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  • Subject

    patch kit (bicycling)

    Also known as an inner tube repair kit.
    Need to buy one of these and just wondering what I need to ask for when I go to the bike shop.
    Author hermarphromoose (169674) 27 Apr 12, 09:19
    #1Authorcodero (790632) 27 Apr 12, 09:20
    dude, Thought you were from the border of driftless meets glaciated, so ... I think you are searching for German?
    #2Authorcryme (795004) 27 Apr 12, 09:20
    Man, I'm sorry! I get so used to posting in Englisch gesucht for my translations that it's force of habit. :-/

    Thanks for the answer!
    #3Author hermarphromoose (169674) 27 Apr 12, 09:27
    It's off topic, but I highly recommend just buying the new inner tube. I'm a staunch anti-patcher. The new inner tube is worth the money. *sirbikesalot*
    #4Authorcryme (795004) 27 Apr 12, 09:38
    @ cryme:
    Das ist kein Widerspruch: Wenn Du im Wald mit deinem Hollandrad 'nen Platten hast, brauchst Du trotzdem Flickzeug. Den Schlauch kannst Du dann getrost zu Hause tauschen.
    #5Author Ludwig (236353) 27 Apr 12, 09:52
    Wenn es kein Hollandrad ist, kann man sich die doppelte Arbeit aber sparen.
    #6Authorcodero (790632) 27 Apr 12, 09:55
    Stimmt auch wieder. Der Kontext wird dadurch klarer. Danke, Ludwig.

    Merke gerade codero sein/ihr Eintrag ... ich sehe es eher so wie codero.

    Kenne mich gar nicht mit "Hollandrad" aus.

    Hermarphromoose, worum geht's? Enquiring/Inquiring minds want to know ...

    Don't leave us with a flat. Which inner tubes and/or tires do you use?
    #7Authorcryme (795004) 27 Apr 12, 10:00
    With these old-fashioned "roadster" bikes, it is a pain to remove the rear wheel.
    That's why it often makes sense to try and patch the inner tube by just drawing it out to the side.
    #8Authorcodero (790632) 27 Apr 12, 10:07
    It makes sense on paper. I guess it just depends (up)on the radius of cycling, i.e., if you are a hard-core city biker, trying to get around an urban area, to get to work, or you are a biker who bikes 25-30 miles to get a workout, and it's more of a sport.
    #9Authorcryme (795004) 27 Apr 12, 10:12
    It's actually my daughter's little Laufrad, so getting a new tube would assumedly not be as easy as with a normal-sized tire (and possibly more expensive than would even be worth it? I've never bought a new tube before, either for a regular-sized bike or for a kid's one.).
    #10Author hermarphromoose (169674) 27 Apr 12, 12:07
    In Germany, it is usually possible to buy specialized parts online (eg. through eBay) and at reasonable prices.

    Conversely, it is increasingly difficult to find a well-stocked shop that carries this kind of item.
    But any "Baumarkt" or large supermarket will sell me a puncture repair kit.

    EDIT: This is turning into a "Land und Leute" kind of discussion.
    #11Authorcodero (790632) 27 Apr 12, 12:13
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt