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    gestern Abend??

    If I get up in the morning and say "I did not sleep well last night", meaning the night that has just ended, is "gestern Abend" the right phrase in this context?

    Authoreric (new york) (63613) 08 Jan 09, 14:13
    nein, gestern Abend ist die Zeit vor dem Schlafengehen, daher: ich habe diese Nacht nicht gut geschlafen
    #1AuthorLouisa08 Jan 09, 14:15
    No, it's "heute Nacht" or "letzte Nacht":

    "Ich habe heute Nacht schlecht geschlafen."

    "Gestern Abend" would refer to the evening on the previous day.
    #2AuthorMöwe [de]08 Jan 09, 14:16
    Agree with Möwe - "heute Nacht" is definitely what I'd say in the morning ("letzte Nacht" is fine also, I'd tend to say that in the evening of the day following the bad night to avoid confusion).
    #3Authorbritkraut (292765) 08 Jan 09, 14:17
    Thanks to all.

    The LEO Wörterbuch offers only "last night" = "gestern Abend", but that didn't seem right to me in this case.
    #4Authoreric (new york) (63613) 08 Jan 09, 14:52
    eric .. I would prefer "letzte Nacht" as a Sherman.
    "Gestern Nacht" would be always the night before the last night in Sherman.
    #5Authorla.ktho (236390) 08 Jan 09, 15:48
    "Night" kann "Abend" und "Nacht" bedeuten.
    We went out last night = gestern Abend
    I woke up last night = letzte Nacht/ heute Nacht (am Morgen gesagt)
    Tonight it will happen = heute Abend/Nacht (das ist jetzt aber der/die nächste Abend/Nacht, je nach Kontext)

    Alles klar ?? :-))
    #6Authorjudex (239096) 08 Jan 09, 16:15
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