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    somewhere / anywhere


    Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr mir weiter helfen würdet:

    These roads start nowhere and end anywhere.

    They seem to lead nowhere and everywhere.

    Or do they lead somewhere - to an end or a beginning?

    Beim letzten Satz bin ich mir nicht sicher, sollte somewhere mit anywhere ersetzt werden oder kann man es mit somewhere stehen lassen?

    Or do they lead anywhere - to an end or a beginning?

    Besten Dank im Voraus für die Hilfe!


    AuthorAlbiVW (420521) 01 Aug 08, 15:41
    These roads seem to start everywhere and end nowhere.

    Start everywhere: there are so many of these roads, there is a beginning of one to be seen no matter where you look.

    Start anywhere: fewer than everywhere, in all manner of random places.

    End nowhere: end in obscure, insignificant places OR possibly, they go on forever, they seem to have no ending.
    #1Authorhappy trails!01 Aug 08, 18:27
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