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    TESO #50 Half century

    Keine 50 Jahre haben wir gebraucht, um 50 TESO-Fäden mit rund 15000 postings zu füllen - ich glaube, es gab da mal eine Nummer 12 A. Der letzte Faden war dieser:

    related discussion: TESO #49 ... and his daughter Clementine.

    Fifty is ...

    In years of marriage, the gold or "golden" wedding anniversary

    the smallest number that can be written as the sum of two squares in two distinct ways: 50 = 12 + 72 = 52 + 52. It is also the sum of three squares, 50 = 32 + 42 + 52.

    The number of chapters in the book of Genesis

    The atomic number of tin

    The fifth magic number in physics

    David Robinson ('The Admiral'), San Antonio Spurs retired NBA uniform #50

    In millimeters, the focal length of the normal lens in 35 mm photography

    The percentage (50%) equivalent to one half, so that the phrase "fifty-fifty" commonly expresses something divided equally in two; in business this is often denoted as being the ultimate in equal partnership

    In Kabbalah, there are 50 Gates of Wisdom (or Understanding) and 50 Gates of Impurity

    Hawaii is the 50th state
    In millimeters, the focal length of the normal lens in 35 mm photography

    In years of marriage, the gold or "golden" wedding anniversary

    Nickname 50 Cent, a rapper

    Roman Numeral: L

    President Ulysses S. Grant is on the U.S. $50 bill

    50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” song by Paul Simon

    Long may you live, TESO!

    AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 28 May 09, 23:56
    Amen to that fair prayer say I
    Danke für das wunderschöne neue Zuhause, Emil, und schlaf schön!
    #1Authoreasy (238884) 29 May 09, 00:05
    Danke, easy, aber ich sehe gerade, dass ich mit dem Editieren nicht ganz fertig geworden bin!

    Und schön schlafen muss auch noch etwas warten -
    ich bastele noch ein bisschen an meiner Steuererklärung
    (da werde ich erst so richtig 'nightmarish')!
    #2AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 29 May 09, 00:27
    ggod morning people, a very happy friday to one and all. Thank you for the new home Emil, I hadn't even noticed we were nearing completion. Gosh ! Fifty already *sigh* we should have had a party ! *g*
    #3Authormykl (442296) 29 May 09, 06:58
    Moin! Danke für den neuen Faden, Emil!
    Busy today.. Have a happy Friday!
    #4AuthorWaringham (384862) 29 May 09, 07:08
    Hi Wari *waves* you should be at home enjoying your weekend - oder ?
    #5Authormykl (442296) 29 May 09, 07:11
    Moin! Und natürlich Gratulation zum halben Hunderter! :-)

    Schönes Bild, Mykl.
    Allerdings... Ich sehe jeden Morgen so aus, nicht nur freitags...

    *edit* Den Fadendank an Emil Wie-viel-auch-immer nicht zu vergessen...
    #6AuthorIgelin DE (467049) 29 May 09, 07:39
    I AM at home.. today, I'll visit the Job Center, the Vet, do the Shopping, Cleaning, Washing.. Get the dogs back from hubby around noon, mow the lawn, water the garden.. Tomorrow we'll be dogsitting a Rhodesian Ridgeback (hubbys secretary has a puppy-by now it's as big as our 6month Münsterländer..)
    Party's on Monday, so I'll try and do all the shopping necessary today (Beer, water, softdrinks, Coal, Meat ->BBQ) Need to decide whether I'll bake a cake or cut a salad (got three each from my guests.. Carly, I learned a lot in AK..there's nothing better than pot-luck ;)..

    So, yes, I am at home, enjoying my weekend.
    Will be off to the job center soon..
    *hugs mykl and departs*
    #7AuthorWaringham (384862) 29 May 09, 07:42
    Guten Morgen!

    Mit Mathe hab ich's ja nicht so, aber das mit der 50 verstehe ich gar nicht.
    50 kann man als Summe zweier Qudratzahlen schreiben? Das ergibt doch alles keinen Sinn oder verstehe ich 'sum of two squares' total falsch?

    Ah, jetzt ist der Groschen (oder der Cent) gefallen. Gemeint war 50=1² + 7² usw., was natürlich Sinn ergibt. Ich hab's als 50=12+72 gelesen...
    #8AuthorMafi (236280) 29 May 09, 09:32
    Mornin' Mafi, there's lots of things I don't understand, but that doesn't make them wrong.
    #9Authormykl (442296) 29 May 09, 09:37
    Nö, das hab ich ja auch nicht sagen wollen. War mehr ein Verständnisproblem. Aber jetzt weiß ich zumindest, dass ich das Englische richtig verstanden hatte.
    #10AuthorMafi (236280) 29 May 09, 10:06
    Mornin' All! Thanks for the new home, Emil! 50 (minutes) seems to be about the average time two batteries last on my "Funkmaus" - well, that might be exagerated, but they don't make 50 days, that's for sure!

    And easy, had a good night's two-hour sleep, right?? :-)) Hope your kitty gets his courage back!!

    Nice pic, mykl :-))

    Wari, Yeah, I LOVE pot-luck suppers - especially the ones we used to have at church, when we stayed with my grandparents in NC between moves :-) Will be going to an "IT-Treff" on Sunday and seeing all my former colleagues - pot-luck there, too - taking my granddaughter with me, since lots of children will also be there - and she's been going with me to the various Treffs for the past 4 years.
    #11AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 29 May 09, 10:30
    Mornin' Carly *bussi* that sounds like fun.
    #12Authormykl (442296) 29 May 09, 10:33
    Moin, mykl - and *bussiback* - yeah, it just goes to show how much FUN we used to have working at our company, before they closed our site 4 years ago - one guy's coming all the way from France! We usually meet at least once or twice a year and I'm really looking forward to seeing all my "Jungs" again :-))
    #13AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 29 May 09, 10:40
    *sigh* Know what you mean, a lot of jobs used to be fun before so "invented" the Global market.
    #14Authormykl (442296) 29 May 09, 10:41
    Ain't that the truth!! So many of us voluntarily put in (unpaid) overtime - and no matter how late we worked, we went home happy and looking forward to the next day.
    #15AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 29 May 09, 10:45
    *chuckle* We're starting to show our age Carly. Tsk, tsk, tsk, fun at work ! That'll never do.
    #16Authormykl (442296) 29 May 09, 11:23
    Hey mykl, OK - so I was the "second-oldest" BUT "die Jungs" also had fun at work :-) Just got back from the Meldeamt - needed two documents to submit with my application to become "vereidigt" - about fainted when she told me: So, das macht zusammen 21 EURO.
    #17AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 29 May 09, 12:17
    Carly, there's nowt for nowt these days. And if it is for nowt there's summat wrong wi' it.
    #18Authormykl (442296) 29 May 09, 12:37
    Had a very slight breakfast DISGUSTINGLY early (5 o'clock), to the airport, plane to D-doof, and straight to the dentist. Now the anasthetic is still working and I can't eat till it stops

    Hi, my dears. a mumbled Hello from Krefeld :)))
    #19Authoreasy (238884) 29 May 09, 13:42

    A humble mellow back, easy [whatever that may be].
    #20AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 29 May 09, 13:45
    #21Authoreasy (238884) 29 May 09, 13:46
    Hi Isi, glad you got home OK, hungry ?? You keep telling us that you're on a diet so where's the difference ?? :) Hi Emil *waves*
    #22Authormykl (442296) 29 May 09, 14:22
    Gar kein schlechter Tag heute.
    Wirst Du auf dem Heimweg Rückenwind haben, mykl?

    So, tschüss bis später.
    #23AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 29 May 09, 15:55
    Well, yes, mykl, but the thing about the Atkins diet is that you aren't usually that hungry! :)

    Flachsmarkt, Flachsmarkt, morgen geh ich aufn Flachsmarkt *sing*
    #24Authoreasy (238884) 29 May 09, 18:46
    Moin! Looks like no one's here, but me :-))

    mykl, They had a write-up on Woodstock Revival in today's paper - I've recently been to two concerts featuring the bands who will be playing - both were very good!! So, it starts off at 17:00 with

    The Who, Joan Baez, Melanie, CCR, Canned Heat, Alvin Lee (had to Google him, lead singer Ten Years After), Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Joe Cocker, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Finale with all bands/singers at 0:15 :-))
    #25AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 30 May 09, 09:41
    Moin Carly!
    A very sunny-windy Saturday to you!
    #26AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 30 May 09, 10:44
    Hi Emil! Yeah, sunny it is!!! Got to go get some groceries in the house - almost forgot that Monday is a holiday :-))

    mykl, Should it rain, they'll erect a tent so we won't get wet.
    #27AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 30 May 09, 10:49
    Moin allerseits!
    Hier wird ja wenig geschrieben!
    Ich werde mich auch gleich für zwei Tage nach HM verabschieden.
    Zuvor aber noch und passend zur beginnenden Erdbeersaison etwas zum Fuchsbandwurm:

    Edit: OMG - das war keine Absicht!
    Und tschüss!
    #28AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 31 May 09, 14:14
    Emil, Emil... Um 14:14 Uhr die # 28... *prust*

    Schönen Abend und erholsamen Pfingstmontag noch! :-)
    #29AuthorIgelin DE (467049) 31 May 09, 21:30

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD morning, people. Nice, Emil, well done!!! :)

    Time flies....

    Carly,I got sunburnt as well at the Flachsmarkt on Saturday. Had neither tea tree oil nor aloe vera nor honey...
    #30Authoreasy (238884) 01 Jun 09, 09:15
    You poor dear, easy!! The aloe vera lotion really helped me, both pain- and burn-wise :-) Had a GREAT time yesterday with all my former colleagues and their respective families! And it didn't start to rain until the split second we all had gotten into our cars to go home :-) Thought I might have some of my Waldorf salad leftover for today's fish, but it all got eaten.
    #31AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 01 Jun 09, 11:43

    So'n Mifffft! Zu spät für Carlys Waldorfsalat... *schnüff!*

    *hungriginsBettgeh* Trotzdem allen eine gute Nacht! :-)
    #32AuthorIgelin DE (467049) 01 Jun 09, 22:35
    Igelin, If we ever should have a LEO-Treff, will bring you your very own Waldorf salad :-))
    #33AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 01 Jun 09, 22:58
    Good morning people, a very happy tuesday to one and all. Carly, it all sounds great ! I can hardly wait *hibbel* Emil, nice posting time *ggg*
    #34Authormykl (442296) 02 Jun 09, 07:38

    mykl, Neither can I!! Was also very glad to hear that they'll put up a tent, should it rain - at my age, I don't feel much like taking my clothes off and lolling around in the mud - no need to revive Woodstock to that extent :-))

    #35AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 02 Jun 09, 11:26
    Moin Carly *laughs* No, we don't need that much realism.
    #36Authormykl (442296) 02 Jun 09, 11:40
    "Cocaine" playing on the radio right now :-)
    #37AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 02 Jun 09, 11:45
    *sniff* 'snot fair, I can only play the radio here when I'm on my own.
    #38Authormykl (442296) 02 Jun 09, 11:51
    Passing poor mykl a headphone set :-)
    #39AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 02 Jun 09, 11:54
    Hello everybody!
    A few lines from the night shift:
    Did a bicycle tour on Monday and broke the bottom bracket just a few hundred metres after its (the tour's) turning point - not too perfect a timing.
    On Tuesday, my mother sent me to get some strawberries. I bought 3 kg, two for her and one for me to take home. When I told her the price for one kg, she counted the money for one kg on the table, and when I told her that she had had two kg, she simply said she were not that good at mental arithmetics. [After all, I will get some of the marmelade.]
    So, should anybody think I were obsessed with numerics, it certainly does not come from the mother's side.

    @ #37: Which one, Carly?
    or maybe this one

    Edit: Und nebenbei:
    Wir waren schon wieder auf Seite zwei!

    Edit #2:
    @ #36: No, we don't need that much realism.

    Edit #3:
    Vorsicht, Vorsicht, Vorsicht!
    Ich bin gerade dabei eine Youtube-Vergiftung zu bekommen!
    #40AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 03 Jun 09, 01:36
    Good morning people, a very happy wednesday to one and all. Emil, Youtube can become VERY addictive. *g*
    #41Authormykl (442296) 03 Jun 09, 05:43
    didnt sleep much
    have been eaten by mosquitoes or something
    #42Authoreasy (238884) 03 Jun 09, 09:44
    Mornin' (grumpy) Isi *bussi* apart from that, everything OK ?
    #43Authormykl (442296) 03 Jun 09, 09:57
    Morning, mykl
    Well, I'm not going to start, so I'll say a euphemistic and bright: Yes, everything else is fine.

    And how are you this mroning, how much longer will you have to work today?
    #44Authoreasy (238884) 03 Jun 09, 10:48
    *sigh* I'm only "so-so" today, but I only have to work until 2pm today.
    #45Authormykl (442296) 03 Jun 09, 10:49
    Well, only three more hours to go, mykl!

    I'm off for a bit, if I don't see you: Enjoy the rest of your day
    #46Authoreasy (238884) 03 Jun 09, 11:01
    Bye Isi, have fun
    #47Authormykl (442296) 03 Jun 09, 11:03
    Moin, All!

    Hi Emil, I always associated "Cocaine" with J. J. Cale (which was the one playing on the radio), BUT went to an Eric Clapton concert a couple of years ago, and he played it as part of his encore - and BOY was it a GREAT rendition. Am SOOOO glad I've got sound on my new PC now!!!

    #48AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 03 Jun 09, 11:26
    G'day Carly, hope you're feeling better than I am today.
    #49Authormykl (442296) 03 Jun 09, 11:41
    mykl, Nope - I'm sliding into "depressed mode" - am seriously beginning to think that people truly believe translators can live "on bread alone" - when I see what they are willing to pay - like 3 cents per word, or someone just told me: not more than 0.96 cent per line. That wouldn't have been one for me anyway, but for Carioca - since they wanted German to Portugese. But quibbling over 12 euros more...
    #50AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 03 Jun 09, 11:55
    *slides with Carly into depression*
    Carly, there are probably more translators as work and if enough work on the "black economy" it's pretty obvious that the prices are going to sink. It's OK translating for 96 cents per line if you're just translating the alphabet. Did you hear anything from the book author yet ?
    #51Authormykl (442296) 03 Jun 09, 12:01
    SO gald it's not just me today ;o)
    #52Authoreasy (238884) 03 Jun 09, 12:05
    *first chuckle of the day* Isi, I can't open your link :(
    #53Authormykl (442296) 03 Jun 09, 12:09
    No, haven't heard from him, yet - though he did state that they are currently reviewing the applications. Think Kimmy-cat just miscalculated her jump in trying to catch a fly/wasp - and fell off the stairwell banister. I've tried to discourage her from chasing flies/wasps up windows, walls, ect. - but she doesn't seem to get the message :-)
    #54AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 03 Jun 09, 12:10
    easy and mykl, :-))))
    #55AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 03 Jun 09, 12:12
    Pain is a great teacher Carly
    #56Authormykl (442296) 03 Jun 09, 12:15
    Here's one for all of us "sliders" :-)
    #57AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 03 Jun 09, 12:18
    *sigh* Cant watch Youtube either :(
    #58Authormykl (442296) 03 Jun 09, 12:22
    I should have first listened to the whole song - Joan Baez at Woodstock singing "We Shall Overcome" - but she squeaks the notes out at times, rather than hit them :-))
    #59AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 03 Jun 09, 12:24
    Well, that just fits the mood of the day, mykl.

    Have I mentioned that I hate money? Especially not HAVING any of the filthy stuff?

    nice, Carly :)
    Well, la'ers :)

    myklchen, only 90 minutes to go!
    #60Authoreasy (238884) 03 Jun 09, 12:24
    Ain't that the truth, easy - though, we naturally feed our cat first, and starve ourselves to do so :-)
    #61AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 03 Jun 09, 12:28
    #62Authoreasy (238884) 03 Jun 09, 12:31
    #63Authormykl (442296) 03 Jun 09, 12:32

    and for all of us:

    :) definitely gone now
    #64Authoreasy (238884) 03 Jun 09, 12:39
    Have to look at it somewhere/sometime else Isi - no videos.
    #65Authormykl (442296) 03 Jun 09, 12:43
    Thanks, those put a (temporary?) smile back onto my face :-))
    #66AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 03 Jun 09, 12:48
    Yeah *sniff* but when I stop reading I stop smiling. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
    #67Authormykl (442296) 03 Jun 09, 12:53
    Hope everybodies afternoon is a miserable as mine will be [marvin the paranoid android]

    #68Authormykl (442296) 03 Jun 09, 13:43
    Sorry, can't help you out on that one, mykl - will be taking my granddaughter to riding lessons later on, then pick up two more children on the way home - to babysit all three :-)) Fun galore, usually!
    #69AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 03 Jun 09, 13:56
    Hmm, hallo allerseits!
    marvin the paranoid android
    Mein "Hitchhiker's Guide ..." steht noch ungelesen im Regal, deshalb kannte ich die Figur gar nicht. Interessanter Charakter, finde ich, und so intelligent!
    #70AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 03 Jun 09, 20:41
    Good morning people, a very happy thursday to one and all. Emil, the BBC radio series was the best interpretation in my view. Using ones own fantasy is always better than watching TV or a film.
    #71Authormykl (442296) 04 Jun 09, 06:00
    Good morning, mykl!
    Na, hier ist ja mal wieder viel los!
    Wenn ich mich nicht täusche, habe ich eine Kurz-Erkältung überwunden. Nur fünf Tage!
    Merkwürdig, sowas dauert bei mir doch sonst länger ...
    #72AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 04 Jun 09, 10:24
    Moin Emil, yep, it's VERY quiet this week. You're getting stronger as you're getting older. *gg*
    #73Authormykl (442296) 04 Jun 09, 10:29
    Muss wohl - Hauptsache nicht die Schweinegrippe!
    #74AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 04 Jun 09, 10:40
    *chuckle* Been cuddling any pigs recently ?? *fg*
    #75Authormykl (442296) 04 Jun 09, 10:41
    Nee, ist sogar schon länger her, dass ich eins gesehen habe!
    #76AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 04 Jun 09, 10:47
    Then you're still probably OK then *g* Are you managing to avoid the Youtube addiction *sigh* I can spend hours and hours there.
    #77Authormykl (442296) 04 Jun 09, 10:49
    I had a bad fit on Tuesday night but havn't been there since. So, there is hope.
    It is like looking up something in an encyclopedia ...
    related discussion: Serendipity
    (first entry)
    #78AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 04 Jun 09, 11:03
    *lach* I can understand that, you start off with one song and then Youtube "offers" a whole load more on the same topic and off you go again.
    #79Authormykl (442296) 04 Jun 09, 11:13
    Mornin' to all and sundry!

    Yeah, I lOVE youtube and was oh so frustrated the few weeks I had to do without, due to lack of sound :-))
    #80AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 04 Jun 09, 11:18
    Hi, Carly!
    ... nur, statt ewig in Youtube herumzuklicken sollte ich lieber mal wieder ein paar Platten digitalisieren! Aber das wäre ja Arbeit!
    #81AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 04 Jun 09, 12:41
    What a lovely thread, and the poem is so much to the point ^^.

    Hi all,

    I've been SO busy with "female accomplishments".
    Last night I embroidered the shawl I'm going to wear to the wedding, and I've just now finished making myself a lovely fascinator (decided against a hat after all. And making my own was cheaper and much more fun).

    Now I'll have to persuade my mum to dye my hair and to change some part of my dress (it's too wide, would anyone believe it?) and then it's off to England tomorrow :)))
    #82Authoreasy (238884) 04 Jun 09, 12:48
    Emil, aber ich "stehe" auf meine Platten - und bin hoch erfreut, noch ein Plattenspieler zu haben :-)) Now, if I could just find another little round thingy to play my 45s - that got lost in the move :-((
    #83AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 04 Jun 09, 12:48
    Hi easy! Gute Reise! And what poem??
    #84AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 04 Jun 09, 12:57
    Hi, easy!
    Und gute Reise, falls wir uns nicht mehr sehen!

    Ich finde meine Platten auch toll. Aber wenn ich z.B. etwas im Auto hören möchte oder auf dem MP3-Player haben will, muss das gemacht werden. Runterladen kommt für mich nicht in Frage.
    So, ich bin jetzt mal zwei Stunden weg, oder so.

    Edit: poem: see link in #78.
    #85AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 04 Jun 09, 13:10
    Ach ja, das ist wirklich schöööööönnn - und zutreffend :-))

    Emil, jetzt verstehe ich - habe selbst nur ein Kassettenrekorder im Auto und besitze kein MP3-Player :-)
    #86AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 04 Jun 09, 13:23
    Hi Carly and Isi, grrrrrrr, it's rotten being the 4th man in a 3 internet computer system. :) Carly, you've still got a Kassettenspieler in your car, WOW ! Hang onto it another couple of years and it'll be a collectors piece *g* Isi, have a super time in England, try not to spend tooooooo much. I'll say bye bye for today then 'cause I don't know if I'll get back onto this compy any later. Have fun everybody.
    #87Authormykl (442296) 04 Jun 09, 13:41
    Bye, mykl - and wishing you a dry ride home :-)) Yep, old-fashioned here - didn't even have a DVD player until my son "insisted" on giving me his almost brand new one, as partial pay of what he still owes me.

    Easy, You'll like this. Gestern erzählte mir meine Tochter, ihre Unterhaltung mit meine Enkelin am morgen des Schul-Sporttages: Enkelin: Mama, ich nehme meine rot-schwarze Rücksack mit. Tochter: Nee, Schatz - sie ist drecking und außerdem habe ich bereits Dein "Prinzessin-Lillifee (pink)" gepackt. MAMA - ich bin doch KEINE Prinzessin mehr, sondern COOL :-))) Now I know why they've painted her new room in their recently purchased house, beige :-)) Her current one is two shades of pink :-)
    #88AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 04 Jun 09, 13:49
    ich habe immer wieder monatelang defekte Kassettenrekorder durch die Gegend gefahren.
    Aber letztes Jahr war ich es leid und dann habe ich ein Radio mit CD-Player einbauen lassen. Das wird aber genauso heiss wie der Kassettenrekorder früher, der mich so manches Band gekostet hat, und ich wage eigentlich nie, da gekaufte CDs 'reinzustecken. Das Teil hat aber auch einen USB-Anschluss, und da hänge ich einfach einen Stick dran, und los geht's.

    Kassetten zum Digitalisieren habe ich natürlich auch noch einige!

    Den MP3-Player benutze ich fast nie, eigentlich nur in Bussen und Bahnen.
    Damit kann man sich so schön von der Umwelt isolieren, wenn's nötig ist.
    #89AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 04 Jun 09, 16:40
    Nice one, Emil!! I hadn't heard that one, yet - first couple of tacts, and I thought it sounded like a softer Jimi Hendrix: "There Must be Some Kind of Way Out of here" :-)
    #90AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 04 Jun 09, 16:47
    Ha, ich hab auch noch n Kassettenrekorder im Auto. Der ist allerdings kaputt, weil er irgendwann mal zu heiß gelaufen ist. Danach habe ich einen alten tragbaren batteriebetriebenen Kassettenrekorder in mein Auto gepackt, für meine Hörbücher... Inzwischen habe ich auch nen MP3-Player, aber im auto mag ich den auch nicht sio rceht. Da gehts mir wie Emil: Lieber in öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln :)

    Carly, Deine Enkelin IST cool ^^

    Very nice song, Emil!

    Danke für die guten Reisewünsche, und myklchen, ich komm Freitag spät abends in Enlgland an, bin Samstag auf der hochzeit und fahr Sonntag wieder heim. Ich glaube selbst MIR wird es da schwer fallen -sagen wir zumindest - VIEL Geld auszugeben ;o)
    Und ich hab einfach wirklich kein Geld mehr. So gar nix... (und das am Monatsanfang...) Ich hatte zum Glück noch etwas britisches Bargeld hier zu Hause,
    weil ich das grundsätzlich nicht zurücktausche, so oft wie ich dann doch da bin...

    Müssen wir eigentlich langsam ne Vermisstenanzeige für Wari aufgeben???
    #91Authoreasy (238884) 04 Jun 09, 17:16
    Wenn ich mich recht erinnere, wollte Waringham diese Woche zuhause sein. Von dort meldet sie sich doch eher nur sporadisch, nicht wahr?
    #92AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 04 Jun 09, 17:22
    Jo, und eine für Derfel ebenfalls!!

    easy, ich finde es einfach köstlich wie sie von heut auf morgen kein Prinzessin mehr ist :-)) Aber, sie hat gleichzeitig darauf bestanden, ihr pink Prinzessin Nachthemd anzuziehen. Noch eine kleine Konversation zwischen sie und ihre Freundin: Dana, weiß Du, daß wir in 5 Monate unser 1. Zeugnis bekommen? Ich: in 5 Wochen. Dana: Zeugnis? Was ist das? Sie: Da bekommen wir Noten, sowie 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 und SECHS - um Himmelswillen, ja kein SECHS.
    #93AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 04 Jun 09, 17:23
    Ah, ich dachte mir schon, dass ich was überlesen habe.

    So, meine Mum ist da. Haarefärben :)
    #94Authoreasy (238884) 04 Jun 09, 17:23
    Mein "edit on" hat fehlgeschlagen:

    Dana: Oh je, das geht bestimmt nicht gut aus. Ich: Aber ja doch, ihr könnt schon Lesen, Schreiben und Rechnen. Beide: Aber noch lange nicht alles.
    #95AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 04 Jun 09, 17:25
    Beide: Aber noch lange nicht alles.

    Ganz entzückend!
    #96AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 04 Jun 09, 17:47
    Jaaaaaa, und dann wurde Dana abgeholt, und Chiara ins Bettchen gesteckt, wo sie mir eine Geschichte vorlesen wollte - zuerst mit einem neuen Buch, dann wurde sie entmutigt mit Wörtern wie "ohrenbetäubenden Trillpfeiffengeräusche" (was ich gut verstehen kann), und wechselte auf ihr Fibel über. Als ich ins Wohnzimmer zurück ging, konnte ich sie noch Lesen üben hören :-))
    #97AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 04 Jun 09, 17:51
    Good morning people, a very happy friday to one and all.
    #98Authormykl (442296) 05 Jun 09, 05:45
    And a "good middle of the night" to you, too, mykl - just got back from the dentist and running some errands. Dropped by the Kulturinitiativ to turn in one Woodstock ticket, since my former colleague is in Reha and can't come - she said they are now getting about 50-60 ticket orders PER DAY!!
    #99AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 05 Jun 09, 13:22
    Ich bin nur ganz kurz da und wünsche schon mal allen ein prima Wochenende!
    #100AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 05 Jun 09, 14:31
    Wünsche ich Dir auch, Emil :-)
    #101AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 05 Jun 09, 14:34
    Hi you all, am off in a bit. Why am I always so nervous? I've just checked. I'll be closer to home (i.e. Krefeld) tonight than I am when I'm in Munich.
    distance is a strange thing...
    #102Authoreasy (238884) 05 Jun 09, 15:17
    Wishing you a GREAT flight and loads of fun, easy !!
    #103AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 05 Jun 09, 15:23
    Thanks, Carly.
    Missing my cats already. And my mum. Longish stays in Krefeld are not good for me ;(

    BUT I am looking forward to my oh-so-very-beloved England!!! :)

    See you Monday, I suppose. Have a great weekend.

    (Oh, and I hope you didn't tell Chiara that the feeling of never knowing enough is one she will carry with her all her life... ^^)
    #104Authoreasy (238884) 05 Jun 09, 15:47
    No, easy - I think she's already got the gist of that particular feeling, but it is oh so touching listening to those two talk :-)) The latest thing amongst her group of friends, is commenting (in my presence) on "ihr komisches Deutsch, as in: Sie sagte der Ei" :-))
    #105AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 05 Jun 09, 15:55
    Heizt hier irgendjemand?
    Ist der Schirm wieder trocken?
    Ist schon jemand deprimiert?

    #106AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 06 Jun 09, 16:18
    Hi Emil, bin deprimiert, WEIL ich heizen MUß - anders ist dieser "globale Erwärmung" nicht zu ertragen. All my Scottish forefathers were screaming in me NOT to give in and turn the heat on, I resisted as long as I could, but when my teeth began to really clatter, I gave in :-))
    #107AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 06 Jun 09, 17:07

    Heizen ist kein Grund deprimiert zu sein! Wir können uns doch nicht vom Kalender vorschreiben lassen, wann wir heizen dürfen und wann nicht. Und die schottischen Ahnen sind auch nicht die besten Ratgeber - schließlich lebst Du jetzt ja in einem viel kontinentaleren Klima.
    Aber was mich wütend macht, ist, dass einige der längsten Tage des Jahres an dieses kalte, nasse Sauwetter verschleudert werden! Ich soll wohl auch noch dankbar dafür sein, dass ich nicht in Gummistiefeln zum Wahllokal gehen musste!

    Zum Trost:
    Fünf vor fünf: Der Doktor und das liebe Vieh
    #108AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 07 Jun 09, 15:22
    OHHHHHHHHHHHHH Emil!! Thanks for that one!!! Ja, es hat auch hier endlich aufgehört zu regnen, aber immer noch stark bewölkt, einfach ecklig!
    #109AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 07 Jun 09, 16:05
    Hallo Carly!

    Urgh, da läuft es einem ja kalt den Rücken herunter - und zum Schluss stellt er sich auch noch unter das Regenrohr - Uaahhh!
    #110AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 07 Jun 09, 18:06
    Ja, gestern konnte ich auch nicht so beschwingt sein :-))
    #111AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 07 Jun 09, 18:28
    Good morning people, a very happy monday to one and all.
    #112Authormykl (442296) 08 Jun 09, 07:14
    Morgen, mykl!
    Hope you had a pleasant weekend?
    #113AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 08 Jun 09, 09:40
    Hi Emil, very quiet as weekends go. I visited friends on saturday and sunday was "housework" day. I suppose it was a pleasant enough weekend, although I spent most of the time just feeling plain cold.
    #114Authormykl (442296) 08 Jun 09, 09:47
    I re-started the heating on Saturday, and - judging from the chimneys - so did a lot of people in the area.
    #115AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 08 Jun 09, 09:56
    I could switch on my heating 365 days a year (Fernwärme) but I made do with a pulli 'cause it's cheaper. *gg*
    #116Authormykl (442296) 08 Jun 09, 10:06
    Yeah, seems to me that I spent most of the weekend feeling sorry for myself :-)) Not my natural state, but aggravated due to continuous rain. Last night we got it all, thunder, lightening, rain, hail and high winds, BUT, today the sun's come bursting through the clouds!!
    #117AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Jun 09, 10:11
    Hi Carly, *waves* it hits us all at some point or other, only 12 more days *hibbel*
    #118Authormykl (442296) 08 Jun 09, 10:17
    YEAH!!! And I DO HOPE that the sun will be shining down on us!!! I gotta get "de-grayed" by then :-))
    #119AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Jun 09, 10:22
    *laughs* The only way I could be de-grayed is to shear it all off.
    #120Authormykl (442296) 08 Jun 09, 10:25
    Moin! Back from the last free days until August, 31st. Anyway..meeting soon. See you laters.
    #121AuthorWaringham (384862) 08 Jun 09, 10:50
    Hi Wari, *waves* nice to read you again, see you later.
    #122Authormykl (442296) 08 Jun 09, 10:53
    Hello, Carly!
    Hello, Waringham!
    #123AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 08 Jun 09, 10:53
    Hi Wari and Emil!! Sun's loosing its battle agsinst storm clouds :-((
    #124AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Jun 09, 11:48
    Well, back from meeting. My garden is deeply grateful for the rain. We were lucky over the weekend..only got wet twice, for it mostly rained during the nights.. but it rained so hard (and loud) I needed to get up and pee..from all these plashing and dripping sounds.
    #125AuthorWaringham (384862) 08 Jun 09, 11:51
    Welcome back, Wari! Finished HP IV yesterday evening! My problem with storms up here on the mountain is that I feel soooo utterly UNprotected - no "Jalousien" and the wind is fierce - got yellow sacks flying all over the place, and they aren't mine :-))
    #126AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Jun 09, 11:57
    Well, then I can start sending the big hardcovers now.. Could pack all three into that parcel of yours.. Gonna need and take a look what's the cheapest way to send it.. Somehow I sent a parcel for 6€ to AK last week.. Wonder when and where it will arrive..
    #127AuthorWaringham (384862) 08 Jun 09, 11:59
    Hi Wari, Didn't want to post this in your other thread - I graduated from this school way back when, and they now offer "Vorbereitungskurs" for the various language certificates:
    #128AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Jun 09, 13:11
    So, my day has done here again, I wish everybody a super FA and until the next time viel Spaß am Leben.
    #129Authormykl (442296) 08 Jun 09, 15:19
    Byeeeeeeeeeee mykl - Am off to wash my hair :-)
    #130AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Jun 09, 15:24
    Bye, mykl.. Carly is obviously still washing her hair :)
    #131AuthorWaringham (384862) 08 Jun 09, 17:24
    No, Wari - Finished washing/rolling hair about 30 minutes ago :-)) Did you check out that language school link?? They're located in Göttingen, right down the road from the Bahnhof.
    #132AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Jun 09, 17:35
    Yes, sorry. I checked the link. I think it'll depend on where I actually am for a longer time, so I can do some courses and a test there. Tigger suggested these CPE things, the courses for those are run by the Volkhochschulen..that would be handy, too.
    #133AuthorWaringham (384862) 08 Jun 09, 17:44
    You could probably pass the TÖFL with no problems!

    Still feeling rather down in the dumps, as no new business in sight (promises of, yes, but not yet on my desk). Then I remembered this uplifting song:
    #134AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Jun 09, 17:46
    Well, the tests say I do pretty well and should visit the "Aufbaukurs".
    As it is already quite late and I gotta get some more lab work done, I'll say good bye for now and today.. And perhaps I'll find the time to re-read tomorrow and so will be able to find out why and where easy is in GB..

    Have a wonderful evening!
    *leaves a huge pile of hugs and kisses*
    #135AuthorWaringham (384862) 08 Jun 09, 18:17
    easy's in GB for that wedding - byeeeee and hugsandkisses back.
    #136AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Jun 09, 18:19
    Oh, I see, the one with that gorgeous hat..
    *now really really gone*
    #137AuthorWaringham (384862) 08 Jun 09, 19:13
    I regularly "force" myself to watch about 10 minutes of French TV a couple times per week - just now had a real treat, but very unusual - Gone With the Wind in French :-))
    #138AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Jun 09, 22:07
    am back. Was reallyreallyreally nice!
    see youse tomorrow
    #139Authoreasy (238884) 08 Jun 09, 23:11
    Good morning people, a very happy tuesday to one and all. Wari, I agree with carly you should be able to pass the English exams, yours is a much more "natural" English to those who have just learnt the language.
    #140Authormykl (442296) 09 Jun 09, 06:58
    Moin mykl!
    Einen wunderbaren regen-glänzenden Tag wünsche ich!
    #141AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 09 Jun 09, 09:54
    Mornin' Emil, thank you, but I can well do without the rain :) I'm not a tree or a duck and I prefer my cycling weather a little bit drier. *gg*
    #142Authormykl (442296) 09 Jun 09, 09:56
    Moin, All! Well, guess we had our allotted hour of sun yesterday - wind's back to howling around the eaves, cold, wet, yucky. My sister and her husband have been vacationing in Scotland for the past week, one more week to go. - they both went off without their EC cards, and have run out of money, as they cannot remember the PIN-Nr. for their "Gold Card". And she's worked at the NASPA for at least 30 years as a purchaser :-)) Their children are trying to wire them some money, which is easier said, than done.
    #143AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 09 Jun 09, 10:44
    Moin Carly, it sounds like a terminal case of Murphy's law. It would probably be quicker to post money (2 days) than arrange a bank transfer (xx days) and a heck of a lot cheaper. Last christmas the European central clearing bank charged me 47 euros to send a 50 pound cheque from my mum. There was 7 euros left over *heul*
    #144Authormykl (442296) 09 Jun 09, 10:48
    Thank both mykl and Carly for your compliments. I am certain that the only real way of learning a language is to actually using it. Whether written or spoken. when I did these test-thingies yesterday, I had some problems to realize what they meant with "The weather is fine, is it not?" Is it not??? WTF.. Nobody would ever say that..
    Carly, did I read right your daughter is going to marry? And do you really use the word fiancé nowadays?
    Emil..I could work in the lab with the window open this morning..Due to that steady downpour, no pollen is flying around at all.
    #145AuthorWaringham (384862) 09 Jun 09, 11:12
    Hi Wari, Some minor corrections: ...the only real way of learning a language is to actually USE it...the only real way of learning a language is actually using it. ...daughter is getting married - YES!!! Well, they are engaged, so she's a "fiancée" and he's a "fiancé" :-))) And yes, I would assume that these words are still used.
    #146AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 09 Jun 09, 11:16
    Not terribly good weather, what/I'm afraid ?
    There's another variation on "upper class twit English" that no one would use anymore. Moin Wari *bussi*
    #147Authormykl (442296) 09 Jun 09, 11:17
    Aber die Amselhähne geben immer noch keine Ruhe!
    #148AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 09 Jun 09, 11:32
    #149Authormykl (442296) 09 Jun 09, 11:38
    Wo hast Du denn das wieder her, mykl!!!
    #150AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 09 Jun 09, 12:00
    Emil, das Gleiche habe ich mir auch gefragt :-)
    #151AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 09 Jun 09, 12:16
    *shrugs* It was lying around in the internet, waiting to be read, why ?
    #152Authormykl (442296) 09 Jun 09, 12:42
    Es kommt tatsächlich als erster Treffer, wenn man mit "Amselhähne" googelt, Carly!
    #153AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 09 Jun 09, 13:16
    Giggle is your friend.
    #154Authormykl (442296) 09 Jun 09, 14:02
    Have any of you ever tried using a different search engine? I mean, there are others, aren't there!?
    #155AuthorWaringham (384862) 09 Jun 09, 14:08
    Glory be! The sun just came out!

    Wari, I usually find what I was looking for using Google - soooo, haven't tried any other search engine :-) I guess mainly because before Google came along, you had to click onto this link, then onto the next, and the next - and eventually gave up, because you got nowhere!
    #156AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 09 Jun 09, 14:09
    I use google only, too. But sometimes I think things like "where would I find things that are not on/in Google?" Would any "normal" user (no IT-crack that is) ever find a site that's not there? Not knowing the exact address?
    *goes wonderingly off to work in the lab*
    #157AuthorWaringham (384862) 09 Jun 09, 14:15
    I'm of the opinion that if you can't giggle it, it isn't there.
    #158Authormykl (442296) 09 Jun 09, 14:16
    So people, I'm off home again. I wish everybody a pleasant evening.
    #159Authormykl (442296) 09 Jun 09, 15:09
    I used to use yahoo at the beginning. Now I prefer to giggle...
    Hi, my dears. Feel enormously jet-lagged, depressed, tired, and hungry, broke, angry and PMS-sish, although I'm not, discontent, worried, and I feel ill. So, happy bunny, me ;o)
    #160Authoreasy (238884) 09 Jun 09, 15:12
    Bye, mykl.. least, it's definitively NOT sunny..
    jet-lagged? England's just one hour??? Poor black bunny, you!
    #161AuthorWaringham (384862) 09 Jun 09, 15:17
    byeeee, mykl!

    easy, From the sound of it, you had a "wonderful" time in the UK -))
    #162AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 09 Jun 09, 15:21
    Well, I DID have a wonderful time and it's NOT a hangover, since I wasn't drunk (you wouldn't believe how sensible one can be with the knowledge of having to step onto a plane the next day... I've had a hangover once... I COULDN'T fly the next day.)
    Just generally worried and sick of everything.

    Wari, I do hope you'll have some good news, family-wise, soon. I did my best ;o)
    #163Authoreasy (238884) 09 Jun 09, 15:46
    Well, I don't know why she's hungry.. Coming home hungry from a German wedding is impossible.. The mother of my best girlfriend (who's going to marry in July)called me on Saturday.. It looks like I'm gonna sing something :(
    /to me/ Why didn't I just say NO! /to me/
    #164AuthorWaringham (384862) 09 Jun 09, 15:48
    Well, easy *hug* We'll see what's gonna happen when it does.. Thanks for everything anyway. Anything I could do for you? Except for some virtual hugging?
    #165AuthorWaringham (384862) 09 Jun 09, 15:49
    OH, what fun!!!
    Wari, I'm hungry BECAUSE of all the food, I had to interrupt my diet.
    Darum muß ich heute leiden :(
    #166Authoreasy (238884) 09 Jun 09, 15:50
    Yeah..what fun.. I really love to stand in front of the lot and make a fool of myself.. We sang that once on a Schulfest together..

    edit: At least you can masquerade so nobody will recognize me.. *hopes*
    #167AuthorWaringham (384862) 09 Jun 09, 15:53
    Ich hab da was für Dich
    Bin jetzt weg, hoff ich. Bis dann.
    #168Authoreasy (238884) 09 Jun 09, 16:09
    I get tickled out of the choir singing that particular song, because it came out when I was madly in love for the first time (about 16), and naturally this song was dedicated to Victor, not Jesus :-) How about this one, Wari (half seriously :-):
    #169AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 09 Jun 09, 16:46
    No, it has to be from Sister Act..As we were on a school led by nuns.. On that school party, we also sang "My God" and "Hail Holy Queen", the latter one is really complicated to sing and I don't know if I can find enough people and some time to exercise at all.. So I thought that one would be the easiest of the three..
    #170AuthorWaringham (384862) 09 Jun 09, 16:54
    Can anybody tell me what this Sir business is all about?
    #171AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 10 Jun 09, 02:07
    Hi Emil, auch noch wach? Ach, der trollt hier rum. Vielleicht hat er sich auch schon (aus)getrollt. Das bleibt zu hoffen :)

    Doris scheint ihn gesperrt zu haben, weil er beim Anmelden nicht seinen richtigen Namen angegeben hat, was aber wohl sein muß (ich erinner mich schon gar nicht mehr ans Anmelden, zu lang her *g*). Jetzt wird ständig behauptet, sie hätte das wegen seines Nicks gemacht. Oder so scheint es. Und jetzt tittscht der irgendwie aus. Na ja, ich geh jetzt schlafen... Gute Nacht
    #172Authoreasy (238884) 10 Jun 09, 02:11
    Hm, das ging ja schnell. ((Edit: Danke auch für Dein Edit))
    Ich dachte, Du stecktest noch im Jetlag - aber Du hast Dich ja auch in dieser Sache schon zu Wort gemeldet.
    Hmm, die Vorgeschichte habe ich wohl verpasst - muss wohl jemand in das sprichwörtliche Wespennest gestochen haben (so sehr, dass sich sogar Herr Bacon wieder gerührt hat).

    Was passt dazu aus YouTube?
    Wasp - da fährt ein Mopedfahrer durch die Wüste und kommt und kommt nicht näher.
    Also vielleicht dies:

    Zum Edit:
    Wie kann denn LEO überhaupt überprüfen, ob der richtige Name angegeben wurde?
    Bei mir würde das gehen, aber bei jemandem der eine Yahoo-Adresse hat auch?

    Recht hast Du - Gute Nacht!

    P.S.: Unter "Lullabye" gibt es noch so manch interessanten Clip ...
    #173AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 10 Jun 09, 02:26
    Good morning pople, a very happy wednesday to one and all. Two o-clock in the mornin'!! Can't you people sleep ?? Sir B ?? It's too early !
    #174Authormykl (442296) 10 Jun 09, 06:53
    2 o'clock.. Brr..that's a time when sensible people are fast asleep.. Going into the lab now, again..
    #175AuthorWaringham (384862) 10 Jun 09, 08:42
    Hi Wari, *waves* read you later.
    #176Authormykl (442296) 10 Jun 09, 08:45
    Ja, die Eulen und die Lerchen ...
    #177AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 10 Jun 09, 09:48
    Hi All!

    Emil, The "Lullaby" is a sure-fire "Cure" for insomnia :-))
    #178AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 10 Jun 09, 11:16
    Morninin' Carly and Emil *waves*
    #179Authormykl (442296) 10 Jun 09, 11:38
    Moin, Carly and Emil..
    Emil..I need a lot more sleep than you do, obviously..
    #180AuthorWaringham (384862) 10 Jun 09, 11:44
    Hello guys,
    mhm, thank you for the lullaby, emil :)
    Well, have been up for a bit, but obviously still tired. i wonder why ;o)
    #181Authoreasy (238884) 10 Jun 09, 13:38
    Hi easy (and Wari, mykl, Emil, did I miss anyone? :-))

    Just sent off an "application" to translate a children's picture book - subject: anatomy :-)

    easy, I spent half the night (so it seems) tossing and turning in aggravation - right before going to bed, heard on the news that the KVs are now to pay for herion addicts getting methadon on prescription, topped off by an advertising campaign (at our expense) on "Coma-Saufen," - Wari, mykl and I can't even get much needed antihistamins - but are to pay for drug addicts???

    #182AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 10 Jun 09, 13:51
    Maybe as an umemployed things will get better. WE've just been informed Kurzarbeit can no longer be avoided. We should have the full details next week. We've been told to "use up" all overtime hours and holidays.
    #183Authormykl (442296) 10 Jun 09, 13:58
    OHHHHH mykl, I am SOOO sorry, and is this nightmare ever going to end?? All those who caused the trouble are getting bailed-out at our expense, too - taking our money to fire us -
    #184AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 10 Jun 09, 14:00
    Mykl..I'm sorry, too.
    #185AuthorWaringham (384862) 10 Jun 09, 14:03
    Ta everybody, I've never been unemployed before and now at my age it looks like becoming a permanent condition *shrugs* We don't know yet how severe the Kurzarbeit will be and for how long, but I know that should it be too severe I won't be able to pay my "fixed" costs and then my flat is gone. The prices are such at the moment here that if I'm lucky I'll just about recoup the outstanding moneys due. *deepsigh*
    #186Authormykl (442296) 10 Jun 09, 14:06
    #187Authoreasy (238884) 10 Jun 09, 14:12


    Kopf hoch! Es kann sich noch viel tun.


    #188AuthorIgelin DE (467049) 10 Jun 09, 14:31
    *brightens up*
    The future is always uncertain until it becomes the past, maybe sth good will come out of all this :)
    Carly, only 9 more days *hupf, hupf, hüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüpf*
    #189Authormykl (442296) 10 Jun 09, 14:32
    Stimme easy zu und hoffe, dass es doch noch einigermaßen gut ausgeht, mykl.

    Carly, wenn es nicht von Deinen KV-Beiträgen bezahlt würde, würde es von Deinen Steuern bezahlt. Und so ein Methadon-Programm ist an sich ja wohl nichts Schlechtes.
    Wenn man sich in diesem System auch immer als Netto-Zahler fühlt, sind die Heroinabhängigen und Komasäufer vielleicht Netto-Empfänger, aber sie sind nicht die, die den Rahm abschöpfen.
    #190AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 10 Jun 09, 14:34
    Emil, ja - aber warum sollten Beamte/Politiker, usw. Nichts dazu beitragen?? Sind auch "ihre" Drogenabhängige/Säufer.

    YEAAHHHHH, mykl - That's the bright side of things, the silver lining, the light at the end of the tunnel :-))))
    #191AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 10 Jun 09, 14:38
    Hm..cannot comment on that Coma drinking stuff, haven't heard of that yet. But Beamte as well as politicians and big Managers get there money however bad they do their why should they make a good one?
    In this country, you are banished if you are a smoker..but we support drinking youths and heroin addicts. Wonderful.. How much land does one need to open an own country?? We would be much better off if we wouldn't always try to fit every single freak into kind of a system.. And if the big bosses had something like honor or conscience..

    Mykl..shit, indeed. But the future is always uncertain and you can never be sure what happens next..

    But it shouldn't be this way.. this economical crises isn't half as bad as people say.. if just those big companies would SHUT UP and use their fucking money to bring all their staff over the next year.. You cannot tell me they couldn't do it!. But I do in a way understand them, too. If I got a huge credit if I shouted: "Help me!"..I'd probably shout, too.
    It is really dishonorable and conscienceless to blackmail the state into giving huge credits this way.

    *goes off to kick and beat something*
    #192AuthorWaringham (384862) 10 Jun 09, 14:51
    Carly , I know what they are, "the silver lining" is a short cut to mercury poisoning and "the light at the end of the tunnel" is an oncoming train *gg*
    #193Authormykl (442296) 10 Jun 09, 14:52
    mykl :-))

    My brother-in-law can't help it, but he's a "Postbeamte", 55 years old. They closed his "Filiale" when he was 37 - he's been at home on full pay ever since - and this state will continue until he "retires." He never once paid into the "Solidargemeinschaft", nor Arbeitslosenversicherung - I think he even gets the "Bewährungsaufstieg" every two years...even though he's NOT working.

    Wari, I want cigarettes on prescription, too :-)))
    #194AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 10 Jun 09, 14:57
    No, a smoker, YOU ARE THE VILLAIN!
    #195AuthorWaringham (384862) 10 Jun 09, 15:03
    not villain, murderess! You murder all those poor innocent passive smokers - who are quite willing to live next to the motorway ;)

    Oncoming train put me in mind of this song (No leaf clover, Metallica)
    #196Authoreasy (238884) 10 Jun 09, 15:04
    Yeah, I haven't yet gone over to prostitution, robbery, ect. to "support my habit" :-)
    #197AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 10 Jun 09, 15:07
    Yes, I was wondering last night if I shouldn't turn to prostitution...
    #198Authoreasy (238884) 10 Jun 09, 15:09
    Been there, done that, hard work. Forget it Isi, I once made 100 euros in 50 cent pieces, went to change it at the bank. They asked who paid 50 cents, I answered everybody. *fg*
    #199Authormykl (442296) 10 Jun 09, 15:15
    Nah, decided against it, anyway. The cheering thought was that there is always the option of commiting suicide first. Oh well. Not today, though. Today I'm demonstrating for Tibet again. Hm, there are people who are worse off. A LOT worse off...
    #200Authoreasy (238884) 10 Jun 09, 15:20
    So people, I've got to go home now. I wish everybody a super evening/Feiertag. Bis friday.
    #201Authormykl (442296) 10 Jun 09, 15:26
    *gröhl* How do I explain that to my colleague??
    50cents? Oh, mykl.. You could make 150€ for the 1st hour and 100€ for every hour more..

    Easy..true..there's always that way out. But then other things come to mind, don't they? 1) there are a lot of people worse off.. 2) There are so many wonderful things in life: cats, dogs, reptiles, sunshine and rain.. good friends who give you a supporting (if virtual) hug...
    #202AuthorWaringham (384862) 10 Jun 09, 15:28
    FEIERTAG??? Ich glaub, ich spinne.. Scheiß NRW!
    #203AuthorWaringham (384862) 10 Jun 09, 15:29
    *hug**hug**hug**, **hug**hug**hug**hug**hug**hug**hug**hug*
    Bye :=)
    #204Authormykl (442296) 10 Jun 09, 15:34
    Tja, und unseren Buß- und Bettag haben sie einkassiert!

    Bye, mykl!
    #205AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 10 Jun 09, 15:40
    =) You're right, Wari.

    Byeeeeeee, myklchen
    #206Authoreasy (238884) 10 Jun 09, 15:50
    Bye, mykl..have a nice Feiertag! *hug back*

    *easy auch hug*
    #207AuthorWaringham (384862) 10 Jun 09, 15:51
    Bye, mykl!! Wishing you a nice Thursday-off Feiertag!!

    Went to get some groceries and the salesclerk asked first "How's the job situation going - Auftragstechnisch" and then whether I tutuored English - her daughter was having problems with "freies Reden" and when her mother mentioned me - OHHHH please ask her!! Soooo - not much, but something - could at least manage to feed my Kimmy-cat :-)
    #208AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 10 Jun 09, 16:01
    Am off, too.
    Byeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
    #209Authoreasy (238884) 10 Jun 09, 16:21
    Und tschüss..

    Carly..teaching "freies Reden" sounds great..You can just chat with her about what's going on in the world..
    #210AuthorWaringham (384862) 10 Jun 09, 18:50
    Bye! Yeah, and then word spreads :-)))
    #211AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 10 Jun 09, 18:55
    Moin, everybody not living in Baden-Württemberg, Bayern, Hessen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz or Saarland..
    #212AuthorWaringham (384862) 11 Jun 09, 08:17
    Moin, Wari! Well, I live in Hessen, but thought I'd say hello, anyway :-))
    #213AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Jun 09, 10:18
    *gg* You're a freelancer, so that doesn't count, I guess.. How's live up your mountain? Up here, a guy named Noah is building a big ship and gathering all different kind of animals..
    #214AuthorWaringham (384862) 11 Jun 09, 10:25
    Wari, The weather cannot make up its mind - the only consistency is howling winds - cloudbursts, followed by a sunny spate, back to pouring rain - driving me up the walls - but will soon relax by baking a spice cake to take to my daughter's new house - provided I can make it down the mountain safely :-))
    Am going to "apply" for another book job - sounds interesting and the author would prefer AE :-)) Plus, the price is right.
    #215AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Jun 09, 10:35
    A book would be great..Have you ever done that much before..I mean such a long text?
    And all LEOs you know would have to buy it..and get you to sign it ;)
    #216AuthorWaringham (384862) 11 Jun 09, 10:37
    Wari, I've translated/proofread about 8 books, BUT all on forestry - text books, basically :-)) + 140 pages on "Gefahrengut" :-) This one is 191 pages, and he's offered 2000 euros, which seems to be a bit more than the norm for books.
    #217AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Jun 09, 10:40
    Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
    #218AuthorWaringham (384862) 11 Jun 09, 10:43
    Thank's, Wari - gotta go bake my cake.
    #219AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Jun 09, 10:54
    G'day people, a very happy thursday to one and all.
    *waves in all directions*
    #220Authormykl (442296) 11 Jun 09, 11:37
    Hi, Mykl..
    #221AuthorWaringham (384862) 11 Jun 09, 11:39
    Hi Wari, I take it it's not a holiday in your little bit of Germany :(
    #222Authormykl (442296) 11 Jun 09, 11:41
    How did you guess?? Up here, the next holiday will be October 3rd.. Which is a Saturday this year.. hmpff..
    #223AuthorWaringham (384862) 11 Jun 09, 11:51
    *chuckle* You win some, you lose some. Your weekend starts shortly anyway and tomorrow I'm back at work.
    #224Authormykl (442296) 11 Jun 09, 11:56
    Also ich bin ganz froh darüber, dass diese ganzen Feiertage hier vorüber sind.
    Die stören doch nur den workflow!
    #225AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 11 Jun 09, 12:32
    That's true, mykl.. Moin, Emil..
    I'm going to swim to the station soon, so I'm just saying goodbye now and leaving a pile of hugs..
    #226AuthorWaringham (384862) 11 Jun 09, 12:43
    Moin Emil, wet and windy where you are too ?
    *picks up hug*
    Bye Wari, have a super weeekend.
    #227Authormykl (442296) 11 Jun 09, 12:45
    Hi mykl!
    Have a nice weekend, Waringham!
    We mostly have the same weather here as Carly has, so, yes, wind, rain, and a few sunny spells.
    #228AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 11 Jun 09, 13:00
    Hi mykl and Emil! And byeeee Wari - wishing you a safe trip home, and a GREAT weekend!!

    Cake's baked, now I've got to frost it.
    #229AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Jun 09, 13:01
    Just got a call from my daughter - she won tickets to the "Toten Hosen" and thus will not be there for my cake :-) And someone already gave her tickets for their upcoming concert on!
    #230AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Jun 09, 13:24
    Hi Carly, I'll help you eat your cake, I've got a terminal cake addiction.
    #231Authormykl (442296) 11 Jun 09, 13:32
    Too bad it won't hold till the 20th, mykl :-)) Spice cake with creamy vanilla frosting - just had a piece - yummmmyyyyyy. We still need to set up a meeting place - do you have a mobile??
    #232AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Jun 09, 13:53
    #233AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 11 Jun 09, 20:49
    mykl, I hope they aren't going to cancel our Woodstock Revival!!!
    #234AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Jun 09, 00:10
    Carly, still awake?
    #235Authoreasy (238884) 12 Jun 09, 00:14
    Hi easy, Am just about ready to call it a night - and you should be sound asleep, yourself :-))
    #236AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Jun 09, 00:16
    Yes, you're right. But I must confess that I slept until TWO o'clock this afternoon, so I'm not really tired... will try to go to sleep now, though :)
    Nighty-night, sweet dreams!
    #237Authoreasy (238884) 12 Jun 09, 00:19
    OMG! I just remembered that I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning - BUT, not till 10:30 :-) Am off, night-night, and sweet dreams!
    #238AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Jun 09, 00:20
    #239AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Jun 09, 01:16
    Good morning people, a very happy friday to one and all. No Carly, I'm not planning on canceling the concert. In fact I confirmed my "reservation" of the bus yesterday and everything's lookin' tickety boo, but for some reason I no longer appear to have your Email adress to send you my handy number.
    #240Authormykl (442296) 12 Jun 09, 06:32
    Hi, All - Back from the dentist - her fairly new assistant managed to put the "Provisorium" in WRONG three times, which meant triple-blasts of ice-cold air onto sensitive remains of tooth :-(( With all the modern-day technology, you would think someone could have invented warm-air blasts from that thing!!

    mykl, My e-mail address is in my profile under "Sprachkenntnisse"
    #241AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Jun 09, 12:37
    My dentists HAS warm air. Hi Carly, I'll send you the number then. I'm away next week until thursday, but that's still plenty of time to arrange a meetin place.
    #242Authormykl (442296) 12 Jun 09, 12:41
    OK - Reminding myself to put his ticket into purse :-))
    #243AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Jun 09, 12:44
    You'll like this link, more proof (as if we needed it) that they've completely lost the plot in England...

    You should have me in your "in" box now.
    #244Authormykl (442296) 12 Jun 09, 12:46
    mykl, Yeah, fined for "littering" on the one hand, but purchasing porno with taxpayers money, is OK!! Got your e-mail and have replied.

    #245AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Jun 09, 12:56
    Yep, all noted :)
    #246Authormykl (442296) 12 Jun 09, 13:02
    Thank goodness it's time to go home. See y'all next week.
    #247Authormykl (442296) 12 Jun 09, 14:40

    @ #244:
    Do police officers normally address people as 'son'?

    Edit: Bye, mykl!
    #248AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Jun 09, 14:43
    Blitze zucken, Donner grollt, Regentropfen klatschen auf Metall..Es tritt auf: Waringham..

    Bye mykl, have a super weekend.
    Hi, Carly and mykl.. Carly, I'd like some cake, too. Would you mind sending me your recipe?
    #249AuthorWaringham (384862) 12 Jun 09, 14:52
    Bye, mykl - and enjoy your time off, even if it is most likely "Kurzarbeit"!!

    Wari, This recipe was really simple - a Betty Crocker spice cake mix :-)) It's often difficult to make American cakes with German "Zutaten".
    #250AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Jun 09, 14:57
    Tatsächlich, ziemlich heftiges Wetter in Deiner Ecke, Waringham!
    Hatte sich da eben ein kleines 'g' nachträglich reingeschlichen?
    #251AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Jun 09, 15:38
    Hi Emil!
    We have such HIGH winds - scare the dickens out of me - am expecting a cloudburst any minute now.

    edit on: Here's the recipe for the icing:


    1 (3 oz.) pkg. cream cheese
    1 tsp. vanilla
    1/2 c. softened butter
    2 c. powdered sugar

    and another one:

    Creamy butter frosting recipe

    * 1/3 cup butter
    * 1/4 teaspoon salt
    * 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    * 1 pound (3 1/2 cups) sifted confectioners sugar = Puderzucker
    * 3 to 4 tablespoons milk
    #252AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Jun 09, 15:54
    Emil..erwischt..wie peinlich ^_^
    #253AuthorWaringham (384862) 12 Jun 09, 16:30
    the Kachelmannwetter forecast says it will be sunny at temperatures slightly below 20 °C in our parts tomorrow, slightly more cloudy in Warinham's area, and quite cloudy but warmer than the optimum temperature (19.6 °C) in Munich. Sunday will be not so nice again.

    Cream cheese, vanilla and sugar - not the first things that come to mind for mixing together as far as I am concerned, but, after all, I am not a seasoned baker.
    #254AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Jun 09, 18:05
    AWWWWWWWWW - Isn't he adorable!!!! The next generation Rock Star :-))
    #255AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Jun 09, 18:08
    Kannst Du das in dem Alter schon erkennen?

    Hier noch etwas passend zu einem anderen Faden:
    #256AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Jun 09, 19:04
    I'd LOVE to see him in concert!!

    edit on: Well, he was already highly interested in seeing himself "on camera" :-))
    #257AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Jun 09, 19:08
    Na, dann ist ja alles klar.

    Ich wollte gerade eine Zeitung aussortieren.
    Hast Du von der Geschichte schon mal was gehört?
    Und Google wirft für "tinkebell" jede Menge weiterer Treffer aus.
    #258AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Jun 09, 21:07
    Neeeee, davon habe ich noch nichts gehört - widerlich!! Ich werde ihr zwar kein Hassmail zusenden, aber das ist einfach eklig.
    #259AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Jun 09, 23:23
    Good morning! A very happy Saturday to everybody!
    #260AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 13 Jun 09, 11:18
    Twelve hours later ...
    Had a nice walk and overheard two of these:
    #261AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 13 Jun 09, 23:25
    OHHHH Lucky You!! I've only heard them once, and what a joy that was!!
    #262AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 13 Jun 09, 23:30
    Hi Carly!
    The Golden Oriole used to live in that area some 20 years ago
    but I haven't heard that one for a long time.
    #263AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 13 Jun 09, 23:55
    Sunday. Erster :)
    #264Authoreasy (238884) 14 Jun 09, 00:10
    Hallo easy!
    Lange nicht gesehen!
    #265AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 14 Jun 09, 00:41
    Hallo Emil!
    ich les immer mal wieder schnell mit... Bin aber irgendwie zu beschäftigt, um viel zu schreiben :(

    So, Schlaf!
    sweet dreams ;)
    #266Authoreasy (238884) 14 Jun 09, 00:56
    Gut, gut. Ich muss noch ein bisschen aufbleiben.
    #267AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 14 Jun 09, 01:02
    Oh, how lovely! Thank you, Emil!!! And such beautiful paintings with the music =)
    I'll sleep very well tonight :)))
    #268Authoreasy (238884) 14 Jun 09, 01:11
    Das war Sinn der Sache.
    #269AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 14 Jun 09, 01:40
    Hi All, my, you two were up late last night :-)

    Lovely, Emil!!

    Hard to believe, but the sun has managed to stick around for almost 36 hours withOUT raining!!
    #270AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 14 Jun 09, 10:02
    Ein paar Stunden soll es wohl noch sonnig bleiben.
    Und wenn ich das Regenradar richtig interpretiere rauscht das Regengebiet vielleicht sogar an uns vorbei.
    #271AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 14 Jun 09, 11:47
    Dann kann ich noch hoffen, daß meine frisch geputzte Fenstern wenigstens ein Tag sauber bleiben :-))
    #272AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 14 Jun 09, 11:49
    Ein paar Stunden soll es wohl noch sonnig bleiben.
    Und wenn ich das Regenradar richtig interpretiere, rauscht das Regengebiet vielleicht sogar an uns vorbei.

    #273AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 14 Jun 09, 11:49
    Blamage! das wird Waringham freuen!
    #274AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 14 Jun 09, 11:57
    Haven't heard this one in YEARS!
    #275AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 14 Jun 09, 12:38
    Ich erinnere mich an das Album-Cover aber nicht (mehr?) an den Song.
    Nett, und in gewisser Weise ziemlich modern.
    #276AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 14 Jun 09, 13:16
    Well, it came out while I was still living in CA, and some of my friends had cars - off to the beach we'd go on a Saturday, and someone had the cassette :-)
    #277AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 14 Jun 09, 13:21
    Now the rain has come.
    #278AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 14 Jun 09, 15:57
    Yeah, Think it will hit here soon, too - just got back from taking my granddaughter out for an ice-cream, and then to my daughter's "Baustelle" - next week the two "Omas" are going to attack what is now their new jungle, but we'll turn it into a garden :-))
    #279AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 14 Jun 09, 16:05
    Good morning,

    have a lovely day, my dears.
    #280Authoreasy (238884) 15 Jun 09, 07:17
    Hope you got the worm,
    #281AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 15 Jun 09, 10:16
    Moin! No worm and no rain here at the morning. Just MMM (Monday morning meeting) to look forward to..
    #282AuthorWaringham (384862) 15 Jun 09, 10:41
    MMM - na besser als gar nichts!
    #283AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 15 Jun 09, 10:47
    Emil: Es nervt..wir machen alle business as usual und einfach weiter mit unseren jeweiligen Projekten. Und bis das jeder aus der Abteilung erzählt hat, dauert es mindestens ne halbe Stunde.

    Meine Dackeline hat morgen Termin beim DOK Augenarzt.. Je nach Ergebnis lasse ich dann noch einen Gentest machen..
    #284AuthorWaringham (384862) 15 Jun 09, 10:53
    Ja, OK, wenn es jeden Montag dasselbe Programm gibt ...

    Der DOK-Text war mir ein bisschen lang.
    Vom Gesundheitszustand im Allgemeinen abgesehen ist das auch wichtig, wenn man mit einem Hund in die Zucht gehen will - sehe ich das richtig?
    #285AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 15 Jun 09, 11:17
    Das hast Du richtig erfasst, Emil..
    #286AuthorWaringham (384862) 15 Jun 09, 11:25

    Drücke Dackelein die Daumen, Wari!!
    #287AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 15 Jun 09, 11:29
    Na, ihr seid ja nicht grads fleissig. Ich hatte mich schon auf ein neues Zuhause gefreut :)
    Wari, ich drück auch sämtliches an Daumen :)
    #288Authoreasy (238884) 15 Jun 09, 17:29
    Tja..mal schaun. Ist ja nur fürs Züchten wichtig.. Wenn sie das auch kriegt, kann man immer noch operieren..

    War im Labor fleißig statt hier..sorry.
    #289AuthorWaringham (384862) 15 Jun 09, 17:30
    Ja, aber Du würdest halt gern züchte, oder?
    #290Authoreasy (238884) 15 Jun 09, 18:20
    Schon, aber natürlich nicht auf Teufel komm raus.
    #291AuthorWaringham (384862) 15 Jun 09, 18:24
    das ist gut :)
    ich bin dann mal demnächst wech. Bis morgen. Geruhsamen Abend!
    #292Authoreasy (238884) 15 Jun 09, 18:46
    Dir einen schönen Abend. Mache jetzt auch Feierabend. Bis morgen!
    #293AuthorWaringham (384862) 15 Jun 09, 19:13
    Byeeeee you two!!
    #294AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 15 Jun 09, 19:14
    ich bin dann mal demnächst wech.

    Spoken too soon... Still here =)
    Wir brauchen ein neues zuhause...
    #295Authoreasy (238884) 15 Jun 09, 22:46
    Ich mach' ja schon!
    Aber ich brauche ein bisschen Zeit dafür!


    OK! Hier geht's weiter:
    related discussion: TESO #51 - "Come in Number 51, Your Time is Up"

    #296AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 16 Jun 09, 00:20

    *viechzeugs rüberscheuch*
    *moneytree ausbuddel*
    *wasser aus jacuzzi lass*
    #297AuthorWaringham (384862) 16 Jun 09, 08:33
    *sexy arbeiter zum jacuzzi schleppen engagier*
    *ihnen beim schleppen zuguck*
    #298AuthorWaringham (384862) 16 Jun 09, 08:38
    #299AuthorWaringham (384862) 16 Jun 09, 08:38
    *schild aufhäng*

    #300AuthorWaringham (384862) 16 Jun 09, 08:38
    This thread has been closed.
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