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  • Subject

    Austausch - Logo-Platine


    · Lösen Sie die Befestigungsschrauben des Schutzgehäuses der Logo-Platine.

    · Lösen Sie die Steckverbindung der Logo-Platine.

    · Entfernen Sie die 4 Distanzbolzen auf der Logo-Platine



    The context here is a set of instructions for servicing a computer. The section in question talks about replacing the "Logo-Platine". There is even a picture, which shows detail of a PCB (printed circuit board) which is being talked about.

    Question: Does "Logo" in this context actually mean "logic"?

    Would a translation of "Logo-Platine" as "logic board" be fitting?

    Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions!

    Authorsiba (362446) 10 Aug 22, 12:06

    Die Platine, wo das Logo des Herstellers drauf ist?

    #1Author Mattes (236368) 10 Aug 22, 12:11

    Ich bin nicht sicher, ob ich auf der richtigen Fährte bin.

    Es gibt von einem großen deutschen Elektrokonzern eine SPS*, die Logo heißt.

    *SPS = speicherprogrammierbare Steuerung.

    #2Author edoardo_1_4 (1297108) 10 Aug 22, 12:28

    Ist das aus dem Handbuch der "Embedded Box PC 5000" (o.ä.) des Herstellers D. ? Das gibt es im Netz auch auf Englisch ...

    ... dort wird das Ding "logo board" genannt ...

    ... mehr dazu :

    #3Author no me bré (700807)  10 Aug 22, 12:41

    I think I have solved the riddle. I took the picture of the PCB in the instructions and zoomed in on it and it actually says "LOGO LED" on it. So it seems the name "Logo-Platine" in this case doesn't actually have any deeper or hidden meaning; it just refers to what is written in tiny letters on the PCB.

    Thanks for your efforts and suggestions though.

    Next time I will try to examine the available clues more closely before I resort to posting a question in the forum.

    #4Authorsiba (362446) 10 Aug 22, 13:42
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