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  • Subject

    Military terms

    Can anyone tell me if the English military terms in the Early Middle Ages were the same as today? I.e. army, infantry, cavalry etc.?
    AuthorEKKE (758364) 15 Aug 11, 23:56
    They definitely didn't have Royal Tank Regiments, The Royal Air Force and The Royal Navy at the time ... ;-)
    They neither had the RLC (Royal Logistics Corps) which used to be RCT (Royal Corps of Transport), etc.
    #1AuthorWolfman (236211) 16 Aug 11, 00:42
    Andererseits sind heutzutage Hobelars oder Skirmishers wohl eher selten anzutreffen...
    #2AuthorDritte_Schicht (804716) 16 Aug 11, 01:35
    SuggestionMilitary terms
    Thank you Wolfman for your revealing comment. Warfare could not have been much fun without tanks and aircraft ;-)

    Dritte Schicht your link is really helpful.

    Thanks to both of you.
    #3AuthorEKKE (758364) 16 Aug 11, 02:02
    Warfare could not have been much fun without tanks and aircraft ;-)

    Ööööhm - Do you really suggest warfare to be fun nowadays..??

    #4Authorsusanne133 (607830) 16 Aug 11, 08:06
    SuggestionMilitary term
    Susanne133 you are a good girl. Haven't you noticed the sarcasm in my words??
    #5AuthorEKKE (758364) 16 Aug 11, 09:41
    Sorry - seemed to have missed that... :-)
    #6Authorsusanne133 (607830) 16 Aug 11, 10:47
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