt er auch echt gut. Irgendwie eher nach Suppe als nach Tee ;)
    #65Author easy (238884) 02 Apr 08, 12:29
    I've got to go and work at the one workstation without internet access. I wish everybody a pleasant day.
    Till the morn.
    #66Authormyklausunna (236435) 02 Apr 08, 13:08
    bbfn mykl
    #67Author easy (238884) 02 Apr 08, 13:12

    so können auch armselige Tage wieder gerettet werden. Ich durfte einen Leguan zunähen. Und es ging schon viel besser als beim letzten Mal :)

    Bis morgen
    #68Author easy (238884) 02 Apr 08, 15:07
    Hi..and bye..
    Easy: üb bloß das Nähen.. Die Naht von unserem Dicken war zwar super-stabil, aber kosmetisch fraglich..spüren kann man die Knubbel jetzt noch.. bei einem Rüden mag das ja noch angehen, der erzählt dann tolle Geschichten rund um seine Narben, aber bei einer Hündin... :)

    Macht's gut, Ihr Lieben!
    #69Author Waringham (384862) 02 Apr 08, 15:28

    Die Knubbel kommen aber vermutlich von der Reaktion des Gewebes auf die Unterhautfäden.
    Aber wie Du schon sagst, wenigstens kann er angeben...

    So, jetzt pack ichs echt...
    #70Author easy (238884) 02 Apr 08, 15:57
    Good morning people, a very happy thursday to one and all.
    #71Authormyklausunna (236435) 03 Apr 08, 05:53
    Schönen guten Morgen!
    #72AuthorMOTHER (383672) 03 Apr 08, 09:24
    Mornin' mother, I hope you are well today.
    #73Authormyklausunna (236435) 03 Apr 08, 10:18
    Good Morning!
    Yep! As well as I can be.. back from doc (again)..says everything is fine and to my big surprise even the big hemogram tells him the same.
    #74Author Waringham (384862) 03 Apr 08, 10:37
    Good to see you healthy again waringham :-).
    Very fine myklausunna thank you! How about you?
    #75AuthorMOTHER (383672) 03 Apr 08, 10:40
    Hi Wari, that means back to work next week ? :(
    Mum, I'm fine.I frightened myself half to death yesterday though. After work I went shopping and got home just after 3pm. I made a cuppa and sat down with a couple of biscuits, went to drink my tea and it was cold. Looked at the clock and it was 5-15pm. I had no conscious recollection of either being tired, falling asleep or waking up again. The whole thing left me feeling very very nervous and I had to go for a walk till my head quietened down again.*brrrrrr nasty*
    #76Authormyklausunna (236435) 03 Apr 08, 10:47
    Yep, back to work on Monday.. It's been 3 weeks off now.. :)

    Ever thought about alien abduction?
    #77Author Waringham (384862) 03 Apr 08, 10:49
    Moral of the story:
    early to bed and and early to rise
    would make myklausunna free of vice!

    #78AuthorMOTHER (383672) 03 Apr 08, 10:51
    Aww don't. It really had me worried yesterday, not even a heavy eye feeling before the lights went out. A few more experiences like that and I'm going to be a basket case with Hypnophobia .
    #79Authormyklausunna (236435) 03 Apr 08, 10:57
    It is scary.. No question about that.
    #80Author Waringham (384862) 03 Apr 08, 11:01
    All you need to do is to get into the habit of going to bed at a fixed time. Initially you may not fall asleep at once but you MUST continue.
    #81AuthorMOTHER (383672) 03 Apr 08, 11:04
    Easy to say mother, but not always easy to put into practice. I see little point in going to bed when I'm not tired just to lay there and stare at the ceiling. I already suffer from Schlafapnoe, I don't need any other problems on top of that.
    #82Authormyklausunna (236435) 03 Apr 08, 11:08
    Easy it is not! But not so difficult either!
    #83AuthorMOTHER (383672) 03 Apr 08, 11:17

    Was ist denn mit leo los? Wo sind die hübsch-häßlichen Gelbkästen geblieben? Hier sieht ja alles aus, als würde es sich gerade von nem heftigen Ikterus erholen. Bäh! So ein Schock am *checksclock* frühen Morgen!
    #84Author easy (238884) 03 Apr 08, 13:52
    Hi Isi, bye Isi. I'm being sent home again - for everyone elses benefit. Lorra proxy problems today in NRW.
    Till the morn.
    #85Authormyklausunna (236435) 03 Apr 08, 13:57
    Hi everyone!

    Is it my eyes or does leo look #orrible?

    #86Author yytsunamiyy (341657) 03 Apr 08, 16:39
    Ja, dieses grauenvolle BABYblau! Bluäh!

    Hi 4 y, nice to read you again :)

    I'll be off now, byeeeeee
    #87Author easy (238884) 03 Apr 08, 16:41
    Good morning people, a very happy friday to one and all. #83. Mother if I got up each day at the same time I could probably regulate my going to bed, but I have shift work. It's not even the same throughout the year, from september to december I have different times to those I have at the moment. Then there's the weekends, on fridays and saturday I'm out till late or early depending on your point of view.
    Wari, TGYF.
    #88Authormyklausunna (236435) 04 Apr 08, 05:58
    Good morning!
    It all depends on one's priorities in life. If you want this maschine to work properly, you need to follow certain do's and don'ts. Is it really that big a deal going to bed early? One may not fall asleep at once initially but eventually it does. Its such a fine maschine - this body that it can take good care of itself, provided it is not abused. In your case it is just a matter of resetting your biological clock which is not very difficult to do.
    #89AuthorMOTHER (383672) 04 Apr 08, 07:08
    Mornin' mum, I háve my own dos and donts, do enjoy life, do what's fun, do silly things that adults dont, dont worry about tomorrow (too much), dont accept all rules/regulations(just because they're there), do challenge authority, do tilt at windmills, never put off till tomorow what you can do today ('cause if you like doing it today, you can do it again tomorrow), do listen to children laughing, dont prejudge, do accept people as they are - not as you would wish them to be, usw...
    I'm afraid I'm a lost cause mum, going to bed early is sth. I can do when I'm too old to do anything else.
    #90Authormyklausunna (236435) 04 Apr 08, 07:32
    Guten Morgen allerseits!
    Aber wiso babyblau? Bei mir ist alles Richtung Apricot..
    #91Author Waringham (384862) 04 Apr 08, 10:19
    Hallo Waringham, wie geht's wie steht's???
    #92AuthorMOTHER (383672) 04 Apr 08, 10:21
    Alles prima.. schniefe und huste nur noch ein bißchen vor mich hin..Wochenende steht vor der Tür.. Am Montag wieder arbeiten (aber auch das ist nicht schlimm, ich fürchte, ich fange an, meinem Mann auf den Wecker zu gehen..) :)
    #93Author Waringham (384862) 04 Apr 08, 10:25
    Hi Wari, glad to hear that everything is (almost) back to normal. You'll have a Mykl free week next week. I decided about an hour ago that I need some free time, so next week I'm free.
    #94Authormyklausunna (236435) 04 Apr 08, 11:31
    So, have a pleasant week. Have fun.
    #95Authormyklausunna (236435) 04 Apr 08, 11:48
    TGIF, and TGW'sF
    Babyblau sind diese Balken unten drunter, Wari... Da, wo "absenden" steht ;)

    Hello, Wari, MOTHER, mykl, stille Mitleser,

    Bye, Wari, MOTHER, mykl, stille Mitleser, have a smahahashing weekend. Yeah :)
    (Have I mentioned that my DVD-player decided to die on me while I was enjoying watching Red Dwarf? Hateful! The DVD-Player, that is, not Red Dwarf!)
    #96Author easy (238884) 04 Apr 08, 15:11
    Red Dwarf ist eine britische Science-Fiction-Serie, produziert durch die BBC. In Red Dwarf werden die Abenteuer des Technikers 3. Klasse Dave Lister erzählt, der für 3 Millionen Jahre eingefroren war und nun zusammen mit einem Hologramm, einem leicht senilen Bordcomputer und einer Lebensform, die sich aus seiner Katze entwickelt hat, an Bord des riesigen Raumschiffs "Red Dwarf" das Weltall durchstreift.

    Hi, easy-peasy! Now I see the babyblue thingies.. was just too much impressed by the apricot.. Which I hate even more than any baby-color.. looks a lot more discreet now, doesn't it.
    #97Author Waringham (384862) 04 Apr 08, 15:47
    Keiner da?
    Mykl, ich wünsche Dir eine schöne erholsame Woche!

    Bin wieder auf Arbeit, mein Vertrag ist auf ein drittes Jahr verlängert worden *freu*!
    #98Author Waringham (384862) 07 Apr 08, 11:22
    #100Author easy (238884) 07 Apr 08, 15:32
    Sonne scheint! Aber es ist kalt.. muß mich erstmal wieder ans Arbeiten gewöhnen.. Wie geht's bei Dir so..

    Habe übrigens geguckt..unsere Kleine kriegt Royal Canin Trockenfutter.. Irgendwas mit Size.. Gibt ja jetzt auch ein spezielles Dackelfutter..Kannst Du das empfehlen? ;)
    #101Author Waringham (384862) 07 Apr 08, 15:44
    das kriegt sie?
    und das meinst Du? ;)

    Klar kann ich das empfehlen ^^ (und dafür werde ich gerade nicht bezahlt). Fährst Du lieber Golf oder eine Mischung aus Mercedes und Porsche? Das Rassefutter ist halt n bisserl Luxus. Aber ganz sicher gut.
    Nur darfst Du Dich meiner Meinung nach nie (auch beim normalen RC-Futter) an die Fütterungsempfehlung halten. Damit füttert man sein Viechzoix nur fett. Die brauchen (zumindest beim Katzenfutter ist das so) wesentlich weniger als angegeben.

    Ich glaube schon, dass diese Premium Futtermittel, sei es nun Eukanunba, Hills oder Royal Canin richtig gut sind für unsere Haustiere.
    #102Author easy (238884) 07 Apr 08, 15:59
    heute ist der Wurm drin... wie immer, eigentlich ^^

    und das meinst Du?
    #103Author easy (238884) 07 Apr 08, 16:00
    Das mein ich. Momentan noch Mini Adult..aber ich wollte mal versuchsweise umsteigen.. Fütterungsempfehlungen sind mir Wurscht. Anfangs habe ich drauf geachtet und beim Großen (alten dicken) achten wir auch drauf.. Aber wenn es "nur" Hundefutter gibt, hören sie beide rechtzeitig auf. Also lange bevor der Napf leer ist..
    Ich dachte immer, daß bei den (nicht so teuren) Futtermitteln so hohe Mengen draufstehen, weil man nur dann genug Nährstoffe zuführt.. Der Große soll 2 große Dosen Pedigree am Tag essen.. Erstens mag er das nicht und zweitens reicht ihm die halbe Dose Rinti auch.. Das ist zwar teurer, aber alles drin. Und sonst füttern wir bei Bedarf zu..Grünzeug halt, wenn sie vermehrt Gras fressen.. zwischendurch immer wieder Wild..
    #104Author Waringham (384862) 07 Apr 08, 16:09
    (Aber immerhin ist jetzt nicht mehr bei der Tiermedizinstudentin der Wurm drin, sondern bei der Tierärztin ;)

    Der Stürmer sagt zum Trainer: Trainer
    ich treff' dat Tor nicht.
    Der Trainer sagt zum Stürmer: Stürmer
    du triffst den Ball nicht.
    Nee? Nee! Dat muß aber unter uns bleiben.
    Und der Stürmer sagt: Kann ich denn nochmal seh'n?
    Und der Trainer sagt: Als erstes anlaufen
    Augen schließen

    Hymne singen
    abzieh'n und dann? Gucken
    wat der Ball macht!

    Rollt er nach links
    ist alles in Ordnung

    rollt er nach rechts
    ist auch nicht schlimm

    nur wenn er ganz ruhig liegen bleibt

    dann ist der Wurm drin
    dann ist der Wurm drin.

    Die Schwester sagt zum Doktor: Doktor
    der Patient
    der sagt nix.
    Der Doktor sagt zur Schwester: Schwester
    dat macht nix.
    Nee? Nee! Dat muß aber unter uns bleiben.
    Dann sagt der Doktor: Dat is 'n Spritz'.
    Und die Schwester sagt: Kann ich die nochmal seh'n?
    Und der Doktor sagt: Als erstes Hose runter
    seitlich lagern

    desinfizier'n und dann? Hinein!

    Rollt er nach links
    ist alles in Ordnung

    rollt er nach rechts
    ist auch nicht schlimm

    nur wenn er ganz ruhig liegen bleibt

    dann ist der Wurm drin
    dann ist der Wurm drin.

    Der Geselle sagt zum Meister: Meister
    ist da Strom drin?
    Der Meister sagt zu dem Gesellen: Weiß ich nicht.
    Nee? Nee! Dat muß aber unter uns bleiben.
    Dann sagt der Meister: Dat is 'n Draht.
    Und der Geselle sagt: Kann ich den mal anfassen?
    Nein! Als erstes Lehrling rufen
    und dann gibst du dem dat in die
    Und dann? Einschalten!

    Rollt er nach links
    ist alles in Ordnung

    rollt er nach rechts
    ist auch nicht schlimm

    nur wenn er ganz ruhig liegen bleibt

    dann ist kein Strom drin
    dann ist der Wurm drin.
    #105Author Waringham (384862) 07 Apr 08, 16:11

    Dosenfutter ist mir schlichtweg zu teuer... Das ist, wenn man mal die Trockenmasse ausrechnet, wahnsinnig teures WASSER! Und für die Zähne ist Trockenfutter einfach auch besser...

    Hab ich schon erwähnt, dass in diesem ganzen MONAT der Wurm drin zu sein scheint? Nicht nur, dass ich schon Anfang des Monats pleite bin (dat ist ja quasi nomaaal), nein, am Samstag treff ich mein Brüderlein in der Stadt, weil der hier grad auf Fortbildung war, krieg n wunderschönen Parkplatz, löse ein Parkticket für eine Stunde und 12 Minuten, leg es ins Auto, schön sichtbar, als brav rechtschaffende Bürgerin, lass mich von meinem Brüderlein zum Mittagessen einladen und geh zu meinem Auto zurück: Und es ist WEG!
    Mein erster Gedanke: Kein Dieb klaut DIESE Müllhalde. Da holt man sich Cholera, Ruhr, Tuberkulose und weiß der Himmel was da drin schon alles lebt... Also hab ich mich genauer umgeguckt... Und dann wurde mir schlecht: Ich hatte auch nem Behindertenparkplatz geparkt!!! Super schlecht ausgeschildert, aber trotzdem einer. (Ich mach sowas NIE, meine Tante sitzt auch im Rolstuhl, ich weiß, wie kacke das ist, wenn nicht Behinderte diese Parkplätze blockieren)

    Also kleinlaut bei der Bullerei angerufen, gefragt, wie man denn mit den Öffentlichen Nach Trudering kommt und mein Auto wieder abgekauft... Zweihundertverficktefünfundsiebzig Euro PLUS 35 Eu Knöllchen.
    Ich leb dann mal den Rest des Monats von ... Zwieback oder so... =)

    Sehr peinlich, das Ganze!
    #106Author easy (238884) 07 Apr 08, 16:28
    Oh, shit... Trockenfutter auch für Frauchen..
    #107Author Waringham (384862) 07 Apr 08, 16:31

    Die lakonische Antwort meiner Mutter: Na ja, das wird Dir NIE wieder passeren...

    Aber im Mai will sie trotzdem mit mir zu meinem anderen Bruder nach Glasgow fahren, weil wir ihr Auto wieder abholen müssen, dass als Umzugstransporter herhalten mußte. Und dann werden wir ganz gemütlich quer durch England nach Hause fahren, bei sämtlichen Freunden halt machend *froi*
    #108Author easy (238884) 07 Apr 08, 16:46
    So, ich bin dann mal wiedre weg, Tibetmäßig unterwegs...
    Tschüss, Wari und alle stillen Mitleser
    #109Author easy (238884) 07 Apr 08, 17:31
    Na, dann protestier mal schön.. Es möge nützen!
    Schönen Feierabend allerseits!
    #110Author Waringham (384862) 07 Apr 08, 18:09
    Good Morning here in Leoland..
    everybody out there still sleeping?
    (Me, too)
    Brought my insulated mug from Alaska , filled it with nice hot black coffee and am now trying hard to wake up...
    #111Author Waringham (384862) 08 Apr 08, 07:55
    WOW, Wari, was für ein geiles Foto! Ich will die Polarlichter auch unbedingt mal live sehen!!!

    Why, oh why, do you have to start working in the middle of the night?!

    Man stelle sich vor... Ralf Bauer war auch auf der Demo. Fand ich super!

    und ansonsten ist es hier im Süden Deutschlands mal wieder wunderschön sonnig, aber eiskalt und parkplatzarm. Ich bin dreimal um den gesamten Block gefahren, bis ich einen Parkplatz hatte.

    I want to lie, shipwrecked and comatose,
    Drinking fresh mango juice.
    Goldfish shoals, nibbling at my toes,
    Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun...
    #112Author easy (238884) 08 Apr 08, 11:46
    Polarlichter live sind einfach nur geil.. sehr sehr tief beeindruckend. Wenn auch arschkalt ;)
    But definitely something I will never forget in my entire live.

    Started working when the sun was out, actually.. Indeed, that was pretty early, today.. ;)
    #113Author Waringham (384862) 08 Apr 08, 11:51
    Gibt es irgendwo ein Buch:
    "Doktorabreit für Dummies - oder Wie strukturiere ich meine Doktorarbeit?"

    Na ja, schreib ich halt erst mein Parastitenartikelchen zu Ende...

    Wari, haben die Wildschweine eigentlich gerade Frischlingszeit? Ich wollte mal wieder zum Hexenlicht im Ebersbergerforst =) Aber ich habe Angst vor wütenden Muttersauen... ^^
    #114Author easy (238884) 08 Apr 08, 13:04
    "Doktorarbeit für Dummies" wäre gut.. Ich geh mal schauen ;)

    Wildschweine.. yep..haben momentan Junge. Solltest Dich also möglichst nicht leise bewegen. Wenn sie Dich kommen hören können, können sie abhauen. Aber Du wolltest ja eh nicht durchs Unterholz kriechen, oder?

    Aber im Dunkeln, ja? Na, dann.. War schön, Dich kennengelernt zu haben. Aber im Ernst.. Wenn Du auf den Wegen bleibst, oder in Wegnähe und nicht grade schleichst, hören sie Dich und Du sie.. grade Frischlinge quicken die gnaze Zeit miteinander und mit Mama.. Im Zweifelsfall lieber ansprechen statt weglaufen..
    #115Author Waringham (384862) 08 Apr 08, 13:11
    Okay, ja, genau von dem Licht spreche ich. Das ist SEHR cool und SEEEEHR gruselig. :)
    Wenn Du mich mal in München besuchsen willst, können wir da gerne hinfahren *muahahaaaaa*
    (aber ernst gemeint ;))

    Ich war da schon ganz oft. Mittsommernacht feiern und so Zeug. Das Licht ist klasse. Und manchmal wechselt es wüst die Farbe und fluoresziert. Klar bleibt man auf den Wegen, aber auch Wildscheine überqueren mal die Wege, oder? =) Aber das mir dem Ansprechen ist n guter Tipp. Wahrscheinlich würde es eher ein hysterisches Anschreien ;)

    So, jetzt genug gemittagpaust. back to my parasites...
    #116Author easy (238884) 08 Apr 08, 14:39
    Wie gesagt..nicht schleichen, damit sie Euch hören..Im Zweifelsfall haben die mehr Angst vor Dir/Euch als umgekehrt.. Und ansprechen hilft bei fast allen Wildtieren.. Die laufen alle eher weg als anzugreifen. habe am WE eine hochinteressante Reportage über Haie gesehen.. Wenn man die läßt, verhalten sie sich auch völlig normal und fressen einen nicht gleich auf.. Menschen und ihre Vorurteile..

    Obwohl..ich kenne da 2 Geschichten mit Wildschweinen..
    1) ein Kumpel war mit der Bundeswehr beim Biwak..Nachts hat eine Rotte Sauen sich über die Vorräte hergemacht und die Frischlinge sind auch -neugierig wie Kinder so sind- in die zelte.. Jedenfalls ist irgendwann ein Soldat aufgewacht..guckt nem Frischling direkt in die Augen..und packt instinktiv zu.. Der KLeine quickt herzzerreissend "Maaaaaaaamiiiiiii!2.. Ergebnis: Kompanie sitzt mit MPs auf den Bäumen und Mama Schwein nimmt das gesamte Lager auseinander.. "Keiner fasst mein Baby an..!"
    2) Mein Mann hat mal nachmittags einen Frischling geschossen und Mama hat ihn gesehen.. Und stand dann 5 Stunden unter dem Hochsitz und hat gewartet... (das war noch vor Handyzeiten ;) Dann kam mein Schwiegerpapa mal nachgucken, wo Sohnemann bleibt.. und hat sie verscheucht.. Aber runtergetraut hat er sich auch mit wutschnaubender Wildsau drunter ;)

    Merke: Verärgere nie eine (Tier)mutter!
    #117Author Waringham (384862) 08 Apr 08, 14:47
    Nette Stories. In der Tat, mutterinstinkte sind wohl das Machtvollste unter dieser Sonne... unter diesem Mond... ;)

    Hast du schon mal Krokodilbabies quäken hören? Da sollte man in der Wildnis auch besser nicht derjenige sein, der das entsprechende Baby grad in der Hand hält...
    #118Author easy (238884) 08 Apr 08, 15:03
    Nö...Generell scheinen Mamis am Gefährlichsten zu sein.. Bin in Alaska auch nicht vor Bären gewarnt worden, sondern vor Elchinnen.. sic!
    #119Author Waringham (384862) 08 Apr 08, 15:11
    Na gut, I'm off for today, that is: Leaving leo and Co, not the computer...
    see you tomorrow, sweet dreams ;)
    #120Author easy (238884) 08 Apr 08, 15:41
    Sei schön fleißig! CU
    #121Author Waringham (384862) 08 Apr 08, 15:48
    Mooooorning ... oder eher gute Nacht ... bin grad in Chicago und das Wetter ist auch Scheisse ...

    #122Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 06:51
    Moin, Moin!
    OWL, was machst Du im kalten und windigen Chicago..gehörst Du nicht in die Sonne?
    #123Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 07:24
    Hi Wari ... ja, sehr richtig ... Sonne und Strand ist meine artgerechte Haltung. Aber bald gehts da auch wieder hin ... bin nur kurz hier im Wind
    #124Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 07:31
    Na, dann laß Dich mal nicht ärgern..war nur mal für ein Stopover in Chicago..war kalt, windig und regen.. Hatte keine Ambitionen, dort länger zu verweilen ;)
    Aber vielleicht tut Dir ein bißchen Abstand von all Deinen Mädels auch mal ganz gut?! :)
    #125Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 07:39
    Hm, die Partys in Chicago sind auch nicht schlecht ... aber jetzt geh' ich ins Bett ... GROSSE AUSNAHME: alone ... hehehe CU morgen
    #126Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 07:45
    OWL, schlaf allein!
    #127Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 09:13
    Eulchen, RiesenBUSSI! ;)
    Ist Chicago sozusagen das Kiel Nordamerikas? In Kiel regnets doch angeblich auch immer.

    Hi Wari, alles fit? Fleissig am Arbeiten?
    #128Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 11:04
    Alles fit..fleißig..naja.. Sonne scheint so schön und es riecht nach frisch gemähtem Rasen.. Aber gleich ist ja MiPau ;)
    #129Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 11:33
    Hallo easy hallo waringham,

    Gratulation zur Vertragsverlängerung waringham!

    Easy kommt der Olympic Torch auch nach Deutschalnd?
    #130AuthorMOTHER (383672) 09 Apr 08, 11:48
    Hallo Mother, gute Frage, die tibetische olympic torch war jedenfalls schon in München, an diesem Samstag, weswegen ja diese Riesen-Demo war (
    Ich denke aber eher nicht, denn warum sollte man sie durch London und Paris schleife, dann nach San Francisco und dnan zurück nach Europa?

    Ich wünschte, sie würden diese Farce abbrechen...

    Habt ihr gelesen, was dieser dämliche Australier John Coates von der IOC gesagt hat?
    (But the widespread view among Olympic officials and IOC members was that the relay should not be stopped.
    "I think that would be tantamount to giving in to terrorism," Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates said.)
    Da kann man doch nur noch im Strahl kotzen!!! Der verwechselt da wohl etwas!!!
    #131Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 12:11
    Schlimmer ist die Indische Regierung. Wir haben immer noch Angst vor unserem Nachbarn (man denke wohl es sind 46 Jahre seit dem Krieg!!!) Die Feiglingen haben die Protestierenden verhaftet und sind dabei 'safe passage' for the torch zu versichern!
    #132AuthorMOTHER (383672) 09 Apr 08, 12:28
    Terrorism.. reizend.. Wie gut, daß der Mann sich auskennt..
    #133Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 12:37
    Ja, das hat mich auch geärgert, andererseits kann ich verstehen, dass man als Nachbar Angst vor China hat, wenn man sieht, wie die KP fröhlich annektiert hat und die ganze Welt weggesehen hat, und schlimmer noch: Immer noch wegsieht und vor China kuscht!
    Ich kann einfach nicht verstehen, dass die Welt seit Wochen duldet, ohne größeren Druck, dass keinerlei Journalisten reindürfen. Die Politik hält sich weltweit viel zu bedeckt. Sonst hat man doch auch zu allem immer sofort eine Meinung und macht den Mund auf. Wieso nie bei China??!
    #134Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 12:40
    Money, money, money...
    China ist für die meisten westlichen Staaten als Wirtschaftspartner sehr interessant. Deshalb kusche(l)n sie all.
    Ich fand das so beeindruckend von Frau Merkel, daß sie sich aller Meckereien zum Trotz mit dem DL getroffen hat.. Herr Schröder hat sich nie getraut, weil doch China unser Freund ist.. Alles Feiglinge..
    #135Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 12:43
    Es geht natürlich ums Geld. You wouldn't want to jeopardize your Zukunftsgeschaeftschancen!
    #136AuthorMOTHER (383672) 09 Apr 08, 12:47
    Ja, es scheint wirklich immer nur ums Geld zu gehen. Widerlich, wirklich. Und ich hasse diese Hilflosigkeit, ich kann halt nicht wirklich irgendetwas machen. Ja, ich kann auf die Straße gehen und free Tibet schreien. aber wenn in Deutschland wahlen anstehen, ist da niemand, bei dem ich denken würde: Die setzen sich wirklich für Menschenrechte o.ä. ein...
    #137Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 13:38
    Kann man sich eigentlich bei Süßwarenherstellern beschweren? Ich habe gerade 3 Kinderbuenos hintereinander in mich reingestopft, ohne es zu merken, sie waren einfach auf einmal weg... Das waren jetzt ...äh... *rechne* 363 kcal, und das, obwohl ich grad davor ne Semmel zum Mittagessen hatte... Und ich würde die nächsten drei auch noch ohne Probleme essen können!!!
    #138Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 14:15
    Ja, da mußt Du Dir einen amerikanischen Rechtsanwalt besorgen und Ferrero verklagen, weil nicht draufsteht, daß man davon dick wird..
    #139Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 14:28
    Stimmt :)
    Laut der Verpackung MUSS ich sogar... *rechnenochmal* mehr als ZWÖLF essen, um auf meinen Tageskalziumbedarf zu kommen *fg*

    #140Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 14:31
    Naja..dann jetzt nur noch 9 Stück..
    #141Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 14:47
    Moien ... Isi, soll ich mich hier mal nach nem Anwalt umsehen :-)
    #142Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 14:56
    #143Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 14:59
    Ein guter Anfang für den Tag ...
    #144Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 15:05
    #145Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 15:05
    Tschüß ;)

    much too long time no see!!!
    #146Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 15:14
    #147Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 15:16
    Yep, much too long ...
    Aber ich will jetzt geniessen und nicht erklären warum ich weg war ...
    #148Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 15:23
    oder ist man sich bei Internetaffären eh keine Rechenschaft schuldig.
    #149Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 15:30
    (und jetzt mal real leider kurz Pause einlegen muß...)
    #150Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 15:31
    Ein leises Schnarchen ist unter der Decke zu hören...
    #151Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 15:33
    Auch real kurz weg bin ... Frühstück ...
    #152Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 15:34
    Wari ... unter uns, der Abschied aus Brasil war nicht leicht ... hehehe
    (aber nicht Easy verraten, ja?)
    #153Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 15:36
    #154Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 16:10
    Comment mir???
    /zumir/ Naja..warum eigentlich nicht? /zumir/
    #155Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 16:13
    Nein, mit lecker Bilchden angucken, Mensch!
    Nach den ganzen Parasitenbildern und vor allem OWLs Anwesenheit und momentane ABWESENHEIT brauch ich jetzt sowas
    #156Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 16:17
    frühstück? snief ... das war kein frühstück ...
    muffins, beagles, peanut butter, refill coffee, und alles aufm plastikteller od. - becher ...
    aber mann muss das beste draus machen ...
    na bitte ... geht doch auch umweltbewust ohne plasitikteller :-)
    #157Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 16:26

    #158Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 16:29
    Aha..schade eigentlich ;)
    Erinnert sehr an mein Feen und Elfenbuch von früher..die Bilder waren glaub ich Jugendstil...
    #159Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 16:31
    =) Na, dann mach halt mit ;o)
    Ich glaub nicht wirklich, dass OWL was dagegen hätte, oder OWL?
    #160Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 16:33
    Es ist noch etwas Peanut butter da ...
    #161Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 16:36
    Luis Royo hat auch noch ein paar nette Bilder, aber der malt dummerweise immer nur FRAUEN. Was will man damit?...oder werd ich das gleich noch rausfinden? ;oP
    #162Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 16:36
    #163Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 16:40
    ROFL ... also ich wüsste schon wofür ...
    #164Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 16:40
    Vielleicht mußt Du sie erst überzeugen, OWL? =)
    #165Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 16:41
    ...Na gut..
    #166Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 16:48
    hach, ist das schön, wenn der Faden zu seinen Wurzeln zurückfindet *fg*

    #167Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 16:51

    #168Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 16:52
    *anerkennendlächel* Gut trainiert!
    #169Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 16:55

    (ich sags ja nur ungern, aber meine Parasiten rufen ^^)
    #170Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 16:59
    Der Hosenbund ist auch schon gaaanz eng ...

    So sollte es sein ... in Faden #20 zurück zum Ursprung ...

    Der Hosenbund kann die Fadennummer kaum noch halten ... gggg
    #171Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 16:59
    (schade..grade wo's spannend wird..)
    #172Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 16:59
    die Parasieten müssen noch etwas warten ....
    #173Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 17:03
    (man könnte mich auch Feigling nennen *g*)

    #174Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 17:04
    Hast Du noch was von diesem netten blauen Zeug, das warm wird? *g*
    #175Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 17:06
    Wehe, Du flitscht mit meinem BH...
    Was für blaues Zeug?
    #176Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 17:10
    Oh wasn Glück ... hab noch genau zwei Blue Balls ... für jede einen ...

    Langsam? *fg* ist ja heute der doppelte Aufwand ...
    #177Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 17:10
    Mmhhh..Sehr schön...
    Wenn Du nicht mehr kannst, OWL...*fg*
    Wir schaffen das schon!
    #178Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 17:16
    /zumir/ab wann ist eigentlich Pornographie??/zumir/
    #179Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 17:17
    mhm, genau die meinte ich
    #180Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 17:18

    Können wir auch ohne meine Hose im CR bleiben?
    *zumir* ich denke schon, wir sind ja allein *ggg*

    #181Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 17:19
    ab wann ist eigentlich Pornographie??

    ungefähr ab hier? *g*
    Tür zu mache?
    #182Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 17:20

    #183Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 17:22
    #184Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 17:22

    Wari, die Hülle löst sich von der Körperwärme auf und das Gel drinnen machts schön hot ...
    #185Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 17:26
    #186Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 17:28
    Oh ... Äh ... die Tür ist noch auf ...
    #187Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 17:31
    Dabei brauchen wir nun echt keine Zuschauer, oder?
    #188Author Waringham (384862) 09 Apr 08, 17:33
    (so, back to my pentastomids... fünf Münder, was für eine Gedanke *ssfg*)
    #189Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 17:38
    Ups, ich hab ja jetzt ein Berufseinsteigerseminar...

    Tschüß ihr alle
    *KußfürOWL+Wari* großer Spaß *g*
    #190Author easy (238884) 09 Apr 08, 17:49
    Hoot ... Hoot ...
    Yes, that's America ... a restaurant especially for OWLs ... *froifroi*

    Warum gibts das nicht in Bielefeld? ... OWLs sind doch eher bodenständig ... *ggg*
    Zumindest Sao Paulo hat ein Hooters ... hehehe
    #191Author OWL (343780) 09 Apr 08, 21:23

    Ähm..Guten Morgen, allerseits!
    #192Author Waringham (384862) 10 Apr 08, 08:27
    Gestern so viel los..und heute müssen sich alle erstmal erholen, wie es scheint..
    I'm done for this week..TGIF!

    Machtet jut, bis demnächst in diesem Kino ;)
    #193Author Waringham (384862) 10 Apr 08, 12:14
    Oh, alles schon aufgeräumt
    Ob wir Mother jetzt vertrieben haben? Ich hoffe nicht!
    Und ne Woche ohne mykl ist doof! Aber wenigstens hat er wieder etwas, das er an Praline weiterreichen kann...
    schönes WE, Wari. Ich geh am Samstag endlich zum ersten Mal da hin:
    Allerdings um sechs Uhr morgens... Ich muß verrückt sein. Und das auch noch ohne Geld...

    Bis dann mal...
    #194Author easy (238884) 10 Apr 08, 13:08
    Good morning people, a very happy monday to one and all.
    #195Authormyklausunna (236435) 14 Apr 08, 05:57
    Moin Mykl! Hope you had a nice week off the treadmill?
    #196Author Waringham (384862) 14 Apr 08, 12:16
    Hi Wari, yes, apart from the spring cleaning. I took the opportunity to go through the whole flat and clean everything from carpets to walls and windows.*sigh* Not very exciting, but it has to be done sometime.
    #197Authormyklausunna (236435) 14 Apr 08, 12:43
    Has to be done.. And personally I find it quite satisfying.. at least afterwards ;)
    Now you can come over and do my windows, please!
    #198Author Waringham (384862) 14 Apr 08, 13:05
    Swop you, carpets for windows
    I hate cleaning carpets and I've only got one that's too large for the wash maschine.
    #199Authormyklausunna (236435) 14 Apr 08, 13:08
    I actually have never "cleaned" a carpet in the entire 29.875 years of my live.. I vacuum them and that's it. The only carpets going into the wash machine are the ones in the bath..
    #200Author Waringham (384862) 14 Apr 08, 13:13
    Aaarrgghh, A Milben Hotel ! That's the reason I won't have carpets anymore (scatter/throw rugs may have been a better choice in my previous posting). I've taken up enough carpets to know what they look like underneath after they've been sitting for a few years - not a pretty sight. I'll only use laminate and tile flooring nowadays. Are your little darlin's short or long haired ?(and I don't mean hubby either)
    #201Authormyklausunna (236435) 14 Apr 08, 13:23
    Oh..I seem to have a language problem there: Of course, we only have "fest verlegten" carpet.. And laminate/parquet and tiles underneath.. And I'm vacuuming under the rugs, too.
    Hubby and Carla are short-haired.. (wired-haired) ;)
    Our Oldie is long-haired..
    Find pretty dust bunnies in the corners..

    And btw I think, you cannot avoid little insects in your flat.. it's not healthy to live in a sterile environment (unless you have some pretty awful disease..)
    #202Author Waringham (384862) 14 Apr 08, 13:31
    NO, I don't live in a sterile area. Too many Germans do nowadays (IMHO) - thank adverts - which is probably why so many children have allergy problems - they aren't being exposed to enough "dirt" to develop their immune systems. When I was in hostpital a few years ago I spent 3 days doing allergy tests, I'm not allergic to anything, but 32 types of House Milben are allergic to Mykl.
    #203Authormyklausunna (236435) 14 Apr 08, 13:44
    There's a reason why god made Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus that small..
    #204Author Waringham (384862) 14 Apr 08, 14:01
    Yep, *chuckle* just imagine if they were the size of cats - or horses even *shudder*
    So, I've got to go home again and leave my workmates alone to do some work. Have FUN Wari. To anyone else who turns up - a pleasant evening.Till the morn
    #205Authormyklausunna (236435) 14 Apr 08, 14:09
    Oh, mykl is back
    Bussi, mykl!

    hi Wari *wink*
    But imagine those mites being huge. Maybe you could ride on them... Maybe you'd even find them cute...
    Maybe rubens-esque curves would be appreciated, then ;)
    #206Author easy (238884) 14 Apr 08, 14:38
    @easy *rofl*! How're you doing? Beside imagining riding on rubenesque mites??
    #207Author Waringham (384862) 14 Apr 08, 14:42
    oh, this and that, not much, shirking house-work, planning my trip to Scotland/England with my Mum, still messing around with my parasites article, and Royal canin have just called to ask if I want to do a promo this weekend for three days. Yeah! 420 Euro! That means schwarze Zahlen auf meinem Konto again... I hope ;)

    How's your life?
    #208Author easy (238884) 14 Apr 08, 14:49
    Life's going on.
    New doggie-course started last Friday. Until September, we'll learn to be a blood-hound.. 1000m.. Afterwards comes the "Stöberprüfung".. and a lot of obedience, of course. A lot to learn especially for me.. she knows her way around, I'm pretty sure about that. It's me who has to learn to read her body-language/mind/whatever and not to distract her. It's very exciting!

    Other than that.. work's going on. I'm finally enrolled back to University ;) Garden work started on Saturday.. it's fun, really. My Mom has her birthday on Thursday and I still need a present (though she gave me the hint to visit Douglas ;)
    #209Author Waringham (384862) 14 Apr 08, 15:14
    Oh, GARDENING! I miss that! My lovely, lovely herb garden at home :((( My medlar tree and my angelica and my hyssop and my soap wort and my yarrow and all my different mints and my wild tulips and wood anemones and my woodruff and my primroses and my hawthorn tree and my blackthorn bushes and my calendula and my betony and my comfrey and my meadow sweet and my feverfew and my coneflower and my agrimony and my opium poppy and my roses and my lavender and my wild strawberries... and my dead sage and dead rosemary :(


    instead I live next to a motorway


    and haven't even got my CATS


    Oh, well, moving on ;)

    ... bis aufs Rigorosum...
    #210Author easy (238884) 14 Apr 08, 15:45
    Why are your sage and rosemary dead? Mine are fine after this so called "winter". Bear's garlic is out, chives, too. Different thymes and savory are still alive..not looking good, but recovering. Basil is dead. Lavender is fine (all of's my favorite..). Mint and lemon balm have spread a lot since last year..they're even in the lawn now. Sowed dill and parsley yesterday. Daddy's going to buy me a jostaberry and some blueberries (hope he got the broad hint..imagine me standing there and waving a complete fence ;)

    Sorry, didn't mean to hurt you!
    #211Author Waringham (384862) 14 Apr 08, 15:58
    Wari, that is not your garden, is it?!

    If it is: Will you marry me??? ;)

    My sage and my rosemary died last year, they didn't like the winter then :(
    And the rosemary was such a lovely, huge, old (well, 9 years or so) bush :(((
    What do yostaberries taste like?

    You would like this
    I bought a lovely lavender there, blue flowers, it was called "Blue" something. Blue ice? Arctic blue? Don't remember, but lovely smell and lovely shade! British Garden centres are the best anyway, in Germany you have to rjoice at finding two different sorts of lavender, or mint for that matter, in England you get hundreds. I bought After Eight Mint, Orange Mint, Apple Mint, Pineapple Mint, Russian Mint...

    Why is your Dad buying you plants? Is it your birthday or is he just a very nice dad? :)
    #212Author easy (238884) 14 Apr 08, 16:15
    That's Highgrove..
    Prince Charles' garden.. and married yet. It's a dream, innit?

    jostaberries taste a lot like blackcurrant, a little more sour perhaps, but really not much. The berry itself is a bit bigger. You can use it like blackcurrant, it freezes well and has high Vit C.
    They are resistant against mildew..

    Oh, yes! Please!!

    I told my Dad to make it an early birthday gift. But as I know him.. he's very nice! :)
    #213Author Waringham (384862) 14 Apr 08, 16:28
    ui... =) Böses, böses Amazonien!
    Sounds like a very nice Dad :)
    And WHEN you go to yorkshire lavender you'll definitely have to visit this as well, oh, I hope, I'll be able to go there in May!! Shall i get you some lavender? ;)
    THIS I WILL see. And I hope this as well
    That's Whitby Abbey. and one beautiful weekend some time or other i will see this!
    #214Author easy (238884) 14 Apr 08, 16:53
    #215Author easy (238884) 14 Apr 08, 16:54
    How beeeeaaauutiful! I've never been to GB yet..Would really love to. Don't forget to send a postcard ;)
    My sister got me some nice and special herbs last year.. but hundreds of varieties?? I planned to buy tartan there, but I think we should go not by car but by truck..and bring back lotsa herbs and roses! I love English roses, too.

    Nice book, too..
    #216Author Waringham (384862) 14 Apr 08, 16:59
    Wari!!! Well ,that's something you shall have to remedy, isn't it? (To quote from Braveheart)

    Yes, I need at least a car everytime igo to England, and preferably no other person, so I have room for all the plants and books and DVDs
    If I have internet access in England/Scotsmenland, I will naturally send a postcard. I just doubt I'll have that...

    Well, my weekly tibet demonstration is starting at six. I'm off now.
    See you soon, wari
    #217Author easy (238884) 14 Apr 08, 17:11
    Well ,that's something you shall have to remedy, isn't it?
    It is, indeed! We are planning to go to Scotland should hubby find the time..I think I told that story before.. I think I'll have to go alone.. ;)

    Have a nice demonstration, I really hope it will change something.

    #218Author Waringham (384862) 14 Apr 08, 17:43
    G'day people, a very happy tuesday to one and all. Isi, cheer up, you'll have a garden again - one day. All I've got is a balcony and I used to have about 800 sq. meters of garden. I miss the garden bit, but not the bloody great big lawn that took more care than it gave back in relaxation.
    Am I the only one to find it strange that you both were chatting in English. Has this become an English speaking thread now or is it just Gewohnheit ? Not that I'm complaining (as if I would), I wouldn't even have recognised that you are non-natives from the chatter going on here. People here in Leoland had already pegged Wari. as English, but then again with her language skills I'm not really that surprised. Isi, when you visit you're brother , head north. It's only about two hours to loch Lomond, one of the most beautiful desolate areas in the north - if you're not looking fot trees that is.
    #219Authormyklausunna (236435) 15 Apr 08, 05:59
    Moin, mykl..
    I gave it just a short thought..
    Two German girls talking in English..but why not.
    Might be for the same reason why dogs lick their balls..
    Because they can *fg*

    Wow! Thank you for the compliments! *blush*

    As I was just singing in the Darcy-thread, I'll keep on's such a wonderful morning and you just gave me the promt:

    By yon bonnie banks, and by yon bonnie braes,
    Where the sun shines bright, on Loch Lomond
    Where me and my true love, were ever wont to gae,
    On the bonnie bonnie banks, of Loch Lomond

    Oh ye'll tak' the high road An’ I'll tak' the low road
    And I'll be in Scotland afore ye
    For me and my true love will never meet
    Again on the bonnie bonny banks of Loch Lomond
    #220Author Waringham (384862) 15 Apr 08, 07:29
    Moin Wari, nice choice of comparisons *gg* When do you start at the Uni. again ? Is that then full time or adjacent to your normal work ? And when you're a bloodhound can you go hunting with hubby alone - without dog ?*gg*
    #221Authormyklausunna (236435) 15 Apr 08, 07:46
    I'm not starting at the University right now. Just need to be enrolled for a few semesters during PhD. As I need to gather some credit points, too, it's easier this way. And I can use the Semesterticket for the train :)

    Actually, this bloodhound-thing is more about the human part of the pair, than about the dog. She has been born with the nose and ability to do it. And she has proved yet she can. It's me on the other end of the leash() who's got to learn how to do it. And of course to keep her concentrated on a fake/artificial track for 1000m. Will be hard, for she has been doing real tracks (with a real dead animal at the end) last year.

    (Could you have a look at the commas?)
    #222Author Waringham (384862) 15 Apr 08, 08:05
    Ahh, *cough* commas, I'm sure that there are numerous rules and regulations for the use of them. Unfortunatly I either don't know them or I've forgotten.
    I have to concentrate when I'm looking for mistakes when you write. On the one hand one "reads" the mistakes away and on the other I'm not always sure if you've actually made a mistake.
    Anyway, to your last posting *sigh*. After PhD. you don't need to capitalise As,(you were probably in autopilot after the full stop)
    I'm not starting at the University right now.(I) Just need to be enrolled for a few semesters during PhD. as I need to gather some credit points too. It's easier this way and I can use the Semesterticket for the train. would probably been my version of the first bit.
    Actually, this bloodhound-thing is more about the human part of the pair than about the dog. It was born with the nose and ability to use it and has proved that it can. It's me on the other end of the leash who's got to learn how to do it. Of course I have to keep her concentrated on a fake/artificial track for 1000m.It will be hard, for she has alread been doing real tracking (with a real dead animal at the end) since last year. Arrggghhh, I'm sorry, but I'm always a bit unsure when Germans (and others) give genders to things/animals that we don't have it English. I know that she is refering to a bitch, but I'm not certain that without ref. to her in the text that you can call her, her.
    It's always a bit of a problem (for me) when you write by the seat of your pants - so to say - to be really confident, or to be cofident enough to correct others. It's one of the reasons that I write here. Well, a long posting without - I'm afraid - a great deal of help.
    #223Authormyklausunna (236435) 15 Apr 08, 08:55
    Thank you, anyway.
    My little baby is a you very well know!
    So she'll always be a she..whatever happens! ;)
    #224Author Waringham (384862) 15 Apr 08, 09:22
    *chuckle* you can stamp your feet as often as you wish - I've got the volume turned down.
    #225Authormyklausunna (236435) 15 Apr 08, 10:22
    But your monitor quivers, doesn't it?
    #226Author Waringham (384862) 15 Apr 08, 10:27
    There's nothing like a healthy fantasy.*gg* I used to beleive that it was easy to live through an aircrash - you just wait till the plane is a few feet above ground, then jump off.*sigh* Isn't it 'orrible when cold facts of adulthood destroy our youthful thinking.
    #227Authormyklausunna (236435) 15 Apr 08, 10:32
    Isn't it 'orrible when cold facts of adulthood destroy our youthful thinking.
    You just don't have to let them! Keeps you young..
    #228Author Waringham (384862) 15 Apr 08, 10:35
    You don't have to wrry about me where that is concerned. I still don't know what I want to be - if I grow up.
    #229Authormyklausunna (236435) 15 Apr 08, 10:51
    "Ich will Feuerwehrmann werden!"
    #230Author Waringham (384862) 15 Apr 08, 11:23
    Do you know Grisu   at all?
    #231Author Waringham (384862) 15 Apr 08, 11:45
    Not until now, why, are you planning on becoming a dragon when you grow up (it's sth. that only women can be anyway).
    #232Authormyklausunna (236435) 15 Apr 08, 11:53
    I just threw in the quote without thinking you mightn't (??) understand it.

    Grisu has been a quite popular cartoon during my childhood. He is a dragon and lives with his father.. His biggest dream is to become a firefighter when he grows up. His father doesn't like the idea because he wants his son to be a real scary dragon. Grisu tries out a lot of jobs and lits fire accidentally at the end of each episode..
    #233Author Waringham (384862) 15 Apr 08, 12:00
    *correction on*
    Lights fires
    *correction off*

    Pictures galore *sigh* and I've still never heard of/seen him.

    #234Authormyklausunna (236435) 15 Apr 08, 12:07
    Unfortunately, he never made it to GB..
    Oh, I see: First he lights fire and then it's lit.
    #235Author Waringham (384862) 15 Apr 08, 12:27
    He lights a fire - present - then the fire is lit
    He lit a fire - past
    #236Authormyklausunna (236435) 15 Apr 08, 12:42
    Fire..btw..where is easy?
    Lost in the woods..still trying to find the Witchlight? Which light? The Witchlight..

    What did you watch as a child? Or read?
    #237Author Waringham (384862) 15 Apr 08, 12:54
    *chuckle* We didn't have a TV untill I was almost 15 years old. I caught the reading bug very late in my childhood as well. My first book was Moby Dick and after that there was no stopping me. I don't think on reflection I would have had time to read before that - too many friends (also without telly). Those weere much simpler days than now, we had a play area that covered as far as you could cycle (our favourite bit of woods/forest was about 12 Km away) and we went out early in the morning and came back when we had promised (give or take as much leeway as I thought I could make).
    #238Authormyklausunna (236435) 15 Apr 08, 13:13
    *gg* Okay..erm.
    #239Author Waringham (384862) 15 Apr 08, 13:24
    So wari. I wish you fun for the rest of the day. A pleasant evening for anyone else that turns up.
    *Hugs for the ladies*
    Till the morn
    #240Authormyklausunna (236435) 15 Apr 08, 13:57
    Ich werd Feuerwehrmann, ich werd Feuerwehrmann!

    Ich mochte ja Grisus Vater immer sehr gern ;)

    you just wait till the plane is a few feet above ground, then jump off
    Why...are you saying...that's NOT possible???!!

    Hey you alls,
    I've been chatting to a lovely, lovely turtle owner, who is suffering from rheumatism and isn't able to clean her turtle's tank due to her illness, so I'll do it for her.
    That's why I'm late...
    Actually, I had been wondering why we kept on chatting in English. I think Wari's explanation is adequate and explains it all: BECAUSE WE CAN :)))

    Wari, I doubt that the demos will change much, but at least we all keep on trying. Ralf Bauer was there again. And it was tipping it down with rain! But it's fun anyway, now we are all beginning to regocnize each other and it's nice chatting to strangers that don't seem strange at all because you've been seeing them again and again at all the demos throughout the last weeks.
    Afterwards I went into Hugendubel's because I still had a gift voucher from my birthday and bought this and this .
    So tonight I'll not move an inch away from my DVD-player. I'll be glued to the screen, I'll switch off my phone, I'll ignore the door-bell, I'll...

    And as there is still some money left from the voucher, I'll try to get this as well... :)

    slight addict, me ;)

    Speaking of telly and Grisu, do any of you know Jane and the dragon? i used to watch it every Saturday and Sunday last year in Cambridge. i LOVE it!
    And when my finances are a little bit more on the happy side, I'll have to get this!  
    No one seems to know it, but now at long last it's available on DVD!!!

    This is beginning to sound like an ad... =O)
    #241Author easy (238884) 15 Apr 08, 14:40
    Don't know the "Bocksreiter" but it sounds great and all the people who bought it seem to know and to love it at least..
    Do you know this?

    Addicted to Jane Austen.. hm..yes..I don't share that one, but.. I like some of them, too. (Emma, Pride and Prejudice..) Watched "Becoming Jane" last year on my flight to or from Australia. Nice one.. I love James McAvoy (did I mention that before? *blush*)
    #242Author Waringham (384862) 15 Apr 08, 15:39
    No, I don't know that one... Sounds interesting, though ;)
    remember having tried to read one Tonke Dragt book, though, years ago. did not like the style, though I think I liked the story. Never finished the book, though...

    James MyAvoy, doesn't ring a bell... must have (**) seen him in Inspector Lynley. Can't remember him, though :) Maybe sth I shall have to remedy ;)

    well, I'm off now, see you tomorrow *wave*
    #243Author easy (238884) 15 Apr 08, 15:45
    Saw him lately in Atonement..
    Read a lot of Tonke Dragt (nearly everything..)

    Anyway..have a nice afternoon/evening/night..
    #244Author Waringham (384862) 15 Apr 08, 15:52
    Good morning people, a very happy wednesday to one and all.Isi, Jane austin ?!Well, I wouldn't have guessed that in a million years ! Somehow I don't associate Gothic with Jane Austin, tja, each to his own. I gave some thought to childrens TV. frrom when I was a child and my favourite would probably be ...

    ...all very British and innocent with no violence or things that children need to be protected from.
    #245Authormyklausunna (236435) 16 Apr 08, 06:25
    Good morning myklausunna, Waringahm and easy!
    #246AuthorMOTHER (383672) 16 Apr 08, 06:53
    Wuensche euch alle schoenen Mittwoch!
    #247AuthorMOTHER (383672) 16 Apr 08, 07:23
    Good morning mother, I didn't hear you come in. Hows life in your little bit of the Indian subcontinent this morning/lunchtime ?
    #248Authormyklausunna (236435) 16 Apr 08, 07:38
    Moin, Moin!

    I'm sending some sunshine around for everybody who might need it!

    Mother, good to see you again, I thought we frightened you away earlier.. :)
    #249Author Waringham (384862) 16 Apr 08, 07:46
    Moin Wari, thanks, we've already got sunshine in NRW although it's bloomin' cold here.
    #250Authormyklausunna (236435) 16 Apr 08, 07:48
    Well, another pleasant morning nicht gehabt.

    Computers dying
    Programmers crying
    Operators trying
    To do their best
    Nothing working
    Workers shirking
    Operators lurking
    In their nest
    Must try improving
    Programmers moving
    We’re all disapproving
    Of this pest
    No more agonizing
    Remain uncompromising
    Time for tranquilising
    Get some rest

    *for some reason had an urge to add a number at the bottom*
    #251Authormyklausunna (236435) 16 Apr 08, 12:30
    Nice one, mykl.. I collect your flashes of genius..someday, we can publish a book..
    Have a pleasant afternoon and forget about the §#!$% at work..
    #252Author Waringham (384862) 16 Apr 08, 12:33
    Really !
    The only one I've kept was the one from Isi's paintings after her farther passed away. Who knows ? Maybe one day...
    #253Authormyklausunna (236435) 16 Apr 08, 12:40
    No need to blush! (No need for blushing? Ne, oder?)
    You've got a talent for poesy..
    #254Author Waringham (384862) 16 Apr 08, 12:51
    Make it: poetry. But it's still true.
    Kept Am I a nasty person? Do I really mean to hurt?, The bath in Leeds, Winter-Wonderland and do not stand on my grave..
    #255Author Waringham (384862) 16 Apr 08, 12:53
    Sorry Wari, "You won't find a bath in Leeds" is a luvverly poem from Sophie Hannah, I can't take any credit for that - apart from finding it.
    #256Authormyklausunna (236435) 16 Apr 08, 12:58
    I know.. "Do not stand on my grave" isn't from (by?) you, either, innit? Just the last part?

    None the less, it's in my mykl-collection.. :)
    #257Author Waringham (384862) 16 Apr 08, 13:05
    Yep, you can find the first part easily enough, it's an Irish blessing, but somehow it spoke to me (if that's the right way of expressing that). I was possibly just in a bit of a melancholy mood at the time. I met a very nice man at our Stadtfest last year, he was a blues guitar player. He answered a newspaper article for music lyrics many years ago. His poem "Don't blame it on the Boogie" was picked up by the Jackson 5 and brought him enough money initially to buy a house here in Germany. He still gets royalty cheks every 3 months which pay all his bills and living costs leaving him free to tour round Europe from one music festival to the next. He tried for a further 6 or 7 years to write another hit, but never managed it again. Goes to prove, one hit will do - if you're lucky.
    #258Authormyklausunna (236435) 16 Apr 08, 13:16
    Amazing..I could never be that creative.. I'm good at reading poetry, though ;) From that, I got a certain feeling for rhythm and Verslänge, but some Gebrauchslyrik is all I can do.
    #259Author Waringham (384862) 16 Apr 08, 13:26
    Know what you mean, but being creative isn't everything. When I see/hear what these casting shows produce (in different countries) it makes my toenails curl. I know the songs aren't as important as the cool dance steps and haircuts to the average 13 year old, but the majority aren't anything more than 4 lines of text with a load of hoo haaas and I love you/your..whatever. Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhh
    #260Authormyklausunna (236435) 16 Apr 08, 13:39
    That's why most of them don't last longer than about half a year.
    I mean I listen to some stuff that doesn't have great lyrics, too. But then it's the float of the melody, the rhythm or else that makes me stay.
    But when you think of really old stuff that's still "trendy"..that's definitely sth absolutely different.
    Auld Long Syne (1788)
    Ode an die Freude (1785)
    Rule, Britania (~1749)

    I'm always pretty excited how long things from today will last, who's gonna be a "Klassiker" someday and who'll just vanish from the scene.

    I mean, the beatles "made it"..even with a lot of ouu-hu-hu and I love you.. same goes for Elvis.. Some of my teenage singers were just one-hit-wonders.. Remember Chesney Hawkes? No??

    Or about books.. Harry Potter is popular now, but will he last? Like Heidi (1880) or Nils Holgersson (1906)..
    We will see..
    #261Author Waringham (384862) 16 Apr 08, 13:57
    Remember him ! I've never heard of him - even after giggling for his song list. I think Harry will last, there are just too many readers for it to die out, I got bored after the 3rd book though. So, enogh creativity and discussion for today, I've got to go home again.Wari, I wish you a pleasnt day and hello to anyone who turns up for the night shift (or the getting out of bed late shift). Till the morn
    *Hmm, just visited the counter uppers, Penis enlargement ? LSD ? And I thought I was weird*
    #262Authormyklausunna (236435) 16 Apr 08, 14:07
    Do you want to have my spam? At least, you would know what to to do with a Penis enlargement.. I just thought about being able to pee standing (stand peeing) wtf!

    Have a pleasant afternoon, evening and remember:
    Always look on the bright side of life! (1979)
    #263Author Waringham (384862) 16 Apr 08, 14:14
    und nochmal das Ganze:


    Please read!

    Grüsse an alle!
    #265Author yytsunamiyy (341657) 16 Apr 08, 17:26
    This one?

    Ganz liebe Grüße zurück..Wie läuft die Arbeit?
    #266Author Waringham (384862) 16 Apr 08, 17:29
    yup, genau die :)

    besch...eiden :)
    #267Author yytsunamiyy (341657) 16 Apr 08, 17:48
    Warum? Magst Du erzählen?
    #268Author Waringham (384862) 16 Apr 08, 17:55
    Huhu :)

    Hi ihr alle, hallo 4y. Hoffentlich nur vorübergehend bescheiden, hoffe ich?

    Fühl Dich gedrückt! Irgendwann wird alles gut...oder so

    oder so
    #269Author easy (238884) 16 Apr 08, 19:14
    not really... :-)

    die IT-Infrastruktur und die Software hier sind einfach nur ein absoluter Albtraum... :-)
    #270Author yytsunamiyy (341657) 16 Apr 08, 19:25
    Tu Dich mit mykl zusammen ;)

    Guts Nächtle allerseits
    #271Author easy (238884) 16 Apr 08, 20:55
    Good morning people, a very happy thursday to one and all. 4Y I could sing several songs about software, programmers and system administrators.
    *chortle* Nice one Isi and I don't even remember putting my photo on the net *gg*
    #272Authormyklausunna (236435) 17 Apr 08, 06:03
    Good morning!
    A happy Thursday to you, too. Please, feel free to sing as much as you like to..
    My Mom's birthday is today..and I still need a present..
    #273Author Waringham (384862) 17 Apr 08, 07:49
    ...happy birthday Wari's mum.
    Moin Wari, we we're singing as a matter of fact, one of our favourites - Lemon tree from Fools Garden. I sent my mum a scottish birthday pesent...
    ...A telephone call to tell her I still love her - reverse charged.
    #274Authormyklausunna (236435) 17 Apr 08, 07:57
    Oh, she gave me the hint to go to Douglas.. I will do and hopefully find out again..
    #275Author Waringham (384862) 17 Apr 08, 08:04
    Er, did she also drop a hint as to what you should be looking for when you get to Douglas ? It's just that she may be a little disappointed should you buy a bottle of Hugo Boss.
    #276Authormyklausunna (236435) 17 Apr 08, 08:16
    Erm.. should try that. No, I have a vague idea what she likes and uses.. Laura Biagiotti and Casmir by Chopard.. I think I'll find sth..
    #277Author Waringham (384862) 17 Apr 08, 08:52
    I've got a box of assorted after shaves in the cellar from different relatives over the years. It doesn't seem to matter how oft I say I only use a deo. I still get them sent. Still, I've used quite a few for presents to other people - so that they can start their own cellar collection.
    #278Authormyklausunna (236435) 17 Apr 08, 09:05
    So, 20 minutes to go..then I'll be off to Douglas.. found some nice things on/in your link..
    My husband doesn't use aftershaves, either.. So I don't give him any.. It's a pity.. Most aftershaves smell so nice..and I can't rally go and wear an aftershave, being nearly 30. I did it as a teenager, but now I feel too old and much too female for things like that..Used to wear a suit then.. /zumir/ OmG /zumir/

    Anyway: I wish you a pleasant rest of day and a wonderful Friday..And if I don't come to accidentally slip in, also a happy weekend! CU
    #279Author Waringham (384862) 17 Apr 08, 12:16
    Bye Wari, have fun shopping. C U later. A suit ! I've still got 6 or 7 of them (bet they don't fit anymore) *gg*

    #280Authormyklausunna (236435) 17 Apr 08, 12:33
    Gooooooooooooooooooood Morning
    Ganz neue Seiten treten hier auf...
    I did it as a teenager, but now I feel too old and much too female for things like that..Used to wear a suit then..
    strange images surface in my mind... :)
    mykl, I've cleared out my wardrobe last week, throwing out all the stuff I don't fit into anymor, and then I accidentally saw something on TV that night about stomach stapling operations. I was so frustrated that I considered going back on the Atkins' Diet... and had to eat chocolate to get over it ;)
    #281Author easy (238884) 17 Apr 08, 13:48
    Good morning Isi, *looks suspiciously at watch* I admit I'm a terrible hoarder, I hate throwing things away - even if the suit lapels look like they've just come out of a 70's tv series. Bugger the diet, if I can't lose weight i can at least try and get the rest of the European population up to my size.Anyway, I've got to go home now, have fun Isi see you later. A very pleasant day to anyone else who turns up.
    Till the morn
    #282Authormyklausunna (236435) 17 Apr 08, 14:00
    Well, there is hope... I didn't throw the stuff away. I bagged it with the tiniest of ghopes that I might fit into the stuff one day again ;)

    Bye, mykl, have a luvverly afternoon!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday of course to Wari's Mum!
    #283Author easy (238884) 17 Apr 08, 14:04
    G'day people,(people ?)a very happy friday to one and all.
    #284Authormyklausunna (236435) 18 Apr 08, 06:15
    Hi and bye.. (just leaving a short greeting here..)
    I actually never looked like Marlene Dietrich *lach*!

    Have a nice weekend, all of you, gotta go to the doggie-course right now!
    #285Author Waringham (384862) 18 Apr 08, 15:26
    G'day people, a very happy monday to one and all.
    #286Authormyklausunna (236435) 21 Apr 08, 08:03
    Moin, Moin!
    Had a wonderful doggie course, she (sic!) knew best what to do and I just followed.. That's probably why it's called "Hundeführerlehrgang", not "Hundelehrgang" ;) !
    Two birthday parties on the weekend, Mom had a lot of fun, drank too much Prosecco and started to tell interesting jokes.. *lach*
    This week, our boss is away to Mainz, so I can relax a bit ;)
    #287Author Waringham (384862) 21 Apr 08, 10:53
    Hi Wari, sounds like you had a super weekend.
    I went to a birthday party too - on saturday.
    #288Authormyklausunna (236435) 21 Apr 08, 11:03
    Yes, I had ;)
    The party on Saturday ended on Sunday morning ;)

    I have a question concerning that: Is "Schunkeln" and "Mitklatschen" typical German behavior or do GBs practice them, too? It's so aweful..
    #289Author Waringham (384862) 21 Apr 08, 11:11
    I left early as well. It was only a quarter to one.
    Clapping along (to a tune) is OK, but you won't find many Brits that Schunkeln. I've got a certificate that exempts me from Schunkeln]/i] when the local carneval club put on their show.
    #290Authormyklausunna (236435) 21 Apr 08, 12:31
    Just thought, the Brits/Scots Schunkeln to Auld Lang Syne, but even that the majority get wrong. You're not supposed to cross and join hands till the last verse, but most people join hands from the very beginning.
    #291Authormyklausunna (236435) 21 Apr 08, 12:40
    I'd like that certificate, too. The "Alleinunterhalter" was really awful. Kept playing lot of German carnival/Apres Ski/Whatever-stuff (most of which I didn't even know...) although nobody danced or sang along. When he played "evergreens", people danced and sang and clapped along.. but then again, he swept the dance floor by sth like " das rote Pony" ???

    (Why is it awesome but aw_ful? Is there any way I could keep that in mind?)
    #292Author Waringham (384862) 21 Apr 08, 12:51
    Is there any way I could keep that in mind Yep, by learning it.
    Sorry, English is a language of exceptions rather than rules. My favourite is "i" before "e" except after "c", and what about weird, neighbour, vein and all the other words that don't follow this rule.
    #293Authormyklausunna (236435) 21 Apr 08, 13:02
    Yep, by learning it. I knew there's a catch in it! Damn!
    I admire people who want to (and do) learn German.. It has got a lot of rules and exception, too. And most native speakers don't know/use them either.. ;)
    #294Author Waringham (384862) 21 Apr 08, 13:15
    German is a language of rules with some exceptions.
    English is a language of exceptions that sometimes have rules.
    #295Authormyklausunna (236435) 21 Apr 08, 13:19
    Und was sagt das jetzt wieder über den Deutschen an sich? Oh jemine... ;)
    #296Author Waringham (384862) 21 Apr 08, 13:33
    That they are a rule loving people (and to the most part rule-following) - as anyone with any amount of contact will tell you.
    #297Authormyklausunna (236435) 21 Apr 08, 13:40
    As this comes from you, I will not feel offended.. Personally, I think a bit less rules and a bit more rule-following would be fine. And there a countries having much stricter rules (and -followers).. But that would lead to far..
    I'm going to knit a thread is due.
    #298Author Waringham (384862) 21 Apr 08, 13:50
    good morning
    I have a headache, had to work all Friday, Saturday and Sunday here
    Met lots of interesting people.
    Aber es war auch scheiße anstrengend. Und der Veranstalter hatte echt n Schuß an der Waffel. Ließ mir ausrichten, Frauen an Ständen hätten mehr Dekolleté zu zeigen. Ich glaub, es hakt! Ich mußte dann leider zurück ausrichten lassen, wenn er seinen Schwanz raushängen ließe, könnte ich mir das überlegen. oops. new thread?
    #299Author easy (238884) 21 Apr 08, 13:58
    #300Author Waringham (384862) 21 Apr 08, 13:58
    This thread has been closed.
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