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    Camisas con la imagen del Che


    Camisas con la imagen del Che


    En Polonia podrían prohibir el uso de camisas con la figura del Che.

    Lo posteo porque en Alemania hay cientos de personas que la usan y hay una pelicula en la actualidad
    sobre el Che en el cine.

    23 Apr 2009
    Poland 'to ban' Che Guevara image

    The iconic image of Che Guevara found adorning students' walls and t-shirts across the world could be banned in Poland under a government proposal to outlaw materials that incite "fascism and totalitarian systems".

    Poland's equality minister, Elzbieta Radziszewska, wants to expand a Polish law prohibiting the production of fascist and totalitarian propaganda so that it includes clothing and anything else that could carry an image related to an authoritarian system.

    Radziszewska said that the proposed amendment to current legislation "would help organisations fighting racism".

    The proposal, which could see the faces of some of the leading lights of communist history such as Lenin and Trotsky removed from t-shirts and flags, reflects a Polish view on communism far different from the rose-tinted and romantic images often found in the West.

    After experiencing 40 hard years of communism, as well as the horrors of Nazi occupation, few Poles have qualms equating under law the inequities of Nazism and communism.

    "Communism was a terrible, murderous system that claimed millions of lives," said Professor Wojciech Roszkowski, a leading Polish historian and member of the European parliament.

    "It was very similar to National Socialism, and there is no reason to treat those two systems, and their symbols, differently. Their glorification should be prohibited."

    He added communism had accounted for the slaughter of thousands of Poles in the Katyn Massacre while its gulags had consumed countless millions of victims.

    Autorignacio06 Ago 09, 22:51
    Na ja... ist halt ein Markenzeichen welches sich gut auf dem T-Shirt verkauft. Ich kenne sogar das bekannte Schwarz-Weiss Print als Silhouettete aber das Gesicht mit Elvis:

    Prints auf dem T-shirt sind doch jetzt total out ;)
    #1Autor rossCH (485819) 06 Ago 09, 23:43
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