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    dedicate vs. devote

    Where would you use which?

    Example: (...) I would dedicate [or: devote?] to the course the same intense effort and sincere motivation.

    ... does that make any sense (part of an essay intended for a language school)?
    AuthorFijab25 Jan 09, 00:12
    imho "dedicate" feels more active and "devote" more passive.

    What are you trying to express? Is there a German version?
    #1Authordomina (356646) 25 Jan 09, 00:53
    As German phrase expressing activity in being dedicated I'd suggest
    "I engagiere mich für ".

    (LEO provides this translation from German "engagieren" to English, but apparently not the other way around ...&)
    #2Authordü'nnAhmoh26 Jan 09, 13:26
    (sorry for the late response... I had computer problems)

    No, there's no German version, else I'd have used a different forum. :o) I guess the prefered answer would be "dedicate" then because people receiving applications will probably prefer to see some action from the applicants?... who knows...

    If anyone should have more thoughts on the two words, I remain very interested. Thanks.
    #3AuthorFijab28 Jan 09, 04:05
    devoted ist eher hündisch
    #4AuthorPenuuba28 Apr 09, 19:40
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