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  • Subject

    abfahren (Reifen)


    Sie ist sehr viel unterwegs. Die neuen Reifen hat sie schon abgefahren.


    Die Reifen haben nicht mehr genug Profil.

    AuthorMarcBerthe (719078) 24 Jun 22, 12:48

    Bin zwar kein NES, ich würde hier aber "worn out" verwenden. bzw. als Verb "wear out"

    #1Authorm.dietz (780138)  24 Jun 22, 13:00


    #2AuthorMarcBerthe (719078) 24 Jun 22, 13:17

    Leo hätte noch :

    Dictionary: abgefahrener Reifen

     bald tire AE - bald tyre BE         abgefahrener Reifen ...

    #3Authorno me bré (700807) 24 Jun 22, 13:47

    worn down (243076) 24 Jun 22, 14:10

    Ich kenne es ganz ohne Präposition:

    worn tyres

    #5AuthorGibson (418762) 24 Jun 22, 14:18

    Re: bald vs. worn tires

    For me, a bald tire has hardly any (if at all) tread left on it. It's certainly worn, but to a degree far greater than a tire that is worn (down*) to the degree that the tread won't pass some official inspection.

    * I agree with Gibson: The proposition is at least most often not needed (and I'd prefer "worn down" -- which refers to the tread -- to "worn out" -- which could refer to other aspects of the tires, such as the sidewalls beads(?), or whatever else may wear out on a tire).

    #6Authorhbberlin (420040) 24 Jun 22, 14:37

    For what it's worth, I also know "wear the tires bald." May be regional, though; not sure.

    #7Authorredcranes (766941) 24 Jun 22, 14:40
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