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    TESO #73 (--••• •••--)


    TESO #73 (--••• •••--)

    "love and kisses" ...

    In Morse code, 73 is a palindrome (--••• •••--) and used to express "love and kisses" (later reduced to the more formal "best regards").

    The Blues Image song "Ride Captain Ride" (1970) begins with "73 men sailed out on the San Francisco Bay":
    Na ja.

    Dies hatte ich auch schon mal gehört aber noch nie gesehen:
    Focus - Hocus Pocus Live '73 .

    Nicht den Bingo-Reim vergessen, Emil!
    73 - Crutch with a flea

    Die Bundesstraße 73 (B 73) führt von Cuxhaven nach Hamburg. Sie hieß früher Reichsstraße 73 und wurde bereits 1932 eingerichtet. In Hamburg wiederum gibt es eine Straße namens "Schulterblatt" und daselbst das Kulturhaus III & 70.
    Zufälle über Zufälle.

    In TESO #72 ging es bedenklich oft um Krankheiten. Vf hat sogar eine ganze Kur in den Wochen absolviert, die wir gebraucht haben, um diesen thread zu füllen. Da ist es wohl an der Zeit, sich eines dieser durchnumerierten Gedichte zu Gemüte zu führen (Es ist ja auch irgendwie herbstlich.):

    Sonnet 73
    That time of year thou mayst in me behold
    When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang
    Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,
    Bare ruin'd choirs, where late the sweet birds sang.
    In me thou seest the twilight of such day
    As after sunset fadeth in the west,
    Which by and by black night doth take away,
    Death's second self, that seals up all in rest.
    In me thou see'st the glowing of such fire
    That on the ashes of his youth doth lie,
    As the death-bed whereon it must expire
    Consumed with that which it was nourish'd by.
    This thou perceivest, which makes thy love more strong,
    To love that well which thou must leave ere long.
    –William Shakespeare

    Another three hundred postings lie ahead of us.
    Please join in, if you like, and tell us what you think about the weather or whatever you are interested in.
    There will even be a reward: Next time we will meet at the Candy store!

    AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 09 Oct 10, 04:19
    Good day people, a very happy Monday to one and all. *sigh* A very late shift this week, I'll probably be stuck here till somewhere between 8:30 and 9:30 this evening. :(

    Thank you for the new home Emil. :)

    Yet another culinary debut...
    #1Authormykl (442296) 11 Oct 10, 13:45
    Moin, mykl!

    Das erinnert mich wieder an die Regel: Mit Essen spielt man nicht!

    edit: I'll be back in two hours or so.
    #2AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 11 Oct 10, 14:22
    Hi Emil and mykl!

    Thanks for the new home, Emil! Very nice! :-)

    Yesterday, I saw (and heard) the first Kraniche, too! I didn't count them, though...

    And Carly, I really hope Kimmy has come home...
    #3Authordragonfly70 (672923) 11 Oct 10, 15:10
    Hi Emil and Libby *waves* Kimmy's gone ?? Oh! I'm sure he's just having a little bit of an adventure in the last of the summers sun.
    #4Authormykl (442296) 11 Oct 10, 15:24
    Hallo Libelle!
    Vor zwei Stunden gab es nochmal so 150 Stück, und der Tag ist noch nicht vorbei ...
    #5AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 11 Oct 10, 16:36
    Hi, All - Still NO sign of Kimmmy - am worried sick, have walked through half the village, calling shaking keys (her signal), asking people..nada. Ja Emil, ein Paar Mal über Nacht weg, ABER sie saß morgens bereits auf die Haustürtreppe. Last saw her yesterday morning when she went out after breakfast - and she usually comes back around 3 p.m. for lunch, a catnap, then off again till about 6 p.m., repeat process, back when it's time for Mommy to go night-night.

    Lucky you!!! I no longer live in the Krannich flight path.
    #6AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Oct 10, 19:15
    Hi Carly, it's still not a long time for a cat to be away though. I know it seems like a long time at the moment, but 36 hours still gives cause for optimism.
    #7Authormykl (442296) 11 Oct 10, 19:24
    Thanks, mykl - I'm trying to still be hopeful, but she always showed up for breakfast those couple of times when she didn't come in at night...and now she hasn't had any food since Saturday morning...I don't really think she fell prey to those catnappers, because she's pure black, and almost invisible at night. Will naturally go out again tomorrow looking for her.
    #8AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Oct 10, 22:31
    Hi, All! Still no sign of Kimmy-cat :-(((
    #9AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Oct 10, 09:43
    Sorry to hear that, Carly! But still this does not necessarily mean she's dead or injured. When I was a child , one of our cats disappeared - and months later, when we had already given up all hope, I met him in the neighborhood and found out that he had gone to live with another family... I suppose he had visited them one day, pretended to be a poor little, homeless, hungry cat, had been fed and then decided to stay.

    I keep my fingers crossed for you and Kimmy.
    #10AuthorGaleazzo (259943) 12 Oct 10, 09:59
    Thanks, Galeazzo - That's the worst part - not knowing, and especially where we've had about 200 cats go missing over the weekends here in this region. I still don't want to NOT hope, but she's always come home. Did your kitty stay with the other family?? How traumatic that must have been. Cally (had her 17 years, Kimmy's predecessor) went missing for 12 days. My son and his friend came running home all excited, said they had found her up in the quarry (about 6 kms away). Couldn't believe it, but we all got into car and sure enough, there she was.
    You just never know what cats are up to...
    #11AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Oct 10, 10:23
    Yes, he came, said hello to me and then went back to his new family and stayed with them. Maybe he did not like our new house (we had moved house shortly before he left), or he had a serious quarrel with our other cat (older than he and longer in our family)...
    #12AuthorGaleazzo (259943) 12 Oct 10, 10:47
    Wenn ich so aus dem Fenster sehe, sollte ihr doch allmählich klar werden, dass
    sie es zuhause am besten hat. Bei Dir muss es nachts doch schon frieren, Carly!
    #13AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Oct 10, 11:11
    Galeazzo, Yeah, cats do not take well to change, but still!! Kimmy's very leary of strangers, though.

    Hi, Emil! Jaaaaa, habe gestern morgen bereits Eis kratzen müssen. 

    So, Tierheim/Tierärzte informiert, Anzeige für Samstag und nächsten Mittwoch geschaltet, für morgen war es schon zu spät. Will bald bei ein Nachbar fragen, ob sie evtl. in seiner Garage geschlüpft sein könnte. Oder im Lastwagen, der dort abgestellt ist.

    Jetzt muß ich versuchen, mich auf eine Übersetzung zu konzentrieren.
    #14AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Oct 10, 11:49
    Good day people, a very happy Tuesday to one and all. I'm cat sitting this and next week too. *chuckle* Well, I would be if I had a cat. 'My' cat went out in the sun yesterday morning and wasn't back yesterday evening or this morning. *whispers* It's a secret cat conspiracy. :)
    #15Authormykl (442296) 12 Oct 10, 12:48
    Hallo, mykl!

    Cat sitting hat auch viel mit Aussitzen zu tun.
    Habe ich das richtig verstanden?
    #16AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Oct 10, 14:00
    Update!!! Kimmy is locked in the neighbor's house across the street - women owns two (abandoned) houses here in the street, is in a home for the elderly. Her son, who lives in the village doesn't have keys. She sent a Russian/Polish? aid over with a bundle of keys, none of which fit - and the BITCH...pardon my language, said: ich nix kann helfen - tut mir leid, aber Wochenende jemand komme. About hit the roof/blew my top...called elderly woman - Russian's getting sent back with another bundle of keys, and if they don't fit, then I can have a Schlüsseldienst. Pooooor baby, but at least she can hear me (us, young girl downstairs is with me) - and Kimmy's responding.
    #17AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Oct 10, 14:31
    Hi Carly, has the house got windows *looks innocently at pile of cobble stones*
    #18Authormykl (442296) 12 Oct 10, 14:32
    Yes, it does, mykl -and I mentioned to the girl downstairs (Kimmy's catsitter) that I have a GOOD MIND to break the window! The BI*** heard her, can someone react so inhumanly???

    edit: back behind the house, there's all kinds of handy STEEL junk lying around just waiting to be used!!!
    #19AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Oct 10, 14:35
    Glad to hear you found her! But I wonder how she got in there in the first place, if the house is abandoned and locked?
    #20AuthorGaleazzo (259943) 12 Oct 10, 14:37
    Na, wie schön! Ein Lebenszeichen!
    Hoffentlich kann die B* mit dem zweiten Bund aufschließen.
    Sei vorsichtig mit dem Schlüsseldienst. Manche sollen ja so extrem teuer sein und gleich die Schlösser aufbohren ohne es erst mit dem Dietrich zu versuchen.
    #21AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Oct 10, 14:39
    Galeazzo, Every now and then, people show up on the weekend - this weekend past, I saw lights on in the living room - AND I've seen Kimmy on their balcony, occassionaly - their back yard heads straight out into the mice-hunting grounds.
    #22AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Oct 10, 14:39
    Ja, Emil - habe mich hier ein Mal selbst ausgeschlossen, 138 Euro habe ich bezahlt!
    #23AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Oct 10, 14:41
    Hi Galeazzo and Emil *waves*

    I've locked myself out twice now. The first time cost 160 euronics *grrrr* the second time I had to repair the door frame. (I decided that beaking in with my shoulder was cheaper than phoning the robbin' key service) I now keep a spare 'hideen' in the immediate area. :)
    #24Authormykl (442296) 12 Oct 10, 14:47
    *waves back*
    #25AuthorGaleazzo (259943) 12 Oct 10, 14:54
    SOOOOOOO, key fit, and Kimmy's downstairs gorging herself as if she hadn't eaten in two days :-))

    #26AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Oct 10, 15:08
    Ach Herrjeeh, war das aufregend!
    #27AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Oct 10, 15:25
    Yeah, wasn't it just...and this morning, I had NO hope of finding her alive. Even the Russian smiled and patted her head :-))
    #28AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Oct 10, 15:28
    Glad to hear you've a happy end to your story Carly. :)
    #29Authormykl (442296) 12 Oct 10, 15:52
    Thanks, mykl! And, ME TOO! :-)) Hope your kitty comes home, too!
    #30AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Oct 10, 15:55
    *shrugs* He will or he wont. :) He went 'walkabout' for three weeks earlier this year. :)
    #31Authormykl (442296) 12 Oct 10, 16:48
    Youtube hat zu allem das passende Video:
    Stray Cats Live 1981 "Stray Cat Strut" 
    #32AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Oct 10, 17:01
    Ohhh, nice one, Emil :-)) And guess who's insisted on going back out for a strut?? Hope she's learned her lesson, and does NOT stray into anyone's house! I recall seeing lights on there Sunday evening at around 8 p.m....wonder whether Kimmy had already "taken up residence"?? And thought I heard her meowing over the past two days, but convinced myself I was imagining things.
    #33AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Oct 10, 17:12
    Guten Morgen!

    Oh, schön das Kimmy wieder da ist!
    Musste heute auch schon nach unseren inzwischen drei Mietzen sehen.
    Die können zwar nicht abhauen, weil sie nicht raus können, aber eine im Flur stehende Transportbox kann einem der Kater doch ganz schön aufs Gemüt drücken. Wir dachten schon er sei krank. War aber wohl nur Angst, wieder in die Kiste (und damit zum Arzt) zu müssen...
    #34AuthorMafi (236280) 13 Oct 10, 09:57

    Schade, die Sonnentage sind wohl vorbei.
    #35AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 13 Oct 10, 10:24
    Hier guckt sie gerade nochmal durch die Wolken. Aber für die nächsten Tage ist auch nicht mehr viel Sonne vorhergesagt. Schade eigentlich, das waren doch richtig schöne Tage für Mitte Oktober, finde ich.
    #36AuthorMafi (236280) 13 Oct 10, 11:45
    Hallo ihrs! *wink*
    Hier ist Sonne und blauer Himmel! *freufreu*

    Schön, dass Kimmy wieder da ist, Carly! :-))
    #37Authordragonfly70 (672923) 13 Oct 10, 12:13
    Hi, All! Passed on your good wishes to Kimmy. If cats could speak, she would have clearly stated yesterday, just how happy she is to be back home. She'd first snuggle in my arms like a baby, purring away, to run off to grab a bite of catfood, back for a snuggle, then off to tell her "Katzenbaum" hello :-))

    Sun just burst through the clouds! Is it too much to hope for that it might stick around for awhile? Am off to my Mommy's birthday over the weekend, and don't really fancy snow :-))
    #38AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 13 Oct 10, 14:09
    G'day people, a very happy Wednesday to one and all. Just a quick hello today 'cause I'm busy, busy, busy..


    *gone again*


    #39Authormykl (442296) 13 Oct 10, 16:31
    Hi, mykl - Had wondered what you were up to :-))

    Just heard that we might expect SNOW over the weekend - grrrrr(eat)...guess this is what global warming is all about - snow comes earlier year by year, and stays around longer.
    #40AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 13 Oct 10, 16:40
    So, ich verabschiede mich für heute. Bis demnächst!
    #41AuthorMafi (236280) 13 Oct 10, 17:40
    Guten Morgen!

    Irgendwie leer hier.
    #42AuthorMafi (236280) 14 Oct 10, 09:45
    So, muss mal meinen Rechner verlassen. Bis demnächst!
    #43AuthorMafi (236280) 14 Oct 10, 13:46
    Es wird irgendwie nicht voller ...
    #44AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 14 Oct 10, 14:26
    Moin! Habe eine halbe Frühjahrsputz hinter mir :-)) Kommt noch hinzu, daß ich soooooooooooooooo verärgert bin, daß ich mein Gemütszustand Euch nicht antun wollte...aber was soll's. Habe damit angefangen. Seit über einem Jahr warte ich darauf, daß es bei Unwettern NICHT im Wohnzimmer hineinregenet/schneit. Ebenfalls warte ich darauf, daß die Duschkabine nicht mehr ausläuft - passiert ist rein garnichts. Neulich ist doch deren Satanlage kaputt gegangen, ich habe den Monteur geholt, Rechnung an Mieter, Wochen lang NICHTS gehört, als sie auf einmal wieder Kommentarlos bei mir im Briefkasten lag. Tja, da ging ich davon aus, daß sie bezahlt wurde. Gestern zufällig auf deren Rasenmäher-Männchen gestoßen - puste Kuchen. Zitat der Frau des Mieters: Wer die Musik bestellt, muß auch zahlen. Ich bin soooooo BÖSE. Und heute sollte um 13:00 Rasenmäher-Männchen vorbeischauen, bis jetzt auch noch nichts...
    #45AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 14 Oct 10, 14:34
    Hallo Carly!
    Ach, das hört sich ja wieder super an! Du meinst aber wohl den Vermieter bzw. seine Frau, nicht wahr?
    Zitat der Frau des Mieters: Wer die Musik bestellt, muß auch zahlen.
    Ich bin kein Mietrechtsexperte, aber ganz so plump stimmt das sicher nicht.
    Es hängt sicher viel von der Art des Schadens ab und davon, wie intensiv und wie oft der Vermieter auf den Schaden hingewiesen wurde. Wenn z.B. im Winter die Heizung ausfällt und Du weisst, dass der Vermieter die nächsten vier Wochen auf Mallorca Urlaub macht, kein Hausverwalter oder sonstiger Vertreter benannt worden ist, musst Du den Wartungsdienst rufen können, ohne hinterher auf den Kosten sitzen zu bleiben.
    Bei weniger lebenswichtigen Dingen, kann das anders aussehen.
    Im Umgang mit Deinem Vermieter scheint mir Schriftverkehr angebracht, damit die Beweislage klar ist (gesetzte Fristen, angedrohte Mietminderung usw.).
    Glücklicherweise habe ich so etwas noch nie machen müssen. Es gibt aber sicher fachkundigere Beratung beim Mieterverein.
    #46AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 14 Oct 10, 15:05
    Ja, ich meinte die Vermieterin :-)) Das mit dem Duschkabine/Schnee/Regen habe ich schon X-Mal gesagt - und da nie etwas passiert ist, habe ich "einfach" deren Sat-Anlage nach dem irren Sturm reparieren lassen, weil ich KEIN Bock darauf hatte, über Monaten hinweg, kein Empfang zu haben. Ich schaue zwar nicht viel Fernsehen, aber Abends mein Rücken am Heizkissen legen tut einfach gut :-)) Habe gestern Rasenmäher-M auch gesagt, daß ich eigentlich schon längst die Miete hätte kürzen können, als Antwort auf sein "Mit Vermieter muß man in Ruhe reden" (was ich "tausend Mal" erfolglos gemacht habe).

    Bin Rechtschutzversichert, und werde mein Anwalt konsultieren.

    #47AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 14 Oct 10, 15:16
    Tja, der Typ ist natürlich NICHT erschienen grrrrrr - und arg kalt isses geworden. Morgen bin ich viel unterwegs - da wird er bestimmt auftauchen.
    #48AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 14 Oct 10, 23:15
    Moin Carly.

    Nicht SAGEN, sondern schreiben. Angemessene Frist (als Faustregel: 14 Tage) setzen für die Behebung des Schadens. Wenn sich dann ncihts tut wegen der undichten Duschwanne etc., hast du andere Möglichkeiten.
    #49AuthorIgelin DE (467049) 15 Oct 10, 07:31
    Good morning people, a very happy Friday to one and all. Carly, it's time to stop playing Mr(s) nice guy/gal and start playing at Mr(s) nasty. They obviously don't react to being polite and civilised so use you bloomin' Rechtsshutz and start off with a couple of time limit ulimatums before you start to reduce the rent you pay.
    #50Authormykl (442296) 15 Oct 10, 10:20
    Moin, all!
    Hallo, mykl, lange nicht gesehen!
    Hallo, Igelin, noch länger nicht gesehen!
    #51AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 15 Oct 10, 10:56
    Hi Emil *waves* Yep, a whole three days. :) My boss came to the stupid conclusion that we need supplementary work to stop us getting bored. We weren't bored at all. :)
    #52Authormykl (442296) 15 Oct 10, 11:19
    Moin, All!

    mykl, And I thought you were being forced to talk, again :-))

    Thanks for the moral support - that's my main weakness - I can fight like the dickons for anyone, but myself. Thought I had overcome that particular problem, but it obviously still needs working on.

    The SUN just came out!! Will soon be off to run some errands, catch you all later :-)
    #53AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 15 Oct 10, 11:27
    Hi Carly, let the errands walk, running is FAR too tiring. :)
    #54Authormykl (442296) 15 Oct 10, 12:34
    *chuckle* I know that mountain goats are sure-footed, but this...

    #55Authormykl (442296) 15 Oct 10, 15:02
    OMG!!! I would have thought the photos might be touched up, but have vague memories of mountain goats in Alaska - THOUGH nothing comparable to this :-))

    mykl, My errands decided they'd rather drive, even though the price of gas is beyond words!
    #56AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 15 Oct 10, 15:06
    Ah, errands can be driven too of course. :)

    So people, I'm off for this week. I wish everyone a pleasant weekend, have fun and may your Gods go with you.
    #57Authormykl (442296) 15 Oct 10, 17:08
    Wishing you the same, mykl :-)) Your play on words made my day :-)
    #58AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 15 Oct 10, 17:15
    Ohhhhhhhhh, mein Lieblingssonnett :) Danke für das hübsche neue Heim, Emil :)
    Bare ruin'd choirs. so ein schönes Bild!

    Am back :(
    Und lustig wars. Habe noch nie so viel Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem und Rule Britannia gesungen wie auf dieser Reise. Aus VOLLSTEM Hals mitgegrölt. Ich kann richtig... patriotisch ist das falsche Wort, oder? - na, dann eben wahlpatriotisch werden.
    Tomorrow it's back to Munich.
    #59Authoreasy (238884) 16 Oct 10, 22:43

    Die zweite Zeile finde ich aber auch großartig:

    When yellow leaves, (*seufz*)
    or none, (*schluchz*)
    or few, (Ahh! Noch schlimmer!)
    do hang (*kollabier*)

    In was für Kreisen verkehrst Du denn da, easy?
    Die Last Night of the Proms ist doch schon vorbei!
    #60AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 17 Oct 10, 13:06
    Wie recht du hast!
    In deutschen Kreisen, bin ja in ner Gruppe gereist. Und die Reiseleitung hat das immer wieder angestellt im Bus ;)
    Wo seid ihr denn alle?
    #61Authoreasy (238884) 17 Oct 10, 19:25
    Good morning people, a very happy Monday to one and all. Glad to read that you enjoyed yourself Isi, welcome back. :)
    #62Authormykl (442296) 18 Oct 10, 08:24
    *hiersei* @easy

    Guten Morgen zusammen!
    Ist es bei euch auch so neblig?
    #63AuthorMafi (236280) 18 Oct 10, 09:37
    Hi Mafi *waves* yep, foggy and COLD. :(
    #64Authormykl (442296) 18 Oct 10, 10:06
    ... und es bleibt neblig.
    #65AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 18 Oct 10, 12:25
    Also hier hat der Nebel zumindest deutlich nachgelassen, nach dem was ich hier so sehen kann.
    #66AuthorMafi (236280) 18 Oct 10, 13:01
    Tach Emil

    Grey, grey, grey, grey.... :(
    #67Authormykl (442296) 18 Oct 10, 13:13
    Hallo Mafi, hallo mykl!
    Etwas hat es sich hier inzwischen gebessert. Am Morgen konnte man keine 50 m weit kucken, um zwölf vielleicht 200 m, und jetzt gibt es etwas Sonne und Sicht bis zum Horizont (der vielleicht 1 km entfernt ist).
    #68AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 18 Oct 10, 13:41
    *ponder* The sun's only 1 Km away Emil?? It must be warm there then. *fg*
    #69Authormykl (442296) 18 Oct 10, 13:45
    Argh - looking out my window, I could see the horizon but not the Sun.
    It is possible to tell that the sun is shining without actually looking at the sun, don't you think?
    And yes, it is warm in here - where's my pitchfork?
    #70AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 18 Oct 10, 15:27
    *whistles innocently*

    *acts normally*
    #71Authormykl (442296) 18 Oct 10, 15:45
    So people, it's time to put teddy in its toybox for another day. I wish everyone a pleasant evening, have fun and may your Gods go with you.
    #72Authormykl (442296) 18 Oct 10, 16:27
    Tschüss, mykl!
    #73AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 18 Oct 10, 16:33
    Good morning people, a very happy Tuesday to one and all.
    #74Authormykl (442296) 19 Oct 10, 06:09
    Guten frühen Morgen!
    #75AuthorMafi (236280) 19 Oct 10, 07:15
    Bah - da mag man ja keinen Hund vor die Tür jagen!
    (Horizont ja, Sonne keine)
    #76AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 19 Oct 10, 11:23
    Hm, Horizont? Ich sehe immer nur Bäume und ein großes Gebäude beim Blick aus dem Fenster.
    Regen hatten wir auch schon, jetzt ist es trocken, aber ebenfalls ohne das gelbe Ding am Himmel.
    #77AuthorMafi (236280) 19 Oct 10, 11:40
    G'day Mafi and Emil *waves*

    Your view is better than mine then Mafi. I can only see the side of the next building through my window at work. :( ...and that looks very wet. :(
    #78Authormykl (442296) 19 Oct 10, 11:44
    Hi, All! My view's covered in fog, cold, wet, what else's new - same weather we've had for about 18 months, apart from the 3 weeks tropical heat in July, and early October.

    Welcome back, easy! Popped in briefly yesterday while still at my mother's and your nick was "leicht" - now it's back to original easy...was that intentional, or an automatic "giggle translate" :-)) ??
    #79AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Oct 10, 12:01
    Hi Carly, it's been foggy here for the past couple of mornings too, now it's just fleißigly raining.
    #80Authormykl (442296) 19 Oct 10, 12:09
    Hi, mykl! Well, snow's been forecasted for Thursday, and I still have summer tires on - and my winter ones were on till JUNE!! Must be pretty nasty outside, as Kimmy used her catbox for the first time in months :-))
    #81AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 19 Oct 10, 12:17
    *laughs* Even my little bit of NRW has a snow warning for Wednesday night, well, a 25% chance of snow. The odds are probably a bit worse up in t'mountains.
    #82Authormykl (442296) 19 Oct 10, 12:19
    Huch, hier scheint die Sonne! Zumindest zwischendurch immer wieder.
    #83AuthorMafi (236280) 19 Oct 10, 14:10
    es ist alles in ordnung, nur mein modem war kaputt, jetzt hab ich ein neues und es funzt! baby wächst und gedeiht, ende des monats ist taufe.. da er auf meinem arm sitzt und fasziniert den bildschirm anguckt, bitte ich , die fehlenden großbuchstaben zu entschuldigen!
    #84AuthorWaringham (384862) 19 Oct 10, 14:42
    #85AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 19 Oct 10, 15:12
    Ich mach jetzt FA. Bis demnächst in diesem Thread!
    #86AuthorMafi (236280) 19 Oct 10, 16:36
    Good morning people, a very happy Wednesday to one and all. We've got what we call in yorkshire a 'lazy' wind. It's bitter cold and it's too lazy to go around you so it cuts through you. *brrrrrrrr*
    #87Authormykl (442296) 20 Oct 10, 06:17
    Moin allerseits!
    "lazy wind" - da muss man schon einen besonderen Sinn für Humor haben, um auf so eine Bezeichnung zu kommen!
    (Das Radio sagt gerade: "Aber der Wind bleibt uns erhalten.")
    #88AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 20 Oct 10, 10:51
    Moin Emil, yorkshire humour is as black as the coal miners faces that (used to) work there. :)
    #89Authormykl (442296) 20 Oct 10, 11:48
    Darn! I've got to give up 'my' computer to someone who wishes to work. :(

    I wish everyone a pleasant day, have fun and may your Gods go with you.
    #90Authormykl (442296) 20 Oct 10, 13:14
    Hi, All! Well, NO SNOW, which is good news - poured rain for about an hour and now the sun's come out in all its glory. Not that it's warming anything up, but still :-))

    Wari, Next thing you know, he'll be wanting to help Mommy type :-))
    #91AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 20 Oct 10, 13:41
    Message from Warison:

    Whatever that means...
    #92AuthorWaringham (384862) 20 Oct 10, 15:19
    LOL! You should know, Wari - your his Mommy, and up to a certain age, about the only person who really understands just what Warison is saying :-)) OK, but typing, welllll that's an entirely different matter. From the looks of it, he's got the "10 finger" system down pat :-)
    #93AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 20 Oct 10, 15:59
    Also 'joi' und 'ponk' finde ich schon sehr verständlich!
    #94AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 20 Oct 10, 18:37
    Good morning!
    Just a short "hello", before Warison wakes up again and demands to be fed immediately 
    We've started eating mashed carrots, pumpkin and potatoes 2 weeks ago and it isn't as messy as I thought. He actually likes it, though there are some difficulties for him to move his mouth in a way to actually keep everything in. But he opens the mouth when the spoon comes nearer and so I suppose he likes it. I'm doing some cooking myself, with some "Gläschen" in between. Depends on how I feel about it. Today, it's gonna be selfmade pumpkin mash.. It's really tasty, even without any salt or spices..

    Okay, he's waking up and staring to whine, so I'll go up..
    Hearing my master's voice

    PS: I hope you are still interested in baby stories..There's not much else I could tell at the moment :))
    #95AuthorWaringham (384862) 21 Oct 10, 10:33
    Hi, Wari!! YESSSSS, very much so (interested in baby stories:-)) It gets messy when you let him first try to feed himself, as in: giving him a spoon to hold :-))
    #96AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 21 Oct 10, 10:37
    G'day people, a very happy Thursday to one and all. Too busy for anything but a quick hello today. Glad to read that Warison is getting the hang of Leoland.

    *copies joifevgsfponk into 'Deutsch gesucht'* :=)
    #97Authormykl (442296) 21 Oct 10, 12:56
    Moin allerseits!
    Ich bin auch ziemlich beschäftigt heute.
    #98AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 21 Oct 10, 16:18
    Moin allerseits!
    Ich bin auch ziemlich beschäftigt heute.

    edit: Offenbar nicht zu beschäftigt, um dies zweimal abzuschicken.
    Irgendetwas ist faul mit meiner LEO-Verbindung ...
    #99AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 21 Oct 10, 16:19
    Hi Emil and mykl,

    LEO zickt heute :-)
    #100AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 21 Oct 10, 17:01
    Good morning people, a very happy FRIDAY to one and all.
    #101Authormykl (442296) 22 Oct 10, 06:45
    Guten Morgen!

    #102AuthorMafi (236280) 22 Oct 10, 09:15
    Hi Mafi, you can say that again. Yesterday was 'orrible and I'm really looking forward to POETS day today. :)
    #103Authormykl (442296) 22 Oct 10, 09:20
    Goooooooood morning!
    #104Authoreasy (238884) 22 Oct 10, 10:23
    #105Authormykl (442296) 22 Oct 10, 10:26
    CHEERS, myklchen. I'll drink to that two! Or three!
    #106Authoreasy (238884) 22 Oct 10, 10:35
    MOIN!! I wanna get paid for doing nothin', too :-))

    easy, wollte nochmal wegen #79 nachfragen :-)

    Sun's shining!
    #107AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 22 Oct 10, 10:41
    ROFL hadn't seen that, sorry!

    .was that intentional, or an automatic "giggle translate" :-)) ??
    This. ;o) Certainly no doings of mine...

    I wanna get paid for doing nothin', too :-))
    Well, I'm not getting paid for...eveything. Does that count?
    Off to torture my luvverly reppies now...
    #108Authoreasy (238884) 22 Oct 10, 10:47
    Moin all!

    Carly, easy, ich weiß gar nicht wovon Ihr redet.
    Ich hatte schon das mit dem "leicht" nicht verstanden.
    Was war los?
    #109AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 22 Oct 10, 11:15
    Moin, Emil!

    Ich habe mich bei meiner Mutter eingeloggt, TESO aufgerufen, und in #59 und #61 stand als "leicht" als Autor. Komme vom Taunus zurück, log mich wieder ein, und dann stand "easy" wo liecht gestanden hatte :-))
    #110AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 22 Oct 10, 11:22
    Hi Carly and Emil *waves*

    So, I'm off home to wait for the repair man (12-3pm). I wish everyone a pleasant weekend have fun and may your Gods go with you.
    #111Authormykl (442296) 22 Oct 10, 11:37
    Carly, dann hat Deine Mutter einen Rechner, der alles ganz leicht macht!

    Tschüss, mykl!
    #112AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 22 Oct 10, 12:50
    Komischer Rechner, der einfach so Wörter übersetzt.

    Ich mache jetzt gleich FA und gehe ins WE. Man liest sich demächst wieder!
    Euch ein schönes WE!
    #113AuthorMafi (236280) 22 Oct 10, 15:24
    Schönes WE, mafi!

    Nee, alle anderen waren richtig - nur leicht nicht :-))
    #114AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 22 Oct 10, 18:06
    Schönes Restwochenende allersiets!
    10 °C.
    #115AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 23 Oct 10, 17:48
    Wünsche ich Dir auch, Emil! 10°C haben wir NICHT erreicht!!
    #116AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 23 Oct 10, 17:57
    Ich will die Palmen zurück! Was mach ich hier in dem Dreckwetter? :)

    Rumflaschen auf den Tisch stell, Knuddels und Grüße dazuleg und Kofferauspacken geh :(
    #117Authoryytsunamiyy (341657) 24 Oct 10, 16:13
    Welcome back, 4Ys :-)) Jaaaa ekelig, aber wenigstens nicht ganz so schrecklich wie vorhergesagt - nämlich, noch liegt kein Schnee - aber bitter kalt brrrrrrrrr.
    #118AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Oct 10, 16:28
    Ich bin gestern sogar noch Fahrrad gefahren.
    Danach brauchte ich aber eine Hühnerbrühe.
    Rumflaschen, 4y? Das heisst, jeder kriegt eine?
    #119AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 24 Oct 10, 18:49
    Das Wetter ist eindeutig nach Tee mit Rum..leider nicht für stillende Mütter :(
    Wünsche einen schönen Start in die Woche!
    #120AuthorWaringham (384862) 24 Oct 10, 20:15
    Das heisst, jeder kriegt eine?

    jeder, der schnell genug ist Emil ;-)

    *gluck gluck*
    *gluck gluck gluck gluck gluck gluck gluck gluck gluck*
    #121Authoryytsunamiyy (341657) 24 Oct 10, 20:25
    Och, alles weg, mönno!
    Morning my drearies, hugs n kisses to all. Off to work!
    #122Authoreasy (238884) 25 Oct 10, 07:55
    Good morning people, a very happy Monday to one and all.

    Och, alles weg, mönno!

    *chuckle ...and you only just missed them by nearly 12 hours. *gg*
    #123Authormykl (442296) 25 Oct 10, 10:27

    Huhu! Grüße aus dem nebligen ihr-wisst-schon-wo
    #124AuthorMafi (236280) 25 Oct 10, 11:07
    Hi Mafi, we're fog free today and it's bright, sunny and cold. :)
    #125Authormykl (442296) 25 Oct 10, 11:40
    Hi, All - Fog-free, sunny, cold here, too...Though my inner "me" is raging seething hot-fire - us "smokers" now have the "priviledge" of funding intensive-energy user's subsidies. My goodness, we already funded the "Anti-Terrorpaket" - it's HIGH TIME another group has it's turn!! And then to hear such sentences as "...kommen den intensive Energie-Nutzer entgegen, und als AUSGLEICH dafür, wird der Tabaksteuer erhöht." Not to mention that the so-called "Ökosteuer" was invented to replace the funds stolen from our "Rentenkasse"
    #126AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 25 Oct 10, 12:10
    Hi Carly, your blood pressure is showing about 220/150

    *sings* Slow down you move too fast, you've got to make the morning last, Just kickin' down the cobble-stones, lookin' for fun and feelin' groovy...doo-bi-doo-doo-doo-doo doo feelin' groooooovy
    #127Authormykl (442296) 25 Oct 10, 12:57
    LOL, yes it is, mykl - If the govt. wishes to financially relieve industries "um Arbeitsplätze zu sichern" - OK - but then, in a "democracy" everyone should have the priviledge of cotnributing their money to said "cause"...they could start picking on the "Trinker" :-))
    #128AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 25 Oct 10, 13:02
    Oh, isn’t it nice to get angry
    Isn’t it fun to be mad
    We shout and we scream
    And let off lots of steam
    We’d rather be angry than glad

    Oh, isn’t it nice to get angry
    To rant till we’re red in the face
    We jump and we rage
    Like an actor onstage
    From humour there’s rather no trace

    Oh, isn’t it nice to get angry
    The blood pressure soaring aloft
    The heart rate doth rise
    And tears run from eyes
    Being angry is not for the soft

    Oh, isn’t it nice to get angry
    Now, what was the reason again??
    The same as before
    Nothing less, nothing more
    Just to give anger its reign
    #129Authormykl (442296) 25 Oct 10, 14:49
    Lovely, mykl !! Did you write this poem??? :-)
    #130AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 25 Oct 10, 14:53
    Yep, just now. A 10 minute wonder *ggg*
    #131Authormykl (442296) 25 Oct 10, 15:04
    I thought I recognized the author :-)) I could be much more glad, if the "Wirtschaft" hadn't restructured my second-to-last position away, and bailed out those responsible for the loss of my last position :-))
    #132AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 25 Oct 10, 15:11
    Carly, I 'blow my top' about 30 times a day, but then it's over and done with in a couple of minutes. If you were to ask me a few hours later as to why i'd gotten angry I probably wouldn't be able to tell you.
    #133Authormykl (442296) 25 Oct 10, 15:18
    ;-)) Well, I'm not usually one to blow my top, but the govt. has contributed greatly to increasing my blood pressure from about 90/60 to 120/60 over the past couple of weeks - OHHHH, I KNOW they want to not only relieve the industry, but my low blood pressure, too :-)
    #134AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 25 Oct 10, 15:26
    It's no worse here than in other countries Carly and a lot lot better than lots of others.
    #135Authormykl (442296) 25 Oct 10, 15:32
    *nase reinsteck*

    Nice a Yorkie allowed to write Limericks?
    All the best wishes from me, baby and the dogs..
    #136AuthorWaringham (384862) 25 Oct 10, 16:46
    Hi Wari, I thought the form looked/sounded familiar *gg* A proper yorkshireman can tell Chuck Norris to sling 'is 'ook 'an bugger off...........................and he will. *gg* Best wishes to all back.
    #137Authormykl (442296) 25 Oct 10, 16:51
    So, Feierabend! Bis bald! *wink*
    #138AuthorMafi (236280) 25 Oct 10, 17:37
    Good morning people, a very happy Tuesday to one and all.
    #139Authormykl (442296) 26 Oct 10, 08:51
    Moin, all!

    Uiuiui - schön leer hier!

    Carly, tröste Dich damit: Du bist Teil eines großen Plans:
    "Konzept für eine positive Entwicklung der Tabaksteuer“.
    #140AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 26 Oct 10, 13:01
    Moin, All!

    Emil, was mich fast noch MEHR aufgeregt hat, ist die Aussage "...als AUSGLEICH dafür..." - eigentlich bekommt man ein Ausgleich, wenn man SELBST etwas hergegeben hat. Tja, und die Tatsache, daß wir bereits dafür auserwählt wurden, die Anti-Terror-Paket zu bezahlen...und sich selbst die "Diäten" zu erhöhen, ist KEIN Beitrag leisten :-)) Sun's shining, I've ranted and raved enough for today. Perhaps "us smokers" should insist on the industries providing us with a job, as "Ausgleich" that we're paying their Ökostromsteuer.
    #141AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 26 Oct 10, 13:09
    AUSGLEICH - ja, und Abgeordnete erhaten für ihre Tätigkeit eine Entschädigung ...
    #142AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 26 Oct 10, 15:25
    AUSGLEICH - ja, und Abgeordnete erhalten für ihre Tätigkeit eine Entschädigung ...

    edit: Ich hab's geahnt! Entschuldigung!
    #143AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 26 Oct 10, 15:26
    Hi Emil and Carly *waves*

    Somethings need saying twice, don't they. :)

    A busy busy day again today. I'm not finished yet, but I'll take this breather as a chance to wish everyone a pleasant evening. Till the morn. :)
    #144Authormykl (442296) 26 Oct 10, 16:08
    Ja, Emil - und ihre "Diät = Maßhalten" - sie schmiessen die Arbeit nieder, und werden weiterhin für nichts tun ihr VOLLES "Entschädigung" auf X-Monate weiter bezahlt. Sie haben wohl noch nie davon gehört, daß Ottonormalo muß sogar beim betriebsbedingte Kündigung auf Wiedereinstellung klagen, und beim hinschmeisen eine Sperre für mindestens 6 Montae erhält. Ach neeee, ich will mich nicht schon wieder aufregen.

    My mother saw bunches of cranes fly over the Taunus Mountains today.
    #145AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 26 Oct 10, 18:39
    We had some 300 cranes yesterday and two similarly sized groups today.
    Soon, they will enjoy a 4-month vacation in the Extremadura feasting on acorns.
    Who would not love to join them!
    #146AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 26 Oct 10, 20:42
    Emil, I no longer live in their flight path and really MISS seeing them!! But, until I can afford to move back down into the valley, I also enjoy observing the falcons/birds of prey surveying their hunting grounds - especially since I do NOT see them actually get the poor mouse/rabbit!
    #147AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 26 Oct 10, 23:20
    Good morning people, a very happy Wednesday to one and all. The only cranes we see here are on buiding sites. :(
    #148Authormykl (442296) 27 Oct 10, 08:40

    mykl :-)))

    Parallel to "Ausgleich" - heard another extremely inappropriately worded statement in view of the upcoming "Flugsteuer"...somit wird die Regierung bis 2015? im Rahmen der Haushalts-Sanierung X-Milliarden "einsparen"...einsparen?? SO möchte auch ich einsparen können!!
    #149AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 27 Oct 10, 12:54
    Hi Carly, watch out for your blood pressure, there's sure to be more to the 'Sparpacket' in the coming months.
    #150Authormykl (442296) 27 Oct 10, 13:03
    mykl, My blood pressure is so low that when I had a 7-week stay in the hospital years ago, the drs./nurses nicknamed me the "Scheintote" :-))
    #151AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 27 Oct 10, 13:09
    Moin, all!

    Scheintote - ja, mit so ein bißchen Humor wird der Krankenhausalltag
    gleich viel erträglicher.

    Hat nicht gerade jemand vorgeschlagen, man sollte die Alkoholsteuer erhöhen,
    damit die Flugsteuer nicht erhoben werden muss?
    #152AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 27 Oct 10, 14:22
    Hi Wari, but I drink more often than I fly. :(
    #153Authormykl (442296) 27 Oct 10, 15:02
    Been drinking lately, mykl? I can't see Wari anywhere...

    #154AuthorGaleazzo (259943) 27 Oct 10, 15:07
    *Deep sigh*

    *hangs head* Sorry Emil, hi Emil

    I wish I had, we've had a room full of Azubis for the last two hours - 'orrible.
    #155Authormykl (442296) 27 Oct 10, 15:15
    Oha, das muss schlimm gewesen sein!
    #156AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 27 Oct 10, 17:39
    Good morning people, a very happy Thursday to one and all. It is/was Emil, there are 20 odd Azubis trying not to yawn and fall asleep,( 'cause it's not very exciting watching someone watching 14 monitors) and we're supposed to keep them amused/interested for 2 to 3 hours. *sigh* It always feels like about 20 to 30 hours by the time they've gone.
    #157Authormykl (442296) 28 Oct 10, 09:05
    Moin, all! Hi, mykl!
    Auf der anderen Seite glaube ich aber auch, dass Du kaum um einen coolen Witz verlegen bist, wenn es darum geht, sie wach zu halten, oder?
    #158AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 28 Oct 10, 09:45
    Hi Emil, I have to be very very careful not say sth detrimental to/about the firm when they're here AND we still have our 'work' to do whilst they're here. It's very easy to ignore/forget them, but we're noot really allowed to. So, busy busy, busy, bis later maybe.
    #159Authormykl (442296) 28 Oct 10, 09:57
    Hi, All!

    mykl, I thought Azubis were assigned to a dept. and then trained to do some work :-)
    #160AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 28 Oct 10, 11:47
    Good morning people, a very happy Friday to one and all. Errm, in reading back I see that I forgot to mention that they weren't 'our' Azubis. I think the Handelskammer arranged the visit, they're here quite often (relatively speaking).
    #161Authormykl (442296) 29 Oct 10, 08:33
    Morning, my dears.
    Brilliant blue skyes, golden leaves and sunshine to rival any summer's sun. Lovely. Ice-cold, though.
    #162Authoreasy (238884) 29 Oct 10, 10:26
    Hi Isi, *waves* I can report that it's bright sunny and cold here too in my little bit of NRW. :=)
    #163Authormykl (442296) 29 Oct 10, 10:39
    Moin, all!
    Tolles Sonnenwetter auch hier!
    Allerdings ist noch nicht entschieden, ob ich jetzt 'ne Erkältung kriege oder nicht.
    #164AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 29 Oct 10, 11:40
    Moin, All!

    Same here, though when I got up at about 8:30 the world outside was dreary, indeed - 10 minutes later, the sun had overcome the fog :-)

    Emil, das frage ich mich auch seit einige Tagen - alle Symptome vorhanden, abgesehen von: Ich fühle mich krank :-))

    I've got 4 little witches coming over on Sunday, soooooo, should a cold be on its way, please Great Pumpkin, let it wait until Monday :-))
    #165AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 29 Oct 10, 11:51
    Hi Carly and Emil *waves* it's turned out to be a pleasantly 'warm' day today. Carly, rather you than me. :)) Here's some amazing 'halloween' art...
    #166Authormykl (442296) 29 Oct 10, 12:21
    THHHHHAAAAAANKKKKKS, mykl!! Now I can peacefully go wash my windows...that person would try the patience of Job!!

    Edith - I hadn't seen your Halloween art! Wonder how he manages that?? I'm THRILLED when I finally get my Jack-o-latern "deseeded" and a rudimentary face carved - as in: two triangles for eyes, one for nose, and a smile with two to three teeth :-))
    #167AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 29 Oct 10, 15:15
    Carly you're welcome, I couldn't look at the thread anymore. I really can't see why people answer his threads anyway, treat him as a troll and maybe he'll go annoy someone else. Apart from that this is an open forum which means even people like Opine can 'contribute'. Carving pumpkins may get easier after studying and teaching art for half your life. :)
    #168Authormykl (442296) 29 Oct 10, 15:46
    THHHHHAAAAAANKKKKKS, mykl!! Now I can peacefully ...
    Carly you're welcome, ...

    Ich hatte erst gar nicht verstanden, worüber Ihr beide redet, und habe den Faden erst heute abend über Umwege gefunden. Ich war wohl zu viel unterwegs die letzten Tage (Gestern hatte mein Auto TÜV, heute hatte ich Prüfung - alle haben bestanden.).
    Ich habe auch schon mal ein, zwei vernünftige Sätze mit opine gewechselt, aber die Stimmung ist immer etwas wackelig. Na ja, jedenfalls bekommst Du, Carly, für das "peacefully" in dem Zusammenhang ein (-:

    #169AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 29 Oct 10, 21:45
    oooooooooooooooooh, alcohol on top of ibuprofen and tetrazepame. Not good.
    WILL you stop swimming away, keyboard!
    Goodnight, sweet outer-eaters.
    #170Authoreasy (238884) 29 Oct 10, 23:01
    Good night & take care, easy.
    #171AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 29 Oct 10, 23:08
    easy, Night-night - are you still sick???

    Emil, was für eine Prüfung? Ich hätte gedacht, Du erteilst sie :-)) Yeah, most of my windows are now freshly washed, and the PEACE of the (non-opine) world can shine through :-))
    #172AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 29 Oct 10, 23:22
    Ja, stimmt, Carly. Das Auto wurde geprüft, und ich habe geprüft.

    edít: Sagt mal, findet Ihr es seltsam, wenn mich das "(--••• •••--)" aus dem Fadentitel immer an eine Ninja Turtle mit Badebrille erinnert?
    #173AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 30 Oct 10, 00:13
    Lol! Jetzt wo Du es sagst, Emil. Nee, nicht seltsam. Ich sehs jetzt auch!

    Carly, ich hab ne neue Matratze, weil meine alte mir immer Rückenschmerzen verursacht hat und eh uralt war. Mit dem Ergebnis, dass sich meine Schulter/Nackenmuskulatur in rigormortisähnlichen Streik begeben hat.

    Dafür hock ich grad wieder auffe Arbeit und warte... warte... warte...
    #174Authoreasy (238884) 30 Oct 10, 09:35
    Hi, All!

    Same here, Emil - yep, most definitely a Ninja Turtle :-))

    easy, I wish God had invented bone lubrication :-)) About 3 months ago, I slept in my granddaughter's bunk bed when babysitting, because her friend was spending the night, and they had the guestroom double bed. Felt rather silly in a "Princess Lillyfee" pink bed, BUT she had the most wonderful mattress, which somehow supported all the achy spots :-))
    #175AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 30 Oct 10, 13:28
    Wünsche Euch allen ein wunderschönes Herbstwochenende. Morgen ist Taufe, daher ist heute Putztag, damit morgen alles schön glänzt..
    #176AuthorWaringham (384862) 30 Oct 10, 14:29
    LOL! Hi, Wari - good reason to clean house, though, with a baby at home, it's soooooooooo hard to find the time to do so :-)) I'm in the midst of house-cleaning, too, since my little witches will be here tomorrow. Just finished concocting a ghost for the dark living room corner :-) Now off to carve my pumpkin!

    Edith: And, congratulations!!
    #177AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 30 Oct 10, 15:29
    Lol, WAS für ein Datum für eine Taufe, Wari. Viel Spaß!
    Ich werde an euch denken heute :-*

    Happy Beltane everybody. Blessed be!
    #178Authoreasy (238884) 31 Oct 10, 14:39
    Happy Halloween, easy - das mit der Datum der Taufe habe ich mir auch gedacht - gotta get a move on, my witches will soon arrive...everything's ready except for the finishing touches, as in heating oven to pop in "ghost-shaped" Smileys von McCains, heat succotash and toast bread for bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwiches.
    #179AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 31 Oct 10, 15:57

    easy: Na, wenn ich nicht daran glaube, wer dann?? ^_^

    Taufe war schön (ev), Essen lecker (mediterran), Feier wild -konnte mein Kind vor lauter Weibern (2 Omas, 2 Tanten, 5 Cousinen) gar nicht sehen. Abends war er fertig mit den Nerven, aber tagsüber hat er wacker durchgehalten..
    Heute geht's wieder zum Babayschwimmen, neuer Kurs-neue Zeit..mal sehen.

    Schönen Tag Euch allen!
    #180AuthorWaringham (384862) 01 Nov 10, 07:21
    Moin all!

    Na, alle weggezaubert außer Waringham (ev.)?
    #181AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 01 Nov 10, 12:53
    Das haben Halloween, Allerheiligen, Beltane und Reformationstag so an sich..
    Einige Bundesländer (u.a. NRW) haben heute Feiertag, Emil..

    Ja, Warison und sein Papa sind evangelisch-lutherisch, ich bin (und bleibe) rk (römisch-katholisch)..nicht zu verwechseln mit griechisch-römisch..

    Schönen Resttag..Heute ist es aber gar novemberlich draußen..
    #182AuthorWaringham (384862) 01 Nov 10, 16:09
    Ja, das ist wohl die Erklärung, an die ich natürlich überhaupt nicht gedacht habe.
    Danke gleichfalls. Wir hatten allerdings auch etwas Sonne heute.
    Aber jetzt macht sich so ein Erbsensuppennebel breit ...
    Huh, huh!
    #183AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 01 Nov 10, 16:28
    Hi, All!

    Sonne schon, aber EISKALT brrrrrrr. Hatte gerüchteweise gehört, daß eine Fa. hier Vorort Bedarf an Mitarbeiter mit sehr gutem Englisch hätten. Heute morgen angerufen, die Dame JA, hätten sie, und ich verbinde Sie mit Herrn X. Herr X war nicht am Platz, ich möchte bitte gegen 15:00 anrufen. Total gefreut. Mein Gespräch:

    Schön guten Tag Herr X. Carly, hier. Ich habe gehört, Sie suchten MA mit Englisch. Sehr barsch: Nein, momentan nicht, Aufwiederhören. Hörer aufgeknallt. Ob Herr X ein schlechten Tag gehabt hat??

    #184AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 01 Nov 10, 16:54
    Nicht ärgern, Carly, nur wundern!
    Vielleicht hatte er nur eine schlechte Viertelstunde ...
    #185AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 01 Nov 10, 20:56
    Good morning people, avery happy Tuesday to one and all. Wari, I think it was a very appropriate day for a 'christening'. :)
    #186Authormykl (442296) 02 Nov 10, 07:06
    Guten Morgen!

    #187AuthorMafi (236280) 02 Nov 10, 09:35
    Good morning Mafi *waves*
    #188Authormykl (442296) 02 Nov 10, 10:33
    Good morning, Mafi and mykl!
    Grey, grey!
    #189AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 02 Nov 10, 10:36
    Hi Emil, about the same here too. It started out foggy, but now it's just grey grey.
    #190Authormykl (442296) 02 Nov 10, 10:46
    Hi, All! Yucky here, too. And Kimmy-cat's still on summertime - thinks Mommy ought to get up at about 6 pm, play catfood bowl, and let her out :-)
    #191AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 02 Nov 10, 10:52
    Hihi, das denken unsere drei Tiger trotz Sommerzeit! Da spart man sich fast den Wecker.
    Aber durch konsequentes Liegenbleiben meinerseits meine ich, dass sie sich langsam daran gewöhnen erst um 7 Futter zu kriegen. Zumindest wecken sie mich nicht mehr ganz so früh...
    #192AuthorMafi (236280) 02 Nov 10, 11:15
    Mafi, liegen bleiben tue ich auch :-)) Ab und zu MUß ich ihr doch zeigen, wer Frau im Haus ist :-)
    #193AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 02 Nov 10, 11:19
    Hi Carly, all cats KNOW that they're the boss in any house. *gg*
    #194Authormykl (442296) 02 Nov 10, 11:53
    Hi, mykl, Ain't that the truth!! :-)) It only takes them a mere hour or so, to have perfectly trained us humans :-)
    #195AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 02 Nov 10, 12:01
    My 'lost' cat never turned up again, but I did save the family some money - from not needing cat food.
    #196Authormykl (442296) 02 Nov 10, 12:23
    mykl, Did it show up at the family's house?? Or never returned?
    #197AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 02 Nov 10, 12:25
    Gone, vanished, done a runner, gone walkabout, disappeared, no longer at home *shrugs* auf nimmerwiedersehen
    #198Authormykl (442296) 02 Nov 10, 12:36
    AWWWWW, mykl, I DO hope the family didn't try to blame you!!
    #199AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 02 Nov 10, 13:16
    *chuckle* No Carly, no blame attatched. I was there for a meal yesterday and if anyone is/was apportioning blame no-one said anything to me. :) 3 out of 4 house animals were still there though, that's not a bad average. The 3 chickens are too stupid to run off and fend for themselves although they could whenever they wanted. :)
    #200Authormykl (442296) 02 Nov 10, 13:22
    Ich mache mich auf den Heimweg. Bis demnächst!
    #201AuthorMafi (236280) 02 Nov 10, 17:28
    Good morning people, a very happy Wednesday to one and all,
    #202Authormykl (442296) 03 Nov 10, 05:56
    Morning all !

    "I was there for a meal yesterday" I wonder what they did with the left over cat food now their cats gone ? Often get invited round for a meal there Mykl ?? :-)
    #203AuthorVileness fats (241697) 03 Nov 10, 07:41
    Moin Vf, you've a wicked nasty imagination. *ggg* 'twas chicken.... on the bone so to say and if that was 'disguised' cat food she's got a good future in the catering industry. :=) I'm usually there a few times per month, although not always for a meal.
    #204Authormykl (442296) 03 Nov 10, 07:58
    Moin, all!

    Hmm, Vf, mykl, so früh und schon so lustig?
    #205AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 03 Nov 10, 10:59
    Hi Emil, früh?? It was early as I got up at 4:30. *g*
    #206Authormykl (442296) 03 Nov 10, 11:02
    Hi, All!

    Long time, no see, Vf! They just now interrupted the radio broadcast to state: "Achtung, in BSA ist ein Raubüberfall verübt worden, und die Polizei warnt davor, Anhalter mitzunehmen" Your #203 reminded me of a long-forgotten "incident" - had been divorced for a couple of years, when a new Irish Pub opened up. My children were spending the weekend with their father, sooooooooo I thought I'd go take a look. Met a really NICE (good-looking) Irish guy. Had a bit of trouble understanding just what he was saying at first, but soon got used to his accent. Several hours later, said I needed to be heading home, and he asked me whether I would like to come to his apartment for lunch tomorrow afternoon - he'd made up a GREAT recipe for Irish stew - Purina dog food, and some carrots and potatoes :-)))) Needless to say, I did NOT accept his invitation...

    #207AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 03 Nov 10, 11:35
    Good morning people, a very happy Thursday to one and all.
    #208Authormykl (442296) 04 Nov 10, 05:57
    Good morning!

    It would be a happier Thursday if it didn't rain so much...
    #209Authordragonfly70 (672923) 04 Nov 10, 09:48
    Hi Libby, *waves* long time no read. I would have though you were used to it by now. Look on the 'bright' side, if it's raining it's not foggy. :=)
    #210Authormykl (442296) 04 Nov 10, 10:12
    Hi mykl! *waves back*
    There is no real 'bright' side, I have all my lights on in the house... ;-)

    It's true, I hadn't much time for Leo the last few weeks.. :-(
    Actually, I don't have time for it now, but I really missed you! ;-)
    #211Authordragonfly70 (672923) 04 Nov 10, 10:25
    Moin all!
    Hi, mykl and Libelle!
    ... if it's raining it's not foggy. - Eine tolle Regel! Auch aus Yorkshire?
    Und sie gilt ja auch umgekehrt!
    #212AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 04 Nov 10, 11:05
    Hi Emil! *wink*

    But sometimes there's not much difference between fog and rain... at least the result is the same: you will get wet if you go outside! ;-)
    #213Authordragonfly70 (672923) 04 Nov 10, 11:16
    Hi Emil,it's not just the Germans that have Bauernregeln. :=)

    Well spotted Libby. *gg*
    #214Authormykl (442296) 04 Nov 10, 11:52
    Thanks, mykl, sometimes I'm very good at noticing obvious things. ;-)
    #215Authordragonfly70 (672923) 04 Nov 10, 12:06
    Strange, not everyone is. They did a sort of weird experiment in an America town. They dressed people up in grotesquely outrageous costumes and let them loose in the shopping mall. After a couple of minutes they asked loads of people who'd been shopping or drinking coffee or whatever if they'd noticed anything/anyone out of the ordinary. Less than 10% had 'noticed' that these costumed people had been amongst them. :)
    The police ran the 'experiment' to show that eye witnesses aren't always as reliable as people would think.
    #216Authormykl (442296) 04 Nov 10, 12:13
    Nice story... I guess I wouldn't be at all a good eyewitness myself. I probably wouldn't be able to tell how someone who passed me was dressed or how tall he/she was or which eye or hair colour he/she had... :-(
    #217Authordragonfly70 (672923) 04 Nov 10, 12:40
    Yeah, but these poeople were dressed really really wierdly as 7ft clowns with green hair or as white sharks. These were not your average Mr and Mrs Schmidt doing the weekend shopping with the kids. :=)
    #218Authormykl (442296) 04 Nov 10, 12:44
    Ok, in that case I might have noticed them! *gg*

    Now I have to do something useful... I once again spent too much time here! ;-)
    See you!
    #219Authordragonfly70 (672923) 04 Nov 10, 12:48
    Hi, All!

    mykl, Did they perhaps "experiment" on Halloween :-)) ??

    Yucky weather here, too, soooo what else is new :-)
    #220AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 04 Nov 10, 13:07
    Hi Carly, it started raining on my way home yesterday and it's still raining happily.
    #221Authormykl (442296) 04 Nov 10, 13:16
    So! Home time again. I wish everyone a pleasant day, have fun and may your Gods go with you. Till the morn.
    #222Authormykl (442296) 04 Nov 10, 13:44
    Byyyeeeee, mykl - Hope you get a dry run home!
    #223AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 04 Nov 10, 13:48
    Gute Heimfahrt, mykl!

    (Ich muss auch gleich los, wenn auch im Auto, und ich ... ah bäh!)
    #224AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 04 Nov 10, 14:07
    Good morning people, a very happy Friday to one and all. *sigh* It's wet 'n' windy again. :(
    #225Authormykl (442296) 05 Nov 10, 05:55
    Fünfter Elfter Fünf Uhr Fünfundfünfzig, myklchen. Gutes Timing ;)
    Wünscht man sich einen Happy Guy Fawkes Day? Hello everybodsy.
    Sunny here. Nice.
    #226Authoreasy (238884) 05 Nov 10, 08:25
    Moin Isi *chuckle* I hadn't noticed the time and I'd forgotten that it's Guy Fawkes day today. I've probably been away from the green and peasant land too long. :)
    #227Authormykl (442296) 05 Nov 10, 08:32
    Moin all!
    ... the Gun Powder Plot should never be forgot.
    #228AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 05 Nov 10, 09:46
    G'day Emil, if I had my way it would be compulsory EVERY year to try and blow up that useless load of millionaires (or the last load of useless millionaires).
    #229Authormykl (442296) 05 Nov 10, 09:55
    I rarely forget the fifth of November :)
    But then we used to have British soldiers in Krefeld and always a good view from our house, enjoying the fireworks...
    #230Authoreasy (238884) 05 Nov 10, 10:29
    *ponder* Do the Brits have fireworks for the new year?? They didn't used to have, but things change.
    #231Authormykl (442296) 05 Nov 10, 10:35
    The Scottish do ;)
    #232Authoreasy (238884) 05 Nov 10, 10:37
    I know there are public shows/displays (or whatever one calls fireworks), but can the general public actually buy fireworks for new year/hogmanay ??
    #233Authormykl (442296) 05 Nov 10, 10:43
    Moin moin
    It´s catching on in the UK although you can´t buy them in the supermarkets as you can here, that only happens on Guy Fawkes day.
    I ususaly spend New year in the UK and have seen a few of the displays they put on at the London eye (very impressive, but really crowded).
    #234AuthorVileness fats (241697) 05 Nov 10, 10:47
    Hi Vf, I can usually find sth better to do than visit the UK for the new year (like washing the carpet or re-painting the cellar) *fg*
    #235Authormykl (442296) 05 Nov 10, 10:56
    Anyway, EVERYBODY knows the New Years starts on November 1st! :)
    #236Authoreasy (238884) 05 Nov 10, 11:17
    *chuckle* maybe everybody that you know Isi. *g*

    *laughs* I just 'dug out' a Pagan calendar to see if today is special for anything....Nov 5th - bonfire night *gg*
    #237Authormykl (442296) 05 Nov 10, 11:31
    So, I've got to do sth before I finish. I wish everyone a pleasant weekend, have fun and may your Gods go with you.
    #238Authormykl (442296) 05 Nov 10, 11:47
    Good morning. I'm off to work :(
    #239Authoreasy (238884) 06 Nov 10, 07:15
    Hier ist das Laub schon fast runter von den Bäumen.
    Herbst passé, der Winter kommt.
    #240AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 06 Nov 10, 12:32

    It's pouring rain here, but not really falling rain, more like "continuous wet" hanging in the air :-)) Trees have deposited tons of leaves in my driveway/doorstoop, but still have many more to "shed" :-) Snow(flakes) forecasted for tomorrow.
    Gotta get back to my latest translation, which is driving me stark raving mad :-)
    #241AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 06 Nov 10, 12:46
    Just got this sent to me and HAD to share :-))

    The Four Cats

    Four men were bragging about how smart their cats were.

    The first man was an Engineer,
    The second man was an Accountant,
    The third man was a Chemist, and
    The fourth man was a Government Employee.

    To show off, the Engineer called his cat, "T-square, do your stuff."

    T-square pranced over to the desk, took out some paper and pen and promptly drew a circle, a square, and a triangle.
    Everyone agreed that was pretty smart.

    But the Accountant said his cat could do better. He called his cat and said, "Spreadsheet, do your stuff."

    Spreadsheet went out to the kitchen and returned with a dozen cookies. He divided them into 4 equal piles of 3 cookies.

    Everyone agreed that was good.

    But the Chemist said his cat could do better. He called his cat and said, "Measure, do your stuff."

    Measure got up, walked to the fridge, took out a quart of milk, got a 10 ounce glass from the cupboard and poured

    Exactly 8 ounces without spilling a drop into the glass.
    Everyone agreed that was pretty good.

    Then the three men turned to the Government Employee and said, "What can your cat do?"

    The Government Employee called his cat and said, "CoffeeBreak, do your stuff."

    CoffeeBreak jumped to his feet.......

    Ate the cookies........
    Drank the milk......
    Pood on the paper.......

    Screwed the other three cats........

    Claimed he injured his back while doing so.

    Filed a grievance report for unsafe working conditions......

    Put in for Workers Compensation..................and

    Went home for the rest of the day on sick leave............


    #242AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 06 Nov 10, 13:53

    But the chemist could have come up with a better name for his cat, couldn't he? I would have named it "Aldehyde" or "Beaker" or "Rotovap" or something.
    #243Authorhermarphromoose (169674) 06 Nov 10, 14:09
    Yeah, hermi, the chemist had no imagination - Beaker would have been a much better name :-))
    #244AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 06 Nov 10, 14:18
    So, ich bin dann mal bis Montag weg.
    Schönes Restwochenende allerseits!
    #245AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 06 Nov 10, 15:13
    Foto von letztem Sonntag:

    Liebste Grüße!
    #246AuthorWaringham (384862) 07 Nov 10, 12:45
    ACHHHHHH wie süß!!! Had Warison already changed into something more comfortable? :-))
    #247AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 07 Nov 10, 12:50
    Carly: As we don't have any family heirloom to wear at a christening, I decided to buy nothing fancy, just a real boy's outfit. He's actually really cute in those trousers, really adorable.. I have to admit it: I'm in love!
    #248AuthorWaringham (384862) 07 Nov 10, 19:15
    Wari, I could have lent you mine that my mother made for my daughter - BUT, Warison is big for his age :-)) Yes he did, absolutely adorable!!!
    #249AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 07 Nov 10, 19:20
    Good morning people, a very happy Monday to one and all. His Lordship is growing quickly Wari, in a few years I wonder who'll be carrying who?? *gg*
    #250Authormykl (442296) 08 Nov 10, 08:29
    Good morning all!

    Very nice, Wari! :-) I don't like these Taufkleidchen at all... So my children didn't wear them either, but some 'normal' clothes. :-)
    And my youngest daughter still has to be christened, somehow we haven't managed to find the right time for it so far...

    mykl, some years of experience showed me that they insist quite a long time on being carried... ;-)

    So, I have some things to do... wish you a nice day!
    #251Authordragonfly70 (672923) 08 Nov 10, 09:22
    Hi/bye Libby, have fun. :)
    #252Authormykl (442296) 08 Nov 10, 09:24
    I didn't get baptised until I was 21. Got VERY tickled reading about the christening ceremony - paraphrased: Der Vater trägt das NACKTE Kind zum Altar :-)))
    #253AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 08 Nov 10, 10:47
    Time to go home again. :) I wish everyone a pleasant evening, have fun and may your Gods go with you.
    #254Authormykl (442296) 08 Nov 10, 16:46
    Good morning, ihr Lieben!

    Wake up
    #255Authordragonfly70 (672923) 09 Nov 10, 07:07
    Good morning people, a very happy Tuesday to one and all. Hi Libby, the nymphlinge have got you up an' at 'em early this morning. :=)
    #256Authormykl (442296) 09 Nov 10, 08:12
    Hi mykl *waves*, true, but now they're all in school and kindergarten, so I've had a little time for breakfast and Leo. :-)

    But it's always the same with Leo, once I'm logged in I read in this and that thread, sometimes write a posting, and schwupp two hours have gone by! ;-(
    So I probably won't be able to stay very much longer... just a little bit! ;-)
    #257Authordragonfly70 (672923) 09 Nov 10, 08:44
    *smiles* True, that's the main reason I limit my Leoing to 'work' time. :) *sigh* I've only got a little while too, then I've got to do sth.
    #258Authormykl (442296) 09 Nov 10, 08:48
    Guten Morgen!
    #259AuthorMafi (236280) 09 Nov 10, 09:00
    Guten Morgen, Mafi!
    And good work, mykl!

    *sigh* I've got to do something as well...
    #260Authordragonfly70 (672923) 09 Nov 10, 09:14
    So, another day draws to a close. I wish everyone a pleasant evening, have fun and may your Gods go with you.
    #261Authormykl (442296) 09 Nov 10, 17:01
    Ich mache mich auch gleich auf den Heimweg. Bis demnächst!
    #262AuthorMafi (236280) 09 Nov 10, 17:24
    I just noticed I left the computer switched on the whole night...
    Obviously I was too tired to switch it off before I went to bed yesterday. ;-)

    Deshalb jetzt ein schnelles Good morning bevor ich dem armen Rechner etwas Ruhe gönne...

    #263Authordragonfly70 (672923) 10 Nov 10, 07:43
    Good morning people, a very happy Wednesday to one and all. Libby your computer will survive, it's not as if it was working. :) I try to remember to switch off at home, but here at work the computers are only switched off about once or twice a year.
    #264Authormykl (442296) 10 Nov 10, 08:12
    Moin Leute!
    Hier ist mal wieder November ...
    #265AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 10 Nov 10, 12:21
    Hi Emil, it's November in a lot of other places too. :)
    #266Authormykl (442296) 10 Nov 10, 12:25
    Melde: hier ist auch November! ;-)
    #267Authordragonfly70 (672923) 10 Nov 10, 20:06
    Good morning people, a very happy Thursday to one and all.
    #268Authormykl (442296) 11 Nov 10, 08:09
    Morning, All!

    There's a strange yellow ball hanging in some kind of blue air, outside...and I can see without turning on the I still sleeping??
    #269AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Nov 10, 08:41
    Hi Carly *laughs* we've got one here too....very strange. :)
    #270Authormykl (442296) 11 Nov 10, 08:45
    Good morning all!
    No yellow ball here... :-(
    And all the lights on...
    #271Authordragonfly70 (672923) 11 Nov 10, 08:46
    Moin moin Libby, maybe you'll get one of your own later on.
    #272Authormykl (442296) 11 Nov 10, 08:52
    Hi mykl, it doesnt look like it at the moment. :-(
    But you never know...
    #273Authordragonfly70 (672923) 11 Nov 10, 08:58
    And I just realized that I got married 32 years ago, today.
    #274AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Nov 10, 09:00
    Moin all!
    Hier ist der elfte elfte.
    Wohnst Du schon in einer Karnevalsgegend, mykl?
    #275AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 11 Nov 10, 10:17
    Moin, Emil!
    Tja, wir wohnten anno damals in einer Karneval/Faschinggegend hoch drei - der 11:11 Termin war bereits vergeben, also mußten wir uns mit 11:30 begnügen :-)
    #276AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Nov 10, 10:34
    Hi Emil, luckily no. :) but nethertheless we've still got a load of narren here.
    #277Authormykl (442296) 11 Nov 10, 12:31
    So people, I've got to start and put the toys away for another day. I wish everyone a pleasant evening, have fun and may your Gods go with you.
    #278Authormykl (442296) 11 Nov 10, 16:46
    Byyyyeee, mykl - Hope you do NOT get blown off course on your bike home !!
    #279AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Nov 10, 16:50
    Byyyyeee, mykl - Hope you do NOT get blown off course on your bike home !!
    #280AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 11 Nov 10, 16:53
    Bye, mykl!
    #281Authordragonfly70 (672923) 11 Nov 10, 16:59
    Good morning people, a very happy Friday to one and all.
    #282Authormykl (442296) 12 Nov 10, 08:11
    Good morning mykl! *waves*

    Current state outside: dark, wet, cold, stormy, still no yellow ball... Hmpf!
    #283Authordragonfly70 (672923) 12 Nov 10, 08:27
    Good morning!

    Where I live it's: light gray, reasonable warm (9°C), stormy, no yellow ball yet
    But the wind was stronger in the evening yesterday. Nearly blew things off the balcony. It calmed down a bit by now (can you use that phrase for wind?)
    #284AuthorMafi (236280) 12 Nov 10, 09:07
    Hi libby and mafi *waves*

    It has calmed down a bit now...

    Yesterday was NOT bike riding weather. I was very happy when I got home at last and into dry clothing.
    #285Authormykl (442296) 12 Nov 10, 10:47
    Hi, All!

    Horrific winds yesterday evening, and Kimmy-cat finally comprehended that it was better to snuggle down next to Mommy, rather than venturing outdoors :-)) All the lovely autumn-leaf scenery has disappeared - yellow ball is currently shining, but I seriously doubt that it will concur all the clouds in the sky.
    #286AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Nov 10, 11:08
    A sunny storm now! Yesterday night, the storm blew those yellow bags (?) all over the streets, which always reminds me of a deserted Western town.
    #287AuthorEmil 14 (299747) 12 Nov 10, 11:35
    Hi Carly and Emil, yep, we've got the industrialised version of tumble weeds too. :=)

    #288Authormykl (442296) 12 Nov 10, 11:40
    My brain must still be wind(ing)-damaged I spelled conquer wrong :-)) Winds picking up here, too, and my daughter just called to ask whether I couldn't drive down to the valley and let their Irish Wolfhound out into the garden, which entails 6 kms through the Höllental woods...he's now about this size: :-))
    #289AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Nov 10, 11:43
    Uiieeee, big puppy!! :)
    #290Authormykl (442296) 12 Nov 10, 12:40
    Yeah, and big puppy went galloping off down the street before I could grab hold of his collar and lead him the short distance into the garden. He made a sharp turn to the left and when I finally got to the "last seen" position, I found the knee-deep mud road headed uphill into the woods. Luckily, I spotted him about 500 m away, but he didn't give two hoots about obeying my "bei Fuss" calls, nor could he be tempted by the Leckerlis I had pocketed. He took his own sweet time smelling out traces of his friends/enemies. And he's been going to "Hunde-Schule" for at least nine months...stubborn guy!! :-) I did finally manage to get him back home, but it took some doing.
    #291AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Nov 10, 14:13
    Und ich dachte schon, Carly sei auf den hund gekommen. Da bin ich aber jetzt froh :)
    Hi guys. Bald müssen wir umziehen...
    #292Authoreasy (238884) 12 Nov 10, 14:24
    Hi, easy - long time, no see - wie/ wo umziehen?? ACHHH, fadentechnisch umziehen...laughing at myself.
    #293AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Nov 10, 14:27
    Hallo hallo! *kurzreinwink*

    noch jemand hier, den ich kenne? :-)
    #294AuthorFräulein_Dinkel (345673) 12 Nov 10, 14:39
    Huhu! Laaange nicht gesehen!
    Wie geht's denn?
    #295AuthorMafi (236280) 12 Nov 10, 14:43
    Kennen wir uns??? Wo treibst Du Dich sonst rum, Fr. Dinkel? :-)
    #296AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 12 Nov 10, 15:00
    #297Authoreasy (238884) 12 Nov 10, 15:57
    So, Feierabend! Und Wochenende!
    Ich wünsche euch ein schönes. Bis demnächst!
    #298AuthorMafi (236280) 12 Nov 10, 15:57
    I'm building a new home...

    Edit: It's time to move, please follow!
    #299Authordragonfly70 (672923) 12 Nov 10, 20:45
    So, ich wünsche allen ein schönes Wochenende!

    Good night!
    #300Authordragonfly70 (672923) 12 Nov 10, 21:12
    This thread has been closed.
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