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  • Subject


    Für unsere Experimente habe ich einen neuartigen UHV-Molekülverdampfer entwickelt.

    (UHV: Ultrahochvakuum)
    Wörtlich übersetzen könnte ich's auch, aber da gibt's bestimmt einen feststehenden Fachbegriff.

    Weilt ein Physiker unter uns?

    Vielen Dank!
    Author shhh (665776) 26 May 10, 16:19
    Suggestiondoes this help?
    I'm not sure of the name of the Verdampfer, but the process is sililar to "molecular beam epitaxy"
    #1Authorfarfold - US26 May 10, 16:26
    I'm not sure... If I understand it correctly, MBE is used to built single crystals (Einkristalle?), so it's actually used to put molecules in places where they do belong.

    As far as I know, the Molekülverdampfer in question was developed to rid the ultra-high vacuum of molecules that do not belong there.

    Or was it to put the molecules that were to be investigated into the vacuum and on the surface upon which they were to be investigated? I'm at a loss. But molecular beam epitaxy does not seem to be it...

    Thanks a lot, nevertheless, dear farfold - US!

    If nobody finds a solution until this evening, I can try to find out a bit more context - what exactly the Molekülverdampfer was supposed to do, for example. Unfortunately, my source is out having fun with his friends :-(
    #2Author shhh (665776) 26 May 10, 16:39
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