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  • Subject

    Duschkabine (AE)

    shower cubicle?
    shower cabin?
    shower stall?
    Ja, ich habe schon alle LEO-Vorschläge und Threads gelesen, bin mir aber nicht so richtig sicher, welcher davon im AE geläufig wäre. Liegt vielleicht auch daran, daß ich mich gar nicht daran erinnern kann, sowas dort jemals gesehen zu haben...

    Also, es geht darum zu betonen, daß es wirklich so ein Ding mit schließbarer Plastiktür ist und nicht einfach nur eine Duschwanne mit Vorhang.

    Danke schonmal!
    AuthorAnna C. (474640) 22 Jan 09, 00:21
    Shower stall is the one in your bathroom at home, if you have a shower separate from the bathtub.

    A cubicle might be one in a row of showers in a common bathroom, like in a gym, a dorm, or a hostel.

    Can't picture anything for a shower cabin except perhaps something portable, like for camping, boating, airplanes ...
    #1Author hm -- us (236141) 22 Jan 09, 00:26
    Though it wouldn't seem wrong to me if someone used 'cubicle' for one in a home bathroom.

    My impression is just that we don't really use even the word 'stall' that much unless we're talking about cleaning the tile or something.

    And neither 'stall' nor 'cubicle' guarantees what kind of door it will have, it just describes the vertical space. Yes, probably a plastic door, but theoretically it could also be an older one with a curtain in the doorway, or one just open on one side, or whatever.

    The easiest thing is probably just to say tub and (separate) shower, or tub or shower, instead of tub with shower. If you were asking, you could say 'Is there a separate shower? Is the shower separate from the tub?'

    #2Author hm -- us (236141) 22 Jan 09, 00:40
    Five minutes... I think you're establishing a new record here, hm -- us! :-)
    Thanks, that makes the decision quite clear!
    #3AuthorAnna C. (474640) 22 Jan 09, 00:40
    Oh, didn't see your second posting when I wrote mine.
    That might be an idea too. For the context I need I could just write something like "shower stall with a sliding door". That would get the point across that I need.
    #4AuthorAnna C. (474640) 22 Jan 09, 01:01
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