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    I've been tutoring a 6th grade German student in English for about a month, and I'd like to find a penpal for her to correspond with. We'd be open to receiving letters in German or English; she would write in English.

    Is there anyone here who knows someone her age who would be interested or how I might find someone appropriate (without paying or having to wait too long?).

    Verfasser German Tarheel (EY) (147393) 17 Sep. 08, 12:19
    Pen pals

    Vielleicht findest du hier etwas.
    #1Verfasser Sternschnuppal (375999) 17 Sep. 08, 12:23
    Der IYS (www.iys.fi) vermittelt seit Jahrzehnten gegen eine kleine Vermittlungsgebühr Brieffreundschaften in alle Welt und war damals bei uns in der Schule sehr beliebt. Ich habe immer noch zwei gute Brieffreundinnen, die ich über den IYS vermittelt bekommen habe.

    #2VerfasserPen Pal17 Sep. 08, 12:39
    Are you looking for a german or an english penpal?
    I could ask the daughter (11yrs, become 12 in Dec) of my mate where i am travelling to in October. They are currently living near Salisbury, Southengland but will probably coming over to Germany beginning of 2009.
    #3Verfassercheerup-girl17 Sep. 08, 12:41
    @pen pal

    IYS will be closing down this summer, by 30th June 2008
    The International Youth Service (IYS) has been operating since 1952, over 56 years now. We have arranged foreign pen friends for school children and students aged 10 - 20 years in over 100 different countries.

    The internet has lead to a situation where sending ordinary letters is old-fashioned. Letter writing, once very popular, is now a hobby of a few.

    We have come to the end of a certain period. As we can not find enough young people interested in penfriendship any more, we have decided to close down this firm by 30th June 2008.

    We thank all our customers, both children and teachers, in past years and wish you happy times. Don’t stop learning different languages and cultures and keep up those penfriendships you have managed to build up.


    da klappt es dann wohl doch nicht mehr sorry
    #4Verfassercheerup-girl17 Sep. 08, 12:42
    If you're looking for penpals, then maybe "German Post" can help you with this. A membership in its "Letternet"-organisation is - at least to my knowledge - for free and they've got members all around the world. When signing in your student will have to answer a few questions (e.g. age, wanted language) which will help to find them a fitting correspondent.

    Hope this helped you.
    Best wishes
    #5Verfasserwinters_light10 Nov. 08, 17:41
    OH, sehe gerade, dass das International Youth Service heuer geschlossen hat.
    Irgendwie verständlich.

    Meine anno dazumal über IYS vermittelte Brieffreundin und ich feiern übrigens nächstes Jahr unsere 40-jährige Freundschaft.
    #6VerfasserDUDJB911 Nov. 08, 22:08
    Hallo! Ich bin funfzehn Jahre alt und ich wohne im Amerika!
    I'm taking German classes at my school in America and would love a German penpal to help me out! In fact, I was looking for one myself that I wouldn't have to pay for =[
    #7VerfasserAdelaide20 Mär. 09, 18:44
    #8Verfasserbea20 Mär. 09, 19:49
    hey adelaide!
    i'm 15, from germany and i'm looking for a pen pal, too.
    i know that i'm a little late, but if you're still seeking for a pen pal: here i am :D
    #9Verfasserantonia04 Mai 09, 19:20

    is a very good website to find penpals from all over the world.
    #10VerfasserEllen10 Mai 09, 17:16
    Die Deutsche Post vermittelt auch Brieffreundschaften:

    #11VerfasserLorelei11 Mai 09, 17:10
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