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    TESO #51 - "Come in Number 51, Your Time is Up"


    TESO #51 - "Come in Number 51, Your Time is Up"

    "Come in Number 51, Your Time is Up" song by Pink Floyd.
    "Come in Number 51, Your Time Is Up" is the final track of the movie Zabriskie Point´s soundtrack album.
    Made by the British progressive rock band Pink Floyd, it is a remake of their single B-side "Careful with That Axe, Eugene".
    (Oh, I really didn't know that ... serendipitous finding!)
    Here's the video (Man braucht ein wenig Geduld):
    And a snapshot for mykl (should have been larger - sorry about that!):

    The code for international direct dial phone calls to Peru.

    The model number of the P-51 Mustang WWII fighter aircraft

    "Paul is Live" album (1993): Paul McCartney's cover shot in front of London's Abbey Road Studios. A parody of the original Abbey Road. Paul, then 51, is wearing shoes, and the Volkswagen bears a license plate that reads "51 IS" (instead of "28 IF" as on Abbey Road).

    The name of a band -

    The Parker 51, introduced in 1941, may well be the most famous fountain pen ever made.

    A brand of pastis (anise liqueur) manufactured by Pernod Ricard.
    (Mais, non!)

    In some circles, 51 signifies peace, respect, unity, and family.
    (Don't know anything about these circles.)

    The number of the French department Marne.

    Roman: LI

    U.S. Route 51 is a north-south United States highway that runs for 1,286 miles (2,070 km) from northern Wisconsin to the western suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana.
    In addition to singing about U.S. Highway 61 on his album Highway 61 Revisited, musician Bob Dylan also commemorated Highway 51, covering Curtis Jones' folk song "Highway 51 Blues" on his eponymous album Bob Dylan.

    Bundesautobahn 51 war der Projektname einer in den 1970er Jahren geplanten Autobahn.
    Sie sollte von Duisburg-Rheinhausen über Krefeld, Viersen, Hückelhoven nach Aachen führen.
    (Ein Autobahnanschluss für Hückelhoven - unverzichtbar!!!)

    Einundfünfzig ist ein einfaches Kartenspiel für zwei bis vier Spieler, zumeist Kinder.
    (Mein Vorschlag für das nächste TESO-Treffen.)
    (Dieses DIA gefällt mir fast am besten von den Illustrationen zu TESO #51.)

    Wir kommen von hier:
    related discussion: TESO #50 Half century

    (Und für den nächsten Fadenanfang wünsche ich mir etwas von den B 52's.)
    AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 16 Jun 09, 01:02
    Moin! Danke für den neuen Faden, Emil!
    #1AuthorWaringham (384862) 16 Jun 09, 08:39
    Wow, sehr schönes neues Zuhause, Emil, dankeschön :)

    Ein unausgeschlafenes guten Morgen, ich mach mcih mal wieder auf den Weg in die Anstalt - ist keine neun Stunden her, dass ich sie verlassen hab...
    #2Authoreasy (238884) 16 Jun 09, 08:45
    Ach, easy..
    #3AuthorWaringham (384862) 16 Jun 09, 08:58
    Wofür steht TESO?
    #4AuthorTarienna (270184) 16 Jun 09, 09:59
    #5AuthorWaringham (384862) 16 Jun 09, 10:48
    Thanks for the lovely new home, Emil!! And, thanks to Wari, too, for lugging all our stuff.

    Moin, All! Am running late today - slept till 9:45 because Kimmy-cat has finally seemed to have caught on to the fact, that you do NOT scratch Mommy's nose at 4 a.m :-)) Had wanted to get up much earlier, but heard the rain pouring down - and it's still at it :-((

    Was having trouble fighting off discouraged mood last night, when they played "Drift Away" on the radio - last heard in CA:
    Got tickled, because up to now, I'd sing along at the top of my lungs: Gimme the PEOPLE, and ease my soul - when he actually says: Gimme the BEAT BOYS :-))

    edit on: How on Earth do you teach a cat that she may NOT play with all the various wires dangling under Mommy's desk :-)
    #6AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 11:03
    Das war der Stein, der mir grad vom Herzen gefallen ist: Dackelchens Augen sind in Ordnung!
    Jetzt ist das nächste Angehen der DNA Test, ob sie Gen-Trägerin ist..
    #7AuthorWaringham (384862) 16 Jun 09, 14:14
    Na, das ist doch schon mal sowat von die Hauptsache! :)
    Aber polter demnächst bitte leiser, Du hast mich ausm Halbschlaf gerissen. Jeez, ich bin SOOOOO müde!
    #8Authoreasy (238884) 16 Jun 09, 14:30
    Entschuldige, easy.. :)
    #9AuthorWaringham (384862) 16 Jun 09, 14:53
    Great news, Wari!! Made a dash for town, and lo and behold, the rain quit, sun came out - on the way back, it started raining again, and by the time I arrived, I could see the lightning hitting the nearby fields - scary as all heck - saw what was obviously a group of kids on a "Klassenfahrt" hiking up the "Höllental" looking anything but happy :-)) Poor honeys!
    #10AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 15:09
    Hi y'all, just sort of passing through. *g* Thank you for the new thread Emil. Wari, I'm happy to hear that your littl'un isn't going to need glasses. I'v ebeen tilting at windmills all day trying to get Arcor to get my internet up and running. The last word was it "should" be sorted out by 4pm so I thought I'd pop into Leoland for a while
    #11Authormykl (442296) 16 Jun 09, 15:12
    Hi mykl!! Only 4 more DAYS!!! Do you now have Internet at home, too??
    #12AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 15:24
    *laughs* If you've just read my last posting you'd know that the answer is no. I'm waiting until after 4pm. *chants* 4 more days, 4 more days...
    #13Authormykl (442296) 16 Jun 09, 15:26
    mykl, That's why I asked - waiting for Arcor to get my Internet up and running... :-)
    #14AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 15:29
    Had to leave, just looking at it won't make it work. So, here I am in the local I-cafe agin. Maybe it'll run today maybe not *shrugs* I've been without for 53 years so a a day or so won't make a lot of difference.:)
    #15Authormykl (442296) 16 Jun 09, 15:35
    OK, so you ARE getting it - yipee!! You'll soon have a new addiction - youtube :-))
    #16AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 15:40
    *laughs* I'm already familiar with youtube and I don't think it will become too addictive.

    *sigh* One of my favorite rock ballads
    #17Authormykl (442296) 16 Jun 09, 15:48
    Hi, mykl..The local I-café will miss you..
    #18AuthorWaringham (384862) 16 Jun 09, 15:49
    Oh, thanks for that one, mykl - I hadn't ever heard it - only the song? Bad Company :-))
    #19AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 15:51
    Hi Wari, I don't spend THAT much time here. I'm usually at a friends, but I'll pop along there when I'm done here.
    #20Authormykl (442296) 16 Jun 09, 15:54
    Despite the lack of "Aufträge," I'm splurging on getting de-grayed, tomorrow :-))
    #21AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 15:59
    Go for it Carly, a little bit of retail therapy helps everyone once in a while. :)
    #22Authormykl (442296) 16 Jun 09, 16:06
    Well, I might be old enough to remember Woodstock, but I don't have to LOOK like it, do I? :-))
    #23AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 16:09
    *laughs* Someone asked me today if I had plans to have my head degrayed/desilvered. *gg* Nope.
    #24Authormykl (442296) 16 Jun 09, 16:10
    Well, apart from no more gray hairs, what I really LOVE about this beauty parlor is the "head massage" - if I were a cat, I'd be purring :-))
    #25AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 16:15
    *sigh* I used to have a barber like that. It took about 40 minutes to have a simple hair cut, but he was massaging your head all the time he was "cutting". Service like that is too expensive these days.
    #26Authormykl (442296) 16 Jun 09, 16:23
    Gut'n Tach allerseits!

    Ich habe eben mit 'de-grayed' nach Bildern gegoogelt, und finde nichts Passendes!
    Stattdessen etliche Bilder, die in früheren TESO-Fäden verlinkt worden sind.
    Mit 'dyed hair' findet man etwas - aber wo ist der Unterschied?
    Oder ist degrayed ein Euphemismus?
    Out for teatime ...
    #27AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 16 Jun 09, 16:24
    mykl, Yeah, he used to cost 70-80 DM for "the works: trimming, washing, de-graying, rolling, and eyelashes dyed" - he still does, but in euros, which is why I only have it done once a year.
    #28AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 16:25
    Emil, ist meine eigene Wort dafür :-) Denn ich lasse sie so nahe wie möglich, an ihre natürliche Farbe färben, minus Grau :-))

    edit on: und mein deutsches "Wort" dafür ist "entgrauen" :-)
    #29AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 16:31
    Hi Emil *waves*
    *reads back* that was a short visit from Tarienna, I wonder if our title frightend him/her away.
    #30Authormykl (442296) 16 Jun 09, 16:47
    Well, I like degrayed, but "entgrauen" is even better!
    Mykl, Tarienna is a "she"..I have 'seen' her before at the book lovers..
    #31AuthorWaringham (384862) 16 Jun 09, 16:54
    I found two other women who "de-gray" :-))

    angelica alfaro (alfie11111) on Twitter
    I know I"ll figure it out, but it's not easy... grams is 104 & I'm tired..8:47 AM May 18th from web; working, got my hair colored & I am de-grayed love it! ... - Cached - Similar

    Is there a way to keep de-grayed heads from turning back? Mego Fact. - Cached - Similar
    #32AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 17:01
    Das sind wohl noch nicht genug für einen Neuen Eintrag.

    Hier droht jetzt ein Gewitter - ich stöpsele mich mal aus.
    #33AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 16 Jun 09, 17:13
    AHHHH Emil, Then our storm headed North :-))
    #34AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 17:23
    So, I'm gonna leave you for today..going to the cinema and watch a movie.. You are never gonna guess which one.. Have a try.. I'll tell you tomorrow!
    #35AuthorWaringham (384862) 16 Jun 09, 19:28
    So schlimm ist es nicht geworden mit dem Gewitter.
    Ich tippe natürlich auf 'Drag Me to Hell' mit dem Sohn von Sylvester!
    #36AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 16 Jun 09, 20:26
    Off home in ten minutes.
    Big yawn... Empty fridge at home, empty stomach inside... Shall have to go food-hunting. Wienerwald? Only place open and affordable. Oh well. DIE, chicken!
    #37Authoreasy (238884) 16 Jun 09, 21:01
    Hallo easy!
    Wie wäre es mit etwas Vegetarischem vom Take-Away-Inder?
    #38AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 16 Jun 09, 21:10
    Vegetarier essen meinem Essen das Essen weg!!! =;o)
    Außerdem besteht vegetarisch fast nur aus Kohlenhydraten und das ist mit meiner Diät nicht vereinbar :oP
    #39Authoreasy (238884) 16 Jun 09, 21:15
    Na dann eben 'was mit Huhn vom Wienerwald!
    Wohin gehen denn Deine Präferenzen?
    #40AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 16 Jun 09, 21:22
    Das hier lag günstiger, ist preislich ähnlich und schmeckt besser :) Ich geniesse gerade äußerst leckere Chicken wings.
    Gute Nacht!
    #41Authoreasy (238884) 16 Jun 09, 22:12
    Guten Appetit, easy!! Sounds better than the 7 mini Croissants I had - didn't feel like cooking this evening :-)

    #42AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 22:14
    Croissants don't sound too bad, Carly :)
    Chopstixx's food is REALLY good, though. I like Chinese.. Watching bits of David Attenboroughs The Private Life of Plants just now. I LOVE David Attenborough. His reptiles series is amazing So is Private Life.
    Should switch this computer off before I get caught again with the resukt of not getting enough sleep four nights in a row.
    Sweet dreams - or, as my cousin always used to say: Goldene Träume mit Silberflitter und einer schönen Diamantenkrone ;o)
    #43Authoreasy (238884) 16 Jun 09, 22:32
    Oh, that's a lovely way of expressing it, easy :-)) Well, they were rather tasty - two with cheese, three with honey, two with apple butter
    #44AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 22:36
    Yes it is, rather, isn't it? Bit materialistic, perhaps. I might prefer dreaming of sun-flooded green beech woods with singing black-birds, but hey, I still like that expression :)
    Apple butter, that sounds delicious. So is it like Apfelmus? Or is it as sweet as jam?

    Definitely sleep now.
    Nighty-night, Carly. Till tomorrow (going to be very busy!!!)
    #45Authoreasy (238884) 16 Jun 09, 22:43
    It is delicious!! It's basically apples and cinamon, rather sweet, but with a tang. And no, not like Apfelmus. I like dreaming of the beach, too :-)
    #46AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Jun 09, 22:47
    Die chopstixx-Karte sieht aber auch wirklich sehr gut aus.
    Gute Nacht allesamt!
    #47AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 16 Jun 09, 22:58

    Nein, es war nicht "Drag me to hell"..

    Wir haben Star Trek geguckt.. War sehr unterhaltsam und lustig. Tolle junge Schauspieler, die selbst sehr viel von der alten Serie gesehen haben müssen, da sie die Körpersprache ihrer Vorbilder unheimlich gut drauf hatten :)
    #48AuthorWaringham (384862) 17 Jun 09, 08:47
    Just got back from "de-graying" and feel revitalized! The weather forecast for Saturday is anything but promising :-(( Will soon be gone again to take my granddaughter to her riding lessons - that's always FUN!!
    #49AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 17 Jun 09, 14:04

    Ich wollte eigentlich auch nur etwas Unwahrscheinliches tippen!
    Kommt man bei Euch eigentlich ohne großen Aufwand ans Meer oder ist da alles verbaut.

    Unser Faden war übrigens schon wieder auf Seite 2!

    Oh, hallo Carly! Du bist mir zuvorgekommen!
    Dafür gibt es aber Synchronpunkte!

    #50AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 17 Jun 09, 14:04
    Oh thanks for the Synchronpunkt - can't ever have enough of them!!
    #51AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 17 Jun 09, 14:17
    Comment kommt ohne weiteren Aufwand an den Jadebusen.. bis zum "richtigen" Meer ist es eine Ecke hin.. und baden würde ich im Jadebusen nicht wollen ;) der nächste ordentliche Badestrand ist in Schillig

    Star Trek ist für mich auch unwahrscheinlich..
    #52AuthorWaringham (384862) 17 Jun 09, 14:27
    Vom Jadebusen hatte ich natürlich schon gehört, habe aber trotzdem den link gedrückt.
    Und was finde ich da? Einen link zu "Leuchtturm"!
    Was liegt dann näher als mal mit "Leuchtürme" Bilder zu googeln?
    Wunderbar, es gibt über 50000 Stück. Genug für lange Winterabende.
    Und mit lighthouse kann man es ja auch noch versuchen ...

    Edit: Weiss eigentlich jemand was die heutige Illustration bei Google zu bedeuten hat?
    #53AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 17 Jun 09, 15:33
    Mutto draufgucken ;)
    geburtstag von Igor Stravinsky -> Der Feuervogel

    *off to lab once more*
    #54AuthorWaringham (384862) 17 Jun 09, 16:26
    Himmel, was Du alles weisst!
    #55AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 17 Jun 09, 16:29
    OMG! Seeing that video kinda takes the "magical romanticism" out of living in a lighthouse :-))
    #56AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 17 Jun 09, 18:01

    what I day... Important visitors at work today. Politicians...

    Well, what do I care? I think I'll have to turn to prostitution eventually :(
    #57Authoreasy (238884) 17 Jun 09, 18:25
    easy, Should you opt for that, do you need a "Madame" and what would be my cut of your intake :-)) SCNR Politicians: A bunch of hot air.

    edit on: How fitting!! This was playing on the radio when your post popped up: Money / Pink Floyd
    #58AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 17 Jun 09, 18:29
    Carly, somehow you don't fulfill the requirements for a Madame. You are NICE!

    But I have never been quite as broke as now (and never been working as hard) and that sucks big time! I actually had to go and borrow MONEY off my BROTHER!!!
    #59Authoreasy (238884) 17 Jun 09, 18:37
    I hear you loud and clear, easy - it's NOT FAIR!!! Heard a book review on the radio today "Schön Reich" was the title, I think - about how the rich pay much less (or NO) tax in Germany, than do the average working force. And the contributors to this book were the rich - one guy has an "Immobilien" company, and can deduct his personal trainer (fitness) from his taxes, because he calls him "coacher" - plus, the same guy can deduct a yacht purchased in Monaco, as a "show model".
    #60AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 17 Jun 09, 18:43
    Da kann man gar nicht so viel essen, wie man Kotzen möchte ;o)

    This on the other hand is something that really made my day, yesterday. The recognition, I mean :)
    About time, too, that humans begin to understand there is not THAT much of a difference.
    #61Authoreasy (238884) 17 Jun 09, 18:52
    Hm..easy..sorry to hear that.
    Humans should realize that they are animals, too. Would help a lot. Spock said a nice sentence yesterday "Now I'm a part of an endangered species".. That's something weird to say and think as a humanoid.. Anyway..
    I'll call it a day now.. Have a nice evening no matter what..
    #62AuthorWaringham (384862) 17 Jun 09, 19:29
    Bye, Wari.
    Das erinnert mich an einen bösen Satz, den ein angehender Zoo- und Wildtierarzt mal gesagt hat (in Bezug auf irgendein Kind, was genervt hat, und irgendwelchen Schutzmaßnahmen): Da Homo sapiens sapiens ja nicht annähernd vom Aussterben bedroht ist, ist Individuenschutz völlig überflüssig.
    Ich mag den Tierarzt zwar nicht, mußte aber trotzdem lachen. Kann aber sein, dass das in die Sparte Insider-Witz fällt, über den man nur grinsen kann, wenn man an den Jargon und die "Ethik" des Berufes gewöhnt ist...
    #63Authoreasy (238884) 17 Jun 09, 19:40
    Good morning people, a very happy thursday to one and all. Carly, I hope they have a biiiiiiig tent for saturday 'cause otherwise I think that we're going to get seriously wet. :)
    #64Authormykl (442296) 18 Jun 09, 06:28
    Schöner Satz, easy..vor allem, weil ihn wohl kaum einer versteht ;)

    Mykl, I'll keep my fingers crossed for your weather. Although, if I remember correctly, it is a Woodstock revival Thing..And didn't it rain (and storm) there, too?
    #65AuthorWaringham (384862) 18 Jun 09, 08:45
    Moin Wari, yes it did, but we don't have to be THAT realistic. I'm getting too old to be playing in mud *gg*
    #66Authormykl (442296) 18 Jun 09, 08:48
    Moining all !
    Mykl, going to a festival on the same weekend as Glastonbury is never a good idea! This is the first year that I’m not going for a long time (due to the ridiculous ticket policy M.E. has adopted), I have experienced some horrific things there and as a old festival fox I can only suggest that you take clothes for both extremes, but most importantly wellies and sun screen!
    I was at the Dorntadt Woodstock revival with the kids last weekend and had a fantastic weekend of sun and music! Hope you can say the same next week, have a great weekend and stay away from the brown acid!! (not that you would so silly) :-)
    #67AuthorVileness fats (241697) 18 Jun 09, 09:32
    Is anyone EVER too old to play in the mud? =)
    Good morning, you all
    #68Authoreasy (238884) 18 Jun 09, 09:37
    #69AuthorWaringham (384862) 18 Jun 09, 09:41
    Mornin' Vf and Isi, yes Isi, some of us grow out of the habit :) Anyway I have to either drive home or sleep in the bus after the concert and that's no fun either way if I'm soaking wet.

    For Isi ....
    #70Authormykl (442296) 18 Jun 09, 09:45
    Welcome back, Vf and Moin to All and Sundry!!

    mykl, They've said they'll have a tent, last count were expecting about 1,500 (well, the last I had heard) - but I DO HOPE the forecast is wrong.
    mykl, You do have sense enough to bring along a change of clothes :-))

    As for playing in the mud, that's loads of fun when the sun's shining, and you've just added a bit of water to the sand in sandbox :-))

    Read today the Rowling is being sued for plagiarism:
    #71AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 10:22
    Hi Carly, I’ve been off so long and haven’t had a chance to catch up, but hope things are going fine up there! :-)
    #72AuthorVileness fats (241697) 18 Jun 09, 10:52
    Carly, I don't know if she's gonna be able to pay you much, but perhaps it's worth a look: related discussion: Übersetzer gesucht mit landwirtschaftlichen ...
    #73AuthorWaringham (384862) 18 Jun 09, 11:15
    Thanks for pointing that one out, Wari :-))

    Vf, Things would be "hunky-dory" should the weather finally clear up, and business improve :-)
    #74AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 11:20
    Hi Carly, the amount of clothing isn't really the issue, I've just grown out of standing up to my knees in mud and water for the sake of musik. We'll just have to wait and see, but if the rain comes as "promised" you ain't gonna get me out of the tent.
    #75Authormykl (442296) 18 Jun 09, 11:37
    #76AuthorWaringham (384862) 18 Jun 09, 11:39
    *chuckle* Just you wait 20 years or so Wari and then see how much you like being wet and uncomfortable.
    #77Authormykl (442296) 18 Jun 09, 11:49
    I don't like being wet and uncomfortable NOW! :)
    Not if I don't know when I'm going to be dry and warm again..
    #78AuthorWaringham (384862) 18 Jun 09, 11:52
    mykl - that makes two of us who will NOT be venturing out of the tent!! BUT, we have a local "Zeltverleih" and they are used to setting up tents with FLOORING and a "Biertheke" :-)) here in our region:
    #79AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 11:53
    My point exactly, I love live music, I love concerts, but I also love being waem and dry. *gg*
    #80Authormykl (442296) 18 Jun 09, 11:53
    Well, Hendrich's tents are roomy, warm, and protected :-))
    #81AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 11:58
    As are all of the BIG party tents Carly. *g* The link you posted has a list of their appontments this year and your little woodstock corcert isn't part of the list.
    #82Authormykl (442296) 18 Jun 09, 12:05
    Yeah, I saw that - but the tent is only an option, should it rain - and I am just assuming that Hendrich will come to the rescue, because he has quite a monopoly on tents/beer service :-)) We have our own brewery, too :-)
    #83AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 12:07
    Oh, you just destroyed my mental picture of you two cuddled up cozily in a small tent.. But I guess you're gonna have fun anyway! <-And that's a command!
    #84AuthorWaringham (384862) 18 Jun 09, 12:10
    *shrugs* It will all become apparent on saturday, but if they're serious about having a BIG tent it must be up now. You don't/can't just errect and wire up one of those babies in a couple of hours. It takes about 2 days.
    #85Authormykl (442296) 18 Jun 09, 12:12
    So, I'm pretty much done here. Wish you a super weekend and nice dry weather!
    *leaves hugs and kisses*
    *waves and departs*
    #86AuthorWaringham (384862) 18 Jun 09, 12:33
    Bye Wari, thanks, have yourself a super weekend too
    *hugs and kisses back*
    #87Authormykl (442296) 18 Jun 09, 12:34
    Same to you Wari! *bussi* Und DANKE - Sandra und ich sind "im Geschäft" :-))

    Well, mykl, I drove by there yesterday on the way to the stables - no sign of a tent. But naturally, in their "wisdom" they have a construction sight set up right where you (and many others, probably) need to turn in to the camp site - though, I'm 99% sure, there's another route. But, ESW is currently one construction site after the other. Would you like me to bring you an extra string of "love beads"?? :-)) SCNR

    edit on: The SUN just came out - wonder how I could trick/coerce it into sticking around till about 1:30 am Sunday???
    #88AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 12:55
    Thanks, but no thanks Carly I outgrew my lovebeads time quite a while ago. *gg* I'm parking up on the "other" camp site in town. I am not (pepeats) am not leaving that bus anywhere near the concert, even if it means turning around and parking in Kassel
    #89Authormykl (442296) 18 Jun 09, 13:04
    I outgrew mine, too, but still have them all in my jewelry box :-))
    I know, mykl - but on one route to the campsite, you turn in heading towards the stables - and they have a construction site there - street blocked in one direction, and the "turning space" is greatly reduced.
    #90AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 13:07
    Hey, I'm getting all vorfreudig excited for you two, even though I'm not going

    Re# 70 mykl, do you think women HAVE to look like that when they turn pagan witches *gulp*
    Do I look like that already???

    Habe gerade meine erste Vogelspinne gefangen/angefasst. Ist irgendwie cool =)
    #91Authoreasy (238884) 18 Jun 09, 13:28
    Hi Isi, nope, it just made me smile to know that the witches are still alive and kicking in the UK.
    You can't be a witch Isi, long hairy warts on the end of the nose ARE COMPULSORY. *ggg*
    #92Authormykl (442296) 18 Jun 09, 13:38
    And don't forget the mandatory HOOKED nose :-)
    #93AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 13:41
    One witch, hooked and wart nosed...*gg*

    Doesn't look anything like Isi, Isi has more hair. *sfg*
    So ihr Lieben, I'm off home agin, have fun and may your Gods go with you.

    #94Authormykl (442296) 18 Jun 09, 13:49
    Byeeeeeeee mykl!! Sun's still here :-)
    #95AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 13:50
    Hello everybody!

    No mud, no lovebeads!
    Merry Woodstock the two of you!

    #96AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 18 Jun 09, 13:51
    Thanks, Emil :-))

    Just got notified that I will soon be invited to a "Vereidigungs- und Ermächtigungstermin" - the Landesgericht just first needs some information from the "Ausländerbehörde" :-))
    #97AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 14:49
    Oh, a tad late. Luvverly photo...
    Byeeeeeeeeeeeee, myklchen, have hoardes of fun
    #98Authoreasy (238884) 18 Jun 09, 15:00
    Things are looking up! Just got a call from the hydraulics company "Einkäufer" asking how much I would charge per DIN page for correspondence!! Yipee!
    #99AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 15:10
    That sounds good, Carly.

    BTW it's distgustingly humidly hot here today. And sunny.
    #100Authoreasy (238884) 18 Jun 09, 15:24
    Well, here the sun is still out, but we have a coolish mountain breeze - soooo, quite pleasant!! Wish it would be the same on Saturday!!
    #101AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 15:59
    Kachelmannwetter sagt für Samstag eine Regenwahrscheinlichkeit von unter 40% voraus und für Sonntag 25% oder weniger. Aber ziemlich kühl wird es wohl werden.
    #102AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 18 Jun 09, 16:37
    Danke Emil!! Kühl ist mir egal, aber wenn's nur trocken bleibt!!!
    #103AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 16:39
    Well, bye-bye then, Carly, TONS of fun to you, too. Hope it'll stay reasonybly dry for you two :)
    #104Authoreasy (238884) 18 Jun 09, 19:57
    Über 100 Beiträge in weniger als 48 Stunden!
    Das ist löblich - aber was ist in Euch gefahren TESOs?
    #105AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 18 Jun 09, 23:13
    Well, Emil - we had much to report, say, share :-))
    #106AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 23:27
    @ #67:
    "brown acid" - had to google that one.
    You're an expert, Vf, you really are!

    Edit: Carly, I thought I would be alone here at this late hour, but you never are in the www, I suppose!
    #107AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 18 Jun 09, 23:40
    I was about ready to call it a night, when both your post and my telephone bill came in - now I'm so riled up, don't know whether I'll be able to fall asleep. I supposedly dialed a 01805...number and spoke for 45 minutes, PLUS two other numbers beginning with 01378 and 01379 - and I have done NO SUCH thing!!
    #108AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Jun 09, 23:48
    Carly, this is something I always feared would happen to me since I had got my private internet connection three months ago. I don't trust in all these firewalls and security centres.
    I am not sure, whether this will help:
    In any case it seems to be important to challenge the provider's invoice.
    Maybe it would be a good idea to post the issue in Land und Leute to get some help from the lawyers in LEO?
    I think, it should be possible to sort out such things, if you have a long record of telephone bills without such connections.
    #109AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 19 Jun 09, 00:12
    Good morning people, a very happy friday to one and all. ONE MORE DAY *hupf**hupf**hüüüüüüüüüüpf*
    #110Authormykl (442296) 19 Jun 09, 06:07
    Nanu, mykl, im Dienst heute?
    #111AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 19 Jun 09, 11:11
    Hi Emil, 'fraid so, but only for another 36 minutes :)
    #112Authormykl (442296) 19 Jun 09, 11:14
    So, it's time for my weekend. Carly, I'll give you a bell when I get there tomorrow. It should be around 2pm/2:30pm(ish). I wish everybody a super weekend and until next week, viel Spa? am Leben.
    #113Authormykl (442296) 19 Jun 09, 11:41
    Also! [Wie mein Zeitungshändler immer sagt.]
    #114AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 19 Jun 09, 11:48
    Moin! Just got back from the dentist - swung by the Meinhard See, but couldn't see whether they've started erecting a tent, or not - some guy was tail-gating me, and I couldn't get a good (slow) look :-) However, the one construction site is gone!! Am sooooo excited! Mykl, that should be about the time I'm expecting my sister to give me a ring/bell, too - and I would drive down to the B27, to show her the way. Not planning on cooking for her tomorrow, but "dining" out at McDonald's :-) My daughter laughed at me/looked sceptically down her nose at me, because rather than lug around my purse, I had told her that I would most likely be taking my age-old "Bauchtasche" - she said: Mama, daß kann doch nicht Dein Ernst sein, oder?? But why not? It might not be the most fashionalble thing around, but it sure is practical - holds cigs, lighter, money, comb, MYKL'S ticket :-))
    #115AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Jun 09, 11:54
    Emil, My son called Arcor over the 1805 number (5,19), but still doesn't explain the other two - will call Telekom, even if it is "only" 2,19 euros.
    #116AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Jun 09, 11:56

    Carly, gib dir doch keine Mühe mit dem dusseligen Lars_16...

    Freu dich lieber aufs Wochenende! *StachelnfürgutesWetterkreuz* ;-)
    #117AuthorIgelin DE (467049) 19 Jun 09, 17:07
    Hi Igelin! Well, today's weather was much better than forecasted, soooo I have high hopes for tomorrow. Just got into a spat with my sister, who is coming from the Taunus region. She's always sorta "programmed" her mind, and cannot "de-program" herself. Since she's only be to my new place once, I had offered to meet her on the B27, and lead her back here. Have coffee/cake, deposit her things, and then drive back down the mountain and go wild....she just called: Well, Carly, I have ballet lessons tomorrow and I don't want to miss it (she has ballet about 3 time per week). It's from 11:30 - 12:30 - how long should it take me to get there?? Me: Jill, there's a 10-km long construction site, just one of many, and depending on traffic, about 3 hours, or longer - that's cutting things very short, it starts at 5:00 - Well, yeah, but that's my idea. ME: Well, MY idea is that I have been looking forward to this for months, need to meet mykl to give him his ticket, want to find a parking place and BE THERE when it starts. Well, Carly, I hear someone beeping in the background, got another phone call - so what will we do?? ME: I'm going to be there ON TIME!! SISTERs!!!!
    #118AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Jun 09, 18:27
    Moin Carly! Ich hoffe, euer Wetter ist so wie hier: Nicht zu warm, zwar wolkig, aber trocken.

    Ich kreuze dann auch noch ein paar Stacheln, dass deine Schwester pünktlich ist... *Kopfschüttel* Mal ehrlich: Einmal kann man doch auch das Ballet ausfallen lassen, oder? - Ihr habt doch nicht an jedem Wochenende ein Festival...

    Grüß Myklchen von mir und - have fun! :-)
    #119AuthorIgelin DE (467049) 20 Jun 09, 14:22
    HIIIII !!!

    Igelin, ja, zumal sie ursprünglich bereits Freitag anreisen wollte! Na ja, sie hat es aber DOCH pünktlich geschafft, and we had a BLASTTTTTTT!! Got home at about 1:45 a.m. - it was just GREAT - the only "sour" note was the woman who did Joan Baez - more like she was trying out for a soprano two-bit part at the opera :-))) She did her songs in the highest "C" of C octaves - and turns out, she's one of the local MUSIC teachers LOL!!! Sure glad she never "taught" my children :-)) It was basically dry, but sprinkled every now and then - just enough so that I went Curly-Corkscrew-Carly-headed :-) Got "insider info" yesterday that next year they're going to have a Country-Western festival - and I love that, too - sooooo, know where I'll be this time next year.
    Just heard that mykl made it back safe and sound.

    edit on: mykl, Guess what I found in my wallet just now - two UNDRUNK Taler!
    #120AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 21 Jun 09, 13:25
    Well that's lovely. Sounds like you two had a really good time :)
    #121Authoreasy (238884) 21 Jun 09, 13:34
    easy, It was all I had expected, and MUCH MORE!! And I won two tickets to an upcoming event (though, Cabaret, and not music, but still...:-))
    #122AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 21 Jun 09, 13:44
    Nicht zu fassen! Wir hatten heute hier "Stichwahlen" zum Bürgermeister - unser "König von ESW (SPD)" tritt zum ersten Mal seit gut 30 Jahre nicht an, und die CDU hat gewonnen. Ist jetzt der zweite CDUeler innerhalb eines Jahres in einer "Rote" Gegend :-))
    #123AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 21 Jun 09, 23:04
    Good morning people, a very happy monday to one and all. Carly, I can top that, I've still got 3 beer taler in my pocket :) Yep, we had a great time although some of the people looked downright miserable (they were probably the married ones ) *gg*
    #124Authormykl (442296) 22 Jun 09, 07:00

    Well, mykl - You either have to come back to drink up your talers, OR you could send them to me, and I'll pay you for them :-)) The only time I saw people looking downright miserable was when Heike sang - but no, that's not true, we were laughing too hard at her attempts :-)) My re-married ex looked rather grumpy :-))
    #125AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 22 Jun 09, 10:07

    I'd go for the Country-Western thing next so kind and remind me :)
    We were visiting the Bundessortenamt in Rehtmar, which is a "Prüfstelle für ADR-Rosen" (see links below), they had over 1500 different rose species.. amazing. And I don't know where to put one more rose in my garden.. Now I'm planning on uprooting sth else to make way :)


    #126AuthorWaringham (384862) 22 Jun 09, 10:48
    OHHH Wari, How could you even just take one - I'd go home with a trunkload :-)) I'll most definitely remind you - and you'd have a room at my place, too :-))
    #127AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 22 Jun 09, 10:55
    Well, I didn't take one.. just fell in love..As they were not sold there..lucky me.. Want
    The Fairy
    Dornröschenschloss Sababurg
    Bad Birnbach
    #128AuthorWaringham (384862) 22 Jun 09, 11:25
    Hello, difficult to et to Leo today. We've got a programmer here, but as they're to lunch I've got time for a quick hello. Wari, are all your roses pink ! :)
    #129Authormykl (442296) 22 Jun 09, 12:28
    Yes, I know.. I like them in all shades of pink..mostly the ones a little darker at the edges.. Can't help a girl after all. And just try to imagine them contrasted with lavender.. Gorgeous..though lavender is a color I would never allow in my house elsewhere.. ;)
    #130AuthorWaringham (384862) 22 Jun 09, 12:35

    Wari, I couldn't see much difference, either - just varying shades of pink :-)) I used to love the wild roses of Alaska, they smelled SOOOO good :-)
    #131AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 22 Jun 09, 12:35
    Thanks for the reminder that you're female Wari, I'd almost forgotten *gg*
    #132Authormykl (442296) 22 Jun 09, 12:37
    The Fairy has the smallest blossoms, just about 3cm in diameter. Bonica is mostly the same, just bigger blossoms (up to 6cm). Dornröschenschloss Sababurg does grow much smaller and Bad Birnbach is much darker pink! *laughs* Well you'd know that after you'd seen about 1500 different ones in about 3 hours ;)
    That were just the ones I wrote down for further whatever.. Will have to look into prize and care and soil and alike before deciding for one of them. Should like shade..or I'll have to place it in the middle of the green..

    *looks sternly at mykl over rim of glasses*
    *look would kill a fly, should it be daft enough to fly through*
    #133AuthorWaringham (384862) 22 Jun 09, 13:08
    You'll have to look angrier than that Wari, there's much more mass in a mykl than a fly. *gg*
    #134Authormykl (442296) 22 Jun 09, 13:11
    I didn't want to melt you down to an unrecognizable pool dripping down your chair onto the floor..and.. So it was just the fly-melting-intensity.
    #135AuthorWaringham (384862) 22 Jun 09, 13:14
    Thanks Wari, you're all heart *gg*
    #136Authormykl (442296) 22 Jun 09, 13:22
    I know.. :)
    #137AuthorWaringham (384862) 22 Jun 09, 14:53
    And now I'm off..need to shop for some groceries.. See you tomorrow!
    #138AuthorWaringham (384862) 22 Jun 09, 18:04
    BYE, Wari - Wishing you a nice evening - and NOW the sun comes out, when the day is almost done.
    #139AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 22 Jun 09, 18:12
    My very first internet access from home *stolzsei*
    #140Authormykl (442296) 22 Jun 09, 19:41
    Ooh, congratulations, myklchen
    about time, too!!!

    Wari ENVY!!! that looks lovely. It's interesting that you like those small "fluffy" PINK ones ;o)
    My favorites are teat hybrid (GOSH, thats a lovely one, what is it?!)
    My favorite roses are the mauve coloured ones, though
    blue moon
    Mainzer Fastnacht (which could be the same, comne to think of it)
    black baccara (OBVIOUSLY ^^)
    but this one is lovely as well
    gloria dei
    I love white tea hybrids, but I really don't like English roses or the plain dog rose, apart from this one Schottische Zaunrose - rosa rubiginosa THAT one is lovely, the leaves smell of apples!!!!
    And at the animal shelter here in Munich theay have a pink rose where the blossoms smell of apples. That's lovely, too :)))
    #141Authoreasy (238884) 22 Jun 09, 20:28
    Congrats, mykl!!!

    I remember the heady fragrances when you used to enter a flower shop, in the days before they bred OUT the "smells"!!
    #142AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 22 Jun 09, 21:18
    Hello everybody!
    Congratulations, mykl!
    #143AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 22 Jun 09, 21:22
    Hi Emil! Where'ya been all day :-))

    for easy:
    #144AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 22 Jun 09, 21:23
    Hallo Carly!
    Ich war am WE in HM, denn ich musste ja endlich mein Fahrrad aus der Werkstatt holen - und zufällig war dort auch "Tag der Niedersachsen"
    #145AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 22 Jun 09, 22:19
    Ach Emil, dann hättest Du doch ein Probefahrt am Samstag nach ESW machen können - ich hatte noch ein Ticket übrig :-))
    #146AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 22 Jun 09, 22:23
    Carly, ich bin erst Samstag nach HM gefahren und habe das Rad heute abgeholt.
    Und "Probefahrten" von 200+ Kilometern - da hätte ich die meiste Zeit wohl im Infusionszelt zugebracht!
    #147AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 22 Jun 09, 22:43
    Emil, dann habe ich wohl die falsche HM im Kopf - Hann-Münden, ca. 45 km :-))
    #148AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 22 Jun 09, 22:47
    HM = Hameln, Carly. Pied Piper, Tüddilüh!

    Na gut, 200+ war etwas hoch gegriffen - aber es gibt ja auch noch den Rückweg.
    #149AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 22 Jun 09, 22:51
    Yeah, that would be a bit far :-))
    #150AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 22 Jun 09, 22:52
    Good morning people, a very happy tuesday to one and all. 200 kilometers !! I'd need a few days to do that *gg*
    #151Authormykl (442296) 23 Jun 09, 07:08

    mykl, congrats for your first home i-net access!

    Emil: My Dad was at the Tag der Niedersachsen..probably, you've seen him there.. :)

    easy.. Saw Gloria Dei,'s wonderful.. but I think those superior looking roses won't fit into my chaos of a garden.. So I think the more fluffy-ruffy kinds will fit in more easily.. I like the dark red ones,too, but lavender/purple (also lila) doesn't suit a rose in my opinion. And I really don't know, why I love girly-pink roses..
    #152AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 08:16
    *chuckle* Thanks wari, moin, it was a lot easier than I expected. Just about everything for a "girlie" is pink, it's preconditioned you to like pink. *gg*
    #153Authormykl (442296) 23 Jun 09, 08:21
    Moin moin all ! Congratulations on your connection Mykl, I’m sure that now you have the possibility of endless surfing, getting up so early in the morning will become a little harder (having youtubed till 02.00am). I don´t know if you own an Ipod or other MP3/4 player, but by there is a software to download that enables you to legally? download the audio track or video from youtube.:-)
    #154AuthorVileness fats (241697) 23 Jun 09, 08:24

    Moin, VF.
    #155AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 08:30
    Moin Vf, I really don't think that I'm going to be a youtube addict, well, not until I become unemployed and then it wont matter if I stay up until 2am. *gg* Wari, you don't like pink ....*ponder* *grübel* then...errr...what's with the pink roses thing then ??
    #156Authormykl (442296) 23 Jun 09, 08:34
    That's different.
    #157AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 08:58
    Typical female answer *fg* Always changing the rules and moving the goalposts. *fg*
    #158Authormykl (442296) 23 Jun 09, 09:01
    Of course.
    Well, isn't that a wonderful thing?
    #159AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 09:07
    *bows graciously* Yep, women are wonderful things.
    #160Authormykl (442296) 23 Jun 09, 09:09
    *weasels off to lab*
    #161AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 09:11
    Good morning all!

    Waringham, hattest Du uns nicht mal Deine pinke Trinkflasche vorgestellt?
    #162AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 23 Jun 09, 09:16
    Mornin' Emil, Wari wouldn't have a pink drink bottle, we've just read that Wari doesn't like pink (eigentlich)
    #163Authormykl (442296) 23 Jun 09, 09:34
    Hallo mykl!
    Lass uns abwarten bis sie aus dem Labor zurück ist.
    Ich meine, sie hätte uns in einem früheren Faden sogar ein Bild eingestellt, aber ich habe jetzt nicht den rechten Impetus das zu suchen.
    #164AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 23 Jun 09, 09:39
    see #158 & #159
    #165Authormykl (442296) 23 Jun 09, 09:44
    Guten Morgen. :-)

    Mykl, ganz allein für dich: PINK IST GRAUENVOLL!!!!

    Und tschö. *nachnebenanwackel*

    #166AuthorIgelin DE (467049) 23 Jun 09, 10:00
    Hmm, ich konnte es jetzt doch nicht lassen:
    related discussion: TESO #48 - the song goes on
    #167AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 23 Jun 09, 10:03
    *laughs again*
    see #158 & #159
    It's still valid.
    Moin Igelin *waves*
    #168Authormykl (442296) 23 Jun 09, 10:08
    Ja, mykl, jeden Tag dasgleiche: Immer was anderes!
    #169AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 23 Jun 09, 10:23
    Es drohte Seite 2!
    #170AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 23 Jun 09, 11:41
    Well..I don't need to justify myself, do I.. There are this two pink things mentioned in thread '48..The bottle was a present by two friends over in AK, who exactly knew I don't like pink..and that's why they chose the color.. And the cell.. Everybody else in the family has more or less the same model in silver, black and blue.. I wanted the same model, but a different color..
    As for the roses.. Well that's nature for you. I don't like purple or orange either, but there are certain sunsets featuring them beautifully.

    So, that's that. No clothing, furniture or other item in pink, orange or purple..but in nature: yes, please, go for it!

    Could we now please close the color-discussion and change the subject?! What

    Am currently listening to a TP audiobook: Men at Arms, read by Nigel Planer..
    #171AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 12:12
    Of course not Wari, Ok we'll talk about the weather shall we ....errrr...errrr
    Men at arms is my favourite Discworld novel. :)
    #172Authormykl (442296) 23 Jun 09, 12:23
    Heigh-ho, GOOD answers, Wari :)))
    favorite TP-novel? Hogfather!
    #173Authoreasy (238884) 23 Jun 09, 12:32
    Hi/Bye Isi.
    #174Authormykl (442296) 23 Jun 09, 12:37
    Men at arms is my favourite Discworld novel. :) I'll keep that in mind whilst listening..

    Hi-bye, easy..

    personally, I don't know enough TP novels to have a favorite yet.. I do have a favorite character, though.
    #175AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 12:55
    Though he doesn't seem to have a major role in Men at Arms :(
    #176AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 14:08
    Let me guess....DEATH :)
    #177Authormykl (442296) 23 Jun 09, 14:12
    #178AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 14:13
    *chuckle* That should be OF COURSE.
    #179Authormykl (442296) 23 Jun 09, 14:20
    Hi All! Can we get back to discussing the weather, as I haven't a clue as to what you two are talking about - well, a clue yes, because I just recognized "Discoworld" - but....the company that I worked at for a scant 4 months called this morning, accepted my rates, and mentioned that in a couple of months, if all goes according to plan, they'd like to hire me back at a "400-Euro-Job" for starters - that'd suit me FINE - would at least almost cover my rent :-))
    #180AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Jun 09, 14:22
    Yoo hoo Carly, it's a start and you can still try and build up your translation customer base at the same time. It gives you at least as you said a bit of "permanent" income for the rent.
    #181Authormykl (442296) 23 Jun 09, 14:31
    mykl, YEAH! It was only a bit of money, BUT much in the way of hope for the future!
    #182AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Jun 09, 14:43
    Oh, how I like his comparisons..
    ..the Ramkins were higher bred than a hilltop bakery.. *rofl*
    #183AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 15:18
    Just got another call - this time from the head of the company! More work on the way :-)))
    #184AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Jun 09, 16:11
    Great, Carly!
    #185AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 16:39
    suffering from SEVERE leo withdrawal symptoms.
    My browser wouldn't open leo for FIVE HOURS!!!
    #186Authoreasy (238884) 23 Jun 09, 18:03
    Emergency restorative measures required - quicklypassingeasyseveralthreads :-))
    #187AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Jun 09, 18:09
    Comment Well, gal, that's the way! ;)
    #188AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 18:21
    Hach =)))
    Jetzt gehts mir schon besser, danke, Emil :)
    #189Authoreasy (238884) 23 Jun 09, 18:21
    #190AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Jun 09, 18:24


    Sorry, Carly, sorry Emil. Won't happen again...

    That was the withdrawal recovery phase. Lack of oxygen, lack of CO2 from hyperventilating I mean. Argh!

    Severe acidosis...uhnm alkalosis... uhm WHATEVER! ;)
    ALKALOSIS of course *bangsheadagainsttable*
    #191Authoreasy (238884) 23 Jun 09, 18:26
    #192AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 18:48
    ??? ;oP

    I've confused Carly with Emil (don't know why), so now I'm trying to get out of it by explaining that due to my leo withdrawal experience I've started hyperventilating, which caused too much CO2 to leave my bloodstream resulting in a respiratory alkalosis. Any questions? ^^
    #193Authoreasy (238884) 23 Jun 09, 18:50
    Not at all. So you are feeling well now? I wouldn't want to leave you here all messed up?!
    #194AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 18:56
    Why, thank you, my dear. Yes, I'm feeling much recovered ;)
    Good night and sweet dreams and see you tomorrow.
    #195Authoreasy (238884) 23 Jun 09, 18:59
    easy, No sooner had your LEO problem dissolved, than mine started - and now I really HAVE to eat!!
    #196AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Jun 09, 19:00
    Oh, goo to hear that.. Then I can go home..
    Wish you a wonderful evening and a good nights sleep..
    #197AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 19:00
    Carly, I did think it might be infectious. Sorry ;o)

    Goldene Träume mit Silberflitter und einer schönen Diamantenkrone =)
    #198Authoreasy (238884) 23 Jun 09, 19:05
    And no pink!

    *now really gone*
    #199AuthorWaringham (384862) 23 Jun 09, 19:10
    most emphatically NOT (except for pink roses, maybe ^^)
    #200Authoreasy (238884) 23 Jun 09, 19:11
    I had planned on having Toast Hawaii tonight, along with some French fries...went shopping, got all I needed, then went downstairs to prepare dinner, and I had NOT gotten any toast :-)) I always have toast on hand!! Good thing I also got some "Schweinegulasch" that was on sale, or I'd have gone hungry :-)

    easy, So sorry to have missed out on your barbecue!
    #201AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Jun 09, 20:41
    Es gibt doch Gemeinsamkeiten, Carly:
    ich habe heute auch keinen Toast Hawaii zum Abendessen!
    #202AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 23 Jun 09, 21:31
    Hi Emil! Wolltest Du sie haben?? :-)) Nun ja, morgen ist auch noch ein Tag - und da ich meine Kleine zum Reitunterricht bringe, geht das Essen morgen Abend schnell - vorausgesetzt, ich vergesse NICHT Toast zu kaufen :-)
    #203AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Jun 09, 21:34
    Ach nein, nicht wirklich!
    Ich hatte nur nach Gründen für die Verwechslung gesucht ...
    Ich habe das Gefühl, meine Scherze sind heute etwas missverständlich.

    Jedenfalls freue ich mich, dass bei Dir wieder etwas Arbeit aufgelaufen ist.
    #204AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 23 Jun 09, 21:44
    Na eins haben wir auf jeden Fall gemeinsam Emil - MUSIKgeschmack!! I haven't heard that song in decades!!! Was popular while I was living in CA - ahhhh does that bring back memories!!
    #205AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Jun 09, 21:55
    Ja, das ist eine von meinen Singles ganz schön alt.
    #206AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 23 Jun 09, 22:14
    Ich glaube, jemand hat YouTube heute abend lahmgelegt ...
    #207AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 24 Jun 09, 00:02
    Ja, Emil - ich habe Crimson and Clover hören können - wollte nochmal "nachschlagen" und weg war's - und ich jetzt auch - night-night :-)
    #208AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 00:05
    Gute Nacht, Carly!
    Hoffentlich ist morgen nicht LEO dran.
    #209AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 24 Jun 09, 00:09
    00:09??? Igitt!

    Moin, allerseits!
    #210AuthorWaringham (384862) 24 Jun 09, 08:51

    "00:09??? Igitt!" - Ist das irgendein mir unbekanntes emoticon?
    #211AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 24 Jun 09, 09:54
    Moin! Emil, vermutlich hat mykl youtube lahmgelegt, als er sein nagelneue "at home" Internetverbindung ausgiebig testete :-))
    #212AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 10:19
    Nicht unmöglich, Carly! Gestern abend dachte ich aber eher an Hacker, die die Verbreitung von gewissen Demonstrationsbildern verhindern wollten.
    #213AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 24 Jun 09, 10:29
    Morning, my dearsies :)
    #214Authoreasy (238884) 24 Jun 09, 10:31
    Hi easy!

    Emil, I hadn't even thought of that, but that could be the answer.

    Kimmy-cat has been gone since 22:00 yesterday - I've called and called - sure wish they could tell you what they've been up to when they come home :-))
    #215AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 10:34
    Moin, easy! Alles frisch?
    #216AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 24 Jun 09, 10:35
    Moin, easy!

    Carly: Yes, I'd wish they could tell..
    #217AuthorWaringham (384862) 24 Jun 09, 10:43
    Wari, We sit around worrying ourselves "to death" - going to the door every few minutes to call them, and they're probably having the time of their life :-))
    #218AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 10:45
    Ich glaube, mir wäre das zuviel Aufregung.
    #219AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 24 Jun 09, 10:50
    Carly: So I guess.. My little girl hasn't run away since December 19th..*knocks on wood* due to a tight leash-law.. But you cannot put a cat on leash.. She is castrated, isn't she? Found sth more interesting that home and food, I'd guess.. And the weather is fine, too. She'd be home by now had it been raining all night, I suppose..
    #220AuthorWaringham (384862) 24 Jun 09, 11:13
    Yes, she's castrated and back home!!! Went out to put garbage can back into shed - and she came flying from across the street - there's two gardens gone to the wild over there.
    #221AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 11:41
    Good to hear that.. Back at Mommy's..
    #222AuthorWaringham (384862) 24 Jun 09, 13:54
    Kitty is home, that's nice :)
    Leo has refused to open for me, again today! :(

    Habe gerade erfahren, dass ich einen Vortrag von Markus übernehmen muß. Am Freitag bei Frankfurt
    Markus ist krank. Vielleicht sollte ich auch noch hämorraghische Vomitus-Diarhoe entwickeln?
    Na ja, irgendwann muß man ja auch mal den Haien zum Frass vorgeworfen werden. Wenigstens sind es keine Tierärzte, sondern nur endlos erfahrenen Reptilienhalter *doppelgulp*
    #223Authoreasy (238884) 24 Jun 09, 14:24
    You'll do just FINE, easy!! Throw a couple of "Fachwörter" at them :-))
    #224AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 14:27
    ...I'll try... :)
    OK, back to work.
    #225Authoreasy (238884) 24 Jun 09, 14:49
    Everybody busy out there? Wonderful.
    #226AuthorWaringham (384862) 24 Jun 09, 17:06
    No, not really - though I did a scant 15 minutes of work for the hydraulics company - the head called me, and to make a longer story short, said that even if it only takes a few minutes to translate, please charge at LEAST 5 euros :-))) Now that's a good way of looking at things.

    edit on: We've settled on an "hourly rate" because they currently couldn't pay a per-line usual rate, and should they make it through the financial storm, well they'd like to hire me back - soooo, it's in my own best interests.
    #227AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 17:12
    Wenn Du gerade einen Moment Zeit hast, kannst Du mir ja nochmal Deinen Ausruf in #210 verklickern, Waringham.
    #228AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 24 Jun 09, 17:15
    Bin nicht Wari, aber vermutlich weil Du um 00:09 gepostet hast, und sie schon längst im Bettchen lag.
    #229AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 17:20
    Emil..unchristliche Uhrzeiten, zu denen Ihr Euch hier immer (noch) rumtreibt..
    Da habe ich noch Bettchen..jawohl.
    #230AuthorWaringham (384862) 24 Jun 09, 17:21
    Na dann bin ja beruhigt.
    Ich hatte schon gedacht die Uhrzeit könnte man auch als - was weiß ich - vierstöckigen Doppel-Whopper mit Brechdurchfall und Steckdose lesen.
    #231AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 24 Jun 09, 17:31
    Unchristlich? Na, aber ich hoffe doch ;o)

    (Carly, just joking ^^)
    #232Authoreasy (238884) 24 Jun 09, 17:32
    easy, ich kann immernoch nicht Deine "Hexerei" mit Deiner Christlichen-Dasein in Vereinbarung bringen :-))
    #233AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 17:43
    Emil *hihi*

    Carly..das ist kein Widerspruch in sich.. Zumal sich das Christentum doch ständig auf die Naturreligionen bezieht (Ostern, Weihnachten, Maria, Allerheiligen usw usf..) Eigentlich sind dem Menschen von "Natur aus" sogar die Naturreligionen näher.. es ist einfacher, an sowas wie Sturm und Donner oder die Sonne als Göttliche Macht zu glauben als an sowas wie die Heilige Dreifaltigkeit.. Die Christlichen Religionen leiden auch einfach sehr unter ihrem Bodenpersonal :(

    PS: Und wer sich (speziell als Frau) ein bißchen mit der Geschichte der Katholischen Kirche auskennt, kriegt eh das kalte Ko.. erm..Grausen.
    Nicht, daß Du mich mistverstehst, ich bin auch "gut katholisch" und glaube an eine Göttliche Macht..aber den alten Mann mit Bart..hach, nee..
    #234AuthorWaringham (384862) 24 Jun 09, 17:52
    Wari, das stimmt - aber die Inquisition und Hexenverbrennung kamen NICHT von Gott, sondern von Menschen/Männer. I remember when we had the "Salem Witch Trials" at school, how horrified I was, because they either tortured people until they "confessed" OR one test of a witch was to throw them into a lake/river, and if she sunk - OK, innocent, but dead - if she swam - OK, guilty, let's burn her at the stake.
    #235AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 18:02
    mykl ist heute gar nicht aufgetaucht.
    Ich hoffe, das bedeutet nichts Schlechtes.
    #236AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 24 Jun 09, 18:18
    Ja, ist mir auch schon aufgefallen - denn ansonsten ist er immer als erster hier - kann mich nicht entsinnen, daß er am WE etwas von Kurzarbeit dieser Woche erzählt hat - und gestern hat er auch nicht erwähnt, daß er heute nicht hier sei.
    #237AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 18:22
    True, there was certainly no Deity involved. But I guess the men behind (or rather in front) of it are the main hindrance to keep up the belief. I mean..You are confronted with things like the pope flying to Africa and telling people silly things about sex.. And still you are catholic..
    I truly do love a classic catholic Mass, especially Easter morning.. BUT I have to admit there are things between heaven and earth I'd rather trust a Goddess to be responsible for..

    I guess you've discussed that at length with easy.. I've been born and bred catholic, but also kind of free minded, so that's where I ended up.. Still catholic, but somewhat doubtful and open to a lot of other ideas..

    PS: And I didn't mean only the witch trials and alike.. I mean their attitude towards women in general.. Unworthy, minor, daft.. Nice, innit. And Ratzi isn't any better concerning that.
    #238AuthorWaringham (384862) 24 Jun 09, 18:23
    Yes, where is mykl.. ??
    Ich dachte schon, ich hätte mal wieder so unaufmerksam mitgelesen, daß ich eine Ankündigung seinerseits überlesen hätte.

    Carly, schick ihm doch ne SMS..
    #239AuthorWaringham (384862) 24 Jun 09, 18:25
    Wari, thanks for taking the wors right out of my mouth :)))

    (I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you. I did another ritual, BTW)
    #240Authoreasy (238884) 24 Jun 09, 18:28
    Well, I was raised basically Presbyterian, but we attended any church APART from the Catholic one, that happened to be in the nearer vicinity - Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, which all teach "a close relationship with Jesus". But, I had many Catholic friends and just because religion has always interested me, I went with them to Cathechism. I wasn't baptised as a baby, so I had myself baptised Catholic at age 22 :-)) Also went through a 2-year period with the "Jesus Movement" in CA.
    I'm just Christian first, Catholic second - and NO I do NOT believe all that the Pope "teaches"
    #241AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 18:35
    Just sent him an SMS - will keep you posted :-)
    #242AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 18:40
    From mykl: Hi, I'm fine, just out on tour (smiley) and will read you in the morn.
    #243AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 18:46
    That's nice.

    How the hell do people have a life outside leo?!?!?!?! ;o)
    #244Authoreasy (238884) 24 Jun 09, 18:47
    I really don't know, easy, but it's one of the main reasons why I would like a JOB :-)) To help me with my addiction :-)
    #245AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 18:52
    Carly, ich glaube, Guest 123 ist mal wieder unser Troll?
    #246Authoreasy (238884) 24 Jun 09, 19:04
    *hihi* Hauptsache he doesn't feel controlled now..

    easy..that should be seen in about the next few days now..

    Wünsche Euch einen schönen Abend..habe hunger und fahre jetzt heim.. bis morgen!
    #247AuthorWaringham (384862) 24 Jun 09, 19:08
    easy, glaube ich auch, deshalb auch "fett = toll" :-))
    #248AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 19:08
    nen guten, Wari :)

    Carly, didn't we pledge ourselves to not feeding the trolls? ;o)
    #249Authoreasy (238884) 24 Jun 09, 19:09
    Byeeee Wari! Bon appetit!
    #250AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 19:09
    Yes, we did - but I wasn't feeding him - I gave two "serious" answers :-)
    #251AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 19:11
    Wari, This thread/LEO is rather like an office - you MUST "abmelden" yourself, should you decide to take off for the day :-))
    #252AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 19:16
    Wer nichts zu verbergen hat, kann sich doch auch abmelden, Carly!
    Es ist doch nur, damit sich die anderen keine Sorgen machen müssen.
    #253AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 24 Jun 09, 19:23
    Genau, Emil!! Ich habe damals meine "IT-Jungs" alle richtig erzogen - sie hatten sich bei mir abzumelden, basta - ich wollte nur wissen, daß sie wo auch immer gut angekommen waren :-))
    #254AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Jun 09, 19:26
    Bye-bye :)
    See you latish tomorrow I suppose
    #255Authoreasy (238884) 24 Jun 09, 19:34
    Tschüss, easy and Carly!
    Bis morgen.
    #256AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 24 Jun 09, 19:56
    Good morning people, a very happy thursday to one and all. My day off was arranged at very short notice, I suppose I could have "reported out" from home.... if I'd remembered that I've now got Internet. *chuckle* It still hasn't quite sunk in yrt and to be honest I don't think it's going to be THE feature of my private life. Well, not until I'm unemployed *ggg*
    #257Authormykl (442296) 25 Jun 09, 07:10
    Gooood Mooorning Leolaaaand!
    #258AuthorWaringham (384862) 25 Jun 09, 08:16
    Moin Wari, the weekend approaches :)
    #259Authormykl (442296) 25 Jun 09, 08:44
    It does for sure..
    #260AuthorWaringham (384862) 25 Jun 09, 08:51
    #261Authormykl (442296) 25 Jun 09, 08:54
    No, finished that one yesterday evening. Great! In some chatrooms, people do have a citation at the bottom of their answers all the time.. I'd like this one:

    Sometimes it's better to light a flamethrower than to curse the darkness.
    #262AuthorWaringham (384862) 25 Jun 09, 08:58
    Yep, I LOVE those little one line "throwaway" comments that show up all over his books.

    Summat to read...
    #263Authormykl (442296) 25 Jun 09, 09:00
    I'm here to work.. Not read discworld quotes..

    'And what would humans be without love?'
    RARE, said Death.
    #264AuthorWaringham (384862) 25 Jun 09, 10:49
    Speaking of work, I've got MORE from the hydraulics company !!
    #265AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 25 Jun 09, 10:54
    Great! As long as I don't have to do a sauna anymore.. The Klangmöbel didn't work out?
    #266AuthorWaringham (384862) 25 Jun 09, 10:56
    Hi Carly, that's great news *häppysei*

    'We'll never make it out alive!'
    #267Authormykl (442296) 25 Jun 09, 10:57
    He's great, isn't he? Guess he doesn't notice he's funny, too. HAHAHA.
    #268AuthorWaringham (384862) 25 Jun 09, 11:20

    #269Authormykl (442296) 25 Jun 09, 11:48
    So, just finished up the translation :-))

    Wari, The Klangmöbel people haven't yet contacted me, but maybe they will - yeah, I've had enough saunas to last me a lifetime :-))
    #270AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 25 Jun 09, 12:04
    I'm gonna leave you two alone, then. Gotta shop for a present and still have no idea..
    have a wonderful afternoon/Friday/Weekend
    #271AuthorWaringham (384862) 25 Jun 09, 12:09
    Wishing you a great weekend, Wari!!
    #272AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 25 Jun 09, 12:13
    Hübsch, dieser Fettdruck, nicht wahr?
    #273AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 25 Jun 09, 12:24
    Bye Wari, have a super weekend. Hi Emil, in the Discworld novels DEATH always "speaks" in Fettdruck.
    #274Authormykl (442296) 25 Jun 09, 12:35
    Oh, I see ... and CAPITALS?
    #275AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 25 Jun 09, 12:48
    Yep, it gives him a sense of ULTIMATE AUTHORITY *gg*

    A couple of weird things about Wimbledon...

    Dress regulations at Wimbledon have always been strict. Until 1954, it was compulsory for ladies on Centre Court to play in full evening dress, and for men to play in white tie and tails, with medals.

    The last player to wear a bowler hat on Centre Court was Ernest Pleydell-Monson in 1962. Even today, women players on all courts are obliged to wear two pairs of underpants, to guard against snappage.

    Up until 1877, The All England Lawn Tennis Club at Wimbledon employed hamsters to chase after the tennis balls. But hamsters proved incapable of picking up anything large, so to accommodate their small mouths and hands, the tennis balls were made progressively smaller. Eventually the balls became so tiny that they would go right through the little square gaps between the strings of the tennis racquets. This led to general outcry from the players

    #276Authormykl (442296) 25 Jun 09, 12:54
    Interesting, mykl :-)) So, back then they had to wear formal dress when playing tennis (which I do NOT watch), but since my mother does watch it, I've seen the occassional game - now they all sound like their peaking at orgasm - what do these UHHHH OOOHHH UHHHHs contribute to their game??
    #277AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 25 Jun 09, 12:58
    Nowt Carlie, the Wimbledon committee is trying to write some sort of legislation against these loud ladies.
    #278Authormykl (442296) 25 Jun 09, 13:12
    I very much like the Club's colours: purple and green.

    Didn't know about those underwear rules, but I find it hard to believe what the article says about hamsters and decreasing ball size.

    Carly, you are not the only one feeling disturbed:,1518,6...

    #279AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 25 Jun 09, 13:15
    Well, that's encouraging, at least - whoever convinced these "ladies" that those disgusting grunts are sexy, must be the same guy who convinced (some) women that baboon-type lips are, too :-))
    #280AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 25 Jun 09, 13:46
    So, my day is done again here. I wish everybody a pleasant evening and until the next time, viel Spaß am Leben.
    #281Authormykl (442296) 25 Jun 09, 14:57
    Byeeee mykl!! Wishing you a safe and dry trip home :-)
    #282AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 25 Jun 09, 14:58
    Guten Morgen!

    Isi, ich glaub', ich hab' da was für dich...

    Ist es das, was du suchst?
    #283AuthorIgelin DE (467049) 26 Jun 09, 06:56
    Good morning people, a very happy friday to one and all. Mornin' Igelin *waves*
    #284Authormykl (442296) 26 Jun 09, 06:59
    Hi everybody,

    Igeling, thanks, but though the lyrics are not a bad guess, it's not the song, I'm afraid. "Mine" is really quiet, and the singer's voice is deeper.

    edit: Oops... Michael Jackson ist tot?
    #285Authoreasy (238884) 26 Jun 09, 09:03
    Moin Isi *waves* *hums into giggle la-la-di-doo-dum-dum* *waits for correct answer*
    #286Authormykl (442296) 26 Jun 09, 09:05
    mykl, eindeutig bayerische Blaskapelle ;o)
    #287Authoreasy (238884) 26 Jun 09, 09:15
    *chuckle* And THAT'S NOT what you're looking for. (why would anyone look for a bayerische Blaskapelle) *fg*
    #288Authormykl (442296) 26 Jun 09, 09:34
    Guten Morgen ihr!

    Ja, easy, ist er. Seit ich aufgewacht bin höre ich nichts anderes im Radio.
    #289AuthorMafi (236280) 26 Jun 09, 09:49
    Mornin' Mafi :)
    Michael Jackson's new tour promoters have just announced the dates have been put back 6 to 8 weeks until he fully recovers and puts on a bit of weight. (He's looked like one of his own "thriller" zombies for the last 10 years) *fg
    #290Authormykl (442296) 26 Jun 09, 09:55
    sorry, mafi, for putting it here, too.

    mykl, mine is more like da-da-dee-dee-dee-dumm-dee-dee-dee-dumm-da-da-da-dee-dee-dee-dee-dumm-dumm
    #291Authoreasy (238884) 26 Jun 09, 09:58
    Are you sure you spellt it right Isi ?

    #292Authormykl (442296) 26 Jun 09, 10:00
    Ah, so war das nicht gemeint easy. Ich wollte Dir nur bestätigen, dass es stimmt.
    #293AuthorMafi (236280) 26 Jun 09, 10:09
    Moin, All! First thing I heard on the radio this a.m. - thought I had misunderstood - I didn't much care for him as a person, but did like much of his music.
    #294AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 26 Jun 09, 10:27
    Kein Problem, Isi - ich hatte nur mal rumgegigglet... Ich hab's mir nicht mal angehört.

    Ich kriege immer mehr den Verdacht, dass dein Gedächtnis zwei Songs durcheinander bringt. Aber - wer weiß?
    #295AuthorIgelin DE (467049) 26 Jun 09, 10:27
    Mornin' Carly, there will be enough memorials/tributes/best of albums/cash making opportunities that no one will havea chance to forget.
    #296Authormykl (442296) 26 Jun 09, 10:39
    Hi mykl, Well I best remember him from my CA days, when he was the cute little (black) singer of the Jackson 5. I've gotta head off to town before the rain strike :-)
    #297AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 26 Jun 09, 10:43
    Moin allerseits!
    Bitte umziehen:
    related discussion: TESO #52 - 52 Girls
    #298AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 26 Jun 09, 11:13
    *rounds up animals*
    *transplants money tree*
    *draaaaaaaaaaags jacuzzi to new home*
    *sweeps up*
    *clses doors and windows*
    #299Authormykl (442296) 26 Jun 09, 11:20
    *rounds up animals*
    *transplants money tree*
    *draaaaaaaaaaags jacuzzi to new home*
    *sweeps up*
    *clses doors and windows*
    #300Authormykl (442296) 26 Jun 09, 11:20
    *rounds up animals*
    *transplants money tree*
    *draaaaaaaaaaags jacuzzi to new home*
    *sweeps up*
    *clses doors and windows*
    #301Authormykl (442296) 26 Jun 09, 11:20
    *rounds up animals*
    *transplants money tree*
    *draaaaaaaaaaags jacuzzi to new home*
    *sweeps up*
    *clses doors and windows*
    #302Authormykl (442296) 26 Jun 09, 11:20
    This thread has been closed.
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