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    "Diana Damraus Sophie war dagegen erfrischend keck, gar nicht backfischig, aber stimmlich fast überfruchtig."
    This is from a review of the "Rosenkavalier" by Strauss. The reviewer is comparing Diana Damrau's voice (in the role of Sophie) to that of the soprano in the main role.

    Here's my attempt: "In contrast, Diana Damrau’s Sophie was refreshingly bold, not at all immature, but rather, vocally, almost overripe."

    Not sure if I'm on the right track though...
    AuthorNic07 Jul 09, 22:26
    ... almost too mature?
    #1Authornoli (489500) 07 Jul 09, 22:30
    I think this is meant positively, so "overripe" would be incorrect.

    I think I might say "almost too rich." Without seeing the review, I think the author might mean that he/she expects a lighter, more girlish voice for Sophie, and Damrau's voice, while lovely, has a womanly quality that reduces the contrast between her the soprano who is singing the Marschallin, an older but still beautiful woman.
    #2AuthorRobNYNY07 Jul 09, 22:33
    refreshingly saucy, not at all juvenile
    #3Authornoli (489500) 07 Jul 09, 22:34
    "Mature" is not always a compliment in opera reviews, and I think "ueberfruchtig" is meant to be positive. If not "rich," how about continuing the wine imagery and saying "full bodied"?
    #4AuthorRobNYNY07 Jul 09, 22:38
    When talking about young women in the 18th century, "saucy" means "frech."

    I meant to say in my last post that "womanly" would be better than "mature" in my opinion, while being closer to the meaning.
    #5AuthorRobNYNY07 Jul 09, 22:40
    Thanks so much for the answers! Think I'll go with "womanly" in this case. I knew overripe wasn't quite right :)
    #6AuthorNic07 Jul 09, 22:45
    imo keck = frech - saucy, cheeky
    #7Authornoli (489500) 07 Jul 09, 22:46
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