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  • Subject

    go forever

    Sunset over the field
    Strong tones balance bright colours, sometimes applied unmixed in this vivid autumn scene. I like to paint a scene looking through layers. First there is the gate, then layers of field-edge trees, and an unfocused distance - the scene seems to go forever. The blurred glare provides a focal point, but not a point of focus, so the mind assumes the detail.
    I am not sure if this is the correct forum section.
    It's about watercolouring. I am not sure about the correct meaning.
    Could you please help me . Please say it in English if possible.
    Many thanks.
    Authormegatipp (908281) 13 Feb 16, 15:16
    Are you sure it doesn't say "go on forever"?
    That would mean that the scene has great depth and continues into the distance.
    #1Authorpenguin (236245) 13 Feb 16, 15:24
    Im Original steht tatsächlich  seems to go forever
    edit:Ich habe den Link absichtlich wieder gelöscht, weil die Quellenangabe vielleicht vom  OP nicht gewünscht ist
    #2Authorwienergriessler (925617) 13 Feb 16, 15:27
    I think penguin's explanation works anyway.
    #3AuthorGibson (418762) 13 Feb 16, 15:41
    I agree with penguin and Gibson about the meaning. The effect is that there appears to be no end point, but the scene 'has great depth and continues into the [far] distance." (©penguin)
    #4AuthorRobert -- US (328606) 13 Feb 16, 19:33
    IMO, either version is probably OK.

    Also: "seems to go out forever"

    It might be argued that "goes on forever" implies tediousness.
    #5AuthorHappyWarrior (964133) 13 Feb 16, 20:09
    Support #1, #3, and #4.
    #6AuthorJurist (US) (804041) 13 Feb 16, 20:20
    Re #5. To revise my comments:

    My advice would be for: "seems to go out forever."

    My comment that "goes on forever" might connote tediousness is, I think, wrong--for a painting.

    I see nothing wrong with "seems to go forever."
    #7AuthorHappyWarrior (964133) 13 Feb 16, 20:35
    Many thanks to all !
    #8Authormegatipp (908281) 14 Feb 16, 16:05
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