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    (hard) disc/disk

    I've just come across the question of how to spell the word disc. Leo says that disc is British English and disk the American variant.

    But thinking about hard disks and compact discs (CDs), I come to believe that I've never read hard disc with a c or compact disk with a k. Does anybody share this opinion? To me, it holds especially true for "hard disk". I'm sure that I have never, ever read it with a c. But how would the British spell it?

    Kindly, Angus
    Author Angus (395412) 20 Oct 10, 12:31
    We discussed this back in '09 to some extend, but without a real outcome.
    The LEO-tag AE/BE may be wrong, nevertheless it seems I did find a number of occurrences for "hard disc" with c.
    related discussion: fixed disk - Festplatte

    #1Authormm (DE)20 Oct 10, 12:40
    ups, "extent" rather than "extend"
    #2Authormm (DE)20 Oct 10, 12:41
    I think you're right. In AE at least, it's

    hard disk
    computer disk/diskette
    disk drive


    compact disc (CD)
    flying disc (Frisbee)

    There are a few other areas where it might go either way; a vertebra, for instance, would be a disc for me, but might be a disk for someone else.
    #3Author hm -- us (236141) 20 Oct 10, 15:14
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