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    derive vs. deduce

    Can someone explain me the difference between those 2 words?

    Leo tells me that both mean "ableiten/herleiten".

    are there any differences when and how they are used?
    VerfasserCrasher30 Aug. 08, 16:21
    almost interchangeable in most instances.
    #1VerfasserKoko30 Aug. 08, 16:32
    I came across that in a Cambridge Advanced Certificate preparation.
    There I have a gap to fill with the word which best fits to the content.

    Unfortunately, they worked on the premise that English grammar is (..) from Latin gramar and that the rule of the latter............

    I have 4 words given:

    come deduced derived traced

    deduced is right in this case but i can't see the difference to derived.
    #2VerfasserCrasher31 Aug. 08, 21:56
    Interesting...I personally would have said derived, as I understand deduce to mean to establish a fact based on given evidence.
    #3Verfasserjamyskis (18367) 31 Aug. 08, 22:01
    Die Anfrage gehört aber ins "Sprachlabor".
    #4VerfasserPhillipp31 Aug. 08, 22:03
    I agree with Jamyskis - 'derive' would definitely been my choice. Are you sure, Crasher?
    #5Verfasser Gibson (418762) 31 Aug. 08, 22:05
    have been my choice, sorry.
    #6Verfasser Gibson (418762) 31 Aug. 08, 22:05
    Zu #2: Schliesse mich der Allgemeniheit an, "derived" ist hier die richtige Antwort.
    #7VerfasserPhillipp31 Aug. 08, 22:07
    Sorry, my fault.

    derived is right in this case.

    But it brought up a nice discussion, there appears to be an important difference..............
    #8VerfasserCrasher01 Sep. 08, 22:49

    Deduce- it is basically a logical term, but in the everyday language also it means that we have a truth which is self evident and from there the conclusion follows... so it is deduce

    Derive.. is mostly based on the reasons... because of such and such reasons ( which could be various) we derive...
    Although this explanation may sound philosophical... i think in its essence it is acceptable...
    #9VerfasserNathan01 Sep. 08, 23:20
    Alright, I see that there is a difference (even though a small one) between deduce and derive. But could anybody tell me when to use "infer", because its translation is similar to deduce and derive.
    #10VerfasserMe18 Mär. 10, 09:27
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