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    English missing

    prepositions are killing me....


    prepositions are killing me....

    Which one is correct?

    We would like to introduce our products on the German market... OR
    We would like to introduce our products to the German market...
    Please native speakers help :-)))
    AuthorMarySue15 Jan 09, 10:58
    bin kein native, aber denke, es heisst "to introduce to".
    #1AuthorAlex15 Jan 09, 11:00
    wenn du aber markteinführung meinst, passt besser "to roll out on the German market"
    #2AuthorAlex15 Jan 09, 11:02
    Suggestionich weiß, dass i.d.R. introduce to richtig ist...
    aber mit Market sieht die Sache etwas anders aus...
    Leider benötige ich genau diese Formulierung, weil eine Schülerin sie so geschrieben hat - ich bin mir nur nicht sicher, ob ich an dieser Stelle verbessern muss...
    #3AuthorMarySue15 Jan 09, 11:05
    oder doch besser "to roll out our products in Germany"
    #4AuthorAlex15 Jan 09, 11:06
    if Google is to be trusted (with a grain of salt, of course) then by far the commonest form is: "introduce to the market" with over 35,000 hits, as against about a thousand for "introduce on the", about 250 for "introduce onto the" and about 750 for "introduce into the"
    #5Authorodondon irl15 Jan 09, 11:11
    Suggestionto introduce to
    Ich würde sagen die zweite Version mit to introduce to market ist eher richtig als die andere
    #6AuthorKimba15 Jan 09, 11:13
    @ MarySue

    Is it not a bit riciculous that you are trying to correct a pupil's work when you yourself aren't even sure what is right or wrong?

    It's all just a lie, isn't it? You stand at the front of the class and pretend to know what you are talking about. Absolutely ridiculous!
    #7AuthorChris15 Jan 09, 11:15
    Die Ähnlichkeit zwischen Chris und Cheek in diesem Faden related discussion: Mitgliederversammlung - #42 ist frappierend. Am besten ignorieren.
    #8Author penguin (236245) 15 Jan 09, 11:17

    boy, I am very sure that I know a lot - and certainly A LOT MORE than my pupils.
    And by the way - I don't know what kind of teachers you know - I never pretend to be perfect... because nobody is - not even a native speaker! So that's why I ask people, because I alwyas try to become a little bit better.

    So, just ask yourself - how much do you know? And do you try to learn more, or are you rather doing it the easy way: just blaming others for your problems ;-)
    #9AuthorMarySue15 Jan 09, 11:29
    Comment are there any natives awake who could help :-)
    #10AuthorMarySue15 Jan 09, 11:34
    MarySue, please don't feed the trolls ....
    #11Author penguin (236245) 15 Jan 09, 11:35
    You don't seem to know very much.

    The only teachers I know or come across are those idiots who use this forum to fill the many holes in their poor knowledge of English.

    By a sheer fluke of luck, I have only minor problems with my post arriving. Otherwise, things are hunky-dorey. Obviously, the same cannot be said of you.

    Glad to hear that you don't pretend to be perfect in front of your students. I think they would quickly realise that you are a fraud, at best.

    #12AuthorChristopher Robin15 Jan 09, 11:35
    Suggestionintroduce ... to the market
    #13Authorincoherent but native15 Jan 09, 11:41
    Thanks - now I understand what you mean :-)
    #14AuthorMarySue15 Jan 09, 11:42
    Mary sue, you introduce sth. to the market in my version of the English language.
    #15Author mykl (442296) 15 Jan 09, 11:47
    Suggestionintroduce onto the market
    #16AuthorKnow-it-all (535391) 15 Jan 09, 11:49
    I think introduce to/into/onto and introduce on are slightly different constructs and both valid.
    'Introduce to' is correct, and I won't delve into this.
    With 'introduce on the market', I think the 'on' does not directly belong to introduce. Like: On the market we observe and introduce products. I know the example is crappy, but generally I think you can say: I am doing something on the market. In introducing something fits into this scheme.

    #17Author wor (335727) 15 Jan 09, 12:08
    She decided that the time was right to introduce her new product onto the market.

    He disagreed, saying that she had missed the right moment to introduce her supposedly new product into the market place.

    She countered his argument by revealing the fact that she had had a meeting with industry experts. She introduced her product to these experts who welcomed such innovation.

    #18AuthorKnow-it-all (535391) 15 Jan 09, 12:13
    @Know-it-all: mir drängt sich der Verdacht auf, daß die Beiträge #7 und #12 aus deiner Feder stammen, kann das sein? Höflichkeit scheint ja nicht gerade zu deinen Stärken zu zählen, und ich vermute, daß du dich auch schon unter anderen (anonymen) Nicks im Ton vergriffen hast. Pluspunkte sammelst du damit nicht hier und ich erwähne an dieser Stelle, daß ich deine Kennung sperren werde, wenn weitere beleidigende Kommentare aus deiner Ecke kommen. Für Differenzen ist genügend Platz in diesem Forum, aber Auseinandersetzungen mögen bitte immer höflich und sachlich geführt werden.
    #19Author Doris (LEO-Team) (33) 15 Jan 09, 13:01
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