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  • Subject

    etwas, wodurch ...


    Der deutsche Satz ist:

    "Es ist etwas passiert, wodurch er sein gesamtes Vermögen verloren hat."

    Was ist die beste englische Übersetzung:

    "Something happened resulting from which he lost his entire fortune",

    "Something happened resulting of which he lost his entire fortune"


    "Something happened as a result of which he lost his entire fortune"

    oder etwas anderes?

    Authorvnoetsjka (398946) 05 Dec 22, 18:06

    Something happened which caused him to lose his fortune.

    Or, of your three, only the final alternative is possible; the first two are wrong.

    #1Author Martin--cal (272273)  05 Dec 22, 18:15

    Would it not be a bit more colloquial/idiomatic to say:

    Something happened that made him lose his fortune?

    #2Author RightSaidFred (1322814) 05 Dec 22, 19:34

    Sure, that also works.

    #3Author Martin--cal (272273) 05 Dec 22, 22:30

    I prefer "caused" here, where it's not a simple effect as in "made him leap up in terror" or "made him think again". "To cause" seems to me to fit better with "losing his fortune", which is a slower, more indirect or complex process, and also something that happened to him rather than something that he actively did.

    #4AuthorHecuba - UK (250280)  06 Dec 22, 00:18

    #4 +1

    #5Author CM2DD (236324) 06 Dec 22, 09:53

    Generell, nicht für den Satz im OP: "result in" ist die richtige Präposition.

    #6Author Gibson (418762) 06 Dec 22, 10:39

    #6 Vielleicht so: resulting in him losing his fortune

    #7Author Nirak (264416) 06 Dec 22, 11:34
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