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    Laudatio anlässlich des Ehrendoktorates


    Laudatio anlässlich des Ehrendoktorates

    Wie vermeide ich die Wiederholung von honary, wie in "honary speech on the occasion of the honorary doctorate"?
    Der Rahmen des Ganzen ist, wie man sich denken kann, sehr formal.
    AuthorAlbo (187863) 24 Jun 13, 10:10
    Dictionary: laudatio

    schlägt auch laudation vor
    #1AuthorDragon (238202) 24 Jun 13, 10:23
    ich war nur etwas besorgt, da so ziemlich alle Hinweise auf laudation in Google(US) aus dem europaeischen, nichtenglischen Sprachraum kommen.
    #2AuthorAlbo (187863) 24 Jun 13, 10:55
    Was hältst Du stattdessen hiervon?

    Dictionary: eloge
    #3AuthorDragon (238202) 24 Jun 13, 11:07
    Erinnert das nicht zu stark an Beerdigungen? Die betroffene Person ist 80!
    #4AuthorAlbo (187863) 24 Jun 13, 11:32
    "laudatory speech"?
    #5AuthorDragon (238202) 24 Jun 13, 11:36
    Laudatory speech at the Honorary Doctorate award ceremony.
    #6Authorblowdown (811990) 24 Jun 13, 12:07

    this is an old thread, I know, but I'm in the same place as Albo was in 2013 and others at other times --- I'm a US native speaker living in Germany, translating something into English. A speech honoring the awardee of an honorary prize/award will be given...

    The terms suggested by Leo and in this thread for "Laudatio" just do not sit right yet with my sense of the language -- "eulogy" definitely not (the person is very much alive), and "laudatory speech" sounds odd, and as someone else mentioned seems to be used all over the place in European/German contexts but NOT in native English ones. I'm thinking we don't have a term for that, would just say for example, "S/He's giving a speech praising/honoring the person receiving the honorary award at the ceremony..."

    I'm still feeling around for how best to say it, so if anyone has another idea...

    Maybe blowdown's suggestion here (#6) could work....??

    #7AuthorRebecki (369883) 20 May 22, 17:52

    Warum nicht "A speech honoring ... "

    ... aus #7 ... :-)

    #8Authorno me bré (700807) 20 May 22, 18:56

    "the speech honouring the awardee / the prize winner / the laureate"

    ('the', weil diese Laudatios auf Preisträger, durch namhafte Kollegen, ja vorbereitet werden)

    #9AuthorBraunbärin (757733)  20 May 22, 19:32

    When I've been asked to compose these (for a book prize, for example), they've been referred to (in the singular) as "laudatio." I agree with those who've suggested describing it (#8. #9), but I also think using the term "laudatio" is acceptable. If you google "book prize laudatio" you get a good number of hits.

    #10AuthorLara@ (269134) 22 May 22, 03:02

    "give the laudatio for" sounds ok to me, too. I think I've even heard "give the laudatio address for", which, now that I think about it, is a bit redundant, but I didn't notice at the time. I would favor "address" over "speech" if you use "honoring", I tend to think of "addresses" as more formal in the sense of having a specific role to play in a ceremony.

    #11AuthorAE procrastinator (1268904) 22 May 22, 10:48
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