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    TESO #71

    71 – a bang on the drum .

    I think it was high tide to resort to one of those bingo rhymes again.
    We have missed out quite a few already and there are only 19 more to come.

    Very little can be said about #71. It is obviously a prime number.
    It is the number of different characters that can be used with a standard English Keyboard, excluding uppercase letters.
    SR-71 is an alternative rock band named after a United States Air Force surveillance aircraft.
    Here's a video: 1985

    Just another find from youtube loosely related to 71: Neill Young Old Man live in '71

    In ancient Israel there was a Sanhedrin headquarters; it had 71 judges who judged cases where the criminal deserved the death penalty

    If 69 means what some people appear to think it could mean, what could 71 stand for?

    A few dates from 1971
    1. Januar - Königin Elisabeth II. verleiht der Schriftstellerin Agatha Christie den Titel Dame Commander of the British Empire
    January 2 - Ibrox disaster: A stairway crush at the Rangers vs. Celtic football match in Glasgow, Scotland kills 66.
    January 31 – Apollo 14 lifts off on the third successful lunar landing mission.
    February 4 – In Britain, Rolls-Royce goes bankrupt and is nationalised.
    March 12–13 – The Allman Brothers Band plays their legendary concert at the Fillmore East: Statesboro Blues

    August 1 – In New York City, 40,000 attend the Concert for Bangladesh.
    October 30 – Rev. Ian Paisley's Democratic Unionist Party is founded in Northern Ireland.
    November 3 – The UNIX Programmer's Manual is published, Carly.

    We come from here, and we are heading towards a crutch and a duck.

    AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 08 Aug 10, 04:27
    Thanks for the new home, Emil.
    If you are wondering what 71 could stand for... NononoNO I diddn't want that picture in my head. Just imagine what 777 could stand for!
    #1Authoreasy (238884) 08 Aug 10, 09:31
    Hello everybody!

    Emil, thank you for the new informative home!
    I didn't yet know about the bingo number rhymes but now I do! :-))

    easy, I thought of you and Hagalaz... Certainly you are missing her but it's good to know she's going to be fine at her new home, isn't it?
    Maybe you will be distracted when you take care of the poor cat...
    #2Authordragonfly70 (672923) 08 Aug 10, 13:57
    Hi, All!

    easy, So sorry about Hagalaz - can you visit her?? And, very kind and loving of you to take in the poor kitty.

    Had a wonderful time at my son-in-law's big 40th birthday celebration - got home about 3:30 this morning, danced the night away :-)

    #3AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Aug 10, 14:26
    Hi Carly *waves*, so you just got up? Or did you have breakfast yet...? ;-)))
    #4Authordragonfly70 (672923) 08 Aug 10, 14:30
    Hi, Libby! Noooooo, my son and son-in-law's nephew wanted me to drop them off at the disco (at 3:15...), and even though he's "hitting 30," welllll - I couldn't fall asleep until I heard the key turn in the door, and kNEW he was home safe...this was about 5 up at around 9:30, waited until he got up two hours later, and made him his "bacon and eggs" breakfast :-)) Einmal Mama, immer Mama :-))
    #5AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Aug 10, 14:44
    *ggg* Ja ja, eine Mutter braucht keinen Schlaf...
    #6Authordragonfly70 (672923) 08 Aug 10, 14:52
    Nee, brauchen wir nicht :-)) Now I'm trying to get up enough energy to translate some more milling stuff - I'd much rather crawl back into my bed, or continue reading my book :-)
    #7AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Aug 10, 14:59
    *passes some energy to Carly* It's all I can spare but maybe it'll help a little... ;-))
    #8Authordragonfly70 (672923) 08 Aug 10, 15:12
    Hi my dears, and thanks for thinking about Hagalaz and me =)
    Yes, I can visit her, but I won't do that for a couple of months. She'll only start waiting for me again if I return too soon...
    Well, have scrubbed and de-crow-dunged all my floors, actually made the bathroom look nice (although it looks nicer with a crow inside it!), brought out plants that had sought asylum in my bedroom, and will start reading some papers now.
    Am still sad, but I wrote my thoughts down about Hagalaz tonight (like a fare-well-ode), and that's made me feel much better.
    #9Authoreasy (238884) 08 Aug 10, 16:02
    Ja, easy, sich irgendetwas von der Seele schreiben hilft..und irgendwann siehst Du sie wieder!

    Libby, Thanks for the energy - it got me downstairs to put on another pot of coffee, read another chapter, or two - and I've still translated nothing :-))
    #10AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Aug 10, 16:36
    Carly, I'm glad it was enough at least for the important things... ;-))
    #11Authordragonfly70 (672923) 08 Aug 10, 16:41
    Good morning people, a very happy Monday to one and all.
    #12Authormykl (442296) 09 Aug 10, 08:03
    Welcome to another week of toil and sweat!

    Friday was lovely - good food, a nice old Kriegsfischkutter, really excellent food, plenty to drink and all the tall ships - plenty to see and enjoy. We even had the "pleasure" of seeing a 3-mast steel bark trying to sink a little dutch wooden cutter by ramming it. Thankfully nobody was hurt and both remained seeworthy, although some wooden bits and pieces were floating around. :)
    #13Authoryytsunamiyy (341657) 09 Aug 10, 08:09
    Moin 4Y, glad to hear that the regatta wasn't rained off. :)

    *finds manners*
    Thank you for the new thread Emil. It took me quite q while to work out what a crutch and a duck was. *sigh* It's still early. :)
    #14Authormykl (442296) 09 Aug 10, 08:18
    Good morning all!

    You're right, mykl, it's still early... *gäääääähn*
    I really don't know why I'm so tired... I mean, I'm always tired but not always so much... ;-)
    Maybe it's because of the weather, it's all grey and dark... .-(

    4y, it's good you saw some ships and not just had good food, and really excellent food, and plenty to drink... *gg*
    And obviously a lot of action... I'm glad nobody was hurt.
    #15Authordragonfly70 (672923) 09 Aug 10, 08:31
    Libby, the 3 chefs started out with merely good food but got into a frenzy and provided realy excellent stuff. I never had a "Labskaus" quite as good as the one they did. And to think that they had nothing but a diesel-oil filled 2-flame stove with the settings "Off" and "white-hot" to prepare the food on...

    Well, we didn't actually have the action, we were mere observers. I was looking around and said to my love - look, it looks as if these two are sailing straight into each other - and she was like "nah, they gonna pass, real close, but they gonna pass". Before I could say "I really dont think so" there was screaming, tooting of horns, chatter on the radio, hectic steering and an almighty crash. They touched alongsides, the wooden cutter was under sails and got her guardboard and some braces more or less ripped off, while the steel 3-master got some pretty scratches and dents all along its side. Only trouble was that they lay right in the middle of the shipping channel and everybody had to detour around them in the shallows until they got clear of each other and their intimate entanglement.
    #16Authoryytsunamiyy (341657) 09 Aug 10, 08:46
    I guess it's real luck that nothing worse happened!
    I imagine something like a Massenkarambolage...
    #17Authordragonfly70 (672923) 09 Aug 10, 09:02
    Moin, All! Thanks for the new home, Emil...forgot to mention that yesterday :-)

    Sure glad you "only" witnessed a minor accident, 4Ys. Lovely, pictures!! That oven reminds me of the one the local farmer's wife used to use to cook on - only that it was fueled with wood/coals :-)

    Well, started off my working day with a very politely phrased e-mail, which was nevertheless quite insulting - "Gemäss Beurteilung durch unser Lektorat entspricht Ihre Übersetzung leider nicht ganz unseren hohen Ansprüchen und so müssen wir Ihnen mitteilen, dass eine Zusammenarbeit mit uns nicht möglich ist" I guess my straight "1" diploma didn't either.
    #19AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 09 Aug 10, 12:16
    Tach Carly, you can't please all the people all the time.
    #20Authormykl (442296) 09 Aug 10, 12:24
    mykl, Yeah, that's true - but it's the very first test I've ever flunked in my life - so, it kind of got to me :-))
    #21AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 09 Aug 10, 12:25
    Puh! People have been telling me I can't do sth or other all my life. That's why you've got two ears, in and out.
    #22Authormykl (442296) 09 Aug 10, 12:30
    Moin allerseits!

    Das war ja wirklich ein toller Abendhimmel!
    Gut gemacht, 4Y!
    #23AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 09 Aug 10, 12:36
    Tach Emil *waves* it was raining too hard to see the sky in my little bit of NRW yesterday. :)
    #24Authormykl (442296) 09 Aug 10, 13:05
    Hello, mykl!
    Sorry to hear that.
    Here, rain has been forecast for the last few days, but only a few drops did fall.
    On the other hand, the forecast diagram is telling me the sun is shining, but I disagree based on a thorough evaluation of what I can see outside my window.
    #25AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 09 Aug 10, 13:31
    It's getting very grey and dismal looking here too at the moment. I just need it to stay dry for another half an hour or so. :)

    So, it's time for me to go home again. I wish everyone a pleasant evening, have fun and may the Gods go with you.
    #26Authormykl (442296) 09 Aug 10, 13:59
    Wishing you a DRY bike home, mykl!!

    Cloudy here, we had perfect weather for the party on Saturday - thunderstorms yesterday...

    And I really should get back to the (milling) grind :-)
    #27AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 09 Aug 10, 14:12
    Good morning people, a very happy Tuesday to one and all. It looked like it was going to pour it down yesterday, but it stayed dry all evening. :)
    #28Authormykl (442296) 10 Aug 10, 06:59
    Good morning, my dearies.
    No, I'm not really here ;) Off to the Tierheim and no Internet now.CU
    #29Authoreasy (238884) 10 Aug 10, 07:26
    Hi and bye easy. Good morning to all and sundry :)
    #30Authoryytsunamiyy (341657) 10 Aug 10, 07:32
    Good morning 4Y *waves*

    Hi/Bye Isi :)
    #31Authormykl (442296) 10 Aug 10, 07:46
    Na, hier ist ja ein Gewimmel!
    Ich bin bis heute abend weg.
    Gehabt Euch wohl!
    #32AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 10 Aug 10, 09:35
    Hi/Bye Emil, enjoy your day. :)
    #33Authormykl (442296) 10 Aug 10, 10:10
    So people, it's time for me to go home again. I wish everyone a pleasant evening, have fun and may the Gods go with you.
    #34Authormykl (442296) 10 Aug 10, 13:44
    Bye-bye, myklchen. Bussi :)
    #35Authoreasy (238884) 10 Aug 10, 13:57
    Oh! I've been bussied *beam*

    Good morning people, a very happy Wednesday to one and all. It's raining! 'nuff said.
    #36Authormykl (442296) 11 Aug 10, 05:42
    good morning,myklchen.
    I'd say it's blessedly cool ;o)
    #37Authoreasy (238884) 11 Aug 10, 07:45
    Good morning mykl and easy!

    It would be okay if it was just cool but it's raining here, too... :-((
    #38Authordragonfly70 (672923) 11 Aug 10, 07:56
    Good morning Isi and Liby *waves*

    *ponder* Getting wet is cool?? :0)
    #39Authormykl (442296) 11 Aug 10, 08:18
    Thanks for the new thread, Emil..

    Easy: *hug* Not much to say about sweet Hagalaz.. I think Pixel is a great name for a cat.. My aunt had a Pixie once. If I had a cat, I'd call him/her "Whiskey"..Imagine going out in the evening, calling for him/her..What would the neighbors be thinking!?! :))

    We are quite fine, mom (i.e. me) DOES NEED SLEEP! But doesn't get it as baby's having stomach problems.. He eats to fast and swallows a lot of air which needs to get out afterwards one way or the other..And that seems to hurt him sometimes.. poor cutie.
    Apart from that, we are getting used to each other and some kind of routine better from day to day. Hubby had a week off now and we really had a good time!

    *leaves usual pile of hugs and kisses and departs*
    #40AuthorWaringham (384862) 11 Aug 10, 12:13
    Hi Wari (and warison) *waves* *chuckle* it sarts with eating too fast and progresses with time to adulthood to 'drinking too fast', but both produce gas that has to get out. *BÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖRP* :)
    #41Authormykl (442296) 11 Aug 10, 12:32
    So, it's almost time to go home and I've a couple of things to do before. I wish everyone a pleasant evening, have fun and may the Gods go with you.
    #42Authormykl (442296) 11 Aug 10, 13:49
    Haaaalllooooo.... *insleereTESOzimmerreinruf* *demecholausch*

    Well, I wasn't the most industrious writer myself... ;-)
    It's just that mostly I have nothing interesting to tell... :-(((

    Vielleicht morgen mehr...

    #43Authordragonfly70 (672923) 11 Aug 10, 19:46
    Libby, Omnia haben eine neue CD :)))
    ERstes Lied hier zu hören
    Luv it =) Quite steam-punky, somehow...
    #44Authoreasy (238884) 11 Aug 10, 20:11
    Ich hatte am Montag einen Anruf von einem Nachbarn meiner Mutter (die im Urlaub ist) erhalten, der sich sorgte, weil ihre Balkontür offenstand. Deshalb musste ich gestern eine kleine Fahrt machen, um nach dem Rechten zu sehen. Sonst eigentlich alles in Ordnung: kein Einbrecher, kein Waschbär in der Wohnung. Zur Belohnung gab es am Abend wieder eins dieser einmaligen Schnitzel an der Weser ...

    Edit: Hallo easy, knapp verpasst!
    #45AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 11 Aug 10, 20:12
    Ooooohh, danke für die Info, was für ein tolles Lied, easy! :-))
    Ich bin ja sowieso etwas im Rückstand, habe bisher erst eine Omnia-CD... Das ist die, die ich zur Zeit am meisten höre, wenn ich mich durchsetzen kann ;-)

    Emil, umso besser, wenn nichts passiert ist! Und schön, dass jemand da ist, der ein Auge auf sowas hat! :-)

    Good night, ihr Lieben, bis morgen!
    #46Authordragonfly70 (672923) 11 Aug 10, 20:52
    Huch, wirklich knapp verpasst :)
    So ein Schnitzel hätte ich echt auch mal gerne...
    Netter Nachbar, muß ich schon sagen.

    Libby, das mußt Du einfach ändern. Ich geh jetzt mal schauen, obs die CD schon auf amazon gibt. Allerdinsg habe ich diesen Monat kein Gald für Luxusgüter *soifts*

    Guts Nächtle, allemiteinand.

    Ach ja, Wari, vielen Dank =)
    Ich krieg immer noch regelmäßig das Heulen...
    #47Authoreasy (238884) 11 Aug 10, 20:58
    Good morning people, a very happy Thursday to one and all.

    Anyone for a fruit salad ??
    #48Authormykl (442296) 12 Aug 10, 05:50
    Good morning!

    mykl, those melons are much too nice to eat... ;-)

    easy, I also looked at (on? in?) amazon, and since the CD is not available till next month, you'll have some time to save the money... :-)
    #49Authordragonfly70 (672923) 12 Aug 10, 08:22
    Hi Libby, yep and in a couple of days they'll have to be thrown away. :(
    #50Authormykl (442296) 12 Aug 10, 09:18

    Dazu sage ich nur: Mit Essen spielt man nicht!
    #51AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Aug 10, 12:22
    Tach Emil, sth that obviously took so much work can hardly be called playing. :)
    #52Authormykl (442296) 12 Aug 10, 12:31
    Nee, ist schon recht.
    Ich hätte weder die Phantasie noch die Geschicklichkeit noch die Geduld.
    Und so scharfe Messer habe ich auch nicht.

    Was ist mit Carly?
    Ist sie in den letzten Tagen wenigstens anderswo gesehen worden?
    #53AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Aug 10, 12:59
    Yep, I've 'seen' her a couple of times this week in Englisch gesucht and Übersetzung Korrekt? Apparently very busy at the moment.
    #54Authormykl (442296) 12 Aug 10, 13:02
    Hi, All! Have only had a chance to be a silent reader for the past couple of days - but sooooo nice to be missed :-))

    Apart from translations "galore," my car has been keeping me busy - new battery (was "reingelegt" with that, but too late), had to have complete oil/filter change yesterday, plus wanted brake fluid exchanged - the guy thought my brake shoes had had it, so was "ordered" back today - brake shoes still OK, BUT the oil tank vent rusted through, and the tank was no longer leak-tight, sooooo he lent me a car, and I'll pick mine up this afternoon.

    Emil, Your mother sure has nice (and observant) neighbors!

    easy, The thing about pets is that they aren't just animals - they're you well know!
    #55AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Aug 10, 13:29
    Hi Carly, ditch the car, buy a horse. :)
    #56Authormykl (442296) 12 Aug 10, 13:36
    Yeah, mykl :-)) Stall only costs about 250 euros per month :-)
    #57AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Aug 10, 13:42
    You've enough woodland around you there to hide a horse *chuckle* you've enough woodland around you to hide the 7th cavalry. :)
    #58Authormykl (442296) 12 Aug 10, 13:43
    Carly, ich finde den Sohn noch netter.
    Fährt sofort dreistellige Kilometer, um eine Tür zuzumachen!
    "Wird schon nicht reinregnen" wäre ja auch eine mögliche Reaktion.
    #59AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Aug 10, 13:44
    Thought you had a garden carly?
    #60Authoryytsunamiyy (341657) 12 Aug 10, 13:44
    Hi 4Y, finished for the day??

    So people, it's almost time to go home. I wish everyone a dry pleasant evening, have fun and may the Gods go with you.
    #61Authormykl (442296) 12 Aug 10, 13:48
    Stimmt, Emil!!

    4Ys, I had a garden when I still lived in the valley - here I have a mountain :-)) Well, a very steeply sloped "garden" - a mountain goat might feel at home, here :-)
    #62AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Aug 10, 13:49
    Byeeee mykl - We have Open Flair weekend, where it "traditionally" rains cats and dogs (not to mention drunks:-))
    #63AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Aug 10, 13:56
    Coffee break only mykl. :) Have a dry and safe ride home

    Carly - in that case you should make sure the horse is tethered well :D

    Emil: I totally agree - but then again I rented a car and drove 500km last weekend just for "Kaffeetrinken" at my parents...
    #64Authoryytsunamiyy (341657) 12 Aug 10, 14:11
    Tja, so sind sie, die Kinder!
    Man kann ihnen das freundliche Wesen einfach nicht austreiben ...
    #65AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Aug 10, 14:17
    Well, I'm 228 euros poorer :-(( BUT, it could have been a lot worse, had he NOT noticed the leak, I drive home, loosing oil on the way, and a "total Schaden" for the motor.
    #66AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Aug 10, 18:15
    Good morning people, a very happy Friday to one and all. Carly, it could indeed have been much worse, but at least your car should be OK for a while now. :)
    #67Authormykl (442296) 13 Aug 10, 05:56
    Good morning all!

    It's strange, I'm not here for a day and you wrote nearly 20 postings... am I supposed to be worried about that?

    Carly, 'Auto' fängt mit "Auuu...!" an und hört mit "Oohhh..." auf...

    Unfortunately I have things to do... bis später!
    #68Authordragonfly70 (672923) 13 Aug 10, 08:11
    Hi Libby, nope you're not supposed to be worried by that. :)
    #69Authormykl (442296) 13 Aug 10, 08:32
    Moin all!

    And BTW (back to work) ...
    #70AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 13 Aug 10, 10:47
    ich STINKE!
    Ich habe gerade geholfen, eine aufgetaute (kaputt gegangene) Kühltruhe mit Tierleichen auszuräumen... Mhmmmm, grüngraue Suppe und völlig verweste Tierkörper mit ein paar blanken Knochen und Panzern und Hautfetzen. Yummyumm. Die war wohl schon leider ein Weilchenn kaputt
    Nicht mal mit Desinfektionsmittel wird man diesen Geruch aus der Nase los.
    #71Authoreasy (238884) 13 Aug 10, 15:03
    Pooooor easy!!! But can you tell me why on earth you all freeze animals???

    Wishing you all a lovely weekend, wish I could stick around, BUT it's back to the (mill) grind :-))
    #72AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 13 Aug 10, 15:30
    educational purposes, rare species, typical symptoms of diseases... lots of reasons to freeze them ;)

    Have a lovely weekend!
    #73Authoreasy (238884) 13 Aug 10, 15:42
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Easy: You'll make some new friends with that new perfume of yours: (scroll down a bit..great pic)
    #74AuthorWaringham (384862) 13 Aug 10, 22:01
    Moin, All - not really my kind of pictures, Wari (the last two links).

    Out of the mouths of babes - Was to meet my daughter to pick up my granddaughter and granddaughter's friend and take them home from Open Flair at 22:00. Daughter called about 20:45 and said that things were getting pretty wild, and the girls were seeing things they should NOT see at their tender age - could I come earlier? No problem. On the way home, friend: Oma Carly, wir haben ein Mann gesehen, der Guitarre spielte und gesungen ja, er hat nicht wirklich Guitarre gespielte sonder so getan als ob - Du weiß doch...Luftguitarre, und er hat nur gelaalt weil er total besoffen war. Granddaughter: Ja, war er und da waren auch noch 2 Frauen dabei - die haben nur ganz komisch gelacht und krach gemacht. ME: Dann waren die Frauen wohl auch alkoholisiert.

    Friend: Nee, Oma Carly - die waren vielleich 18 Jahre alt :-))
    #75AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 14 Aug 10, 11:58
    Hmm, ist es jetzt ein Glück oder keins, dass wir aus dem Alter raus sind?
    Ich dagegen werde zunehmend von der Wettervorhersage verwirrt. Für heute und morgen war ich auf Regen eingestellt - und es lacht die Sonne. So geht es nicht!
    #76AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 14 Aug 10, 13:39
    Gestern diesig, gelegentlich regnerisch, aber heute scheint auch hier die Sonne (noch) - was mich völlig verwirrt hat war zu lesen, daß angeblich 2010 bis jetzt das wärmste Jahr seit "Urgedenken" gewesen sein soll - deshalb hatten wir wohl auch bis Anfang Juni Schnee - und nicht nur hier, sondern überall...

    Ach Emil, beim guten Rock Konzert kann ich schnell wieder in meiner Jugend hineinschlüpfen, nur minus Alkohol-Ekzesse :-))
    #77AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 14 Aug 10, 13:51
    Huhu ihr alle,
    war gerade Reptilien ärgern, davor im Pflanzen/Zoo Kölle, um mal eben meinem Neuzugang teures Royal Canin Futter zu kaufen.
    Böser Laden. Hinterhältig, geradezu! Irgendwie haben die mir 50 Eu aus der Tasche gezogen. Ich weiß auch nicht, wofür. Bisschen Katzenfutter, bisschen Mäusefutter, zwei kleine Pflanzen (Rosmarin und Salbei) und ein klitzekleiner Schaukelstuhl für meinen Balkon =)
    Gleich fahr ich heim den Stuhl aufbauen. Der ist in einem scheußlichen Orange, eine absolute Unfarbe, aber in anderen FArben gabs den nicht mehr. Und das war einer der letzten für diese Saison und der ist SOOOOOOO bequem und ich habe doch im Moment keinen einzig bequemen Stuhl in meiner neuen Wohnung.

    Wari, GROSSARTIGE Bilder :))) Besonders die Hyäne ist klasse. Was für Zähne! Krasser als bei nem Am Staff :)))
    #78Authoreasy (238884) 14 Aug 10, 16:00
    Hallo ihrs!

    Ja, bei so einer als Haustier würden die vom Ordnungsamt (oder wer dafür zuständig ist) bestimmt auf einem Wesenstest bestehen... *g*
    #79Authordragonfly70 (672923) 14 Aug 10, 16:18
    Allen einen schönen Sonntag!
    So wie es aussieht, bekommen ja die meisten von uns heute mehr oder weniger viel Regen ab. Also bleibt schön im Trockenen und viel Spass beim Aufräumen!
    #80AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 15 Aug 10, 13:55
    Moin, Emil! Ja, hier regnet es auch...würde viel lieber Aufräumen, Saubermachen als mich weiter mit dieser Verzahnungs- Honmaschine Übersetzung auseinander setzen :-)) Buuttttt, back to the grind I go.
    #81AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 15 Aug 10, 14:11
    Good morning people, a very happy Monday to one and all.

    Monday's child is fair of face...
    #82Authormykl (442296) 16 Aug 10, 06:56
    Good morning!

    Ähhh... mykl *waves*, was heißt das denn? *rätsel*

    *geguhgelthab* Ahhh!
    But what do you want to tell us with that?
    Are you a Monday's child? *gg*
    #83Authordragonfly70 (672923) 16 Aug 10, 08:35
    Moin Libby, nöööö, the rhyme will continue on the morn. :)

    Just giggled, I'm a wednesday's child. :)

    #84Authormykl (442296) 16 Aug 10, 08:44
    That's a nice site, mykl... *gg* I'm a Tuesday's child but I've known that before.
    But I like this one:
    Your fortune cookie reads:
    Your many hidden talents will become obvious to those around you.

    Your age is the equivalent of a dog that is 5.75303326810176 years old. (You're still chasing cats!)

    But what I don't like is:
    Today is not one of your lucky days!

    #85Authordragonfly70 (672923) 16 Aug 10, 08:54
    *laughs* I didn't read the rest of the stuff there...

    Your everlasting patience will be rewarded sooner or later.

    Your age is the equivalent of a dog that is 7.82113502935421 years old. (You old hound dog, you!)

    Today is not one of your lucky days!

    Your birthstone is Citrine : Citrine is said to help one connect with Spirit.

    Your birth tree is: Ash Tree, the Ambition

    - Uncommonly attractive, vivacious, impulsive, demanding, does not care for criticism, ambitious, intelligent, talented, likes to play with its fate, can be egoistic, very reliable and trustworthy, faithful and prudent lover, sometimes brains rule over heart, but takes partnership very serious.

    #86Authormykl (442296) 16 Aug 10, 09:13
    Moin! LOL! My fortune cookie: Your life will be happy and peaceful...peaceful?? huh?? -)) I sure do have quite prestigious "First Americans" who share my birthday - plus an infamous one, too.

    Celebrities who share your birthday:
    Betsy Ross (1752) - sewed the first American flage
    Paul Revere (1735)

    Kala Sosefina Mileniume Kauvaka (2000) Verne 'Mini-Me' Troyer (1969) Kathleen Casey (1946)
    Don Novello (1943) Robert N. Cronk (1924) J.D. Salinger (1919)
    Barry Goldwater (1909) Xavier Cugat (1900) J. Edgar Hoover (1895)
    #87AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Aug 10, 09:44
    Hi Carly, are you sure that your living YOUR life, I've always understood peaceful to mean sth else. *gg*

    Mark Twain and Winston Churchill share my birthday. :)
    #88Authormykl (442296) 16 Aug 10, 09:52
    Grace Jones, Pete Townshend, Ho Chi Minh...

    Hi Carly! *waves*
    #89Authordragonfly70 (672923) 16 Aug 10, 09:55
    OHHHH - Mark Twain! Still one of my favorite authors!!
    #90AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Aug 10, 09:55
    I just read 'The awful German Language'... very nice! ;-))

    So, ich muss was tun... :-(
    Bis später!
    #91Authordragonfly70 (672923) 16 Aug 10, 09:59
    Just read your "profile," mykl - niiicccceeeeeeeee :-)))
    #92AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 16 Aug 10, 10:02
    All your hard work will soon pay off.
    Das will ich aber auch gehofft haben!

    ... aber:
    Saturday's child works hard for a living,
    #93AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 16 Aug 10, 10:49
    Hi Emil, that's better than "All your hard work will end with a pay off" *gg*
    #94Authormykl (442296) 16 Aug 10, 12:36
    So people, it's time for me to pack the toy box away for another day. I wish everyone a pleasant evening, have fun and may the Gods go with you.
    #95Authormykl (442296) 16 Aug 10, 15:49
    Einen schönen Feierabend, mykl!
    #96AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 16 Aug 10, 16:01
    Evening visits aren't usually my thing, but I was sent this as an E-mail and I just wanted to share. *ggg*

    *frei ab 16j*
    #97Authormykl (442296) 16 Aug 10, 17:02
    #98Authordragonfly70 (672923) 16 Aug 10, 19:05
    Good morning people, a very happy Tuesday to one and all.

    Tuesday's child is full of grace.
    #99Authormykl (442296) 17 Aug 10, 06:58
    Good morning!

    That's me, that's me...! :-))
    #100Authordragonfly70 (672923) 17 Aug 10, 07:46
    G'day graceful Libby :=)
    #101Authormykl (442296) 17 Aug 10, 09:33
    #102Authordragonfly70 (672923) 17 Aug 10, 09:36
    Da kann man ja schon mal neidisch werden!
    #103AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 17 Aug 10, 11:41
    Moin Emil, aren't you graceful then ??
    #104Authormykl (442296) 17 Aug 10, 11:47
    Nee, ich nicht!
    #105AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 17 Aug 10, 11:52
    :-)) *emilwink*
    #106Authordragonfly70 (672923) 17 Aug 10, 15:20
    So people, it's time to pack away the toy box for another day. I wish everyone a dry pleasant evening, have fun and may the Gods go with you.
    #107Authormykl (442296) 17 Aug 10, 15:21
    Bye mykl, have a nice Feierabend!
    #108Authordragonfly70 (672923) 17 Aug 10, 15:24
    Tschüß, mykl!
    Hoffentlich hast Du morgen einen trockeneren Heimweg als heute.
    Hallo, Libelle!
    Das ist heute überhaupt kein Flugwetter, nicht wahr?
    #109AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 17 Aug 10, 15:33
    Hi, All! Terrible weather here - been pouring rain now for about 28 hrs. straight - I'd hate having to ride a bike home in this weather...
    #110AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 17 Aug 10, 17:01
    Good morning people, a very happy Wednesday to one and all.

    Wednesday's child is full of woe. Woe is me, that's me. :(

    Carly, I'm not exactly thrilled at riding through horizontal rain either, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. :)
    #111Authormykl (442296) 18 Aug 10, 06:53
    Good morning all!

    Poor mykl... it's not better here either...
    A lot of rain, 11°C, und das im August! :-(((

    Definitiv kein Flugwetter! Genaugenommen kein Wetter für irgendwas, außer sich vor den Ofen zu hocken und Tee zu schlürfen...
    #112Authordragonfly70 (672923) 18 Aug 10, 08:46
    Moin Libby, true it's not flying weather and not being able to walk means you need to look after your wings. :0)
    #113Authormykl (442296) 18 Aug 10, 08:57
    Fortunately the very special LEO dragonfly is able to walk!
    *pokes virtual tongue out at mykl*
    (I hope this is correct now...)
    #114Authordragonfly70 (672923) 18 Aug 10, 09:06
    Moin allerseits.

    @ Mykl (#111): Real men don't eat honey - they chew bees. :)
    #115Authoryytsunamiyy (341657) 18 Aug 10, 09:52
    Moin 4Y, who are you calling a real man [see link in #97]. I'm feeling too old to be a real anything at the moment. *g*

    Ps. I don't like honey much either (apart from honey/mustard marinade for roast lamb)
    #116Authormykl (442296) 18 Aug 10, 09:56
    Nice one, 4y *wink* :-)

    Ich habe nur mal gehört, ein richtiger Mann kann mit beiden Beinen gleichzeitig in die Unterhose springen (ohne umzufallen)... *ggg*
    #117Authordragonfly70 (672923) 18 Aug 10, 11:19
    I can do that Libby, but I end up with both legs through one leg hole. :=)
    #118Authormykl (442296) 18 Aug 10, 11:26
    I'm afraid that doesn't count then, mykl... *fg*
    #119Authordragonfly70 (672923) 18 Aug 10, 11:54
    Shucks!! :(
    #120Authormykl (442296) 18 Aug 10, 12:29
    Ich werde Euch nicht erzählen, was ich mit meinen Unterhosen mache!
    #121AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 18 Aug 10, 12:48
    Tach Emil, *waves* as you wish. :)
    #122Authormykl (442296) 18 Aug 10, 12:52
    So people, it's time to pack away teddy in the toy box for another day. I wish everyone a dry pleasant evening, have fun and may the Gods go with you.
    #123Authormykl (442296) 18 Aug 10, 15:08
    Bye mykl! *hinterherwink*
    At the moment it's dry, but I don't think it will last...
    And it's still cccccold! :-((
    #124Authordragonfly70 (672923) 18 Aug 10, 15:49
    "Dry" and cold here, too - supposedly the hottest year ever, since temperatures have been documented - ha ha ha - just who are they trying to fool?
    #125AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 18 Aug 10, 16:05
    Good morning people, a very happy (dry) Thursday to one and all.
    #126Authormykl (442296) 19 Aug 10, 06:59
    Guten Morgen mykl und alle anderen, die Ihr Klüsen schon offen haben.
    Hier noch ein kleiner Nachschlag zum Thema Honig. :)
    #127Authoryytsunamiyy (341657) 19 Aug 10, 08:56
    Moin 4Y *waves* *chuckle* That's the same logic that I use when I say "cats aren't clean, they're just covered in cat spit" *gg*
    #128Authormykl (442296) 19 Aug 10, 09:01
    Good morning mykl and 4y *waves*!

    'Bienensabber'... *gggg*

    You won't believe it: the sun is shining! :-)))
    #129Authordragonfly70 (672923) 19 Aug 10, 09:05
    Hi Libby *waves back* It WAS shining as I rode to work this morning *froi*, but the grey miserable stuff has once again returned.
    #130Authormykl (442296) 19 Aug 10, 09:25
    It's still sunny here. :-)
    This morning I had to bring our car to the garage to change the Radlager. Fortunately we have a garage in our little town, and I could walk home after I had brought the car there. So I'm particularly glad that the weather is nice today! Walking through cold rain isn't any pleasure at all...
    #131Authordragonfly70 (672923) 19 Aug 10, 10:00
    Ja, wunderbar! Sonne!
    Hast Du den Donnerstagsvers vergessen, mykl?
    #132AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 19 Aug 10, 11:01
    Hi Emil *waves*

    *hangs head in forgetful shame*

    Thursday's child has far to go.
    #133Authormykl (442296) 19 Aug 10, 12:27
    Hi, All!

    mykl, I finalllllly had a chance to listen to your song :-))))

    Sun's out, but my sweater still feels good. Have finally finished the gear honing manual - still waiting for the next 20-odd additional pages. Don't want to get my hopes up too high, but I MIGHT be offered a job in the not too-far-off future - at the company my son-in-law works for - would be his team's secretary :-)) Well, we used to work together ages ago, when I was in my mid-thirties, and he had just turned 18 - he was either the DJ or the bartender, depending on whether live music was scheduled for the evening :-)
    #134AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Aug 10, 13:12
    Huhu Emil! *waves*

    The sun is still shining! :-))

    The mechanic just called me and said they will need a little more time for the car... Hmpf.
    It was supposed to be ready until noon.

    And huhu Carly! *waves*
    #135Authordragonfly70 (672923) 19 Aug 10, 13:13
    Libby, Last week I went to have a "simple" oil change - ended up paying 204 euros - do NOT wish you the same! psssst be ready by noon :-)
    #136AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Aug 10, 13:24
    Hi Carly., I hope everything goes to plan and you get the job *crosses fingers and presses thumbs*

    Libby 'until' is used more in the negative sense

    It will be ready by noon. :)
    It wont be ready until noon. :(

    #137Authormykl (442296) 19 Aug 10, 13:25
    ME TOOOOOO!!!! This company was one of the 3 that had offered me a job right before the economic crisis hit - well, they hadn't yet made their offer, but were going to...
    #138AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Aug 10, 13:29
    Thank you! :-))

    Carly, ich drücke die Daumen!
    #139Authordragonfly70 (672923) 19 Aug 10, 13:39
    I got another call, the car is ready now... but I didn't dare to ask what I will have to pay...
    #140Authordragonfly70 (672923) 19 Aug 10, 14:57
    What ever it costs Libby, it'll be more than the quote or what you expected. It always is with car repairs. :0(

    So people, it's time to pack Leo away in the toy box for another day. I wish everyone a pleasant evening, have fun and may the Gods go with you.
    #141Authormykl (442296) 19 Aug 10, 14:59
    Alles Gute auf Euren jeweiligen Wegen, mykl und Libelle!

    mykl, I liked your last emoticon - I could relate to that one!
    #142AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 19 Aug 10, 15:05
    I was lucky, the car repair didn't cost more than expected. It was enough though...

    Good night, sleep tight!
    #143Authordragonfly70 (672923) 19 Aug 10, 22:08
    Good morning people, a very happy Friday to one and all.

    Friday's child is loving and giving,
    Saturday's child works hard for a living,
    But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day
    Is bonny and blithe and good and gay

    Ahh, this comes from a more innocent time when gay meant being happy.
    #144Authormykl (442296) 20 Aug 10, 07:03
    Good morning mykl! *waves*
    #145Authordragonfly70 (672923) 20 Aug 10, 09:01
    Hi Libby *waves back* *turns the air guitar volune knob upto number 11* which remids me of an old anecdote...

    ...Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
    and I say it's all right...

    The phrase was coined in a scene from the 1984 mockumentary/rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap by the character Nigel Tufnel, played by Christopher Guest. In this scene Nigel gives the rockumentary's director, Marty DiBergi, played by Rob Reiner, a tour of his stage equipment. While Nigel is showing Marty his Marshall guitar amplifiers, he points out one in particular whose control knobs all have the highest setting of eleven (unlike standard amplifiers, whose volume settings are typically numbered from zero to ten), believing that this numbering actually increases the volume of the amp ("It's one louder"). When Marty asks why the ten setting is not simply set to be louder, Nigel pauses, clearly confused, before responding, "These go to eleven".

    The poor alcohol/drugs soaked Nigel couldn't comprehend what the amp builders saw as a HUGE joke, they gave him a 'standard' amp, but fitted the volume knob with numbers to 11 instead of the standard 10 so that it was louder, but then again Spinal tap were 'created' as a sort of spoof parodie of heavy metal groups. *gg*
    #146Authormykl (442296) 20 Aug 10, 10:26
    #147Authoreasy (238884) 20 Aug 10, 10:35

    Jau, hier ist es auch sonnig.
    Und am Wochenende wird es nochmal richtig warm!
    #148AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 20 Aug 10, 10:52
    G'day Isi and Emil, it's sunny here too *hüpf hüpf*
    #149Authormykl (442296) 20 Aug 10, 11:34
    So people, it's time for me to start and pack the toys away again. I wish everyone a pleasant weekend, have fun and may your Gods go with you.
    #150Authormykl (442296) 20 Aug 10, 15:15
    Am off soon, too.
    I was prepared to sing Christmas Carols and drink hot cocoa this weekend. Now summer's come back :(
    #151Authoreasy (238884) 20 Aug 10, 16:38
    *chuckle* And now you're disappointed, easy?
    #152Authordragonfly70 (672923) 20 Aug 10, 16:49
    Hi, All!

    Wishing you a grand weekend!

    I'm off to a mini LEO-Treff (nostalgie Faden) tomorrow, back Sunday.
    #153AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 20 Aug 10, 17:05
    I wish you a lot of fun, Carly! Is it far away?
    #154Authordragonfly70 (672923) 20 Aug 10, 17:13
    Thanks, Libby - Yeah, rather far - beyond Mainz :-)
    #155AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 20 Aug 10, 17:15
    Gute Reise, Carly!
    #156AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 20 Aug 10, 17:39
    Danke Libby und Emil - Would be much more fun (the long drive), if my air-conditioner worked, and it wasn't going to be over 30°C :-)
    #157AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 20 Aug 10, 22:31
    #158AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 21 Aug 10, 13:39
    Moin, nochmal!

    Das war ein toller Hagelschauer eben.

    ... But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day
    Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

    Wir haben ja keine Sonntagskinder unter uns, nicht wahr?
    #159AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 22 Aug 10, 15:54
    Hallo Emil! *wink*

    Ich warte hier noch darauf, dass das Gewitter richtig losgeht, gegrummelt hat es schon...

    #160Authordragonfly70 (672923) 22 Aug 10, 15:58
    Hallo Libelle!
    Laut Niederschlagsradar kommt der Regen erst später in Deine Gegend, allerdings hatte sich unser -heute sagt man ja- 'Starkregenereignis' auch spontan gebildet.
    Und dann wird es kühl ... schade!
    #161AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 22 Aug 10, 16:38
    Es hat sich erst mal wieder beruhigt... die Ruhe vor dem Sturm, nehme ich an.

    Und mit Niederschlagsvorhersagen bin ich hier vorsichtig. Gerade letztens hatten wir das Erlebnis, dass es an einem Ende unseres Ortes richtig geregnet hatte, während es am anderen Ende (vielleicht 2km Luftlinie) nur ein paar Tröpfchen gab... Und das passiert öfter mal!
    Oder ein anderes Mal fuhr ich mit dem Auto in den Nachbarort, und auf einmal war die Straße richtig nass, während sie ein paar Meter vorher noch völlig trocken gewesen war... Das war schon merkwürdig! :-)

    Oh, jetzt hat es angefangen zu regnen! Bin mal gespannt, ob das Gewitter auch noch kommt...
    #162Authordragonfly70 (672923) 22 Aug 10, 17:51
    Good morning people, a very happy Monday to one and all.
    #163Authormykl (442296) 23 Aug 10, 06:00
    Good morning all!
    There's not much action here at the moment...
    #164Authordragonfly70 (672923) 23 Aug 10, 09:18
    Moin moin all.

    Carly, having returned to work after well over a week of feeling sooooo ill (I contracted Campylobacter for me Birthday on the 12th, which knocked me for six! I´ve been meaning to lose 9 kilos for a few years now, but I can think of better ways of doing it) I have been given a prospect text to proof-read that has been translated externally and it concerning milling machines and it also being a very small world I was wondering if it could be the one you have just done ? Did yours have anything to do with U-Achs/Mechatronics by any chance ?
    #165AuthorVileness fats (241697) 23 Aug 10, 09:21
    Moin, all!

    How about this weekday verse?
    I don't care if Monday's blue ...
    #166AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 23 Aug 10, 10:30
    Ich musste guhgeln, aber jetzt weiß ich, wieso mir das bekannt vorkam... ;-)
    #167Authordragonfly70 (672923) 23 Aug 10, 10:36
    Moin Vf, Emil and Libby *waves*

    I had to read up as well. A not very pleasant strain of food poisoning. :( Vf, did you ever identify the cause ??
    #168Authormykl (442296) 23 Aug 10, 10:45
    Hi, All!

    Vf, Hope you're feeling better, Happpy Belated Birthday!! Mine has one U-axis, but it can't be your's, because I haven't yet turned it in :-)) Still waiting for an answer to one question.

    Pouring rain here at the moment. Had a GRAND time, but I was the only one who showed up, and they had gone to soooooo much trouble!!!
    #169AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Aug 10, 10:53
    As it is “anmeldepflichtig” I´m hoping the gesundheitsamt will take an interest into getting to the bottom of it (which they should according to My Doc),I’m pretty sure that Burger King are the culprits, as that was the only thing that I eat without my family the entire week (I’ve eaten there twice this year and both times I’ve had trouble, but nothing like this) and luckily they are all fine.
    The problem I’m left with now is not only being not able to keep any food in, I´m set to go into Kur in 2 weeks, but if I don’t shake it soon the Gesundheitsamt could well pull the plug if they feel I’m going to infect everyone :-(
    Carly, I got the train ticket sent to me over the weekend and I end up in your town !

    #170AuthorVileness fats (241697) 23 Aug 10, 11:11
    Vf, But the train should stop in Bad-S-A, too, as they DO have their own station :-)) I live about 9 km from BSA and 12 from ESW (which is the "focal point" of all my out-of-house doing:-)) In the past, BSA had "shuttle buses" from their station to the various clinics. I can't imagine that that should no longer be the case.
    #171AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Aug 10, 11:18
    Vf, ich hoffe auch, dass es dir besser geht und drücke die Daumen, dass deine Kur nicht ins Wasser fällt!
    Oh, und nachträglich Happy Birthday! Hatte ich wohl überlesen...
    #172Authordragonfly70 (672923) 23 Aug 10, 11:42
    *finds manners*
    A belated happy birthday from me too Vf, even if the actual event wasn't sooooooooo happy.
    #173Authormykl (442296) 23 Aug 10, 11:53
    Auch von mir nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Vf!
    So, you are a Thursday's child ...
    #174AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 23 Aug 10, 12:16
    That depends on the birth year, doesn't it?
    #175Authordragonfly70 (672923) 23 Aug 10, 12:18
    Yes Libby, it's the day of birth not the birthday otherwise it would change every year. :)
    #176Authormykl (442296) 23 Aug 10, 12:41
    Thanks for the Birthday wishes, it was without a doubt the worse one so far (followed by nearly being run over after a skateboard accident on my 23rd), the best bit was my wife had gone to all the effort of getting my two huge T-bone steaks for a present (which were as much use to me as a chocolate teapot). The motto of the birthday soon turned into “Zwieback statt Zwiebelrostbraten” ;-) BTW I was in fact born on a Thursday.
    Carly I´ll have to have a proper look at the tickets to see how I get from there to the clinic, I think it is just the ICE that gets me to Göt. I’m sure I won’t have to walk the rest (although with all the cut- backs being made at the moment who knows).
    #177AuthorVileness fats (241697) 23 Aug 10, 13:08
    Maybe the ICE will break down inside a tunnel before you arrive, so don't be so sure about not having to walk... ;-)
    #178Authordragonfly70 (672923) 23 Aug 10, 13:18
    @libelle & mykl:
    Ihr habt ja so recht!
    Hoffentlich mache ich nicht sonst auch noch so blöde Fehler heute ...
    #179AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 23 Aug 10, 13:21
    Vf, I hope she could freeze them and can then put them to "good use" when you return from Kur :-))

    AHA! The train from Gö to us runs every hour and BSA is the stop right before ESW.
    #180AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Aug 10, 13:22
    It would have been a crime to freeze them and as we have a good butcher he took them back !
    #181AuthorVileness fats (241697) 23 Aug 10, 13:36
    Emil there are no blöde Fehler, only learning experiences.

    So people, I'm going to sling me 'ook for today. I wish everyone a pleasant evening, have fun and may your Gods go with you.
    #182Authormykl (442296) 23 Aug 10, 13:47
    Thank you, mykl, that was encouraging. There are learning experiences I can do without, though.
    Wishing you a very fine Feierabend!
    #183AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 23 Aug 10, 14:11
    Libby, Mal den Teufel bitte NICHT auf den Wand - there's a tunnel between Gö and BSA, about 3 kms long. Way back when, the electricity went out just when the train hit said tunnel - I screamed, and the cunductor, who just happened to have entered the car, grabbed and held my hand till we road out into daylight :-))
    #184AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Aug 10, 16:22
    Carly, I was just referring to the latest ICE-Panne ...
    Hmmm, was it really the latest or did anything happen after that?
    #185Authordragonfly70 (672923) 23 Aug 10, 19:23
    Yeah, Libby - I heard about that yesterday evening. And the only reason I made my comments in #184 is because there's a tunnel on Vf's last stretch of his upcoming train trip.
    #186AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Aug 10, 19:30
    There are always only the trains with problems in the news, and not the many trains that get to their destination without unpleasant incidents... ;-)

    I'm sure everything will be alright and the train will get there without any breakdown! *überzeugtnick*
    #187Authordragonfly70 (672923) 23 Aug 10, 19:47
    Yep! We have the saying "No news, is GOOD news" :-))
    #188AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Aug 10, 21:33
    Good morning people, a very happy Tuesday to one and all.
    #189Authormykl (442296) 24 Aug 10, 05:49
    Moin moin

    No one said anything about tunnels ! Now I’m getting scared, it’s not the tunnel it’s self, but the scary monsters that live in them ;-)
    Carly I don’t have to walk from Gö ! Although I do have to wait 35mins there for the train to BSA (hope they sell coffee up there). I also read something about part of the clinic being closed for renovation and a local hotel being used as a substitute (does BSA have a Hilton?).
    #190AuthorVileness fats (241697) 24 Aug 10, 08:00
    Moin VF, you'll like the Hilton there, 10 double rooms on the first floor and a toilet/bathroom under the converted roof. *fg*

    I wouldn't worry too much, unless it's an ancient Kurort that's somehow been forgotten most of the places are like hotels anyway. :)
    #191Authormykl (442296) 24 Aug 10, 08:11
    Morning Mykl
    Are we talking room service and a mini bar then ;-)
    #192AuthorVileness fats (241697) 24 Aug 10, 08:15
    It wouldn't surprise me if there were, however, you may just find fruit juice and water in your mini bar and the room service only comes every second day to change the bedding and towels (with the room next door). :=)
    #193Authormykl (442296) 24 Aug 10, 08:25
    Good morning all!

    As long as the toilet/bathroom is in the same building everything will be alright...

    I imagine a Plumpsklo in the yard... *gg*
    #194Authordragonfly70 (672923) 24 Aug 10, 08:37
    Moin Libby, we had one of those until I was aroung 12 years old....c-c-cold in the winter. :)
    #195Authormykl (442296) 24 Aug 10, 08:39
    At least you did't unnecessarily waste time then, like reading the newspaper or what some people do there... *fg*
    #196Authordragonfly70 (672923) 24 Aug 10, 08:47
    What? With the amount of Pension contributions I pay I was expecting all the bibles I can eat and hot/cold running women.
    The last place I lived at in the UK had a toilet in a very poorly built extension and the water in it froze once.
    #197AuthorVileness fats (241697) 24 Aug 10, 08:49
    Be careful about chasing after the women Vf. If you're fit enough to catch one you're classified as 'cured' and sent home again. :) Libby, I can't remember ever reading the newspaper or anything else whilst on the loo.
    #198Authormykl (442296) 24 Aug 10, 09:08
    mykl, I know many people who do that. Sometimes I do it myself, it's the one place where I can read in peace because I can lock the door... ;-))
    #199Authordragonfly70 (672923) 24 Aug 10, 09:13
    Oh man libby! It's a bit of a sad state of affairs when the only place of refuge is the loo. Have you installed a fridge and radio/telly in there yet?? :=)
    #200Authormykl (442296) 24 Aug 10, 09:16
    Not yet, but that's a good idea! And let's not forget the internet connection! ;-))
    #201Authordragonfly70 (672923) 24 Aug 10, 09:20
    Naja, one WiFi is enough to cover the whole house. *chuckle* The last time I had my Schleppi in daisyville it found 9 'local' WiFi connections, but they were all good users and had their access coded/protected. Not everyone does.
    #202Authormykl (442296) 24 Aug 10, 09:36
    Moin, All!

    Vf, I didn't think you had to walk from Gö, but perhaps from the train station :-)) Not sure which clinic you'll be in, but the one I visited 20-odd years ago, the rooms were much more like stylish hotel rooms than hospital beds :-)) No Hilton in BSA. Gö has a nice train station and several restaurants/cafés.

    edit: Hey, Vf! There's a new? addition to Gö Hbf - the WorldCoffee shop!
    #203AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Aug 10, 11:28
    Juten Tach Carly, there's a little bit of the devil in me that always makes me want to go into these so-called coffee speciality shops and ask for a cup of tea. :)
    #204Authormykl (442296) 24 Aug 10, 11:59
    :-))) They might surprise you, mykl, and drop a tea bag into a coffee mug and add some lukewarm water :-))

    I don't watch much TV, BUT I do look forward to turning it on after 8 p.m. and plugging in my heating pad, to watch a movie or a krimi...up here on the mountain, I've gotten "used to" occassionally loosing the signal for a couple of seconds/minutes during a cloudburst, but it's now been gone since yesterday evening's "plug-in my heating pad" session :-((( I've tried jiggling the wires, but all to no avail (my son used to do that - he'd jiggle, and I'd call out when something started to reappear on the screen). No son here, and to jiggle the wires, I've got to practically crawl into the tiny cubby hole under the attic roof eaves, fighting off spider webs as I go...
    #205AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Aug 10, 12:08
    Might do, but I don't honestly think they even stock tea bags, let alone 'proper' tea. 'Jiggling the wires' sounds very technical, the follow up treatment is usuall to start and thump the the telly. Strange that, people still give the telly a bashing when the picture flickers. It comes from the time when tellies were full of valves and each valve has/had an eight pin socket that it plugged into on the chassis. These would get dirty or loose when moved so thumping the bloody thing often worked. Valves died out over 30 years ago, but people still do it. :=)
    #206Authormykl (442296) 24 Aug 10, 12:47
    mykl, Right now, I "long" for the good old days where you could adjust the atenna sitting on top of the TV :-)) We only had TV for about 4-5 years of my childhood/teenage years, but remember my Daddy attaching a piece of tinfoil to the attena, which somehow stabilized the picture. OR, you had REAL knobs you could turn to get rid of....mmmmmm, I can't even think of what that was called way back when...the picture started "scrolling" and you had those black bars running across the screen :-)) Well, a good kick to the system might not actually help restore a signal, BUT might relieve some frustation at not being able to plug in heating pad, and rest my back for a few hours :-)
    #207AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Aug 10, 12:54
    Mykl that´s nothing compared with what I expect to buy in a coffee shop ;-)
    Carly as it looks they are using Hotel Vitra as an overflow during the rebuilding and according the comments I found about the clinic on the internet most people seem to be impressed, or at least the people being treated in the orthopaedic dept. are, those from the psychiatric dept. didn’t seem to share their views (but hey, what do they know, they are all barking mad anyway).
    I also had a look at things to do and saw that I will be able to go fishing in the Werra and they have a indoor driving range, not to mention a thermal bad . So all is not lost
    #208AuthorVileness fats (241697) 24 Aug 10, 12:56
    Hi, Vf...The thermal bad is really nice, though I haven't been there in years, either :-)) The orthopaedic clinic was the one I visited years ago. There seems to be two Vitra's - if you get the one directly on the Kurpark, it should be very nice!!

    You messed up my edit:

    edit on: I finally found the correct button to push to display Signal reception (27%) + signal quality (11%) - that's suffices to display black screen and huge blue ball with "Kein Signal" imprinted below - duh!
    #209AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Aug 10, 13:04
    Is it too 'woody' for a Sat dish Carly??

    Ts ts Vf, we're in Germany and not in the Netherlands. :)
    #210Authormykl (442296) 24 Aug 10, 13:06
    mykl, I have a Sat dish - which conked out on me yesterday at about 8 pm :-(( It usually comes right back on after a couple of minutes, at the most. Those are the wires I tried jiggling to no avail.
    #211AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Aug 10, 13:13
    Hmm, maybe they've been 'jiggled' once too many and have finally dropped/broken off. :(
    #212Authormykl (442296) 24 Aug 10, 13:15
    Carly, you might want to look into replacing the LNB (or LNB´s when you have more than on) with more a sensitive one,if it is a few years old the standard was 0,5dB-0,7dB then, today’s standard are at least 0,3dB and give a lot stronger signal (even in bad weather or in forests) A single won’t cost more than 30-40€ and it will certainly be better.
    p.s. Sorry about your edit !
    #213AuthorVileness fats (241697) 24 Aug 10, 13:16
    After all these storms have you checked to see if the dish is still pointing where it should be??

    Is the dish still there?? *FG*
    #214Authormykl (442296) 24 Aug 10, 13:18
    Vf, It's not even my dish - belongs to landlord. Talked with my son yesterday evening, and said that with all this modern technology, it seemed to me that they would have a solution for weather-insensitive Sat dishes. Then gurgled sat dish + rain. Learned something new - the English phrase for this is: rain fade! Quite appropriately named...

    The info thingy says something about 9,600 - 10,600
    #215AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Aug 10, 13:21
    Sounds like that is the frequency of the channel you have currently tuned in,it probably ends with MHz followed by “H” or “V” for horizontal or vertical which refers to the plane. The signal strength and quality you mentioned earlier will tell you if you should expect a picture or not (and with the values you stated I wouldn’t expect one).
    #216AuthorVileness fats (241697) 24 Aug 10, 13:40
    To the best of my knowledge 'rain fade' only applies to the 'old' analogue systems. The newer digital sytems don't suffer from that anywhere near as much as they only 'need' amuch less signal strength to work properly.
    #217Authormykl (442296) 24 Aug 10, 13:41
    Vf, I've flipped through ALL channels - same black-as-night screen with blue ball - and all channels have the same "strength" - I can't even get at the actual dish to try and turn it, nor see it from the back "garden" - and the cubby hole I've ventured into - wellllll - I can't even stand up straight :-))
    #218AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Aug 10, 13:45
    Tell your landlord Carly, that's why you pay rent.

    So people, it's time for me to go home again, I wish everyone a pleasant evening, have fun and may the Gods go with you.
    #219Authormykl (442296) 24 Aug 10, 13:58
    mykl, I've told my landlord about it snowing/raining into my living room through the balcony door + shower leaks water - that was about 12-15 months ago - nada on repairs.

    Wishing you a nice bike home, mykl!!

    #220AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Aug 10, 14:00
    Digital systems suffer too mykl ! I have fade and failure on Astra 2 during heavy storms and I have a 1,2m dish with 0,2dB LNB´s on it (it depends upon the footprint the whizzy thing in the sky follows and Astra being intended for the UK just clips southern Germany and is notoriously hard to pick up down here).
    I assume you are trying to pick up Astra 1 Carly, which will presumably have a good signal over the whole of Germany, the fact that all channels are down suggest to me that either the dish has moved or the LNB have given up the ghost, however it could be the receiver that has a problem although unlikely. It’s definitely worth checking that the LNB-in connection in the back of the receiver is securely tightened first and if that’s not the problem then you may need to get someone in to check the rest.
    #221AuthorVileness fats (241697) 24 Aug 10, 14:05
    Vf, Info states: Astra 1B 19.2 E - the receiver is fairly new, I have a SCART cable (think that's what my son installed), and I've naturally checked that all connectors are securely tightened (that comes automatically I think, due to tons of technical translations :-)) Often have fierce winds up here, but never this problem, except for a few minutes up to 30 min. at the most.
    #222AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Aug 10, 14:21
    Carly It may be worth turning the receiver off and unplugging it completely from the mains, this will force it to re-boot and that may shake something up !
    #223AuthorVileness fats (241697) 24 Aug 10, 14:26
    I've tried switching it on and off - and tried pulling it out of the wall socket - looked like I was going to pull the whole socket out - so quit. Will try again!!
    #224AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Aug 10, 14:34
    No wonder I couldn't pull it out of the socket - you unscrew the thing :-)) Well, unscrewed, re-screwed, TV's still screwed up...BUT, I know have "signal strength" of 31 % :-) I've now called a local technician - he was here once before, when my son lived here (during the week) the year he had a job in this area and my son insisted on having his own TV connection in his "Kinderzimmer" :-) Wasn't all that expensive.
    #225AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Aug 10, 14:53
    I could have saved myself the "crawl into cubby hole" fun - the LNB is broke...BUT, it's being fixed today! :-)
    #226AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Aug 10, 15:25
    Jeeeeeez, biblical rainpours here at present.
    Hi guys.
    My lovely three-legged-renal-failure-heart-condition cat has epileptic seizures as well. Hooray.
    #227Authoreasy (238884) 24 Aug 10, 17:10
    Awwwwwww, easy, das tut mir aber soooo Leid!!!
    #228AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Aug 10, 23:13
    Good morning people, a very happy Wednesday to one and all.

    Carly, did the repair man do his stuff so that the telly works again??

    Isi, it's a good job that you know a good vet, that works for too little, to look after your three-legged-renal-failure-heart-condition-epileptic cat.
    #229Authormykl (442296) 25 Aug 10, 05:52
    @Carly glad to hear that you have found the problem and it is going to be fixed, I don´t know how interested in TV you are but while the guy is on the roof you could have him fit a twin feed LNB system that will get you Hotbird as well as Astra1, Hotbird delivers loads of other European channels (some of which are in English). You will need a holder for the two LNB´s (10-15€) a second LNB (20€) and a Diseq switch (15-20€), so basically it will cost you around 50€ should you be interested. Good luck.

    Edit on:
    opps where are my manners ? Morning all.
    #230AuthorVileness fats (241697) 25 Aug 10, 08:23
    Good morning! *allenwink*

    easy, poor cat... good that she(?)'s got someone like you who cares for her...
    #231Authordragonfly70 (672923) 25 Aug 10, 08:51
    Moin, All!

    Sun's (still) shining, and YES, TV's receiving signals, loud and clear...I even get Tele 5, which I had only rarely been able to receive. Got tickled because the young man who crawled into cubby hole was at least 190 cm's/6 ft. 2 in. tall, and I'm 167 cm, and can only enter in crouched position :-)) He removed the roof tiles to access Sat dish.

    Vf, I haven't a clue what my new LNB is capable of - it's a digital one - my son would know what you're talking about :-) On yesterday's info screen, the old one stated: Diseq - 2/2. And, I'm probably going to have enough trouble getting my money back from landlord.
    #232AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 25 Aug 10, 10:52
    Moin, all!
    Carly, Dein Hauswirt scheint ja wirklich ein Herzchen zu sein.
    I must apologize. I read all your postings about jiggled wires and broken LNB's yesterday but forgot to say hello.
    #233AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 25 Aug 10, 11:15
    Neue Fotos von meinem Großen.

    Es geht uns prima, lezte Woche war Impfen angesagt:
    zwei Frauen stürzen sich auf meinen Sohn, reissen ihm die Kleider vom Leib, greifen sich seine muskulösen Oberschenkel...

    und dann piksen sie ihn ZWEI MAL!!!
    #234AuthorWaringham (384862) 25 Aug 10, 12:59
    ACHHHHHHHHH ist er süßßßßß - und hebt schon Köpfchen!!! Wari, warum haben die zwei Frauen die "Vorbereitungen" zum Pieksen getroffen??? Damals habe ich meine Kinder ausgezogen, und zumindest bei einige Impfungen, habe ich sie im Arm halten dürfen - in "Kopf auf Brust" Stellung.
    #235AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 25 Aug 10, 13:14
    Keine Ahnung, Carly.. die waren so schnell.. Hose runter, eine hat ihn an den Beinchen festgehalten, die andere hat ihn gepikst.. Habe dann erstmal 10min das Sprechzimmer blockiert und ihn gestillt.. Weil er so tapfer war ;))
    #236AuthorWaringham (384862) 25 Aug 10, 13:17
    Just got this sent to me from Canada :-)))

    Only a person in Cape Breton could think of this.

    From the county where drunk driving is considered a sport, comes this true story (can't possibly be a true story, or??).

    Recently a routine police patrol parked outside a bar in Rocky Bay, NS after last call the officer noticed a man leaving the bar so apparently intoxicated that he could barely walk.

    The man stumbled around the parking lot for a few minutes, with the officer quietly observing. After what seemed an eternity in which he tried his keys on five different vehicles, the man managed to find his car and fall into it.
    He sat there for a few minutes as a number of other patrons left the bar and drove off.

    Finally he started the car, switched the wipers on and off--it was a fine, dry summer night--, flicked the blinkers on and off a couple of times, honked the horn and then switched on the lights.

    He moved the vehicle forward a few inches, reversed a little and then remained still for a few more minutes as some more of the other patrons' vehicles left.

    At last, when his was the only car left in the parking lot, he pulled out and drove slowly down the road.
    The police officer, having waited patiently all this time, now started up his patrol car, put on the flashing lights, promptly pulled the man over and administered a breathalyzer test..

    To his amazement, the breathalyzer indicated no evidence that the man had consumed any alcohol at all!

    Dumbfounded, the officer said, I'll have to ask you to accompany me to the police station.

    This breathalyzer equipment must be broken.'

    'I doubt it,' said the truly proud Caper. 'Tonight I'm the designated decoy.'


    #237AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 25 Aug 10, 17:55

    I have to admit it took me a few seconds to get the meaning of the last sentence, but it is really great!

    Have a nice evening, all of you!
    #238AuthorWaringham (384862) 25 Aug 10, 18:38
    Wari, haste mal n Foto? *liebguck*
    (Hattest Du nicht mal n Link gesetzt? *kopfkratz*)
    Ich krieg nix auf die Reihe im Moment.
    Ein Freund von mir (uralter Schäfer aus Yorkshire) liegt schwerkrank im Krankenhaus, ich habe einen Brief schicken wollen, der minimal (wirklich nur minimal) größer war als ein normaler deutscher Standardbrief. Hab mir gedacht, wird wohl wat teurer sein, also pappste mal ne 1,45 € Briefmarke drauf. Heute hatte ich den Brief wieder im Kasten, es fehjlen noch EIN EURO FÜNFUNDNEUNZIG! Hallo? Da krieg ich ja n Flug für! Vor allem hatte ich es eilig, weil er echt schwer krank ist und ich nihct weiß, ob er nochmal ausm Krankenhaus rauskommt! Und morgen komm ich nicht zur Post und habe keine Briefmarken mehr. So eine blöde SCHEISSE!
    Und mein Kater hat grottenschlehte Blutwerte, einen Hämatokrit von 14%! Normlaerweise gibt man ab unter 20 % Bluttransfusionen! Er hat also kaum noch rote Blutkörperchen, und natürlich üble Nierenwerte(wobei sie etwas besser geworden sind als beim letzten Check), aber die zellulären Anteile des Blutes werden rasant weniger...
    Noch ist er sehr fit, frisst gut, hüpft durch die Gegend, schmust wie blöd, aber lange wirds wohl nicht mehr dauern, bis er mir entweder so stirbt oder ich die Entscheidung für ihn treffen muß :(
    #239Authoreasy (238884) 25 Aug 10, 19:39
    Good morning people, a very happy Thursday to one and all. Nice story Carly, who knows, it may be true. :) Isi, your life is destined to be full of sick animals of one kind or another, I'm happy that they've got someone like you that really cares.
    #240Authormykl (442296) 26 Aug 10, 06:10
    Good morning all!

    Carly, that's great! :-))
    I got a funny email, too, some time ago... *gesuchtundgefundenhab* Here is it:

    This is the transcript of the ACTUAL radio conversation of a US naval
    ship with Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in October, 1995.
    Radio conversation released by the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations 10-10-95.

    Canadians: Please divert your course 15 degrees the South to avoid a

    Americans: Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees the North to
    avoid a collision.

    Canadians: Negative. You will have to divert your course 15 degrees to
    the South to avoid a collision.

    Americans: This is the Captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert
    YOUR course.

    Canadians: No. I say again, you divert YOUR course.


    Canadians: This is a lighthouse... go ahead...!

    #241Authordragonfly70 (672923) 26 Aug 10, 08:05
    Tach Libby *waves* nice one. *gg*
    #242Authormykl (442296) 26 Aug 10, 09:24

    99% Regenwahrscheinlichkeit! Wo ist das fehlende Prozent?

    Nach dem Gespräch werden 15° wohl nicht mehr reichen.
    #243AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 26 Aug 10, 11:01

    Emil, I hope the missing 1% will be hovering over Frau Holle Land, as my granddaughter, her friend and I will be off to an grandparents/grandchildren adventure trip on the Meißner over the weekend, organized by the local Jugendförderung.

    Libby, Nice one! Do hope that was an urban legend :-))

    easy, "die Deutschen (Gesetzgebung)" mögen wohl keine Hygenie-Normen in Krankenhäuser haben, aber WEHE Dein Briefumschlag ist nicht konform! Meine Mutter hatte ihre Urenklin eine (amerikanische) Karte mit buntem Umschlag zugesendet, wurde auch zurückgesendet.
    Kann mykl nur zustimmen - someone who cares, and has the courage to take them in!
    #244AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 26 Aug 10, 12:34
    Hi Emil and carly *waves*

    Emil, the missing 1% is to give people hope, which dies just as you're getting soaked. :)

    #245Authormykl (442296) 26 Aug 10, 12:40
    HaHa - die Hoffnung stirbt im Wolkenbruch!
    #246AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 26 Aug 10, 12:46
    Err, it's very dark here too and I've got to make at least two bike trips after work today. :( *sigh* I'm going to get wet again. :(
    #247Authormykl (442296) 26 Aug 10, 12:57
    And, I just now realized that I do NOT have proper footwear for slushing through a muddy forest road - I used to borrow boots from the faculty, when I had to assist at "Waldprüfungen" or go on a forest excursion (quer Feld ein).
    #248AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 26 Aug 10, 12:59
    Carly, I thought you had a set of fishing waders for wearing in the living room when it rains. *ducks away* ;0)
    #249Authormykl (442296) 26 Aug 10, 13:05
    Hi All

    Glorious sunshine and over 25° down here ! I´m beginning to wonder if I really want to go BSA in KUR:-) Mykl do you remember the saying “It´s grim up north” ? Guess it’s true in this case. To make matters worse I will have to spend three weeks in the cold and the rain while my wife and kids are laying around on a beach on a Greek Island :-(

    #250AuthorVileness fats (241697) 26 Aug 10, 13:08
    Hi Vf, cheer up, it's not ALWAYS cold and wet. Sometimes it's just cold and the other times it's just wet. *fg*
    #251Authormykl (442296) 26 Aug 10, 13:10
    Vf *wink*, they just told you it's a Kur for you... actually it's a Kur for your family! *auch fg*
    #252Authordragonfly70 (672923) 26 Aug 10, 13:17
    Vf, BSA is in the valley, and "just" surrounded by the hills/mountains - though, your clinic IS on the far-side of hill :-) Your wife and children sure are brave - going to Greece to bask in all the glories of striking Greeks.

    mykl, No need to duck - I could use them :-.))
    #253AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 26 Aug 10, 13:20
    Carly, most Germans in your flat would have already reduced the rent that they pay by 20/30% until as such times that the landlord does the required repairs.

    So people, I'm going a bit earlier today, I've got to go for my massage. I wish everyone a pleasant evening, have fun and may your Gods go with you.
    #254Authormykl (442296) 26 Aug 10, 13:35
    mykl, You sound like an instant replay of my son's "lecture" yesterday :-)) That's one of my main weaknesses - I can fight like the dickens for anyone/anything BUT myself...

    Wishing you a dry bike home, mykl! OHHHH massage - I didn't even think they were prescribed nowadays!
    #255AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 26 Aug 10, 13:45
    Carly, my wife is Italian, so therefore hot weather and a land full of people doing nothing won’t bother her *fg*
    Libby I´ve had 8 weeks away from them this year and it didn´t work ! ;-)
    #256AuthorVileness fats (241697) 26 Aug 10, 13:56
    Good morning people, a very happy Friday to one and all. *sigh* It's raining here, nothing new about that then. :( Carly, I thought that massages been 'taken off the menu' too, but I was wrong. :)
    #257Authormykl (442296) 27 Aug 10, 06:47
    Morning all, I spoke to so about the weather yesterday, it´s raining again with the prospect of "Unwetter" oh such joy ;-)
    How was your full contact Thia massage then Mykl ?
    #258AuthorVileness fats (241697) 27 Aug 10, 08:21
    Moin Vf *waves*
    *chuckle* HE found a place that still hurts and then he 'worked' on it. Apart from that it was quite pleasant. I get to sleep for 30 mins before he starts lying under a giant Döner grill, it's good practice for next week :)
    #259Authormykl (442296) 27 Aug 10, 08:25
    Mykl I don’t know if like me, you miss a bit of good old mature Cheddar ? At the moment Lidl have it in their program and I must say it is very good (even my smallest son likes it and he is such a Cheddar snob, in fact Cheddar is one of the only 3 cheeses he does eat). I always have to stock up on it when they sell it, it lasts for months if you vacuum seal it.

    #260AuthorVileness fats (241697) 27 Aug 10, 09:01
    Good morning all!

    It's raining Bindfäden here, too... :-((

    Cheddar? I like cheddar! *sabber*
    I didn't see it when I was at(?) Lidl yesterday... I will have to look for it when I'm going there again.
    #261Authordragonfly70 (672923) 27 Aug 10, 09:09
    Thanks Vf, I've already seen it and bought it. :) I like it too and it's an unbeatable price to boot. It's cheese on toast this evening. :)

    Moin Libby, *waves* it's raining here too and I've nearly dried out again after paddling my bike to work this morning. :)
    #262Authormykl (442296) 27 Aug 10, 09:20
    Moin, All! I LOVE Cheddar :-))) And have the good fortune that Tegut (formerly Hawege) has had it in stock for about 20 years - and not just every now and then. Kaufland, too.

    Pouring rain here - I DO hope it's half-way decent for at least tomorrow... Kimmy-cat wanted to go out, backed off - then a "dry" 3 minutes came up - gotta go check.

    edit on: She heard me coming down the stairs and started meowing her head off - towel-dried, but not at all happy with "Mommy" :-)
    #263AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 27 Aug 10, 09:52
    Carly, there is Cheddar and there is Cheddar ! Or local supermarket sells it as well and IMO they have got the discription wrong as it looks more like double Clouster to me ! Since when is Cheddar orange ? The Cheddar that Lidl are selling is very well matured and gives any Cheddar availble in the UK a good run for it´s money and is cheaper. "mmmm" I´m look forward to it already, it will fit perfectly to the cumberland sausages for my breakfast tomorrow (having said that, I´ll probably find that Lidl have sold out this afternnon,which will p*** on my bonfire):-)
    #264AuthorVileness fats (241697) 27 Aug 10, 10:37
    Vf, I'm ONLY familiar with the orange version of Cheddar :-)) Years ago, Hawege had a "Cheddar Käse Woche" and they offered "white Cheddar" - is that what you and mykl mean? The Cheddar I'm talking about is the one that the others are sitting on :-)
    #265AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 27 Aug 10, 10:41
    Moin Carly *waves+

    Over 60% of 'English cheddar' isn't even made in England. The people of Cheddar are trying to have the name 'protected' under EU law like Champagne so that if it's not made in Cheddar they'll have to find another name for it.
    #266Authormykl (442296) 27 Aug 10, 10:58
    Moin, all!

    What an interesting discussion!
    I didn't notice at first that you have to enter your postal code to be admitted to the other Lidl pages.
    I think, this cheese has to be inexpensive - otherwise you could not afford building the multi-layered turrets shown in the picture.
    But I will give it a try having heard so many positive expert opinions.
    #267AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 27 Aug 10, 11:24
    All this talk of cheese has made me sooooooooo hungry ! I could murder a Ploughman´s lunch.
    #268AuthorVileness fats (241697) 27 Aug 10, 11:30
    Hi Emil *waves* imo it really is a rather tasty cheese. :)

    At REWE they sell 5 counties cheese , but at 28 euronics per Kilo it's a luxury I can rarely afford!!

    Poor ploughman Vf, what's his lunch ever done to you to deserve such treatment.
    #269Authormykl (442296) 27 Aug 10, 11:55
    I don't buy the whole "wheel" - just a chunk, enough to nibble on, grate some into a salad, and perhaps use the remainder for a cheese omlette :-) - Every cat I have ever been "Mommy" to, thinks they are entitled to THEIR share of Cheddar, too :-)
    #270AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 27 Aug 10, 12:16
    Our cat loves it as well ! Although my theory is that, cats think if they eat cheese and then go lay in the garden with their mouths wide open, mice will be attracted by the smell and it will save them all that chasing around.
    #271AuthorVileness fats (241697) 27 Aug 10, 12:42
    Interesting theory, Vf...
    #272Authordragonfly70 (672923) 27 Aug 10, 12:43
    I very rarely buy English cheese, as a rule it's just too expensive, but once in a while the 'cheese man' on the market has sth interesting. He usually has small wheels 1-2kg of sth tasty from some small producer or other. I bought a really great 1.5kg Cheshire cheese earlier this year. I had to work really hard to make it last a week. *g*
    #273Authormykl (442296) 27 Aug 10, 12:44
    Vf, I bet you're spot on!! Never made that particular connection, BUT the only "people food" Kimmy (unlike all my other cats) wants her share of is cheese (and "Rindsgehacktes" :-)

    edit on: I just now re-read tomorrow's agenda - was sure they'd have some kind of alternative plan should it rain - Yeah:

    Mitzubringen sind Kleidung für viel Bewegung in der Natur bei Sonne und Regen(bitte auch lange leichte Kleidung für die Aktionen im Wald - das schutzt vor Zecken)

    But it's not "just" raining here - it's like God opens the sluices in heaven - the 20% Niederschlag Wahrscheinlichkeit must be in reference to every 5-10 minutes, or so :-))

    Oh well, if there's one person in the world I'd willingly go Curly-cue-Carly for, that's my granddaughter :-)
    #274AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 27 Aug 10, 12:49
    wants her share of is cheese and "rindergehacktes"

    In which case I've just found Kimmy...

    #275Authormykl (442296) 27 Aug 10, 13:00
    Nice one, mykl... *gg*

    #276Authordragonfly70 (672923) 27 Aug 10, 13:04
    We had a dinner party two weeks ago involving cheese, our local “feinkost laden” sells fresh parmesan (chipped freshly out of a huge wheel) so we asked them nicely if we could have the empty wheel when they were finished with it, to which they agreed (although when we picked it up there was at least a kilo of cheese still in it). All you need to do is get a bunch of hungry friends together and dump around 5kg of cooked spaghetti in the hollow wheel, wait a couple of minute and then stir it around, the result is the best spaghetti ala Parmesan this side of the Alps (and you get to feed around 10 people for 5€).
    #277AuthorVileness fats (241697) 27 Aug 10, 13:12
    Nice tip Vf, but I couldn't get 10 people in my living room without removing ALL the contents thereof first. :=)
    #278Authormykl (442296) 27 Aug 10, 13:18
    mykl, How on earth do you find all these pics :-))) Yep, that's a true cats' prayer :-)
    #279AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 27 Aug 10, 13:27
    Google pics for 'cats+cheese' *g*

    So people, it's time for me to go again. I wish everyone a pleasant weekend, have fun and may the Gods go with you.
    #280Authormykl (442296) 27 Aug 10, 13:42
    Hi, All!

    So far (knock on wood) it looks like we're going to have NICE weather in Frau Holle Land - I've had to pack more stuff for this overnight trip than I did for a week's business trip to Paris :-))
    #281AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 28 Aug 10, 10:39
    Moin, all!

    Das ist hier genauso, Carly*: Innerhalb von 12 Stunden braucht man alles: von der Badehose bis zur Daunenjacke.

    * Das ist mir noch nie zuvor passiert, aber es ist eigentlich naheliegend, statt "Carly"
    "Catly" zu tippen!
    #282AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 28 Aug 10, 18:23
    ... und ich muss gleich noch raus!!!
    #283AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 29 Aug 10, 16:08
    Schönen Sonntag allen!

    In Badehose oder in Daunenjacke, Emil? *gg*
    #284Authordragonfly70 (672923) 29 Aug 10, 16:14
    Ach, heute wollte ich mal züchtig sein: Daunenjacke und Badehose.

    #285AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 29 Aug 10, 23:14
    Hi, Emil! "Berichterstattung" folgt morgen - war TOLL, Wetter hielt sich, bis auf eine Stunde Regen, die den Lagerfeuer zunichte machte, wegen nassen Holz - UND Abends BARFUSS laufen auf dem Barfußpfad ist SEHR empfehlungswert :-)) Daunenjacke könnte man seit heute morgen gut gebrauchen - 12°C - jetzt vermutlich noch weniger - aber 2010 ist ja das heistes Jahr seit Wetteraufzeichnung laut "Experten" - ja ja :-))
    #286AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 29 Aug 10, 23:31
    Eine Stunde Regen? Da seid Ihr aber gut weggekommen!

    Ich bin die nächsten Tage auf Tagung.
    Also bis demnächst in einem neuen Faden.
    And may your umbrellas go with you ...

    ... monday you can hold your head ...
    #287AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 30 Aug 10, 00:36
    Good morning all!

    Happy Tagung, Emil!

    Surprisingly it's not raining at the moment...
    But it won't be long until it's starting again, I'm afraid.
    #288Authordragonfly70 (672923) 30 Aug 10, 08:17
    Good morning people , a very happy Monday to one and all. Not very happy here though, the proverbial sh*t has hit the fan and it's free stress for everyone here at the moment, as much as you want. :=(
    #289Authormykl (442296) 30 Aug 10, 09:15
    Poor mykl *waves*... Good that it's just a few days until your holiday!
    #290Authordragonfly70 (672923) 30 Aug 10, 09:22
    Guten Morgen allerseits! Nachdem ich nur dank meines Taucheranzuges halbwegs trocken zur Arbeit schwimmen konnte, hat es jetzt aufgehört zu regnen :) - vielleicht brauch ich heute noch die Sonnencreme. Mykl, wenn ich was davon brauche, nehm' ich's mir einfach - OK?
    #291Authoryytsunamiyy (341657) 30 Aug 10, 09:22
    Good morning people, a very happy Tuesday to one and all.

    4Y, yesterday was a day to have avoided when at all possible, but even the worst days come to an end. :)
    #292Authormykl (442296) 31 Aug 10, 07:25
    So people, I've got a few things to do and then I'm off. Look after yourselves and I'll see you again in about 3 weeks. :0)
    #293Authormykl (442296) 31 Aug 10, 11:44
    Bye, mykl! I wish you and daisy a wonderful holiday! :-))
    Erholt euch gut!
    #294Authordragonfly70 (672923) 31 Aug 10, 11:49
    Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee mykl!!! Wishing you and daisy a GRAND holiday!!
    Hope I got here in time :-))
    #295AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 31 Aug 10, 11:59
    Wie, traut sich im September keiner hier rein?
    ohhh... byeeeeee myklchen, have a smashing holiday :)
    #296Authoreasy (238884) 01 Sep 10, 09:57
    Huhu easy! *wink* Der September hat doch grad erst angefangen... ;-)
    #297Authordragonfly70 (672923) 01 Sep 10, 10:00
    Hi Libby,
    ja, aber normalerweise ist um diese Uhrzeit hier schon was los ;)
    Ist es nicht wunderschön? Wolkentürme, die sich über den Himmel jagen, fallende Blätter, a faint chill in the air :)))

    edit: Oh Gott, wir brauchen ein neues Zuhause!!!!
    Aber ich bin auffe Arbeit und hab keine Zeit.
    #298Authoreasy (238884) 01 Sep 10, 10:05
    #299Authoreasy (238884) 01 Sep 10, 10:46
    #300Authoreasy (238884) 01 Sep 10, 10:47
    This thread has been closed.
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