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    ambulant/stationär tätiger Arzt


    ambulant/stationär tätiger Arzt

    stationär tätiger Arzt: a physician working in a hospital or a similar facility.
    ambulant tätiger Arzt: a physician working in a practice.
    I've been pondering about this for a while, but my research has not come to a satisfying end.
    I know there are loads of threads about ambulanter/stationärer Patient, but I'm not sure if I can say outpatient/inpatient physician.
    What about hospital-based and office-based physician? Would that work?
    Authorsubi (310954) 27 Mar 10, 17:25
    "outpatient/inpatient physician" sounds most odd to me ...

    "hospital-based" and "office-based physician" might work for AE - what's the definition of a "hospital-based physician" (does it also cover purely outpatient (ambulatory) hospital care settings?) - but doctors don't have "offices" in the UK ...,

    For the UK I think you would simply say "hospital doctor" and "GP/community doctor"

    "Responsibility of a hospital doctor, GP or community doctor to refer patients to the clinic and check the INR level in an emergency, if not done at discharge"

    "community doctor" might also work for the US:

    Something else for you to ponder, anyway ...
    #1Author Marianne (BE) (237471) 27 Mar 10, 18:10
    Ooops, sorry, I forgot to mention I'm looking for something that works in AE.
    Unfortunately, my text doesn't present a definition...

    Thanks a lot, Marianne, I'll keep digging. ;)
    #2Authorsubi (310954) 27 Mar 10, 18:23
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