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    happy/excited / enthusiastic/... - bewerbungstaugliche Sprache? (AE)


    happy/excited / enthusiastic/... - bewerbungstaugliche Sprache? (AE)

    I would be happy/excited / enthusiastic/... ? to contribute my gifts and commitment to working in your company.

    "Happy" scheint mir in diesem Zusammenhang eigentlich am verträglichsten; das Problem ist, daß ich zwei Zeilen später nochmal "I would be happy" habe, und da geht dann keine Alternative. Daher I would be happy, wenn mir jemand sagen könnte, welches Adjektiv hier angemessen wäre.
    Klingt "excited" oder "enthusiastic" für einheimische (AE) Ohren eher überspannt, oder würden die sowas vielleicht sogar erwarten? Oder gibt's noch was Besseres?

    Und geht der Rest des Satzes so? Habe zu "seine Begabungen EINBRINGEN" (das schöne Modewort aus den 80ern) alle einschlägigen Threads gelesen, und das hier ist jetzt dabei rausgekommen. Ist das o.k.?

    Vielen Dank schonmal im voraus!
    AuthorAnna C. (474640) 31 Oct 08, 21:14
    I would gladly contribute my know-how and commitment to your company.

    I would be careful about using "gifts"- sounds conceited- only someone else can judge whether you are gifted or not. Same with "talents" in case you were thinking of that.

    and the "working in" is unnecessary and when interpreted literally, can be thought to indicate that the efforts are going towards obtaining the job, not working in it.
    #1AuthorTodd (275243) 31 Oct 08, 22:34
    Thanks, Todd!

    I had thought about saying "I would be glad", but somehow that doesn't really feel like being very enthusiastic about the whole thing - or does it? Anyway, your suggestion sounds much better.

    And it's good to know that "gifts" might sound that way to a native listener.
    Would that be true for a church-related context too (a church-associated employer, in this case)? Or would that make it sound modest in the sense of "gifts from God"?

    #2AuthorAnna C. (474640) 31 Oct 08, 23:09
    I would still avoid the word "gifts", even in a church context. Even those who feel they have "gifts from God" can sound conceited.

    I think "glad" conveys just the right amount of enthusiasm.
    #3AuthorTodd (275243) 31 Oct 08, 23:26
    O.k., thanks! It's good to know what degree of conceit or enthusiasm a native speaker hears.
    #4AuthorAnna C. (474640) 31 Oct 08, 23:32
    I would even tone it down a notch from "glad"

    I would be pleased to be able to contribute with my know-how and commitment.

    I would be very interested in contributing with.....
    #5AuthorRES-can (330291) 01 Nov 08, 00:08
    Really now? And I had been reading all this stuff on how you are supposed to sound so thrilled when applying for a job with an US employer...
    #6AuthorAnna C. (474640) 01 Nov 08, 00:40
    thrilled, enthusiastic yes - overkill no :)
    (not that glad is overkill by any means, but can't remember the last time I saw it used this way.....)
    ..but you don't need to use those words to come across as such...
    - just be yourself and be sincere
    (a lot of the hype is for sales jobs!)
    #7AuthorRES-can (330291) 01 Nov 08, 01:02
    "not that glad is overkill by any means, but can't remember the last time I saw it used this way....."

    Well, to my non-native ears, I would have thought that the word "glad" being used in my sentence ("I would be glad to...") does not sound very enthusiastic at all, while I would have guessed Todd's sentence ("I would gladly contribute...") to convey - well, let's say, a medium degree of enthusiasm. That's why I was surprised to hear that it sounds like much more than that to you. Good to know, thanks!
    #8AuthorAnna C. (474640) 01 Nov 08, 13:38
    Hi Anna, just to clarify, "glad" sounds OK in its degree of enthusiasm, just seems like an "old-fashioned" word in AE (don't know about BE) - but perhaps that is just me :) (and I've been around for a while.....)
    #9AuthorRES-can (330291) 01 Nov 08, 13:48
    #5 agree

    possibly I sm keen

    n.b. i wonder how much the final text will reflect your abilities and style and personality... ah well
    #10Authornoli (489500) 01 Nov 08, 14:37
    As an alternative, how about: "I would welcome the opportunity to..."?
    #11AuthorSD3 (451227) 01 Nov 08, 16:40
    #9: Thanks again!

    #10: Well, my style, abilities, etc. can improve by learning the right nuances of how a certain word is used, can't they?

    I am much less concerned about that aspect than about expressing something I didn't mean to express by using a word that makes me sound inappropriate or even weird. THAT is certainly no part of my personality I would want the final text to reflect! ;-)
    #12AuthorAnna C. (474640) 01 Nov 08, 16:48
    @SD3: Very interesting alternative! Sounds like something I can use, either here or in another sentence.
    #13AuthorAnna C. (474640) 01 Nov 08, 16:50
    Anschlussfrage an diesen Thread:
    Wo wäre das Wort "thrilled" auf dieser Skala der Begeisterungsstürme?

    - happy - glad - excited - thrilled - enthusiastic - ... ?
    (Ach ja, und es ist "thrilled AT", isn't it? - "thrilled AT the opportunity" - nicht "about" oder sonstwas, oder?)

    If #7 says it's o.k. to sound thrilled in that kind of a context, does that mean it's appropriate to actually use that word? Or am I just to convey the feeling without actually using the term?
    #14AuthorAnna C. (474640) 30 Nov 08, 16:14
    #14 "thrilled" - nobody with any advice for me?
    #15AuthorAnna C. (474640) 30 Nov 08, 23:26
    Just convey the feeling without actually using the term. #7 had a little smiley at the end of the first line. (-:

    I agree with SD3 and would be inclined to go with something more like

    be grateful for ...
    appreciate ...
    ... the opportunity

    be (very) interested in ...
    (very much) welcome ...
    ... the opportunity

    'Pleased' isn't overkill, but a bit stiff and hard to work into a typical context. Maybe

    be pleased to ...
    ... have the opportunity to contribute to ...

    'Happy' and 'glad' are only on the edge of overkill, but somehow don't sound quite serious enough for a job application. I don't find 'glad' outdated at all, but I'd save them for an interview when I could say 'happy to (be able to work with ...)' or 'glad to (be able to use my talents in ...)'

    'Enthusiastic' is reaching the level where you want to express it but not actually say it. In an interview, your eyes could light up and you could say, 'Oh, that sounds really interesting, I'd really like to do that!' and you would be enthusiastic, but you would be less likely to say 'I'm really enthusiastic about that idea!' (though you certainly could).

    'Excited' and especially 'thrilled' are out toward the farther end of the spectrum. I wouldn't say something like that until they're on the verge of offering you your dream job and you really are really, really, really happy. (-;

    #16Authorhm -- us (236141) 30 Nov 08, 23:43
    But when you do need them, any of several prepositions are okay: enthusiastic about, excited over/about, thrilled at/about ...
    #17Authorhm -- us (236141) 30 Nov 08, 23:45
    Thanks, hm -- us! Detailed and precise as always! :-)
    #18AuthorAnna C. (474640) 01 Dec 08, 00:12
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